My Crazy Ex

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True story; names have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

I’ve had my share of ex-girlfriends since I started dating back in eighth grade and we’ve split up over varying reasons. Some of them left me due to misunderstanding, while others felt I wasn’t the right guy for them. My first ex in college falls into the latter category, but she stands out as being the only one who tried to win me back. And the lengths she went to accomplish that are worthy of a story, here goes. The story begins in the fall of 2011. I began college that past September and was making friends left and right. I successfully pledged a fraternity, had moved into the frat house and by the beginning of October, I even had my first college girlfriend. Bridget and I had been inseparable for the first few weeks after we met, typical for two 18-year-olds.

We had gone to movies, cubs, and even to a music concert on campus over a month. As soon as we entered our second month together, however, Bridget seemed to be drifting away from me. We hung/went out less and less until she told me she wanted to breakup.

“I don’t think we’re the right people for each other,” she said. “No hard feelings I hope.”

“No that’s alright,” I told her, secretly wishing we could’ve worked it out. After going our separate ways, I began focusing on my studies again. But before I knew it, I would end up in quite the spectacle. About two weeks after the breakup, Bridget saw me at lunch with my classmates and asked if she could sit with us. We started talking about studies, our teachers & professors, and other things but then she told me she wanted to get back together.

“I made a rash decision,” she said, “wanna go for coffee later?”

I was intrigued by this about-face, but I wasn’t ready to get back together with Bridget or find someone else for that matter. “I don’t think I’m ready Bridget,” I said, “Maybe later.” Well, Bridget wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Over the next couple of weeks, she blew up my phone asking me to go out with her any given night or meet for lunch. When she kept responding to my declines, I began ignoring her messages; I even blocked her number just to keep my sanity intact. This reprieve lasted the first week hatay escort of November but soon, this story would take another turn. I was studying at the frat house, enjoying the silence as the rest of the members were away for a football game (one frat member was the quarterback.)

It was a cool, cloudy night and around 9:30 PM, it started to rain. Shortly after the rain started, there was a knock on the door. I went to answer the door thinking it was my dinner order; you could imagine the look on my face when I saw who it was. When I opened the door, Bridget was standing in the rain, her pajamas soaking wet. She had her hair in long pigtails, only socks on her feet, and was carrying a large shoulder bag. She looked at me with sad puppy eyes and said: “Look, I’m lonely and need you again, please take me back!”

I took her inside before she could catch a chill and was about to ask her what she was up to when she said: “Let me get out of these wet clothes.” She then stripped naked right in front of me. “See anything you like?” she asked.

I did see some things I liked, but I didn’t want to fall into this. “Bridget, I don’t know where this is going,” I said, “and I want no part of it. Get dressed and go back to your room.” That’s when she began to “cry,” falling to the floor and wrapping her arms around my legs.

“Please babe, I’m all alone,” she said through her crocodile tears, “Let me at least stay the night, I need your love!”

With that, I knew Bridget wasn’t gonna leave until I at least went along with this. So I said: “Okay, you can stay for now.” Elated, she popped up and threw her wet, naked body on me, kissing my cheek harder than any of my aunts ever did. Now, this was the first time I had seen her tits and pussy. I mentioned I liked what I saw but didn’t want to let it on. In the meantime, I asked if she wanted me to dry her pajamas. She said yes, so I took threw them in the dryer.

Bridget was still naked and I felt she should cover herself up, especially on such a cold night, so I got a bath towel for her. “Aw, thank you babe!” she said as she wrapped the towel around herself, “You do love me!” She sat down on the couch and there was another knock on the door; this time, it was my dinner. I answered the door, tipped the delivery guy and sat down next to Bridget. After I ate, she crawled into my lap, looked up at me, and said I could do as I wished with her.

Okay, can I rub your pussy?” I asked, not knowing what else to do.

“Yes please, I could go for that!” she said excitedly. So I put my hand down the towel and began to rub her out. She said I had a good touch and kept telling me to keep going, so I did. After about 45 minutes, she opened the towel and spread her legs, orgasming right on my lap. “That was great,” she said, “And you didn’t want me back huh?”

I was more or less still on the fence about this, but I felt it would be better if I kept my feeling to myself for the moment. After Bridget’s orgasm, her pajamas & socks were dry, so I took them out of the dryer and she put them back on. It was well after 10 PM now and I was tired, so I told Bridget I was going to bed.

“Okay, I’ll sleep here!” she said, taking a teddy bear, blanket, and pillow out of her bag.

With that, we turned in for the night. I was sleeping soundly when I felt hands on me. I woke up with a jerk and saw Bridget standing next to my bed, holding the teddy bear. “I had a bad dream,” she told me, “Can I sleep with you? I’m scared!”

“Okay, just stay on that side of the bed,” I told her.

“Thank you!” she said as she crawled under the covers, “Nighty night!”

She then rolled over and wrapped her arms around me. “Bridget, that’s not your side of the bed,” I told her, to which she softly exhaled. I looked over and saw her eyes were closed. Knowing she was drifting off to sleep, I decided to just sleep too.

A couple of hours later though, Bridget woke me up and said: “I gotta pee, take me to the bathroom! I’m too scared to go alone.”

I reluctantly agreed and took her to the bathroom. She had me take her pants & panties off, sit her down on the toilet, and hold her hand while she peed. Once her bladder was empty, she had me wipe her pussy clean and pull her pants back up. She then thanked me and we went back to bed. We then slept for the rest of the night and were awoken by my frat brothers arriving home the next morning.

“What do we do?” Bridget said in a panic. I told her to hide in the closet. She darted into the closet moments before my frat housemate Darren came in.

“Hey man, how was your night alone?” he asked me.

“Oh you know, quiet,” I said, “just like any other rainy night.”

“Okay,” Darren said, “You getting ready for class?”

Just as I was about to say I was, quarterback Andy came into my room, saw Bridget’s bag and asked: “What’s this?”

I didn’t want them what had transpired the night before but at that moment, Bridget stepped out of the closet. She was dressed in a university hoodie & jeans now and said the bag was hers. “Oh, we studied together last night,” she said. “Hope that’s okay!”

“Oh okay, that’s fine,” Andy said.

“Yup, and I stayed the night with him,” Bridget replied, pointing to me.

“So you guys are back together?” Darren asked.

“Yes, yes we are,” I said.

The guys were happy for the supposed good news and had not even the slightest inclination of what happened the night before. Darren then asked why Bridget was in the closet, to which she said: “Do you think I’d get dressed in front of all of you? Just him [me] I’m fine with, but all of you, not even happening in your girlfriend’s worst nightmares.” With that, the guys left for class or practice, but Bridget and I stayed behind to talk a little bit.

“We’re back together?” she asked me.

“I guess so,” I replied, “how about coffee at the campus Starbucks this afternoon?” She readily agreed to that and then I asked her: “Did you bring those jeans & hoodie too?”

“Yes,” she said, “I have a lot of room in this bag.”

With that, Bridget left the house and I got ready for my classes. We met at Starbuck for coffee after our classes, had some Frappuccinos, and caught up on what had been happening since our initial parting. We continued to date all through freshman year and even into the following summer; went to a few beach parties. Eventually, though, we broke up again for the reason of having different life goals: Bridget wanted to move to the West Coast and enter the “entertainment business” (probably acting) while I was content staying on the East Coast. This time, though, Bridget didn’t go all soaking wet nudist on me and beg me to take her back; she knew we weren’t right for each other. She still gave me a good story to tell, though.

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