My Daddy

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Female Ejaculation

Mommy had to go away for a weekend for work so we were home all alone. I came home from school, wearing my school uniform of a plaid skirt, white button down shirt and white knee high socks. This is my last year of high school before going away to college and I am so tired of the school uniforms. It seems so silly to be forced to wear a school uniform when I will soon be 19. I set my backpack on the floor and you come over to give me a hug. I lean against you while you rub my shoulders. It feels so very good daddy. It was such a long day for me.

You go sit in your recliner and have me sit on the floor in front of you. You pull the barrettes out of my hair and slowly start brushing it for me. It feels so good; I can feel the brush starting at the crown of my head and slowly being pulled down through my thick soft hair. The bristles of the brush caress the back of my neck, making me start to tingle all over. As you brush the sides of my head, the brush tickles my ears and neck. I shiver suddenly with desire but you misunderstand and think I am cold so you tell me to go get changed and we will stay in for dinner tonight.

As I go into my room to change, I push door shut but don’t notice it is not shut all the way. I start to get undressed, unbuttoning my shirt and tossing it on the bed. As I reach behind me to take off my bra, my tender young breasts are pushed tight against the fabric and my nipples are so hard. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see you in the mirror above my dresser standing in the doorway watching through the small opening. Slowly, I release my bra and let it slide down my arms. I run my palms over my nipples, sighing at the way it feels to have them touched.

I bend over to untie my shoes and kick them off. Then I slide the zipper of my skirt down and let the skirt slip down my thighs until it is in a puddle at my feet. Making sure my back is to you, I bend over to pick up my skirt and pull off my knee highs. Knowing you are watching how my panties stretch over my bottom as I bend over is such a turn on for me. I can feel my panties getting damp because I am so excited.

After laying my skirt over the chair in my room, I slide my panties down my legs; letting the cool air caress my hot wet skin. It feels so good to be without any clothes and knowing you are still watching me. I left my nightie on the bed when I got up this morning so I crawl onto bed; parting my legs so you can see that I am so wet my skin is glistening with desire for you.

Suddenly, you say my name softly as you push bursa yabancı escort open my door and enter my room. I knew you had been there watching but I gasp as you come into my room. You sit next to me on the bed and gather me into your arms. Your hands feel so big and hot against my naked skin as you run them up and down on my back. My body is trembling, partly from fear, as I am still a virgin but mostly in desire.

As you continue to hold me in your arms, you begin kissing me so gently at first. Just like the Daddy I have always known but then you use your tongue to gently part my lips. I moan low in my throat as your tongue slips inside my mouth and begins to tease mine. I wrap my arms around your neck, pulling your face closer to mine as you slide your hands from my back around to mold my breasts with your strong hot fingers. Slowly, we end our passionate kiss to watch your hands caressing me. Daddy’s hands plucking at his baby’s nipples, so hot to watch the forbidden happening.

We look up at each other at the same time; our eyes have darkened with desire and mutual passion for the forbidden. You lay me back on the bed and start kissing me. As you slide your tongue into my ear, you tell me how much you love “daddy’s little girl.” My body begins to shiver as your tongue traces its way down the side of my neck from my ear to my collarbone. I can feel your hands still playing with my nipples though at times they slide down further and further on my stomach. You want to touch so badly but are afraid at the same time.

My back arches off the bed as you lick my nipples for the first time. It feels like I am melting inside, Daddy. I have never felt this way before as an animal-like groan of passion is torn from my throat when you suck them into your mouth, flicking them with your tongue. I can feel my breasts swelling with desire as you suck and gently nibble on them. How can something that feels this good be wrong?

I can feel how hot and swollen I am getting between my legs. Your hands are on my hips, rubbing in circles but I need to feel you so badly touching me the way I do sometimes. I capture one of your hands in my smaller one and guide you to my wet pussy. The first touch of your rougher fingers against my swollen clit causes me to arch off the bed, screaming “Daddy!”

My entire body feels like it is on fire. I have one arm wrapped around your head pulling you closer as you continue to suck and tease my nipples. While you continue to tease my clit and tight bursa sınırsız escort pussy with your fingers, I use my other hand to caress your forearm. There are no words to describe how wonderful you are making me feel so I just use my hands to caress you, moaning and telling you how much I love you.

The cool air on my nipples drives me insane as you kiss your way down my body. I cannot believe how red and hot they are or how much I miss the feel of your hot wet mouth on them and the feel of your cheeks so scratchy with the 5 o’clock shadow that is coming in. With every kiss you tell me how much you love your little girl. My hands are running through your hair as you slide further and further down my body.

My hips arch of the bed as I thrill at the first touch of your hot slippery tongue against my clit. You slide your hands under me so you are grasping my ass, pulling me higher into your face. I can feel your tongue sliding deep into my pussy and wiggling from side to side. My hips are rotating around your tongue as I try to push it in deeper.

I can feel my pussy burning hotter and tighter. You slide your mouth back up so you can suck my clit into your mouth. I groan as one of your fingers slips into my hot pussy. It feels so good as you slide it in and out, moving so slowly, pushing deeper inside my wet pussy. As I begin to cum, you slide two fingers in as far as possible, stretching my virgin pussy until I cry out from pain and pleasure. My hips are rocking off the bed, trying to take you even deeper as my pussy throbs around you.

You move up to hold me close as the aftershocks make my body tremble. I can feel your hands stroking my back as you whisper in my ear. Telling me how much you love Daddy’s little girl and that you loved making me feel so good. You pull one of my legs up over your midsection so that I am wide open again. I can feel the cool air caress my hot wet pussy, feel you sliding your fingers up and down my lips. Gently touching my clit, building the passion again.

As I start to moan and push my hips at you, you pull me over you so that I am straddling you on my hands and knees. I can feel your hot swollen cock rubbing between my legs. I am getting scared because you are so very big and you can feel my body begin to tense up. You begin stroking my back again and tell me to sit up on knees so that I am not touching you anymore. You take my hand and show me how to hold your cock, stroking it up and down. I love the way your face looks as I do görükle escort this for you. I can feel you getting hotter and bigger.

Suddenly you tell me to stop, it feels too good and you want this to last. You push my hand away and replace it with yours. Then you slide your cock up and down on my slit, from my clit to my hole letting it linger there for just a second before you slide back to clit. It feels so good when you use the head of your cock to rub circles on my clit, it is so wet and slippery. You lay your cock in the opening of my pussy and put your hands on my hips, pulling me towards you.

“Daddy wants to fuck his baby,” you whisper to me as you slide little by little into my tight pussy.

My eyes open wide to feel you spreading my pussy lips apart with the head of your huge cock. So slowly you watch as your cock slips deeper into my pussy. When it is about half way in, my body tenses and I tell you it hurts. You begin caressing my hips and inner thighs as I get use to the feeling of you inside me.

“It will hurt for a second but daddy knows how to make it feel so good after that. Trust me baby,” you say to me.

You place one hand on my belly so you can stroke clit with the thumb as you continue to rub thigh and hip with the other. Soon I am moaning and gasping with pleasure again. You cannot hold back any longer and arch your hips off the bed, forcing your way deep inside me.

“Ohhhhhhhhh, Daddy!” I yell as your cock stretches my virgin pussy as far as possible. It feels like I am going to tear in two.

With your hard, thick hot cock throbbing inside me you begin to rub circles on my clit. You use your other hand to rock me back and forth on your cock so I can feel it stretching me even more. Mmmmmmmm it’s starting to feel so good again, Daddy. You take your thumb off my clit and grab my hips in your hands. Slowly, you guide me, teaching me how to ride your cock. Sliding way up until only the head is left inside my pussy then pushing me back down to take you so very deep.

As my moans get louder you slide me up and down on your hot cock faster. Soon I am gasping for air as your cock pounds deep into me, harder and faster. My hips rotating around your thick cock as I slide up and down.

“Oh, God, Daddy! It feels so good,” I tell you as I moan.

“That’s it baby, let go. I want to feel that pretty little pussy cumming for Daddy” you answer back.

Suddenly, wave after wave of pleasure wash over me. I throw my head back and scream as I have my first orgasm around a hard cock. The feeling of my hot, wet pussy squeezing you even tighter is enough to make you cum. I can feel your cock, throbbing deep inside me as your hot cum splashes the walls of my pussy.

As I collapse next to you on the bed, you stroke my hair and tell me it will be even better next time …………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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