My Dirty Talking Girl

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This is a ninety percent true story, just a few additions here and there…

The nineteen seventy-five Elvis Presley Convention was swinging, somewhere over two thousand fans were having a great time. My stall was busy, I had a new selection of Elvis posters, from a deal I’d done in France. I was happy, rushed off my feet, with customer after customer, and taking a load.

“Would you like some help behind there?” Came this voice.

I glanced up from my rolling up of posters, and there was this quite pretty young lady.

“No, you’re okay, but thanks anyway,” I replied without having given it much thought.

A little later, things eased a bit.

I thought of the girl who had offered to help, she was familiar in some way, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure why. She had looked nice, I thought, why hadn’t I accepted her offer, I wondered. Naturally, I realised, that’s just me, a bit slow on the uptake at times.

Things had slowed down a lot, for me anyway. So, I thought, I might as well pack up, maybe go and catch some of the action.

I roamed around, bought a couple of records, then there she was again. She was looking through some sheet music.

She looked up at me, when I said, “Hi again, thanks for your offer to help, I should have said yes, but it kind-off caught me on the hop, I really didn’t think.”

“That’s okay Mike, but I would have loved to have helped.”

I looked at her a bit closer, in the dim light, “You know my name and I’m sure I know you from somewhere, but, I’m sorry, I just can’t place it.”

She smiled, “You used to go round Nanik’s house once a week, I was there a couple of times with my husband, as was.”

Nanik was an Elvis dealer, who always came up with the latest foreign issued material.

Now I remembered. There was a policeman, Jim was his name I think.

“Jim, was that it? You’re Sue, am I right?”

“Spot on.” She answered. “But I don’t talk about him anymore.”

I hadn’t asked but she went on to explain, “We were only married a couple of months, when I knew something was seriously wrong. He didn’t want to sleep with me, and finally admitted that he was gay, he’d only married me to help hide the fact. His promotion prospects in the police force, he said. He did admit that it had been a mistake, and he knew it wasn’t fair on me. So, we divorced, and, well, here I am.”

“That’s a bit of story Hey! I’m sorry.”

“No problem, it was four years ago now, so water under the bridge, and all that. Can I tell you something though?”

I just nodded to her.

“Well, the last time I saw you, I already knew I was leaving Jim, I watched you doing your deals with Nanik, and I remembered thinking at the time, I fancy this guy, I wonder if he’ll give me what my husband won’t.”

The surprise must have shown on my face.

“Do I shock you? I have a way of saying what’s on my mind but as I said, that was four years ago.”

I was sort of, lost for words, but finally managed, “Can I get you a drink or something?”

“I’d love a drink, thanks.” She took my arm, and without a by-your-leave, she steered towards the bar.

A couple of Bacardi and coke’s later, she suddenly suggested we take a stroll.

She said, “You know, I tried to find you when I left Jim. But I couldn’t find Nanik’s house, I’d only ever been driven there twice, and I couldn’t remember where it was. Then, today I saw you, I was so disappointed when you turned down my offer of help.”

She asked me for a cigarette, she held my hands as I held the lighter up for her, I noticed that she wasn’t looking at the cigarette, but instead at my face.

“You’re not gay, are you Mike?”

“I most definitely am not,” I answered.

Her hand went between my legs and fondled my cock, “Sorry for asking, but that’s good to hear, you don’t mind if I play with this then?”

Shit! I jumped with surprise, but then so did my cock.

“Where’s your car? You do have one here, I guess, what with all your stock.”

We walked to where my car was parked, round the back, by the trade entrance.

“Oh, nice and dark.” She said, then followed with, “You’re back seat’s full of posters, in that case, the bonnet will have to do.”

With that, she raised her skirt to her hips, as she hoiked herself up. I reached between her legs.

“It’s okay Mike, no need for prelims, I’m already soaked from just thinking about it when we were at the bar.” As she proceeded to lower my zipper.

She wasn’t wearing any panties under the skirt, she just pulled my cock out, and with a smile on her face, guided it straight for her pussy. I couldn’t see anything in the dark, but I did feel the wetness, as I sunk into her. She clenched, hard, on my cock, and pushed up to meet me. She was leaning back on her elbows, I could just make out, that she was studying my face.

“Come on lover boy, fuck me as hard as you like, I want to feel a real cock.”

Normally, I have to admit, her language would have shocked me, it’s never been my style. Maybe, that’s why it seemed Ataköy escort to inflame me, I was acting different, I felt aggressive, I wanted to fuck this woman silly. So, I thrust hard, lifting her body up off the bonnet.

She moaned, “That’s it lover, fuck me!”

There’s only one way to describe it, it was animalistic lust, plain and simple.

She reached up, her arms went around my neck, at the same time, her legs had encircled my hips, she ground hard into me, gripping me tight into her.

She bit my neck, hard, it hurt like hell, but I barely noticed.

She gasped, “I’m nearly there, are you ready?”

I couldn’t answer, I was too busy fucking to care.”

I felt the surging up through my cock, and somehow managed a mumbled “Now.”

Her ass came off the bonnet, her weight supported by her arms and legs, round my body.

Then, she was bucking up and down on my cock, fucking herself on me, as I struggled for balance.

“Yes!” She screeched and went rigid, as I kept thrusting up inside her.

Her orgasm was over-whelming in its ferocity. I came then, filling her depths with my cum.

She flopped down on me, and I lowered her back to the bonnet, my strength was drained, my legs were shaking.

After a short while, she spoke, “Believe it or not, that’s the first time I’ve ever had sex with anyone, I’ve imagined what it’s like in my mind, I’ve got a small collection of porno vids, which I get myself off to, but never a guy. When I saw you this evening, I thought it’s now or never Sue, you gotta go for it. All my language comes from the vids, you didn’t mind? I could see you were shocked.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say, I was flummoxed.

We went back inside for another drink, and as she sat close to me, she asked, “Was it okay Mike? Did you like it? I know I did, in fact, it was far more than I imagined.”

Well, what could I say? “Sue, it was brilliant, maybe, the best I’ve ever had.”

The grin on her face was huge. She really did look pleased with herself.

“You’ve had a record shop somewhere didn’t you, do you still have it?”

I nodded, a yes.

“Would you give me your number, so I can give you a call, do you think?”

The next day, Monday, I was busy sorting a new delivery. It wasn’t opening-time for another hour when the phone rang. Bugger! I thought, I’m busy, but I picked the phone up anyway and gave a brief ‘hello’.

“Hi Mike, it’s Sue, how are you?”

“Me, I’m good, thanks. Hey, I enjoyed yesterday, it was great.”

“I’m so glad Mike, I can’t stop thinking about it, I’m in the office, sitting at my desk and I’ve just got so horny and wet. So, I’m doing something about it, would you like to know what?”

“Go on, tell me.”

“No, just listen,” there was a clunk as the phone hit something, then a buzzing sound, it got louder as I listened. “Do you know what that is?”

I kind of guessed but asked anyway.

She must have put the phone back to her mouth, “That’s my little handbag toy, its stuck right inside my pussy, while I think of what you did to me last night. I’ve rung just in time, would you like to hear me cum?”

She didn’t wait for my answer. “Fuck me, Mike, fuck me again, push your cock right inside me, yes that’s it, now deeper! Shit! I’m cumming, Mike, fuck me harder, I’m cumming.”

I could hear her gasping down the phone.

“Oh God, that was good. I got worried my boss might walk in when it was too late for me to stop, she’d have had a heart attack. Did you like that, Mike? Did your cock get hard listening to me? Is it hard now? Are you alone, or do you have people in?”

It was hard alright, rock hard, so I told her, and added I wasn’t open yet, there was no one else there.

“Do you want to take it out for me, tell me what it’s like, how big is it? It felt big last night, but I didn’t actually see it, I want to know every detail.”

Well, I’ve never tried to explain it before, I felt a bit awkward. “It’s about eight inches long, quite thick, at the moment it’s sticking right out in front of me, and it’s sort of twitching up and down. Does that cover it?”

“Ooh, that sounds nice, I want to feel it and rub it for you, but I can’t reach, will you do it for me. Come on, don’t be shy, start rubbing it right now.”

I started to rub my cock, up and down, my fist went.

“Does that feel nice? She asked. “I’ve still got my little friend inside my pussy, shall I switch it on again? Too late! I have, it’s throbbing away inside me. Are you still rubbing? Well, I know you are, I can hear your breathing getting louder.

My toy’s not as big as you, lover, but it’s working, I might even cum again, especially if I hear you cumming. Are you rubbing hard for Sue? You should be doing it faster now, think about my pussy Mike, while you’re rubbing. I know you want to, like when it was bouncing up and down, fucking on your hard cock. Can you feel me? All juicy and hot, come on, fuck me, Mike, that’s it, fuck, and again, fuck. Are you ready to come yet, Mike? Ataköy escort bayan Tell me, I want to know.”

“Any minute now,” I replied.

“Mike, I’m going to cum again, cum with me please, now, shit! I’m cumming.”

“So am I, I’m gonna shoot.” I let loose, strings of it, shooting over the table in front of me.

“Was that good baby? Did you like wanking for Susan? Because Susan liked you wanking for her, and my little pussy enjoyed itself as well.”

I was gasping for breath, as I grabbed some tissues to wipe the table. She hadn’t finished yet though.

“Do you like your little girl being dirty for you? You don’t mind if I talk dirty, it’s your fault anyway, I’ve fantasised for four years about you. When I watch the vids and play with myself, all I did was think of you. I’ve turned into a sex maniac, but without a man. Now I’ve found you again, I’m in heaven, but there’s still a problem, I’m wet all the time since last night. Even on the tube, on my way to work this morning, I had one of my small toys inside my pussy, it was very hard trying to keep my legs still, thank God the train was rocking a lot. I don’t think anyone noticed, but who cares, I didn’t.”

She still didn’t wait for me to answer any of her questions, just kept talking dirty, all the time.

Suddenly she said, “Yes that’s right sir, they’ll be with you tomorrow.” The phone went dead, I guess her boss had walked into her office.

A bit later, I opened the shop. I had a hard job of concentrating on my work, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Lunch-time came and got my sandwiches and made myself a coffee. Then, the phone rang.

“Is that you Mike? It’s your little girl again, are you free at the moment?”

I told her that I’d been thinking about her all morning.

“Oh, I am pleased, so pleased I make you happy.” “You pleased your little girl as well, you know.” She added coyly. “Are you getting hard again? I bet you are. But no playing now. Anyway, I rang to ask whether you’d like to come to mine, for dinner tonight, if you’re free of course. And if you like, you can bring the big hard friend of mine with you. By the way, I didn’t actually ask you yet, but, can I be your little girl? Please say I can be, you’d make me so happy Mike.”

I told her that I couldn’t think of anything I’d like more. Well, wouldn’t you?

I parked up, close to the house number she had given me.

I rang the bell, it wasn’t long before she answered the door. The day before, she had been wearing a sort of business looking two-piece suit, with a fold over, wrap around skirt, I’ve no idea what you ladies call them. Today though, her hair was high on her head, in a pony-tail, she was wearing a fifties style rock and roll dress. She smiled at me and gave a twirl. I was two steps down, at pavement level, the twirl was graceful, but the skirt lifted high, to flash me her bright red panties. Not the type you’d wear for a rock and roll gig, way too skimpy.

“Like what you see, lover?”

Well, it was easy, to be honest, she looked stunning, “You look absolutely gorgeous.” I told her.

She almost glowed with pride, as she beckoned me in. “I hope you like red wine, I forgot to ask?”

I picked up the bottle, it was a Faustino I, their Gran Reserva Rioja. She couldn’t have known but it was one of my favourites, when I could afford it.

“I’m gonna guess that you like your steaks done medium, could I be right? I’ve got fillet steak.”

This girl was scoring points so fast, she’d get the winner’s medal with ease.

The meal was superb, I couldn’t fault a thing, had I even wanted to. She’d even got a Spanish Moscatel to go with dessert, a luscious sweet wine, and not cheap.

I thought to myself, I really am being treated like a king here.

We moved to the sofa, where she passed me a cigarette, my wine on the side table.

She put an LP on the player, Elvis of course. Then, she danced around the room, a bit of a bop, then a few spins. Sitting in my low position on the sofa, I was getting a good view at times. Naturally, my eyes zeroed on her panties, I gulped when I saw the opening at the front, they were the open, crotchless type, and every now and then, I could see her pussy lips showing through, flexing as she danced.

“You’ve noticed, I can see by the look on your face.” She stopped dancing and walked in front of me. She grinned down, then took hold of the dress hem, and slowly raised it upwards. She had gorgeous legs, but I wasn’t thinking about them, I was waiting for the jewel to be revealed. But instead, she stopped, just too soon.

Then, in a coy voice, “Would you like to see what your naughty girl has got for you? She’s been waiting all day to show you. It’s been very hard to keep it hidden from you since you got here.”

I lifted my hands towards her, but she took a half step back. “Now, now, I haven’t said you can touch yet.”

The hem went higher, as she came closer. Then, with the dress almost to her hips, there they were, two beautiful large lips, trying escort Ataköy to escape between the opening at the front of the panties.

One hand holding her dress up, the other reached in front. Her fingers went to the lips, to hide them from my view. Her feet moved apart, spreading her legs wider, but her fingers still covered the opening.

“Your little girl wants you to tell her what to do. What would you like me to do?”

“You can keep your hand there, but spread your fingers a little for me.”

Her middle fingers formed a ‘V’, to show her lips between them. “Like that?”

“You could use your fingers to push your lips open, so I can see what’s hidden there.”

Her face took on a mock frown, “You’re very naughty you know, telling a girl to show her private parts, but because I like you, then I’ll show you.”

Her two fingers went between the lips, they burrowed in a bit, then she eased them open. She moved forward, now inches from my face.

“Can you see properly? Do you like my little surprise for you?” Once more, she moved forward, now I was breathing in her perfume, the musky aroma from within.

“Would you like a taste of your present? You can if you want.”

I pushed my tongue toward her, I didn’t have to lean, she was that close now. She still held the lips apart, my tongue eased between them, I savoured the taste, before sliding my tongue up along the length of her pussy. My hands gripped her legs, pulling her tighter, then I slid them up to her ass, two beautiful and firm mounds, and I squeezed.

My tongue reached the top of her pussy, as I probed for the hidden button. She jerked against me when I found it. “Shit! That’s the place, suck on it for your girl.”

I teased at it with my tongue for a moment, then it was emerging, growing for me, till my lips could get around it, and I sucked. I moved a hand behind her and reached between her l legs. But found her fingers, already pushed inside her pussy.

“I just need to get something out.” She said, her knees splaying wider as she spoke. Then, out it slid, a small red, egg-shaped toy, I could feel it vibrating gently, as it passed my fingers. “Now you can get your fingers in me and wank my pussy, lover.”

My other hand still held her a cheek of her ass, I felt her hand pass next to mine and then delve into her crack. My mouth, still sucking her clit, I felt her body push backwards and wiggle, on the hand at her rear.

“That’s better now.” She said, “You fuck my pussy and I’ll fuck my ass.”

The toy that she’d had inside all evening, must have already taken her pretty close at times, so it wasn’t long before she was writhing like mad.

“Ooh, fuck! Here it comes.” She cried, as she lifted on her toes while pressing her clit to my sucking mouth.

She collapsed to the floor in front of me, her hands and head on my lap. She was breathing hard. Her fingers pressed into my trousers and traced along my hard cock.

She mocked, “Oh, whatever have you got in there, I don’t think it feels very comfortable, do you think I should let it out?”

She undid the zip, her hand reached inside, to take a firm hold, as she eased it from within. It sprang into view, as she gripped with two hands. “Oh my! Would you just look at that, what a lovely friend, you remembered to bring him.”

Her big eyes were staring up at me, as she placed her lips to my tip, and kissed, “Just a kiss, for hello,” she whispered, then, “Can I play with your friend, daddy? He is very friendly.”

Her lips opened for her mouth to take me in, she went deep down the shaft, I saw her choke, just the once, as she took it in too far. Her hands rubbed and down, massaging with a firm grip. Her mouth allowed spittle to dribble down, making her touch less rough.

She raised her head for a moment, “I think he likes me daddy, do you think so as well? He likes my mouth, I can tell because he’s making my mouth all slippery and I can taste it coming out of his end.”

I could only nod a reply, I was beginning to tense. The urge to release was coming fast.

“I’m going to cum anytime now, do you want to…?” I trailed off when she wagged a finger at me.

She sucked hard, her mouth working me fast.

I lurched forward, trying desperately to fuck her mouth, then I was coming, shooting into her, I could see her swallowing furiously, but she didn’t stop sucking.

She lifted her eyes to mine and smiled, her tongue licking my cock clean.

“He’s a good boy, feeding your little girl with all that cum.”

She got to her feet and moved to sit beside me. And I went to tuck my now shrinking cock away.

“No, don’t be mean, leave him there, I have to watch out for when he’s recovered, and then we can play some more. Would you like that daddy?”

I grinned, and reached for my wine, and drank deeply, I felt good, as she lay into my arms.

She peered up at me, a more serious look on her face. “It doesn’t bother you, does it, me talking all silly and girlie?”

I told her it was fine, and it was fun, I was enjoying it.

“Oh, that’s good, otherwise daddy might have to punish his little girl, I expect you’d have to spank my bottom, I haven’t been spanked since I was tiny, I might be frightened, but then again, I might not, now that I’m a bit older. What do you think daddy, do I need a spank?”

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