My Ex Wants a Friday Night Hookup

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I didn’t have much for luck with regards to the ladies as I went through puberty and ended up in my teens. I had the drive, alright, just not the luck. So by the time I reached my senior year of high school, I had a solid four or five years of pent up sexual frustration and energy in my body. So, naturally, when a girl finally did show some interest in me, I jumped all over that like a beggar on a hundred dollar bill. She definitely wasn’t the prettiest girl in school, but I wasn’t gonna complain. I ended up with her through my freshman year in college (we ended up at the same school somehow) and then halfway through my sophomore year before we finally broke up.

What she lacked in aesthetic qualities, she more than made up for with sexual prowess. Her blowjob skills were beyond anything I’d ever experienced, and still to this day rank higher than any other girl I’ve ever been with. She ended up getting so talented at sucking my dick that she could get me to go from completely flaccid to mind-blowing orgasm in less than two minutes. In addition, she was one of those girls that just couldn’t seem to get enough dick. She’d literally stop by my dorm room between her classes just to blow me and then leave. It was amazing. Even better, she would never, ever waste a drop of my cum. She would swallow every little bit of it every time. It was great. Yeah, we’d fuck like crazy too, and it was always good, but the head was just off the charts.

So anyway, this particular story is about one of our post-relationship hookups on a horny, crazy, college Friday night. Classes were done, I was hanging out with the roomies, playing some video games, drinking some sort of alcohol, having fun winding down from the week. Still a common thing despite our breakup, I received that all too familiar message: Hey, what are you doing tonight? After dancing around the subject a bit, it would always end the same: Wanna hookup? Of course, no straight, testosterone-fueled, college-aged male is going to say no that offer. Especially when he knows the other participant is skilled beyond reason in all things cock-pleasing. So, obviously, I said yes.

She arrived that night in casual clothing, nothing too hot or explicitly sexy. To make the other guys less curious about our activities, we’d shut the door to my room anytime she visited, no matter what was going on. This way, if someone needed me, I’d just answer the door normally. That was, unless we were very busy… So, as it usually went, the door would shut, we’d hang out for a bit, talking and laughing like we usually did. We probably turned on a movie or an episode of CSI (I was a bit obsessed with that show in college). Eventually it would get to a point where she’d start caressing my shaft, Uşak Escort happy and smiling as she watched the growing reaction to her touch. Now, I try not to brag about it, because I find that bragging just makes people think the opposite, but I’m pretty well-endowed below the belt. Because of that, each and every time she’d unleash the beast, the solid nine inches of thick man meat would inevitably bring a smile to her face.

This time was no different. After teasing me for what seemed like forever, she undid my belt and pulled down my shorts and underwear. My rock solid cock flipped out and stood straight out, begging for her attention. Our usual hookup routine went like this: she’d give me a mind-blowing blowjob, and then I’d eat her out until she couldn’t cum anymore (usually involving her quivering all over from the sensations). Following right on par with that, she climbed up on the bed on all fours and grabbed my cock with her right hand. She smiled and gave it a few licks, enjoying watching me twitch and shiver from the feeling of her warm, soft, wet tongue on my dick. She gave my balls some attention with a few tender squeezes and some licks to them as well.

After a minute or two of teasing, she was off to the races. She wasted no time engulfing my cock with her warm mouth, causing me to intake a sharp breath as the sensation sent an explosion through my body. She had this insane suck and twist motion with her mouth and hands that was just extraordinary. Pairing that with her ability to get almost the entire nine inches of my hard cock into her mouth and down her throat, it’s no mystery why it never took me long to cum. The sounds of her slurping on my dick met my ears as my eyes watched her bobbing up and down, sucking my dick and using her right hand to jerk and twist my shaft along with her head. The sight and feeling was magnificent, she was like a cock-sucking goddess. Before long, her constant suck and twist made me feel that amazing feeling of complete orgasmic bliss start to build in my balls and prostate. By now, my dick was just soaked from her sloppy sucking, and I was paralyzed from this hyper-intense blowjob.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said to her as I realized it was gonna happen almost immediately.

The news brought no stoppage or break in her technique as she just continued her magnificent art. I could feel everything build to orgasm and I exploded with pleasure. I felt my cock shoot out rope after rope after rope of hot cum right into her mouth. The load must’ve been huge because I watched her struggle with it for just a moment before she regained control. As my throbs subsided and my cum drained completely, I watched her swallow my load as she continued to suck and twist. Uşak Escort Bayan The sensation of her ridiculously talented method sent waves of almost unbearable pleasure through my body, causing me to jump and quiver as she made sure to focus on my head and frenulum, knowing that those areas were crazy sensitive afterward. After having her fun for a minute, she straightened up away from my now completely spent cock, which was still rock solid from her amazing skills. I took a moment to recover from the shock and smiled at her.

“Goddammit that was amazing,” I told her.

“I could tell,” she replied. “That was quite the load you shot out. I almost couldn’t take it all.”

“Your turn,” I told her.

I leaned up and threw her down onto the bed. I didn’t like to play around when it was my turn to please her. I didn’t stop at just taking off her pants and underwear. I liked to strip her down completely. As I removed her clothing one piece at a time, I made sure to kiss, touch, caress, lick, squeeze, and nibble all over her body. She had nice smooth skin, and medium size breasts. She loved it when I’d give her tits a good lick and suck as I teased her up and down. I felt her squirm and heard her moan as the teasing got her wet and horny. My final move was the slow kissing that went from between her tits and went all the way down the center of her torso until I reached her clean shaven pussy. I kissed her lips and clit, and moved her legs up with my hands as I continued to work down. She was sopping wet already from the foreplay and I felt her take in sharp breaths anytime my lips touched her.

I knew she was being driven crazy, so I decided to spread her lips open and slowly eased my tongue into her slit. She moaned loudly as I licked her pussy up and down, savoring her natural juices. After a few seconds, I dove in, grabbing her thighs and shoving my tongue right into her warm slit. I flicked my tongue all around her clit, making her shake, squirm, and grab the bed sheets. Every now and then, I’d move my tongue from her clit and stick it straight into her pussy, a move that always made her moan more. I worked her clit with my tongue for many minutes as I felt her squirm around with pleasure. Soon, I felt her begin to tense and arch her back. As she gripped the sheets hard, she began to quiver rhythmically as the waves of orgasm swept through her. She nearly screamed as she came hard on my face, her back arching way up, but I kept my mouth firmly latched on her pussy and my tongue ceaselessly flicking her clit. The sensation was too much for her as her orgasm subsided finally and she pushed away.

I was still rock solid as I watched her pant breathlessly and twitch from another soul-rocking Escort Uşak orgasm.

Now, normally, this would mark the end of our hookup and we’d just lie around naked for a bit talking about how amazing it all was. This time, however, she looked down at my solid shaft and decided she had different plans. Without warning, she flipped around onto all fours and raised her ass in the air. She was one of those girls that had a nice, meaty, fat ass that was delicious without being unattractive. The sight of her big ass up in front of me and her wet, shaved pussy showing was enough to make me feel a throb of anticipation in my dick.

“Fuck me,” she instructed me.

I needed no further words as I got myself into position and mounted my horny ex-girlfriend. I put a small amount of spit onto the head of my cock and eased it to the opening of her soaking wet pussy. With damn near no problem at all, I slid balls deep inside of her, causing her to cry out and arch up. I began to slowly slide my dick in and out of her wet pussy, enjoying the feeling of sinking my cock into her tight little hole. She was enjoying the intrusion as well, moving with me to get every inch inside of her with every thrust. I reached around and grabbed on her tits as I sped up just a bit. She bit her lip and moaned a bit as I let go of her boobs and smacked her big ass hard. We fucked for about five minutes before she decided she wanted a bit more.

“Fuck me harder,” she demanded.

I began to thrust hard, slapping my balls against her ass with every pump. The sounds of flesh slapping and her moaning were amazing. I fucked her hard and deep for another five minutes before she flipped around to her back once again. She eased me inside of her again and I began to thrust once more. I watched her tits bounce as I fucked her fast, loving her faces of pleasure she was making as all nine inches sunk in each time.

“Cum all over me,” she told me.

“I was planning on it,” I told her as I felt it building.

When we were dating, if she didn’t suck my dick, I would always blow my load all over her body when we fucked. This time was no different. I felt my second orgasm of the night build and pulled my rock hard cock out of her pussy. Her juices coated my dick as I jerked my orgasm out. Despite the immense load I shot down her throat earlier, I blasted another huge load all over her body. Ropes of cum covered her stomach, tits, and her neck. I even got a shot to hit her face, which made her flinch momentarily. I jerked out the last bit as my balls drained all over her.

Completely spent, I collapsed next to her in my bed: me covered in sweat, her covered in my hot cum. My dick throbbed as it finally began to lose its erection. I watched her get up and clean herself up, making sure to eat most of the cum I shot all over her. The rest of that night is a post-orgasm blur, but I’m sure that’s not important. All I remember is the deep sleep I got that night from a completely blissful hookup and fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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