My Family Secret Ch. 01

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“Another beer?”

I held up my beer in agreement as I watched the college football game on the big screen. Misty went upstairs, the family room being in the basement, to grab a couple more cold beers. She tapped my shoulder from behind and handed me a long-neck. When she walked between me and the sixty-inch big screen I nearly spilled my beer. All she was wearing was a dark blue g-string bikini. Her 38D breasts were topped by her rock hard nipples as she grinned at me and took a long swig from her beer. “Misty! What the hell are you doing?!”

She walked right up between my legs, “I’m tired of watching football. I thought we could find something better to do while Jim’s in town.” With that, she bent over and dropped her fabulous breasts in my face, the nipples only an inch or so from my lips. When I hesitated, she leaned forward and my lips opened around her left nipple. My left hand squeezed her thigh as I suckled her hard nipple with my tongue.

I should explain that Misty is my sister and I was only here to help her and her husband Jim move some furniture into their cabin. I’m the third of four kids, my other siblings being sisters. We were raised most of our lives by my single mom. I’m 24 and just graduated from college in San Diego. Since I had some free time, Misty offered to fly me Salt Lake City if I could help them move some furniture into their new cabin. I had happily accepted their offer to help. I got in on Thursday night and most of the heavy lifting was done on Friday. In hindsight, I can see that Misty was flirting or teasing or whatever, but at the time I figured she was just being my goofy sister. Misty is three years older than me and it always seemed she was giving me a hard time as we grew up. By Saturday morning, we had pretty much finished the move. Jim said he was going back down the mountain to catch up on some assignments since he’d taken Friday off work. This left me and Misty alone in the mountain cabin.

Misty shifted her weight and I moved my lips to her right nipple. By now my left hand was caressing her right ass cheek. Misty works out everyday and her ass was well-toned. She pulled away slightly and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue found mine and our kiss was aggressive from the start with her lips crushing to mine. Finally she broke the kiss and stood over me with quite a mischievous grin. “What about Jim?” is all I could stammer.

“I spoke to him when I was getting the beer. He won’t be home for at least four hours.” Misty reached down and pulled my t-shirt over my head. She dropped to her knees between my thighs. Her fingers ran over my chest, tugging on the hairs and lightly tweaking my nipples. My mind was racing. Growing up, my sisters had walked around the house naked or nearly naked, but it was never sexual. When I was bursa escort a teen, I did jerk off some nights imagining their bodies but it was because they were the only flesh-and-blood naked bodies I’d seen. And now Misty was between my thighs wearing only a g-string and her hands were on the snaps of my 501’s.

Being old Levi’s, the buttons popped open quite easily when Misty gave them a tug. I pressed against the couch with my shoulders to lift my hips when I saw her reach for the loops. With my jeans around my ankles, only my own bikini briefs were between me and Misty. Already I was three quarters erect and straining against my tight cotton briefs. Misty’s right index finger traced a line from the base to the crown and my erection grew harder. Misty leaned over me with her lips touching mine. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest and my erection pressing against her sex. Her kiss was urgent and quick. She ran her nails over my chest and belly as she settled back on her knees. Misty lowered her mouth and kissed my cock through the thin fabric of my bikini. I jumped at her touch. She kissed around my cock as her nails raked my inner thighs. I soon had a large wet spot of pre-cum on my bikinis. Finally she slipped her fingers inside the waistband and exposed my cock to her eyes. She smiled in delight as she rolled the bikinis down my thighs. My cock, just over ten inches in length and proportionally thick, awaited her next move.

I didn’t have to wait long. Misty lowered her lips and surrounded my crown. Her tongue darted across my pee-hole, drinking in all my pre-cum. She slowly sucked her way down my pole. Her mouth expanding to take my size as she slid up and down my length. It was immediately obvious that Misty enjoyed giving head and that my size was not an obstacle. Her right hand roughly handled my balls, tugging and squeezing them, as the nails on her left hand raked over the skin on my stomach. Misty quickened the pace and her lips were sliding up and down the length of my cock. I couldn’t believe it when I soon felt her nose buried in my pubes, my entire ten-inches in the warm, moist passage of her mouth. I had only been with one other girl who could take my entire cock. I could hear her labored breathing as she inhaled through her nose but she kept my cock buried in her throat. I could feel the muscles of her throat ‘humming’ on my crown as her right hand pulled on my balls. I could take no more and my cock erupted a thick, frothy stream of cum down my sister’s throat. She didn’t even gag as her throat muscles begged for more. A follow-on load splashed against her tonsils before she slowly begin to lift her mouth from my cock.

When she looked up at me, her face was quite red and I could see beads of sweat on her altıparmak escort upper lip and around her forehead. My semi-erect cock slapped against my belly. “It’s your turn, little brother,” as she fell on her back in front of me. Upon catching my breath, I kicked off my bikinis and jeans and dropped to my knees. I quickly pulled the g-string from her hips and admired Misty’s smooth body. Her breasts were naturally large and kept most of their form even with her flat on her back. Her belly was firm and smooth from all the exercise. And between her legs was a beautiful, bald pussy. Her lips were glistening from her excitement. She bent her knees and spread her thighs to allow me better access. I quickly was hovering over her sex. My tongue flicked past my lips, just lightly touching her aroused her lips. After the third time I did this, Misty growled “Don’t tease me just eat me!” And her hands pressed my face to her sex.

My tongue split her pussy lips and I was soon raking her blood-engorged clit. If I had had the chance to look, I would have noted Misty had the largest clit I’d ever seen. It protruded from her body like a mini-cock and my tongue ravished it from side-to-side. At times, my lips would try to wrap around it and suck on it only to return to stroking it with my tongue. I had three fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy. I could hear Misty’s guttural moaning but her thighs kept my head from moving to look up at her. I alternated hands, probing her pussy with three fingers from my left then from my right hand. I brought my sister to the edge of orgasm twice before backing away. Each time I could hear the frustration in her breathing but it was soon replaced by the panting as my tongue would lash her clit. As I was switching fingers in her pussy, with three fingers from my left buried in her wet box, the middle and index finger from my right pressed against her rim and then slide inside. The sensation pushed her frantically over the edge of orgasm. Her body shook and rolled and she squeezed my head tightly with her thighs. My face was soon coated as her body flowed gallons of her cum, or so it seemed.

I pulled my fingers from her holes and she released my head from her thighs. I crawled up over her body and we kissed like old lovers. She could feel my cock had returned to full erection as it pressed against her body. I could feel her hand reach between us and grab my cock. She pressed it to her pussy and I thrust it inside of her. It felt as if I’d popped a large balloon as the air went from her body with my first thrust. I started a long, slow steady stroke and she was happy to let me. Her pussy felt tight on my skin but it expanded to take my entire length and girth as I fucked my sexy sister for the first time. görükle escort We kissed and I nuzzled her breasts as we fucked. I knew how to control my body and I was very happy to just long-stroke her as I felt her warm body under mine. About ten minutes into our fucking, i could feel her pussy walls constrict around my cock and her body shuddered with a small orgasm. She smiled at me and continued to kiss.

A few minutes later, Misty lifted her thighs and wrapped her ankles around the small of my back. I liked the adjustment and it allowed my cock to slide against her clit. What I didn’t realize is that it would also secure me against her body and set me up for what was next. I was so lost in fucking Misty that I never felt Jim move in behind me. His cock was hard and slathered in KY and the tip easily popped inside my asshole. My head shot up when I first felt him enter me but Misty grabbed my head with her hands. “Just relax and fuck me. Jim will be gentle.”

It wasn’t the first time I’d been fucked from behind, it was just a shock to not know it was going to happen. And Jim was gentle. Besides, my cock was sliding in and out of the incredible body of my sister. I just tried to focus and hold out from coming as it was much tougher to stay in control. Jim began to ease his cock in and out of my ass, each stroke going deeper. I tried to match his rhythm with my fucking of Misty. I had to pick up my pace to account for being larger than him but we soon were in perfect rhythm, Jim fucking me and me fucking his wife and my sister!

When I felt Jim’s cock shoot inside my ass, I released my stream of cum inside Misty’s smooth pussy. He pumped a few times before collapsing on my back. Finally I rolled us to the side, Jim’s cock sliding out of my backside and mine from Misty’s pussy. After catching our breath I asked, “When did you get home?”

Misty and Jim were both laughing. “When Misty went upstairs for beer. I watched the whole show before joining you!” I had to laugh myself and being set up so well.

“Why did you think I’d go for all this? Have I ever done anything to give you that idea?” I really couldn’t believe how they had set this up.

“Jim and I do a little swinging. Jackie (my oldest sister) had told me about a conversation she had had with mom one night when they were out drinking. Mom and said how well endowed our father was and I hoped it was genetic.” Reaching down and tugging on my cock, “And I was right!”

“But what about Jim? That part isn’t exactly an everyday thing for guys.”

“No, but a friend of mine’s younger sister knew of you from college and some of the friends you kept. Your name came up one night after a few cocktails. She told me she heard you were open to new ideas so we figured it would work.”

We spent the rest of the weekend before I had to catch my plane in a variety of positions and combinations. It was a good thing the cabin is in the trees because we didn’t wear clothes for the next 24 hours. Much to her delight, I did get to fill all three of Misty’s holes with my long, thick cock. She was quite pleased for my genetics.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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