My Favorite Orgasms

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I went on a short work trip to LA, and was staying at a super luxury hotel. One of the benefits of being a highly-paid consultant is that you get to be flown around the world on someone else’s dime. I’d been stressed with back to back meetings, and finally got to spend some time relaxing. I put on this new one-piece swimsuit I’d just bought – it was not sexy by any means, but my nipples do have a tendency to get hard in the right temperature, and when they do get hard and pointy this one-piece barely covers them — and went down a few floors to the state-of-the-art pool and ceramic, high-pressure hot tub.

It was mid-afternoon and the area was completely deserted. The hot tub had eight jets of water that were pumping out a high-pressure stream. I turned on a function labeled “bubbler” curious to know what it would do. There was a roar when I pressed the knob, and the hot tub started frothing like rapids. The electrical energy waves coming on my fingers through the knob made me a little damp, and I realized it had been a while since I’d masturbated. I looked down at my one-piece and saw a little wet spot beginning to form right where my clit was meeting the tight spandex. No one was around, so I felt completely free to be aroused in peace.

It was hot when I dipped my foot in at first, but then in a few minutes it was perfect. My toes found the strongest jet and I centered it on my big toe. The stream of water was very small and very specific, so I could keep it right on my big toe without ever needing to move it off, moving in a clockwise circle. I don’t know how many times I did that, staring off into the designer pool area wondering if anyone else had done what I was thinking of doing right now.

I submerged my other foot, then up to my knees, gradually dipping my legs all the way in, thighs, hips, stomach, arms, boobs, right up to my neck. I’d put my hair up, piled high on my head in a series of braids, away from the hot water. A blanket of steam covered my face, and my body felt pleasantly weightless floating in the water. With the veil of steam surrounding the hot tub, no one could see in, so I had the sense I was in the middle of a cloud.

After I’d been sitting there for a few minutes listening to the jets gurgle and feeling the steam on my face, I started to get really wet. As casually as possible, I pushed my hands down and lifted my body up a bit so that the jet just hit my asshole, and then started moving it around in a clockwise circle like I’d just done with my toe. This way I could keep some semblance of propriety in case anyone walked in and discovered me. The jet felt great on my just-waxed asshole, but bostancı escort the problem was that it wasn’t hitting my pussy from the right direction. So after checking left and right to make sure no one was watching, I turned my body around to face the wall of the hot tub, spreading my legs and making every effort to shorten the distance between my clit and the high-pressure jet. But after a few more minutes, I still couldn’t get the best position to make me come, and so I just decided to go for it — I put my one leg up on the lower stair of the hot tub and raised my body so my mound was in direct contact with the jet.

I became so aroused in that hot tub that I completely stopped thinking about anything else. It was like my jet boyfriend was all I needed, he didn’t ask for anything in return and he just kept circling around my clit — constant pressure, hot water flowing straight into me. I took some hot water in my mouth and held it there, pretending it was semen, as my legs started to go numb from the pleasure.

As I was about to come, my foot that was on the step of the hot tub slipped off and I was so dazed from sensations I was feeling that I started drowning. I tried to breathe and forgot that the water I had been keeping in my mouth was there, so I started choking. And then I felt myself being dragged out of the hot tub, and carried by someone to a chaise lounge chair. The person was male, and his arms were really nice, so I decided to keep this going as long as possible. I kept my eyes closed, and I felt his lips touch my lips. They were minty, and he smelled like chlorine. I spit out all the water I had in my mouth to give him the sense that he was actually doing a great job at saving my life, and started to gasp dramatically.

I was still incredibly aroused and ready to come, but now the presence of this person was making it really difficult. I cracked open my eyes and saw him, as he was lowering his ear in between my heaving breasts. To me in that moment, he looked exactly like Chris Hemsworth. He asked if I was okay, and I sort of nodded, just hoping that he would stop talking and start fucking me.

He sat beside me, just making sure I was okay. My clit was throbbing for something to continue stroking it. I almost just took his hand and forced it into the side of my one-piece, but I resisted. He smiled, getting up and telling me that if there was anything I needed, don’t hesitate to ask. I waved, almost mad with horniness, as he started walking away. But I couldn’t just let him walk away, so I went with this crazy idea.

I said, a little breathily, büyükçekmece escort with a hint of desperation: “Hey there! I think I have a bad cut!”

He paused: “Oh no, I didn’t see a cut. I’ll get a first aid kit.”

“Thanks so much, you’re a lifesaver,” I said, hopefully with some suggestiveness that he could interpret. I just wanted him to sense, at least subconsciously, that I was in heat and I needed him to release this exquisitely painful arousal.

I scanned the pool area and saw this shower to the side that was maybe the only private area of the whole place. So I went over there and shut the door.

“Miss! Miss!” the lifeguard was yelling, his sturdy Australian baritone echoing across the bodies of water.

I head his steps running across the paving stones towards me. That really got me. The fact that he was running, just running as fast as he could to fuck me, made my whole body pulse. He was standing outside the shower.

With the shower still running, I opened the door, and there he was, my Chris Hemsworth. He was wearing an unassuming white t-shirt and red swim trunks. I reached out for the first aid and sloppily brought his hand up further than it needed to go. I leaned in, making sure my hard nipples made partial contact with his arm.

At that point, he smiled sheepishly, and I sort of broke and started laughing a little. We were both laughing. And then, without another word, he looked around, entered the shower, and began to fuck me.

First thing was he took off my one-piece — one shoulder, then the other shoulder, pulling it down my body so that my tits popped out all at once and so my shaved everything was on full display. When he saw me naked for the first time, I watched his cock spring up. I knew he was thinking about getting fired from this job, but he wanted so desperately to fuck me that it didn’t matter. I saw his eyes make that decision, and it made me even hotter. His kisses were full of force, and his soft lips played with mine. He’d forgotten to take off his shirt and swimsuit, so his clothes were soaked as he squeezed my tits and pressed my body against the shower wall. I knew he wanted to get down to my shaved pussy, he put the head of his cock against it, making both of us wetter. He knelt down and started kissing my pussy. He had a few days of scruff so he was rough, but I didn’t care because his tongue was everything right then. His mouth made a tight seal around my mound, as the hot water from the shower twisted his hair and made him work harder. I felt his big hands find their way inside çekmeköy escort me, one finger, than two, than three. I was holding onto his back, grabbing the skin of his back hard enough to leave bruises. Around us other voices were chatting, guests and such. A female voice went “oooo a hot tub!” and it was absolutely unbearable.

At the same point, me and Chris decided it was time to just start fucking, so he stood up and I wrapped my legs around his abs. I had just lowered myself onto his cock, which was a deeply satisfying size, when someone called out: “Are you in there?”

We both froze, him very hard inside me. Because I was wrapped around his midsection, it looked like there was only one person’s legs sticking below the shower wall, thank God.

“Yeah, I’m just taking a shower. I’ll be out in a second.”

Chris Hemsworth put his finger to his lips, and I did the same, both knowing that we would make exactly as much noise as it took to come the hardest. I made a moaning sound that I’ve never done before or since, and I made it right in his ear and nibbled on it, biting his neck and tickling his chest with my nipples, as he pushed his perfect cock deeper inside me. I reached down and stroked his balls, playing with them in my hands, making direct eye contact with him as I was doing it, feeling his cock straining even more.

“Get fired” I whispered to him.

He let out an involuntary grunt which made me come so fast, and when I screamed he quickly covered my mouth with his big hand so none of the other people around the pool would notice. I bit his hand and my orgasm kept going even when I thought it would stop. My body started convulsing around him, my hands grabbed onto his shoulders for dear life. He lifted my ass up a little bit, and then just started driving his cock into me like it was his only mission in life. He buried his face in my tits.

“Can you come in my mouth? I want to taste you.” I begged.

Damning the consequences, he lowered me down to the ground on my knees and stuffed himself in my mouth, taking his cock out so that just the tip was in my mouth and stroking it with the tip against my lips. When I knew he was about to come, I opened my mouth to let him release all of his hot come on my tongue. Each jerk gave me a little more to taste. It had been so long since I’d had the taste of come, I was so pleased.

“Wait here” was all he said, perching me on a shower ledge. I sat there, naked with a little bit of Chris’ come in my mouth, while I heard him talking to his boss, explaining how he’d dropped his clothes from the wall of the shower, and so that was why they were all wet. He said he’d change immediately.

When I could tell the boss had left, I hopped off the ledge and proceeded to soap myself like it was a normal shower. I got out of the shower and found two big fluffy towels to dry myself off. I spent the rest of the afternoon in my hotel room, having orgasm after orgasm, dreaming of Chris and wishing I’d never have to go back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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