My Fiancee Takes An Older Man Ch. 05

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This is a continuing fictional story about a man who has allowed his fiancée to have sex with another man. You can read about that in part 1. In part 4 her lover informed her he was buying her a new dildo and that she was not to allow her fiancé to fuck her with his cock, only the new dildo. If you don’t like stories where this happens, don’t bother reading it. I do appreciate feedback, so do feel free to contact me especially with any requests or suggestions for future parts.


She bathed that evening after I had brought her to climax and several times swallowed her juices. I was permitted to watch her and occasionally to help wash her most intimate of regions. I begged several times for the right to fuck her again. She revealed a deep flattery and that the renewed attention from me was bringing back the old butterflies in her stomach from when we had first met.

“Its going to be so intense when we finally do it again, baby,” she promised, standing naked in the bath as the water drained out.

I passed her a white towel and she wrapped it around her figure. “I’ve never wanted you more,” I confessed.

“Good, baby. I’ll have to keep working your desire higher.”

I helped her out of the bath and watched her dry herself, diligently helping with her butt cheeks. I expected her to change into her night clothes when she entered the bedroom. I was wrong. Out came a g-string, a bra, a short, tight black skirt and a t-shirt which barely covered her navel.

“Are you going somewhere?” I asked.

“No, baby,” she began, “I just love the way I’m feeling at the minute and I want to dress sexy around you. Do you mind? It’s not too much for you, is it?”

I shook my head.

* * * * *

The rest of my evening consisted of my eyes straying to her legs and in particular to the gap underneath her skirt. Until finally, as she bent over to put on a DVD, I was fixated on the bottom of her ass cheeks and the g-string in between.

“Like the view?” she asked, her head still facing away.

“Love it.”

She hitched her skirt up a couple of inches. “Better?”

“Oh fuck,” I said, an erection raging in my trousers again.

She giggled and hit play on the DVD, then she stood up and returned to the sofa, lying against me. She crossed and uncrossed her legs throughout the film, my eyes paying little attention to the screen. It was Monster’s Ball. Then came a very intense sex scene. As Halle Berry was bent over a sofa and fucked hard I could think only of my fiancée bent over his sofa, while he rammed his cock up her ass. She had loved it. My cock was hard again.

“You thinking what I’m thinking, baby?” she asked.

“What’s that?” I played the innocent act.

“About last night. When he took me over his sofa.”

I said nothing.

She reached to my groin and felt my hard dick through my jeans. “Oh, baby, someone’s very aroused.” She rubbed back and forth through the fabric. “I love when you’re this hard, baby. Are you hard for the film or for me?”


She smiled. “It’s a pity that dildo wasn’t here yet. I am gagging for something hard between my legs.”

“I’ve got something right here.”

She shook her head. “You know I can’t. Not yet. But I do think you deserve a reward.” She unzipped my fly and pulled out my erect cock. She leaned down and studied it, neither her fingers nor tongue coming into contact with it. “I could be so greedy with that if I let myself go.”

I wanted her to suck it. I needed it. I didn’t want to have to jerk off in front of her again. “Suck it, babe, please,” I pleaded.

Her palm wrapped around my shaft. “You telling me what to do, mister?” Her tone was jovial, but suddenly she clenched tightly. “You’re not allowed to tell me what to do anymore.” Her hand relaxed, and she began to pace herself up and down my cock. “You’ve lit a flame in me by pushing me into my lover’s arms and the slut inside me has been awakened.”

I groaned under her touch. Her spell. Her curse.

She passed me the remote for the DVD. “Go back to the chapter where he fucks her.”

I found it with considerable ease.

“I want to watch it while I wank you. You watch it too. We can think of last night together.” She increased her pace the moment the sex commenced on screen. “Oh fuck, baby, I’d love to be getting fucked right now.”

“Then let’s do it,” I said, aware that each and every denial only increased my need to cum and that my balls were tensing much quicker than normal.

“No!” She wanked me harder. “I can’t do that. You know the promise I made him.” She turned her head to face me and delivered one of her most ridiculous, and yet equally meaningful, statements. “I wouldn’t do that on him. I’m not a cheat.”

Her words and her wanking were driving me to the edge. “Oh fucking hell!” I shouted. “I’m gonna cum.”

She grabbed a couple of tissues with her free hand and held them over my cock.

“Fuck!” I came hard into the tissues, her palm milking every last drop.

She was staring into my gaziosmanpaşa escort eyes, smiling. “Nice, baby?”

I nodded, then confusion arrived with the clarity of the come down. “Why’d you make me cum in the tissues? I expected you to swallow like earlier.”

“His rules,” she said.

There wasn’t another word spoken between us until we went to bed. Even then, she kissed me goodnight and rolled over, displaying her magnificent ass. I caressed it throughout the night, but I was refused permission to go any further.

* * * * *

I was awoken from my Monday morning snooze by the postman knocking on the front door. I had a glorious erection and had to throw on a dressing gown before I went downstairs. He was filling in a ‘we called’ form when I opened the front door.

“Sorry if I woke you, mate.”

“Not a problem. Where do I sign?”

He handed me a machine and I provided a digital signature. For reasons beyond that of a rational man, I used a pseudonym. It meant that in some Royal Mail database somewhere on that date, at that time, a Mr Thomas Cruise received a parcel. If it happened to be noted whom the sender was I didn’t want my real name cropping up in connection with dildo purchases and deliveries.

I shut the front door and ripped open the parcel. There it was still in its shop packaging. I scanned the details for information. It measured a whopping 12 inches. Could she take all that? Her previous record was 10. I read on. It was waterproof with 3 different vibration settings for her pleasure. From soothing to sheet-ripping, it said. She was never a fan of vibrators alone. She loved having me work the dildo in and out of her at an independent pace. I wondered for a few seconds if this was a technological advance which would render another part of my sex life redundant. I vowed not to allow it.

I texted my fiancée to let her know it had arrived safely. Seconds later she replied. “Cant wait 4 u 2 fuck me with it. Need cocked good and hard now. So frustrated.”

* * * * *

A couple of hours later my phoned beeped again. It was her with another message. “Hot guy in here fixing the dodgy window. God I’d love him to fuck me. The bosses are all out and Sharon is downstairs all day.”

Knowing she had the office to herself, I typed a quick reply. “Flirt with him, see how it goes.”

Beep beep. “He keeps smiling at me. I feel so embarrassed. He caught me looking at his cock.”

I didn’t hesitate. “Make an excuse to bend over in front of him. Make it obvious. You’ve my permission to do anything you want but 1 condition — I get to fuck you tonight if anything does happen.”

There was a long period of five minutes when she didn’t reply. My imagination went into overdrive and I could see a stranger pounding her from behind, over her desk. I could see her clenched teeth, striving in vain to silence her moans. My fantasy was cut short by another text.

“Would love to but you know who wouldn’t let me.”

I didn’t reply.

* * * * *

I was waiting in the bedroom when she finally arrived home. I had set her new dildo, upright, at the top of the stairs. Her footsteps were hurried and she gasped when she found it. She almost stumbled into the bedroom, her toy in hand. Her face was a picture.

“Oh my God, baby, have you seen the size of this thing?”

I nodded.

“It’s a monster!” She threw it down on the bed and removed her coat. “I’m horny as hell, but take it easy on me with it.” She unbuttoned her blouse and again revealed no bra underneath. Next to come off was her heels and her skirt, followed by a pair of tights. She gave me a twirl in her g-string. “Sexy?”

“Oh yes,” I admitted. “And did the so-called hot guy get to see any of it earlier?”

She lay down on the bed next to me. “He asked me out for a drink after work.”

The time on the clock made it obvious she had not taken him up on the offer. “Why didn’t you go?”

She was touching herself, rubbing the moistness from her lips to her clit and back again. “I wanted to, I really did. I even got his number just in case.”

“You should’ve gone out, if you wanted.”

“Baby, I couldn’t. You know he’s put a ban on me having sex with you.”

“Yes,” I began, “on me and you. He didn’t say you and another guy, did he?”

She put the dildo in my hand. “Rub it up and down, between my legs. I’m gagging for it, but do be careful, baby.”

I caressed her beautiful pussy with the head of the huge dildo and pressed her again about her lover’s sex ban.

She giggled. “Baby, I texted him this morning to ask his permission to do something with the repair man.”

“You texted him?” I asked, finding her opening all too eager to take the length.

“Baby, we text each other everyday. Didn’t I mention it?” She knew fine well she had kept that one to herself. “But he said no. He only wants me to have another man while he watches. I was gutted, especially when the guy started chatting me up.”

“He did?” I was gölbaşı escort not surprised. She was a regular winner of male attention. “What did he say?”

She thrust her hips to meet the head and in one sudden movement the first inch was inside her. “Fuck, that feels good.”

I worked it further inside her, my eyes staring into hers.

“Oh God, it’s so big.” She closed her eyes, no doubt to fantasise about someone else. “So good.” She grinded her pussy against the toy. “I can take more, baby, pick up the pace.”

I had worked half of the thing inside her when I started to fuck her with it. Her body responded positively, her voice becoming hoarse at times, her legs committing to spread to their absolute farthest, her fingers beginning to pinch her nipples.

“The guy today told me I had nice eyes. I crossed and uncrossed my legs deliberately in front of him. He was staring at them and smiling. I smiled back at him. Then out of the blue he just asked me for a drink. I told him I had a partner and he asked if it was serious.”

I gave her more of the dildo. There must have been an astonishing 8 or so inches inside her. “What did you say?”

She bit her lip, moans of pleasure silencing her words.

In and out I forced the thick cock-like object. Her juices were coating it and making the process so smooth and natural. “Well?”

“I dodged it. Oh fuck!”

I had taken the speed up a notch and edged another half inch inside her.

“Fuck me with it, baby, fuck me hard. This is so fucking hot!” Her hands ran up and down her own body, not knowing where to touch next. “I dodged the question, baby… Fuck… Because I didn’t… Oh God… I didn’t want him to know I’m engaged. I was so pleased when he said he’d give me his number anyway, in case I became available.”

I shoved more of the dildo inside her, my intention to administer punishment. Her cries of passion confirmed I only provided her with pleasure. “What are you?” I asked her.

“I’m a dirty slut.” She panted and moaned. “I can’t stop thinking about other cocks. I wonder what size the window guy was.” She gasped under the addition of another half inch. “Would he be this big? I hope so.”

I desperately wanted to satisfy her. I wanted her to think of my cock and what she was missing. What was erect and on top of the same bed as her naked, beautiful form.

“I’m such an anal fuckwhore.” Her fingers had found the crack of her anus and were massaging in juice that had dripped from her pussy. “I want to give him my ass again.” She was back to the subject of her lover. “To feel him going in and out of it.” The dirtier she talked the closer I knew she felt to her orgasm. “I want him to own my asshole and know every part of it like no other man ever will… Including my husband.”

I pounded her with the intention of mixing pain and pleasure, but she loved it all. I couldn’t believe how much cock she could take in her pussy. Such a slight frame and yet such a deep, lustful cunt.

“I wish he was here now so I could swallow his cum.” She moaned and groaned through more thrusts, panting and screaming at times too. The filth that came out of her mouth was reprehensible. Yet we both loved it. “I need his cock inside me, baby. I need him! I want him! I can’t go another day without him inside me.”

All I could think was what a complete whore I was marrying. I shoved the dildo into her cunt, twisted it and pulled it out again. She was delirious under my spell, shouting expletives and her body mimicking the actions of a woman getting fucked by a real, huge cock. Spurts of her juice hit me up the face, catching me completely off guard. I desisted none of my onslaught and pillaged that pussy for all it was worth.

“Oh God… You should’ve filmed me… Just a clip of his dildo fucking me… I could’ve sent it to him on my mobile.”

That was beyond my boundaries of acceptable behaviour, yet the thought of her commissioning any action which went against my wishes just heightened my arousal.

“Holy… Good… Oooooh!” She was screaming as she came. Her hands gripped the duvet, attempting to push her body back from the dildo.

I ensured there was no escaping it, its magnificent girth and sheer outrageous length. “Keep taking it,” I ordered her.

She tried, surprisingly. She lost her role in the midst of her orgasm and attempted to follow an instruction from me. Her pussy managed at least 11 inches of it one last time then she collapsed, her legs instinctively shutting and her hands fighting with mine for control of the toy. “Please, baby, enough.”

I released my grip on it and undid the belt and fly on my jeans, revealing my cock standing at attention. I wanked it openly before her. Her eyes watched with lust. A real live cock was before her. She wanted it. There was no question that the look on her face was one of desire. I supposed she felt something akin to what I had recently. Jealousy, or more so a guilt. A feeling of being the victim of one’s own plan. She had initiated the keçiören escort sex ban. Now I would make her hunger possess her. Her desires would wrestle with her emotions. How deep did her promise to another man run? I wanked my cock hard, testing her resolve.

“Your cock’s so hard, baby. It’s gorgeous.”

I chuckled. “Do you want it?”

“Want? Yes.” She felt her juices under her ass. “Can I? No.”

I damned my own reckless pursuit of her. How had someone I had so often outsmarted in the past become so skilful at manipulating me?

Her eyes continued to watch with a fire in them. “You know I said in the heat of the moment that I can’t wait another day for him to fuck me?”

“Yes,” I said, loving the beauty lying before me, giving me such fantastic imagery to pleasure myself to.

“I’ll have to wait.” She fondled both her breasts, deliberately teasing me closer to climax. “But only just one more day. He’s taking me shopping on Wednesday night. He wants to buy me new lingerie and other gifts.”

I was thrilled at the prospect of him spoiling her. My financial situation had never been worse and someone finally putting a smile on her face and giving her the things she craved could only benefit our relationship. “What if he doesn’t fuck you? You’ll be shopping, after all.”

She touched her clit and shivered at the sensitivity. “He’d better. I’ve never needed cock so much in my life and its so hard not to just open my legs and take yours, baby.”

I dared her to betray him.

She shook her head. “Don’t make me do that, baby, you know I’d feel awful with myself.” Her fingers were rubbing her clit. Was she fantasising about me and her doing it behind his back? “Even though I want you to fuck me hard right now. I want you, baby.”

I released my cock and moved up the bed. She didn’t stop me and our tongues entwined. She spread her legs to allow me in. My cock was erect and inches from her well-worked opening.

“Don’t do it, baby,” she said, in a non-too convincing tone. “If not for me, then for yourself.”

I looked at her. “What?”

She clutched the 12 inch dildo and brought it across her thigh to her pussy, blocking the sweet, wet entrance. “Think about it. I’ve just been fucked by this monster. How do you think you’ll measure up a few minutes later?”

I hadn’t thought about that.

“I want the next time we have sex, baby,” she began, “to be amazing, passionate, intense, exciting, life-changing even. If we do it now, we’ll ruin that.” She grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. “Cum for me, baby. Cum all over my fucking body and it’ll be another secret we’ll keep from him.”

She did love it. She loved doing anything that was behind either of our backs. Something in committing a betrayal turned her on. Her touch was good, but my need was to cum quickly. I let her wank me over her pussy for a couple of minutes. Then I had to take over. I masturbated hard over her. She touched herself as I watched. The moment was almost there.

“Cum on me, baby. Where do you want to cum? I’ll let you cum anywhere you want. Just cum on me quickly before I let myself go and shove you inside me.”

Her offer was too much. I felt myself about to explode and grabbed the dildo with my free hand, landing my cum all over it. She gazed, wide-eyed and in shock. I wanked every last drop of myself onto it, coating it in as many places as possible.

“What are you…?”

She gasped when I pushed as many inches as possible of the dildo inside her.

“Oh my God, baby, you’re bad.”

“Are you asking me to stop?” I said, innocently, as I twisted the toy inside her, coating her insides with my cum for the first time in almost 3 weeks.

“No, baby, just begging you to keep this our secret.”

I fucked her for a few minutes with the dildo, ensuring I stuffed as much of my spunk inside her, before she came with an almighty orgasm. We kissed unlike we had in weeks as I fucked her. The dildo had been more an extension of my own body this time, rather than an implement to get her off. I held her with one arm as she came and sucked her tits until the sensations were too much.

“I love you, baby,” she told me.

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

* * * * *

She rushed home from work on Wednesday, the night of their shopping trip. I had offered to prepare dinner, but she insisted they would get a bite to eat together. She headed straight to the bedroom to prepare. She applied her make-up first. I thought it was the perfect mix of sexy and subtle. She kept worrying it was too slutty.

“I don’t mind being a slut with my two men, but I don’t want other people to think I look like one.”

“Its not slutty, darling. I wish it was. But its not. It’s just right. You’ll get noticed in town, but for all the right reasons.”

She picked out a black and white chequered skirt, a split at the side revealing a fair amount of thigh, a black woollen jumper and a pair of black heels. Sexy, but stylish. I was staring at her.

“You really are the one for me, baby,” she said, smiling. “I don’t think there is another man on this planet who would’ve given me the pleasure you’ve given me. And what you’re allowing me to do now… Well, it’s just amazing.” She fell to her knees and rubbed the outside of my jeans. “I’m so horny right now.”

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