My First and Only Foursome

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Group Sex

I went to college at a large midwestern state school. It was certainly not one of those colleges where everyone knows everyone else. I don’t know if I qualified as a true slut, but I did like to party it up and enjoyed my time there.

I was a member of a sorority so we’d often have exchanges with a fraternity. Basically parties with no dates. We’d go over to their house, party it up, and most of us would head home. I’d had a few shacks with guys at exchanges, but not too many.

My junior year we had an exchange after a big football game. We had been drinking beer most of the day, as had all the guys, and everyone was having fun. The exchange wasn’t too organized. Basically some music, dancing, and drinking.

I was dancing with a couple other girls when a guy who had been looking my way moved over towards us. He was a hottie. 6’0 or so, trim but not skinny. Light brown hair that wasn’t too short. He was in cargo shorts and a t-shirt that made his chest look great. I was in a denim short skirt and tight dark t-shirt to accentuate my c-cups.

My new friend danced closed to me for a song or two then took my hand and led me aside. I smiled at him. As we walked away, I saw several couples making out around the room while a few still danced. Seeing the making out turned me on….before my guy could say anything, I leaned in and started kissing him. It didn’t take him long to respond. I pulled him to me and felt his nice chest against my breasts.

I felt his hands move to my butt which always turns me on. We hadn’t been making out long when he asked if I’d like to go upstairs. I gave him a sexy “mmm hmm” and giggled. I wasn’t sloshed but had enough to drink that I had no inhibitions.

He led me upstairs by the hand and to his room. He shut the door behind us and we immediately started yenibosna escort making out again. This time his hands were all over me. I stepped back from him and lifted my t-shirt over my head. He reached behind me to unclasp my bra and then slid it over my shoulders. I felt sexy with my breasts exposed to him. He reached to caress them and leaned down to lightly kiss them. I wanted him so badly.

I reached down to yank his shirt up and off of him. I then pushed him back so he was sitting on the couch. I leaned over him with my breasts in his face….then slid lower to kiss him….then lower to kiss his neck…then chest….then stomach, sliding to my knees in the process. As I nipped at the waist of his shorts, he moaned and stroked my hair. I knew what he wanted me to do.

I reached up and unbuttoned his shorts, then slid them and his boxers over his hips as he lifted them to help me. His dick was just average size but nicely shaped, clean, and very hard. I leaned down and took the head into my mouth, slowly working lower. His moaning told me I was doing it well. I picked up the pace a bit and was getting into it when I heard the door open.

That shocked me! I quickly covered my breasts and shouted at the guy to get out. He just mumbled and sat on the couch. I told him again to leave but he just sat there. The first guy meanwhile was whispering “keep going…please keep going”. I looked at the 2nd guy and decided he was probably going to pass out, so I gave in and leaned back to resume the blow job I’d been giving.

It wasn’t long and I heard the 2nd guy rustling, then felt hands on my ass. I started to pop up but the first guy gently held my head in place. It was either panic, or go with this and I guess the alcohol and horniness defeated zeytinburnu escort better judgment. As I took him deeper in my mouth, I could feel my skirt being lifted and my panties pushed aside.

Forgetting my reservations, I realized how much I was enjoying this. I felt a couple fingers enter me and it made me suck the first guy even more aggressively. I was already wet and the 2nd guy quickly took his fingers out and I knew he was going to start fucking me.

I slowed the blow job as the 2nd guy entered me. His dick seemed a little bigger than the first but not too big to be painful. He stroked in and out a couple times before planting himself deep inside me. I gasped outloud then attacked the first cock with my mouth. The first guy started moaning and I knew he was getting close.

So as I’m there being taken from both ends, I hear the door again. This time I didn’t break stride. I opened my eyes and saw a 3rd guy take a seat on the couch. I reached over to give his crotch a quick squeeze before focusing back on the blow job. I reached up to caress the first guy’s balls and started taking him all the way down. He was moaning like crazy.

The guy behind me was fucking me hard and I wanted to make them both cum. The first guy started rocking his hips and I felt him swell before he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed most of it but spilled a little. He rubbed my head while the 2nd guy kept pounding me. I smile at the first guy and realized guy
had gotten out his cock. He was the biggest of all and must have been 8″. He pulled my head towards him and I repositioned to start sucking his big dick.

Maybe it was the sight or that or maybe just his time, but guy

grabbed my hips at that moment, thrust deep and cried out. mecidiyeköy escort I could feel him spasming inside me. He held it for a moment then slid out of me. I figured it was time to focus on guy
and I was enjoying the size and texture of his dick. I didn’t think he’d take long to cum.

As I was working on him, I felt more hands on my ass. I turned my head enough to realize it was guy

, presumably deciding he needed a fuck too. At that point, I wasn’t going to resist. But instead of moving to my vagina, I felt a finger pressing against my asshole.

I was nervous but didn’t resist. I had done anal with a couple other guys and I knew he wasn’t overly large. So, I went with it. I tried to focus on the blow job I was giving until I felt the dick pressing against my butt. I held my body firm and tried to relax my asshole. Slowly, he slid inside. I cried out and tried to adjust to him. Guy
kept gently pulling my head onto him. I felt very submissive to both of them.

I slowly adjusted to having the dick in my butt and kept working to satisfy the dick in my mouth. As I adjusted it became easier and felt better. Guy
started breathing heavier and rocking his hips a bit.

I was hoping they’d cum together but guy
came first. He started moaning “oh God” over and over. He was full of cum and I couldn’t hope to swallow it all. Some dripped onto his cock and some onto my breasts. I kissed his stomach and he played with my hair while guy

picked up his pace, pulled out of my butt, and shot his cum onto my butt cheeks.

I basically collapsed in front of guy
, totally spent. Guy

left the room and

already had.
told me how amazing that had been and then sat with me a bit. I guess as much as he could be, he was the gentleman of the bunch.

Finally, I mustered the energy to reposition my panties, put my t-shirt and bra back on and leave. I didn’t want to be seen by either of the first two guys so I left via the back door.

I never showed my face at that fraternity again and I know the story got around which bothered me. But when I think back on it today, I know it was one hot night.

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