My First Bikini

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On the way to the hotel, my girlfriend texted me the room number and I got my key at the front desk, room 220, a room we stayed in previously. I looked about, still was all the same generic kingsized bed and nice walk-in shower.

She was ahead of me and in the pool. Her bags were stowed, and munchies were in the fridge. Having gotten changed, her clothing was casually set on the bed. Reaching out, I touched her bra and panties. Cool to the touch at the top of the stack, a soft satin outfit in periwinkle.

I stripped and showered, getting the grime of air travel off me and feeling much better. Water running over my big body felt so refreshing. Even let some of the jets work my back and my barrel chest. My large curvy body needed the scrub down before going into the pool.

After drying off, I looked for the suit Joy got me. It was there on the nightstand in a plain bag. Ripping open the package, out fell my new purple two-piece bikini. To say it was purple is an understatement, it was a metallic purple with a lot of shine. Not that there was a lot to it, it was skimpy with black strings in excess.

Putting on the top, the cups slid side to side on the chest strap and it took me a few tries to get the halter straps to fit just right. Each cup was made a little narrow. I had not much in cleavage, just my pecks but each cup was taller than minimally required. Looking in the mirror, I was astonished at how I looked. Cupping on my pecks was perfect. Not too wide but enough fabric to help draw your focus.

‘My boobs are down her,’ I thought.

Now came the bikini bottoms, shiny and flimsy. It seemed to be pre-tied nicely, with only one adjustment. The cut of the bikini was higher than most. I have seen some that ride low but this one seemed to be a high European cut. It was not particularly wide, like the top. The coverage seemed to be narrow but not overly, barely modest. Seemingly to cover less but draw even more attention as it cupped my package nicely.

In the mirror, I could see my cock and balls covered, held in place as a lovely package in the bikini bottoms. Purple fabric exploded upwards to nearly my belly button, and metallic purple gleamed above and below the black strings. My swelling cock outlined admirably.

Turning, the same could be said about my ass. I could not adjust much coverage on my butt, it was very cheeky. Seemingly to cover less but draw even more attention like the top. Cheeky, purple, and more cheek.


Suddenly, this all came to be very real. Joy wanted me to go to the pool and swim in this, my first bikini. She was waiting for me. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. I was going to do this, right?

I grabbed my exercise shorts and a tee along with the room key. Wait, I did not need a room key, she would let me back in, right? So I put it back with my clothing.

I was covered but I could feel the bikini on me, a strange but delightful feeling of strings and fabric like nothing I wore before. Not too unlike my fantasies.

Stepping into the hallway, the door clicked. Fear stabbed me in the heart. The butterflies in my stomach seemed to have quadrupled. Was I committed now? Who would be by the pool? How many? Would I get into trouble for doing this? Should I even be doing this?

Crap, the door is already locked.

Walking barefoot with a secret under my clothing, my hand shook a little pressing the elevator buttons to the pool level.

Entering the pool, I looked around. It was not a large indoor pool but there was a glass wall that the water went under and there was more to the pool outside. Maybe equal in size to the indoor area.

There was a couple in the pool talking and some people outside basking in the sun. Portland is not known for many sunny summer days. Those days seem to draw more people outdoors.

Joy was lounging in a reclining seat at the far end of the pool. She put down her book and picked up her cell phone as I walked in. She did not look directly at me but I could feel her eyes on me, being covert, she watched Maltepe Escort me.

As I neared her, she simply pointed to a recliner a few away from hers. It had towels and a fruity beverage already waiting for me. Her cell phone followed me as I moved paster her. She must be recording, marking this moment in time.

Glances around, I could see no one was watching me. So no time like the present, I pulled off my shorts.

“Gasp!” I heard behind me from Joy.

My face became supper flush, those darn butterflies few around earnest.

Quickly, I took off my shirt, adding it on top of my discarded shorts.

I grabbed the drink and swallowed half the drink in one pull. Then all of it without a second thought. Putting it back down and went to the pool edge, slipping into the water. Drifting to the bottom, submerged. Shocked I had done it. I was dressed in a bikini, in a public pool.

Crap, I am going to have to get out at some point.

I might also need to breathe at some point too.

Surfacing, I drew a breath. Joy was at the end of the pool, cell phone in hand. She flicked her fingers, telling me to swim away.

So, taking a breath, I swam to the glass wall and back, giving the other couple a wide berth. As I passed the other couple in the pool, I was sure they were watching me so I tried not to look at them. My fears playing havoc on my belly. Maybe they would not notice or did not notice when I got into the pool. Returning to the end with Joy, I pulled up to the pool edge.

I lifted myself enough to get the top out of the water and said, “Hi,” to Joy.

She looked up from the cellphone, smiled, and said “Hey you,” back to me. Pressing something, she tossed the cellphone under a towel. Then she took off her sweatpants and top, revealing a stunning one-piece swimsuit in her favorite green color. It had slits and patterns in all the right places.

Joining me in the pool, she gave me a long hug and a passionate kiss while we sank beneath the surface. We did not go very deep, the pool was only 5 feet deep. Kissing underwater is great except at some point, someone needs to surface for air.


“I love it, Joy. You got the perfect colors. Metallic purple and black highlights. Mhmmm.” I replied.

She stood back and looked me over. Touching and adjusting the bikini top. Same for the bottoms, paying attention to adjustment on my now cock. Running her fingers around my bulging hard cock.

“Someone is less nervous now. Stand up straight. Mhmmm, I can tell you like being dressed as a slut, you pervert.”

My face went flush with her words. Moving back, she was looking me over. Even dipping her head under the pool to check me out.

Some times we floated, others we swam around, and even some times just laid back and floated. I often found I was becoming less concerned about the suit and just enjoyed the company. When floating my top would be exposed and I am sure the other couple might notice.

Embracing Joy while kissing her, she interrupted saying the other two are coming over as she stopped fondling my cock.

Turns out it was only the gal, a lanky brunette. She could have been a swimmer in her posse and plain black one-piece.

Going up to Joy, she said, “Hello, I’m Samantha. If you want, you can call me Sam.”

“Oh, hi, I’m Joy. This is my boyfriend Gage.”

“I noticed that his suit is rather unconventional,” Sam said to Joy directly without so much of a glance at me. Feelings of uncertainty raged in my stomach. I sunk further into the water, unsure of where this is going.

“True but he is fully covered and not exposed. We can leave if this is a problem.”

“Oh, I think you misinterpreted my bluntness. I enjoy the view and would like to inspect your ‘friend’ if that is okay with you. I am curious,” Sam said back to Joy.

“By all means, he loves to be looked at, don’t you dear?” I swear my face got hot and flush. “You can speak to him directly if you want.”

“Unsure of your dynamic, I just went to Anadolu Yakası Escort the one in charge first. I find submissives love to be talked about in front of them, as you said, ‘Slut’ to him. Or is it her?”

Now it was Joy’s turn to be embarrassed from being overheard in one of her comments to me.

“He is, I guess, my sub, at times. He is a ‘he’, right Gage?”

All I could do was nod.

“Is that how you reply to Joy, Slut?” Sam said without batting an eye or even looking at me.

“Um, yes mistress. Mistresses. Yes, I’m a he. Um, and I am Joy’s, um, slut.” I stammered out.

“Inspect a way, Mistress Samatha.” Joy said with a laugh and a twinkle in her eye. She watched me with intensity, enjoying my discomfort.

Sam turned to me and had me stand before her with my arms slightly raised and standing upright. Tracing a finger or two along the fabric of the bikini, she inspected me like a piece of meat. Dipping her head underwater, she even touched my hard cock tenting the bikini. My eye flew open and I looked at Joy. She just laughed at my predicament.

“Nice suit. Not the conventional skimpy mini bikini. Tall but narrow triangles up top and likewise below. Just wide enough from side to side coverage but going higher than the more conventional suits.”

“I had a friend make it for the slut. I was thinking it would show off more and be more obvious the bikini was there without any added modesty. I wanted to flaunt the bikini but have just enough coverage. Well, that was the plan I was going for.”

“Yes, it does that well. I like his reactions as well. This slut likes the attention, I think. Maybe my boy needs a bikini too.

“Fred, get out of the pool and come join us. Now.”

I could just barely hear the ‘Yes, mistress’ before he moved to the steps.

This man was 5 foot 8, tops. He also had a swimmer’s body as well, putting my pudgy belly to shame. He was wearing the most micro-speedo I had ever seen. The fabric just cupped the cock and balls leaving nothing to the imagination. No extra material in any location.

“Get me my water too.” Sam barked.

It became obvious he was well waxed and had even less rearward coverage as he retrieved the water bottle.

Joy said with a blush, “Cheeky.” She was enjoying the show.

“We have been told to leave places. Seems his suit is not modist as some would want.”

“Wow.” both Joy and I said together. Sam was very direct.

We exchanged contact info and they left, for a party or something.

Following suit, we got out shortly afterward. Quickly I dried and got my shorts on as the door to the pool opened up. In came a pack of college girls, 6 of them. All of the girls ranged in sizes, shapes, and colors along with various swimwear.

“Slut, can you towel my back?” Joy said to me knowing I wanted to get dressed asap, before being discovered. That was not going to happen now.

They all looked at us, well me. I was looking at them with my shirt in my hand and exposed bikini top.

Looking at me, Joy said, “Put that down and towel me off, now.”

Embarrassed, I dropped the shirt and grabbed my towel.

As I toweled off Joy, the girls were talking with extra giggling. I was sure, laughing at me and my predicament.

“Thanks, slut. You can dress now.”

This was a new side of Joy. Must have been from the encounter with Samatha and Fred.

Once in the hotel room, Joy told me to strip but leave on the suit. Shorts and shirt came off with a little damp struggle.

Feeling the moist bikini pressed to my body, I walked in and started the shower, warm water cascaded over me as I turned around. The tiled room filled with steam as the rain from the large overhead shower head poured down.

Joy just took off her suit, completely naked. Her long hair stuck all over her, still damp from the swim. Her large breast swung free over her luscious belly. Coming right for me, she pressed me up against the wall. Our arms intertwined with each other’s bodies as she pressed İstanbul Escort her lips to mine.

We kissed under the water spilling down on us from above.

Her hands moved to grab my pecks and meaded the bikini into them. Pinching my nipples, massaging my man boobs, just feeling me up with the sensual cloth between us. I raked her back with my nails getting her weak in the knees.

I pulled her wet tress drawing her mouth from mine, Joy hissed as our mouths separated. I pressed her mouth to one of my now exposed nipples. Latching on, she sucked and licked with glee.

Making sure she was duly rewarded, I grabbed and squeezed her breasts. Massaging them with my fingers and palms. Working them like dough balls. Adding some nipple pinched from time to time.

After a time, she broke free from my manly boobs. Looking up at me with lust and hunger, we locked eyes while she went down on her knees. Yanking the flimsy fabric aside, my cock sprang free into her waiting mouth. Plunging deeply, my cock slid into her mouth, into her throat guided by my hands in her hair pulling and hips trusting.

Joy was a woman possessed and cock starved. I could feel her gasping after face fucking her and leaving my cock buried in her for long times, thrusting in her throat. I’d let her get a breath and fuck her face hard and deeply. Her windpipe clutching desperately at the cock head lodged in it.

“Fuck, mmm,” she gasped in one of her breaths.

Struggling in my arms, she pulled her head off my cock. Looking me in the eyes she cried out in desperation.

“Fuck me. Fuck me now. Please, just fuck me.”

With one reach, I stopped the waterfall pouring on us.

Going on her back once I released her hair, I got between her legs. Joy’s ankles on my shoulders, my cock slid home.

“Awe, fuck, yes,” she hissed.

“I need you baby.”

“I need you too.”

I then began to slowly slide in and out of her, wet and slippery.

“Fuck. Jesus.”

“Okay, take this,” I said.

I just ramped up the speed four times and just pounded her pussy. Balls slapping her ass, I drove my cock relentlessly into her.

“Awe jeez. Fuck.” she moaned.

Grabbing her nipples I squeezed and pulled on them as I pounded into her.

I felt her pussy tighten up and almost like it was trying to push out the invader. Driving even harder, she came hard on my cock.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCCKKKK me,” Joy cried out.

Pulling out, I got up and grabbed her by the wrist.

“Huh, what?”

“Come with me.”

Practically dragging her by the arm and literally throwing her on the bed, I positioned her ass hanging precariously over the edge of the bed. Once her ankles were again on my shoulders with me standing by the bed, I drove my cock back into her.


This time, I held on to her thighs as I plowed into her again. Shower water flying off me, I fucked her.

“Gawd, you look so pretty in that bikini,” she said.

Spreading my ankles or bringing them together, changed the angle of my entry. Speed and angle were all under my control. At times I teased her g-spot. Other times I just piledrove her pussy.

“Awe, fuck me, slut.”

“You want more?”

“Yes! Fuck me harder.”

I pulled my cock out. Her eyes shot open and looked at me, pleading.

“Nooo,” she wailed.

Driving forward, my cock slid up and down her vagina. Rubbing her clit and slipping around her pussy.

“No, fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Pulling back just enough, I thrust forward and pounded her pussy at high speed again.

“Ah, gawd, yes.”

I felt that growing climax feeling and let it take a hold of me, I just pounded into her pussy. No pain, just the building pleasure.

Squeezing her breasts, I trust like a madman.

“Awe baby, don’t stop.”

“I am going to cum soon, Joy.”

“Yes, yes, fill me.”

Pounding and pounding, I felt her clench again.

I pulled even harder on her breasts as I slammed my cock in as deep as I could go, I came in Joy.

“Oh, Joy!”

“Yes, baby.”

We came together. I could not stop shaking.

As soon as I was done climaxing, I rolled her onto her side and laid with her. We cuddled for a long time.

“I love you, Joy,” I whispered into her ear.

“I know.”

Of course, she quoted Hans Solo.

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