My First Love – Again Ch. 06

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Taylor woke up screaming. Her body shot up abruptly as she looked around, confused. She was sweaty and cold, chills running down her spine. Her fingers touched her face. She expected to feel blood, but it was only sweat. The dream felt so real — too real. Suddenly she heard footsteps and the door open.

“Taylor, are you all right?! What happened?” Nicki’s worried voice rang through the darkness. As soon as she felt Nicki’s hand on her leg, Taylor calmed down. It didn’t matter where she was as long as Nicki was with her. That was all that mattered.

“Sorry, n-nightmare.” Taylor spoke, her voice shaking.

“I thought something happened to you. Thank God you’re okay,” Nicki whispered. The silence spread througout the room as Taylor’s breathing calmed down and she swallowed hard.

“C-can you sleep with me tonight? I don’t want to sleep alone,” Taylor’s gentle, pleading voice echoed in the darkened room.

“It would be so cozy being beside you. And I’ll feel safer,” Taylor pleaded. Nicki smiled.

“Chaton, you don’t have to beg me. Of course I’ll sleep with you,” Nicki said quietly, hoping to calm Taylor down.

Taylor giggled.

“What’s so funny, Chaton?” Nicki asked.

“You know, Vincent would have killed you for saying that. You could tell him to bring out the flip camera.” Taylor smirked, then laughed a little, lightening her mood.

With that Taylor slowly sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes. She patted the covers, inviting Nicki to come near her. Her emerald eyes darted to the clock on the nearby table. It was only 3 AM. She turned on the light to get a closer look at Nicki. In that instant her nightmare was forgotten. The sight of Nicki made her heart melt and blood pressure rise at the same time. Nicki was dressed in two-piece pajamas with a light blue tint, shiny enough to make Taylor assume they were silk. The shorts were extremely short, showing off Nicki’s deliciously firm thighs. As Nicki moved towards the bed, the loosely fitted tank top rose up, giving Taylor an eyeful of her flat stomach.

She licked her lips slowly, unable to tear her eyes from Nicki. Taylor could not help but wonder if Nicki had chosen the outfit to seduce her. If that was her plan all along, it was definitely working. Taylor could already feel how moist and slick her core had become by just looking at Nicki, that sweet seductive smile on her face only making matters worse. Taylor’s face lit up.

She could come hard and forcefully just by masturbating to that image of Nicki, already burned into her mind. But then again, why would she do that when she could have this beauty with her in bed all night? Not just that but spread out on the bed so that she, Taylor, could plant kisses all over her body and make her scream with pleasure. The thought was tempting, really tempting. As Taylor’s fantasy continued, Nicki’s smooth voice brought her back to reality.

“So I can?” Nicki lowered herself and sat on the edge of the bed, tracing her fingertips along the part Taylor’s calf that lay on top of the covers, and, so, making Taylor feel more chills run down her spine.

“I promise I’ll be good, Chaton,” Nicki whispered in a silken voice as she inched herself upwards onto the bed without missing an opportunity to brush her body against Taylor’s. Taylor’s eyes darted down to Nicki’s breasts, now exposed by the thin fabric hanging loosely from her top. Teasingly, Nicki ran her fingers over Taylor’s breast, squeezing it lightly. This made Taylor squirm under her, moan softly, close her eyes and pray that Nicki would not dare stop what she was doing. Taylor wanted more of this girl — so much more.

The blond could not withstand her arousal any second longer. She had to touch Nicki. Slowly, she inched her hand up to the other girls back. Then, after a second’s hesitation, ran it down until it rested firmly on her bottom. She pulled Nicki towards her, needing more of her, inhaling her intoxicating scent mixed with perfume.

Nicki let the linen rise up her body as her face got closer to Taylor’s. Her bare skin touched Taylor’s stomach and she could feel every inch of the beautiful golden olive skin underneath her. Nicki felt Taylor tense under her touch. Teasingly, she ran a finger over her navel and up towards her breasts. She simply couldn’t resist. Her mouth was at Taylor’s neck, nibbling on her soft skin. With every touch, Nicki felt the tingling all over her body, small electric shocks of pleasure that made her moan. She exhaled hot air beneath Taylor’s ear making Taylor moan loudly.

“Mm, Ni — Oh God, Nicki!” Taylor was in heaven as Nicki teases her near her edge.

Nicki’s hand slowly traveled down Taylor’s body. Ever so slowly, her hand touched below her navel. As her fingertips touched the hem of her panties, she frowned.

“These are so in the way,” casino siteleri she managed to mumble through her teeth.

“You think?!” Taylor quipped, darting towards Nicki’s beautiful emerald eyes. Nicki looked up at Taylor’s face, whose mocking dared her to take them off. Taylor smiled widely. ‘Oh, my God this is really happening! Finally!’ Taylor thought, excitedly, as she caught her breath during Nicki’s brushing her slim fingers over the thin fabric of her panties.

“Someone is excited!” Nicki gasped enthusiastically, feeling how wet Taylor had become from their little foreplay. Taylor’s black lace panties were soaked. The sweet smell of arousal was hanging in the air mixed with the rich scent of Taylor’s vanilla perfume. The scent was intoxicating and made Nicki even more aroused. Nicki’s mouth kissed it’s way down Taylor’s body, leaving small trails of saliva on her skin. Taylor was quivering underneath her, fingers tangled up in Nicki’s long silken hair, pulling her head closer to her body.

“Hurry, please…” Taylor whimpered quietly, her excitement too much for her to handle.

“Not so fast, Chaton,” Nicki interrupted her. She inched her way back up Taylor’s body, her mouth kissing every inch lovingly. This time she was more daring than before. Taylor got the hint and opened her mouth to let Nicki’s tongue explore the forbidden territory. Their tongues dueled and danced together, each one fighting for dominance while Nicki’s hands reached around Taylor’s back to unclasp her bra.

Surprisingly enough, she had not thought of that before. With shaking fingers, what should’ve been an easy task such as unclasping a bra suddenly became frustratingly hard for Nicki. And this, of course, wasn’t getting any easier with Taylor’s talented mouth on her own. She broke the kiss unwillingly to try and get a hold of the clasp behind Taylor’s back. Taylor giggled.

“Who’s aroused now, huh?” She mocked Nicki while leaving a trail of small kisses along her jaw.

“Shut up” Nicki replied hastily.

More giggles from Taylor made Nicki stop. She looked in her eyes, annoyed. Taylor embraced her lovingly.

“Ya know, it’s a front clasp,” Taylor finally told her.

Nicki eyed Taylor in surprise.

“What?!” she said, confused.

“For easier access, silly. Bet you didn’t think I imagined this scenario, did you, sweetie?” She took Nicki’s hands and guided them to the front of her chest. She put them between her cleavage and hoped Nicki got the idea.

“There. Now pull,” she urged, smiling.

“Ha ha. Not funny.”

“Sure it is,” Taylor replied cheerfully. She tried hard not to giggle while responding to Nicki’s arousal and apparent cluelessness.

Nicki pulled and sure enough, the clasp was released. Without hesitation Nicki’s hands caressed Taylor’s bare breasts for the first time. The softness made her moan, compelling Taylor to close her eyes and throw her head back onto the pillow. Nicki lowered herself, kissing Taylor’s exposed neck and then gliding downwards. Her fingers caressed Taylor’s breasts with her palms, moving in small circles. Her left hand pinched a hardened and erect nipple lightly. Not really knowing how sensitive Taylor was, Nicki decided to start out slowly rather than hurt Taylor.

A loud series of moans made Nicki shiver. She didn’t realize Taylor could sound that hot. ‘If she was this way with Jake, he was the luckiest guy on earth’ she thought. Suddenly Taylor’s body jerked upwards while a weird high-pitched noise escaped her mouth. Nicki responded instantly, thinking she may have hurt Taylor by pinching too hard. She pulled her hands away swiftly while she searched for a reaction on Taylor’s face. ‘I couldn’t have made her come that fast, right?’ Nicki asked herself.

“Sorry. Please don’t stop,” Taylor finally said after a long pause.

“Did I hurt you?” Nicki asked carefully, hesitatingly.

“Of course not.” Taylor’s voice was low.

Nicki’s eyes widened, as she smiled.

“So you came?” she asked, a bit stunned and frankly, a bit surprised.

“Close, just a little more…” said Taylor, her voice cracking. Her words cut off suddenly and her body jerked again, less violent this time but enough to scare Nicki.

“Hiccups,” Taylor said vaguely. At Taylor’s words, Nicki laughed lightly.

“Don’t stop,” Taylor begged, trying to pull Nicki close to her again.

“Sweetie, you have the hiccups. They won’t just stop right away.” Nicki laughed harder as Taylor’s hiccups continued.

“Come on, they will,” Taylor tried to persuade her while Nicki shook her head, ‘No’.

“I’ll get you some water,” Nicki said, getting up from the bed slowly. Taylor caught her arm pulling her back against her warm chest. Nicki groaned. “A cheap shot, sweetie, oh so cheap!”

“Nicki!” Taylor pleaded.

“Persistent, canlı casino aren’t we?” Nicki smiled kissing Taylor on her lips for a minute. Before letting go, she nipped Taylor’s lower lip.

“Now, Chaton, wait here,” Nicki said as she stood up, wiggling her ass a bit. She went to the door.

“Be right back,” she said softly.

Taylor lay back on the bed, sighing. She was so hopeless. ‘Perfect way of ruining the mood, stupid!’ she scolded herself. She toyed with a strand of her hair as she patiently waited.

One minute passed. Taylor started to grow impatient. She lay there and glanced from the door to the clock.

Three minutes passed. ‘Where did Nicki go? To the other side of the earth?’ Taylor thought, feeling slightly irritated.

Ten minutes passed, Taylor had had enough of the waiting. ‘At least my hiccups stopped’, she thought to herself. She was horny and hot and Nicki wasn’t there. She said she’d be right back. ‘So unfair!’ Taylor decided to take care of the urgent matter herself. She bit her lip, thinking about it for a second. Then she put her index and middle finger to her mouth and licked them until they got really wet. With her other hand she massaged her breast. Tiny moans escaped her mouth. She raised her hips and slowly glided her wet fingers down her body. Her finger brushed over the erect bump of her clitoris, making her breath hitch.

“Oooh, so good!” she gasped. She kept moving her fingers in slow, small movements. Her breath quickened and her fingers moved faster. She was so close, Taylor could feel her muscles contract. She threw her head back onto the pillows and let the pleasure hit her. A wave of pleasure ran through her as her fingers moved rapidly. She moaned, trying to muffle the sound. She lost herself in the force of her orgasm. Her moans became louder; she didn’t care who heard them anymore. Her ears rang as she lay in the afterglow of her orgasm. She had a huge smile on her lips, thinking of Nicki. Her hand was still between her thighs.

“I’m back, sweetie,” she heard a honey sweet voice say nearby.

By reflex, she withdrew her hand and looked around the room, knowing that voice could only belong to one person.

“You’re doing well without me, I see.” Nicki smiled down at her.

“Oh God. I’m sorr-..” Taylor started but Nicki put a finger to her lips, preventing her from speaking. A feeling of embarrassment ran over Taylor.

“I don’t mind, I wondered how much longer you would hold out.” Nicki smirked.

“You devil!”

“I guess 10 minutes is your limit,” Nicki murmured as she handed Taylor a glass of water. Taylor was thankful for the water, her throat was as dry as the desert and she desperately needed some liquid. She gulped down the water eagerly.

“So you think of me when you masturbate, huh?” Nicki kidded. That hit Taylor unexpectedly. She nearly choked on the water but instead it sprayed all over Nicki.

“Sorry,” Taylor apologized, giving Nicki a look.

“Don’t worry about it,” Nicki said. She didn’t look too happy though.

“Answer my question, sweetie,” she pushed.

“Uh uh. It’s too embarrassing,” Taylor finally said.

“No, the embarrassing part would be if your screaming my name woke up the neighbors,” Nicki teased.

“You heard?!” Taylor gasped, eyeing Nicki.

Nicki laughed.

“I’d be surprised if the whole neighborhood didn’t hear you, Chaton.” Nicki touched Taylor’s cheek and brushed it lightly, enjoying the warmth.

“Oh God!” Taylor mumbled. Unable to face Nicki, she felt a warm blush rise to her cheeks as she turned away. Nicki got the hint and smiled, pressing her lips on Taylor’s cheek instead.

“Hey, I think it’s flattering and cute,” she said, trying to lighten Taylor’s mood. Nicki took her face in both her hands and pulling her in closer. She wouldn’t let her shy away now.

“But, why didn’t think of Jake?” As soon as the words left Nicki mouth she wanted to beat herself up. ‘Why the hell would she want to talk about him right now? Nicki, you are such an idiot!’ She scolded herself, partly hoping Taylor didn’t hear her. As soon as Taylor heard “Jake” her body stiffened. Nicki sensed her huge mistake.

“Oh, no, Tay, I’m sorry. Forget I even mentioned it,”she begged, trying to kiss Taylor, who had inched away slightly. Nicki tried to find something to say, but at this point, she thought it might be better to just shut up rather than make the situation worse.

“Let’s just sleep, okay?” Taylor said as she lay back under the covers.

Nicki got the hint and started to move away from Taylor, giving her the space she thought she needed. She got up from the bed slowly.

“Where are you going?” Taylor whispered.

“I thought you’d want to be alone,” Nicki said, without looking at Taylor.

“Nicki!” Taylor’s kaçak casino sharp tone made Nicki look up.

“Get your hot little ass under these covers,” she smirked as she lifted the covers, welcoming her with a seductive smile. Nicki’s eye’s widened as she saw Taylor in just her panties once again. She would never get tired of that view. As she stepped back into the bed, Taylor cleared her throat, giving her an enigmatic look.

“What?” Nicki asked.

“I’ll forget about the fact you totally killed the mood back there if you’ll sleep in the nude with me.” Taylor smiled just thinking about it.

“Is that so?” A bright nod answered Nicki’s question. Without hesitation she slid her pajama top over her head and inched the shorts down her legs, letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of them slowly, giving Taylor an eyeful of her body. Of course she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her PJ’s. At the sight of Nicki’s naked body, Taylor licked her lips.

“You’re so forgiven,” she said, lost for anything else to say. She continued to eye Nicki up and down, checking her out.

“Let’s sleep, shall we?” Nicki suggested as she sat down on the bed, smiling.

“Right,” Taylor said, her eyes still glued on Nicki.

“I changed my mind. Sleeping is too overrated,” Taylor added as she pulled Nicki into a loving kiss. Nicki knew this was coming. She wasn’t surprised. When Taylor broke the kiss to get some air, it was Nicki’s time for payback.

“Nah, I want to sleep; sweetie,” she joked and pulled away from Taylor.

“You’re kidding? I finally get you naked in my bed and you don’t want to, and I quote Vincent here, “fuck my brains out,” Taylor said.

“Not funny,” Nicki sighed. Back to the boys again. She saw Taylor’s disappointed expression and groaned.

“Chaton, look. You said you regretted that your first time was not with me. I want it to be special too and right now just does not feel like the right time.”

Taylor’s face went white. “When did I tell you that?” she asked.

“You were half awake when I carried you upstairs and undressed you,” Nicki said, then added, “Let’s just sleep and process everything that’s happened and talk about it in the morning, okay?” Nicki lay down on the bed and turned her back against her lover. Taylor didn’t protest. Instead, she took advantage of the situation, hoping to change Nicki’s mind. She embraced Nicki from behind and gently squeezed her breasts. Feeling Nicki’s hardened peaks, she smirked The nuzzling of her lips into the back of Nicki’s neck added to the effect. A moan escaped Nicki’s lips.

“Nor fair. Either you’re lying or your body is very willing right about now,” Taylor whispered. She licked Nicki’s earlobe, making her shiver.

“Chaton, this is torture. I’m really soaking wet and you are adding to the fire. If you want me to stay in bed with you, behave, young lady,” Nicki warned.

“If I don’t, will you punish me?” Taylor squeaked and giggled.

“You wish.”

Taylor actually wished for it, so she took a chance. She slid her leg between Nicki’s thighs and pressed upwards. To say the least, Nicki’s hadn’t been lying. She was soaked. Without any warning whatsoever, Nicki rolled around and pinned Taylor’s hands down on either side of her head. Then she repositioned herself above Taylor. Nicki lowered herself down towards Taylor’s lips, lightly brushing over them. Careful not to actually kiss her.

“You’re just asking for it, aren’t you, Tay?” Nicki whispered, feeling Taylor’s hot breath on her face. Her lover squirmed under her, trying to inch up to Nicki, but without luck. Nicki was holding her down.

“I’m sorry. Now will you let me kiss you?” Taylor pretended to be sorry, hoping Nicki would fall for it.

Nicki smiled and leaned in towards Taylor. ‘Yes, she fell for it!’ Taylor thought, closing her eyes. Waiting.

Time stretched out.

Nothing happened.

Taylor opened her eyes. Nicki was still leaning over her, smiling. Taylor’s anticipation was getting the better of her. Apparently, Nicki noticed.

“Bad girls don’t get a good night kiss,” Nicki mocked as she smiled at Taylor. She accidentally brushed her hand against Taylor’s breast as she got off her, and lay beside her again. Taylor could not believe it. How could she be so cruel?!

Nicki tried to muffle a laugh but failed. Taylor moaned with annoyance.

“Be good,” Nicki warned, and turned her head away from Taylor.

‘Oh, she’s going to be so sorry!’ Taylor smiled to herself. But if this is the way Nicki wanted to play it, she would restrain herself ¬– for now.

Taylor never had as much fun with Jake during all their years of foreplay or even sex. No matter how silly, she would never in a million years want to give this up. The jokes, the loving gestures, the mocking, the silly remarks… everything.

Even if it meant hurting someone else.

This was where her heart belonged.

This was the last thought that crept through Taylor’s mind as she fell asleep with a smile on her lips and Nicki in her arms.

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