my first man in USA

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my first step in USA was with dream of meeting my soulmate ,, tall white blonde American lady ,, i kept trying but there was no luck ,, i figured out not all what we have been informed truths ,,
one night when i was checking some sexual porno sites ,, a commercial appeared on my screen about gay bars ,, honestly i was so curious .. i am not straight but i tried my best to control my desire so i did sex with men before but not frequently ,, so i tried to give this idea away when i decided to start a new life here !
day or couple days curiosity forced me to check gay bars again and special feelings controlled me that moment so i told myself ,, whats wrong if i go and check it !
i am still a new resident ,, who will care have some fun !
i walked to the bar because i didnt have a car that time ,, so i walk about 20 minutes to that bar ,, and when i came in was surprise it was entirely slow ,, a man or 2 and the bartender
i ordered a beer while watching the affected movements of the bartender ,, he was that kind of gay who try to show the feminine part of himself …
i drank my beer ,, waited for a 30 minutes but nothing changed ,, i was nervous ,, therefore i walked around ,, entered to a restaurant there to eat something then i walked past the bar ,, here i found my legs leading me to that kinky place again ,, people showed up but not as many as i have expected ,, oh fuck it is Monday and that`s why !
i got upset and i was telling myself ,, so what! you did not come here to fuck but to check
while i was there people were checking me ,, but they did not approach ,, so i was thinking ,, oh you got older and nobody will care ,, you are not the same boy who was dressing his mother cloths and got men crazy around ,, not that young man who was making men crazy
or maybe because i could not smile or showing happy face ,, come on how can i show happy face when i am worry and nervous ,, this internal conversation continued until the time i decided to leave this fucking place .
I came out and stepped some treads then a black guy was sitting on the porch of the nearest florist store ,, it was so cold what he is doing there ( i said to myself)
oh my God he is trying to talk to me ,, let me walk quickly he looked like a bum and maybe he gaziantep swinger will ask some bucks
but the man stopped me and told me
– buddy may i have one cigarette ?
– ok
– you do not look happy ,, things did not go like you expect ?
-sorry , what are you talking about ?
i handed him the cigarette over and intended to go then he said again ,, huh if you like some fun i am here ,,, he astonished me so my reply was emotion
-what are you talking about and what did you notice to tell me that ,,,,,he answered the bar .. i asked him what about that fucking bar ?
he answered its gay bar ,, for people who like to have some fun
really ( that s was my answer ) .. he said nobody come here and does not notice that
here i tried to be smart ,, so what he looks nice guy despite he carried a packbag on his shoulder but he does not look as a bum ,, so i asked him what are you doing here ?
he said i came from NY last week so my money was not enough to stay at the hotel ,, so i am waiting for the bus time to go back to my family !
are you married ,,,,? he answered no i am divorced but i have a daughter and have not done sex for long time
i said huh lol what a fuck and why me ? what did you find or notice to think i am a gay ? he said the bar ,, i answered i am new here in the town and could be a mistake .
he said however i just liked to talk to you ,, here the desire lit up in my fucking body and his manhood brave heart and confidence made the female part of me waking !!
after hesitance i asked him ,, am i sexy? he said very sexy ,, i said what did you find it sexy about me ,, he stepped to me and told me spin around while i was doing that he touched my buttocks omG what have you just done ? i was so nervous ,, those cars passing the street and i do not want anybody see that !
man its your life ,, do not pay attention for others (he said )
do you have an apartment ? (he asked ) actually i have one but i can not do sex there i have a roommmate who does not know about my sexuality
he got upset ,, here ,, and i intended to leave him a lone but he was so pushy and when he felt i am leaving ,, and trying to find excuses like i told him i have to have a shower and check if i can check hotels ,, then i asked him how much the hotel will cost ,, he said may be 50 to 80 bucks
oh shit ! i said
so he grabbed my hand ,,, me: what are you doing ? he said come with me ,, here i liked the feeling of this guy having my hand and leading me as a lady ,, men who was in bar could check us and the man of the next bar so he talked to him so i knew he is known there ,, he brought me to a small hotel was there ,, but i felt his face changed m then he starred at me and said if any called you do not pay attention
wtf then he answered this is the hotel i have been in and they sent me out so i have a place there we can have sex in ,, i answered but !? he said calm down
then he led me to the back of the hotel there are many empty rooms were reconstructed .. so he told me be careful do not make noise ,, so was a fucking room where no water and just a one bulb and torn ruined curtain ,, however i liked the idea to be fucked that night so i said nothing .
so i turned to him after i took my t shirt off
well guy i never been fucked like you think ,, i did it rarely so please be careful and patient and give me my time
he answered ok
i asked him to wait for me to pee so he started taking off his cloths ,, when i came back i got astonished what a fucking nice dick and body ,, i knelt on my knees holding his 8 inches dick i started with a kiss to his dick !
no way i want this chocolate bar and i ring his dick head by my lips and started sucking him like hell ,,, whats wrong with me ? what happened ? all my body shaking ,, yes i wanted to be fucked ,, but not that reaction ,, i am really shaking and i can feel all ladies in this world .. i feel why they moan and why they are kind to men
i have rosin my eyes up and watched his 6 packs box in his belly he was a sport man ,, i started kissing him lustful and he was topping my head by his hand
its time ,, I laid on my belly and he came to me from back ,, he started kissing and massaging my ass then he spit a little bit and started shoving his dick between my buttocks ,, then he stack it in my anus ,,, oh like a prickles stuck in my anus i jumped like a snake oh no ,, i can not my friend , i tried your size before and all were terrible endings
he said hold on ,, and he unzip his packbag and got a body lotion and started kneaded my buttocks and my back and my ass , and dropped some over my asshole and started fingering me and i was laying on the ground biting a pillow was there ,, to shut my mouth ,.. after awhile and with his warning to do not shout ,, he started pushing his sexy shaft inside me here ,, i decided to take it as much as i can ,, so i push against his dick like someone was telling me that before but he could not insert his penis into my anus but this time yes i remember i have to push like i am poping ,, so yes i feel it ,, oh its painful ,, but luscious pain ,, ah baby yes baby ah baby please fuck me and he was trying shut my mouth then i felt it all slopped inside my assoh how nice feeling was ,, then my man kept shoving his dick and kept pumping my chunky ass and he kept pumping as strong as he could .. then he picked my waist up and kept pumping like hell ,, doggy style then i told him baby face to face ,, turned me and started kissing my lips and having my ass missionary position ,, and the pain was mixed with luscious .. after 10 minutes he got my back again and turned me and returned to doggy style here i had the moment i ll never forget ,, first time i tasted the meaning of P spot something like enzyme or hormone came out of my body and made me shivering like hell ,, after that i felt his hot semen spilled on my asshole while he was getting his shaft out of me and i felt the rest on my back so i have turned as fast as possible to get the reminder in my mouth when he did not use condom that time .. oh i could taste some of his manly liquids ,,,
the story over i kissed his hands for pleasure he gave me and i begged him to do not tell or talk about ,, here he looked at me with a smile ,, who care ,, its your life buddy so do what you like !
we walked carefully to get out of this building when a woman stopped him and i complete my way to the street ,, entered the bar again to drink some then went to eat after this hot times ,, and after i left the restaurant which i ate in it before and after sex lol .. i found my baby sitting lonely in the public park ,, asking me a cigarette and some backs to eat ,, i tried gave him enough money but he refused ,, but some backs to eat but accepted to take the box of cigarette
thank you man ,, i ll never forget you my hero you got me so good !

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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