My First Time

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18Th Birthday

A little back story first. Growing up I never considered men or even thought about fooling around with any guys. One day being extremely in the mood and not having any luck with the ladies for a one night stand, I got on a gay dating site for men called Grindr. I guess my thought process was “I’m a good looking guy maybe I can just get a blowjob and get this horny mindset to go away.” 25 years old and I needed something. I have to admit the attention I received from these guys was a great feeling. A lot of them really liked my dick, the size if it and the girth. I did not think it was anything to write home about just 6.5 inches but it was thick I will admit. Getting on Grindr went on for a long time. I kept getting too nervous to meet any guys and test out this new theory of getting a blowjob to get away from my horny side.

I finally after maybe a year gave in to my nervousness and decided to allow a guy to allow me to use his mouth. At this point I found out I may be slightly bi-sexual because I LOVED the blowjob. I had him come to my place of work after talking for maybe an hour. I decided to send my location and realized at that point I can’t avoid it. I told him on his way there that I will be at the front of the complex to let him inside. I worked in a little guard shack that had a blockaid to keep unwanted guests from entering. I told him that after he gets in the gate to just walk into the guard shack and I’ll be waiting for him to walk him back to the small one person bathroom. I was extremely nervous but like I said I can’t back down now he is on his way. I started to make sure everything was ready and started to worry that my nervousness would keep my hard cock from staying hard. I just kept imagining a nice warm mouth wrapping it’s lips around my cock and relieving it of cum that has built up from being so horny and edging some. As I’m pacing back and forth in the shack I finally see a car I did not recognize pull toward the gate. I recognized the driver as my secret cock sucker coming to relieve me so I opened the gate and pointed where to park.

My heart starts to pump harder and I really start to worry. He walked toward the building and I let him in. He said hi and I gave him a slight head nod being too nervous to speak any words. I walk back towards the bathroom with this guy walking in front of me. He is an older gentlemen with slightly grey hair not terribly bad looking. We go into the one person bathroom and he sits down on the toilet with the lid closed and turns to look at me with a look of excitement. Again thinking “I can’t get away from this now it’s time.” I slowly pull my pants down and with my pants come my underwear. My dick semi hard still comes out and before I knew it he put his hand on it starting to stroke it. I tried to relax again worried my nervousness would keep my semi hard cock from standing at attention.

While relaxing I closed my eyes to gaziantep escort take a deep breath and at that point I felt something amazing and warm slowly wrap around my cock. I was instantly hard as a rock feeling his tongue circle around the head of my cock. I then reach my hand out and rest it on the back of his head craving more. I push slightly and he got the hint and swallow every inch of my cock feeling his nose poke me just above my cock. I was completely in heaven. His mouth felt like velvet so soft and so warm as he did his job working his mouth up and down on my cock. I started to get close already realizing how much better a man can give a blowjob that a woman. It was amazing and I realized it makes sense.

They understand what feels good and what doesn’t as opposed to woman who just guess from the porn they watch. Suddenly it came to mind that we never decided on if he was going to swallow my huge build up of a cum shot or if I was going to pull out and shoot it in the sink. Getting closer and closer moaning more and more I started to tell him I was close. The first and only words I would speak. He picks up speed and starts to play with my balls so gently that I was losing it. I was in heaven. I began to feel a tingle and my orgasm was so strong I had to hold the wall to keep my legs from buckling! I shot one of the biggest loads I ever had in my life right down this guys throat. After swallowing my cum I started to pull my pants up realizing I need to get back to work. The guy stood up and thanked me and left. That was the last I saw of him.

Fast farward about 2 years. After that amazing moment I thought I would not be so nervous to do it again. But now I had a new fantasy that came from that day. I myself wanted to fill my throat with a nice cock.

That leads to my first time. It was COVID time so hardly anybody was working…. I guess I was an exception because of my career field. Work was slow one day and i was getting horny. Again I decided to get on Grindr and start to chat to guys sending and receiving pictures getting more and more in the mood. Then I received a message from the username “two cool guys”. I stopped for a second wondering what would happen from here. I decide to give it a shot who knows maybe they will understand I’m really new and not yet at the point of wanting to top or even bottom.

After talking for maybe 15 minutes I realized these two guys were a couple who were looking for someone to join them and have some fun. We discussed how I was still exploring my new found fantasy. I was too nervous to mention how I wanted to feel a hard cock burst into my throat just in case I backed out. But yet again I was so horny I thought why not at least release my tension. The guys agreed to allow me into their home and send me their address. My heart started racing as I typed the address into my GPS on my phone. It calculates the drive to only be 5 minutes away. I think to myself “fuck this lets back out. I can’t do this. What will happen.” I push those thoughts aside and put my car in gear and start driving that way shaking with fear and anxiety.

Before I know it I’m pulling into the driveway of a beautiful home. I send a message saying I’m at their house and start to take deep breaths still considering driving away. At that point I see the front door open and the two gentlemen are standing there waiting. No going back now let’s just go for it. I get out of the car and walk up toward the front door thinking about how I can’t turn back now. I walk through the front door and swap casual hellos (actually able to speak this time so that’s a step in the right direction). They point me to a bedroom I can see at the end of a hallway just passed the stairs. I start that way keeping in mind if I just walk then I really can’t back out.

I get into the bedroom with elegant decor and a nice big bed neatly made. I immediately start to take my clothes off out of nervousness so I can get on with it. After standing there almost naked one of the guys clothes the door as the other starts to undress. I finally take a good look at them and they are an older couple. Both good looking and very nice. After I am undressed one of the men (also completely naked) starts to lay me down on the bed slowly. As soon as my back is on the bed I feel that amazing feeling again of a warm velvet feeling around my now growing cock. I get so hard it almost hurts but in a good way. I lay back to enjoy this amazing blowjob that I’m getting.

As I’m enjoying this warm mouth working it’s way down to my balls and back up and tongue wrapping all around my cock it comes to my attention that I don’t see the other half of the couple. I start to look around the room and see him laying above my head watching his partner give me head. I then follow his slim slightly toned body from his eyes down his body to see he is holding his cock rock hard in his hand and stroking it. His cock was amazing. Every bit of 8 inches maybe more and a good girth. Veins popping out everywhere. The sight of it made me salivate like I was looking at a juicy steak dinner.

I then, without realizing what I’m doing, reach up with one hand and grab his cock. It feels so nice in my hand. Almost natural. As I grasp my fingers around his beautiful cock his hand leaves it going back to the back of his head to relax. I then start to reach my mouth toward it. Finally able to live out my fantasy that I’ve had since that first quick experience. I slowly work my lips around the head feeling it fill my mouth completely. I swirl my tongue around the head tasting the flesh and enjoying every inch of it. I then start to work my virgin mouth down to the base of his cock. I get stopped by the head hitting the back of my throat. Now my cheeks are stretched trying to fit this massive cock in my virgin mouth.

I wanted so badly to go deeper but couldn’t with the size of his amazing cock. I work my way back up to the head of his cock slowly enjoying the taste and listening to him moan. I feel his partner swallow my cock down his throat again after licking all over my hard dick. That sent me through the roof I was so horny I just wanted to feel this cock. I wanted it to choke me and gag me. I wanted his load to shoot hard into the back of my throat. I start to pick up speed. Faster. Faster. Making sure to keep a good suction on his cock and use my hand to move up and down with the spit I had falling from my mouth. I could hear him breathing heavier with every movement of my lips.

I was in heaven getting deep throated while myself was deep throating such an amazing cock. I was the link between the two partner both getting pleasure from how much I was loving the experience. I started to get close to cuming but really did not want this to end. Trying to hold back and last just a little longer so I can keep this rock hard cock buried in my throat just for a little longer. At that moment I felt something hit the back of my throat. A big slime like glob shot out into my mouth tasting slightly salty but still enjoyable. I push my head down as hard as I can swallowing as much of his cock as I could physically take.

I felt a head push slightly but not too hard on the back of my head hearing a deep moan. My mouth was filling with cum it just kept coming out. That feeling of him exploding in my mouth sent me over the edge and I unleashed a huge load into his partners mouth. He expertly swallowed every bit of my load showing how much more experience he had while I struggled to not miss a drop of his partners cum. Finally his cock stopped pulsing and the load stopped shouting down my throat. Realizing I some had dropped down his cock not staying in my mouth I had to clean it up. I couldn’t miss any of that sweet salty reward he pumped into my throat. I licked it all up leaving him nice and clean.

Wanting to keep going and do more I got up in an effort to ask what else we could explore still seeing his partners cock still standing straight up. Not as impressive as but still perfect. I went to grab for it wondering what other fun we could get into. I then hear my cell phone ring. Not just any cell phone but the cell phone purchased for me by my employer so they can reach me at anytime. My heart sank knowing I needed to go. I got dressed in a rush and headed for the door. As I left I turned around completely over my nervousness and said “this hopefully won’t be the last time we do this.” The couple smiled and agreed full heartedly that it will not be.

To this day we still chat on Grindr trying to find time to meet. My fantasies have grown and now I’m ready to do more. Maybe top one of them while they suck the other. Maybe I’ll be in the middle and have one fill my ass completely. It will happen someday. And someday soon I hope. (Sounds like a sequel will be coming soon)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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