My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 09

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Lucy here, I thought I was dating two girls and still having sexual desires for my mom. The craziest thing was that my first girl friend didn’t know about the second and the second didn’t know we’re even dating. If you think that’s confusing then you haven’t read the first 8 chapters of my crazy life.

I spent a long time on the phone with Denise the other night and I almost had her talked into inviting me down to her house, but no luck. Luckily though we did make plans for her to come to my house and though I was very excited about seeing her, I also was nervous about her wanting my mom, and of course my mom wanting her.

I spent Monday at work and just hung out with some friends that night, but I kept texting Jessica, and found myself wanting to be with her. We made plans to see each other the next day. I picked her up as usual, because I didn’t want her to come to my house yet, for several reasons really, but mostly because I wanted to keep her a secret from my mom. We had so much fun and there was this perfect moment when I suddenly had this strong urge to kiss her, but I couldn’t get the nerve to do it, plus I felt bad soon after, thinking about how I shouldn’t be thinking about cheating on Denise.

We ended up going to her house and I met her family and they are all very nice. Of course her brother wanted to pal around with us, which is fine because we’ve been friends for years, but I also was a little annoyed because I wanted to be alone with her. Then as the night went on I got the feeling he was flirting with me and that was annoying too. Later though Jessica and I were listening to music on her computer in her room and she actually apologized to me about her brother. It was really cute. I explained that I really liked him as a friend, but I only came over to be with her. She just smiled and I don’t think she had a clue what I meant by that.

We stayed up late and when I left her parents were asleep and her brother was in his room. She walked me to my car and we stood out there talking for the longest time. Holy shit, I so wanted to kiss her. She is so amazingly beautiful and just has this grace and I can just scream thinking about how crazy I feel when I’m with her. It’s totally insane how I can feel that way about her and still be in love with Denise. They are so totally different.

When I left I told her I had a great time and I asked her if we could do something Wednesday night after I got off work. She said she had plans with her friends, but said I could come along. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but I thought it sounded fun so I said I would. It was fun. Her friends were all very funny and although I would have liked to have been alone with her it was neat to see her with her friends. And I’ll have to admit that it was also very cool how they all thought it was a big deal that I was hanging out with them. Though it did make me feel like I was back in high school with all the cliques. I never liked to think of it that way, but I know that’s how it was. They all kept saying how I was the cool girl in school and whatever. They all seemed to really like me and I thought that was great since I am seriously thinking about dating one of their friends. I just wonder how she feels about me.

So when I got home my mom was still awake. She had waited up for me. She walked to my room with me and we lay on the bed and talked and the next thing I knew we were waking up together the next morning. I had just fallen asleep and I was shocked when I found her still there the next day. I don’t really know who kissed who first, but soon we were really going at it. I had only kissed my mom a couple of times for like forever and nothing else had happened, but I really wanted her then and she obviously really wanted me. Soon our shirts were coming off and I couldn’t wait to suck her enormous breasts. I was so horny. I actually had her suck one of her own nipples while I sucked the other and although I was enjoying that so much, suddenly we just started tearing at each other’s shorts and the next thing I knew we were grinding against one another. It felt so good and we took bursa escort turns who was on top. My clit was so sensitive and I could just feel her pussy against it like never before. I came so hard and just moaned like I hadn’t in the longest time and then my mom did just after. We were so fricking soaked. We joked with each other because my mom had just changed the sheets the day before.

Then my mom just suddenly got very serious and we started kissing again. It was very passionate, but gentle too and felt just great. I asked my mom if she would fuck me again, and she grabbed me by the hand and led me to her room. She was going to do me from behind like always, but then I changed my mind and asked if we could just do it missionary style. We kissed a lot and she was gentle with me at first until I pulled my legs up above my head and then I watched as her huge tits bounced as she just slammed me over and over again.

I was staring into her eyes and she was just looking at me so fiercely. I was just really horny and I told her that Denise wanted her. She told me she knew. That got me even hornier. So I told her that I knew about her kissing Denise. She told me she was glad I knew. So then I asked her if she wanted to make love to Denise and she told me she did. So then I told her I wanted her to seduce her. She didn’t say anything, but just started fucking me so hard. She made me cum again and then we kissed for the longest time before we showered together.

I knew why she wanted me in the shower, and I was quickly on my knees behind her licking her ass. She bent over and held her cheeks apart as I tongued her asshole. I ended up fucking her ass with my middle finger and she loved it. My other hand rubbed her clit and she had the most amazing orgasm. Afterwards she couldn’t stop thanking me and she was almost shaky like. It was kind of weird like she was just out of control and she almost seemed drunk. There’s just no other way to explain it. She kissed me differently and after the shower she wanted to fuck me again with the strap-on. But I decided to use the double dildo with her instead. She was wild. She couldn’t get it hard enough and it was just about more than I could take. She made Denise seem tame and I was actually sore later that day.

Speaking of that day, we laid in bed together for the longest time afterwards just talking. She asked me if I was sure about Denise and this time I admitted that I wasn’t sure. I told her I’d have to let her know. But then of course later when we had sex again, I was talking dirty to her about Denise all over again. I am such an idiot.

My mom and I slept together that night again and this time we did a sixty-nine. She orgasmed first and then I straightened up and just rode her mouth. I kept sucking my own breasts and reaching down and squeezing hers until I shot cum all over her mouth. Holy shit my hands are so small compared to her just fricking enormous breasts and I just twist and pull on her nipples so hard and she loves it. Then I licked my cum of her face and begged her to fuck me again. Instead she used her fingers and soon she was giving it to me just like Denise had the other night. I was just losing it and begging for her to fuck me harder. Holy shit, it was good. She had all five fingers in me and I thought I was going to lose my mind. I just kept moaning uncontrollably and she would just keep jamming her fingers in deeper. I swear she had her whole hand inside me.

Friday was pretty uneventful, I was cleaning the house and occasionally making out with my mom when we’d bump into one another. When Denise finally showed up I ran out to her car to hug her. Then we kissed right there in the drive way. I had never done anything like that before. No one (that I know) saw us, but still it was crazy. When she came in my mom met us at the door. They hugged and my mom squeezed her tight and then sort of held her while she talked to her. It was weird and exciting at the same time. Afterwards I grabbed Denise and kissed her really passionately right in front of my mom. It was like I was competing or something and bursa escort bayan that got me thinking that this was a bad idea.

The night was pretty normal for most of the time. I just loved spending time with Denise. We talked a lot and we helped my mom make supper and just sat around and did nothing. Then my mom walks out with these tiny shorts and a tank top with no bra. Her shorts were so sexy and tiny and I caught myself staring at her ass when she walked by the first time. Then when she turned around I got an eye full. The tank top was stretched so tight over her breasts that she almost looked uncomfortable. They were just busting out the top and sides and her nipples were hard.

The three of us talked for a while and then we watched some TV. My mom then knelt down on the floor between us and talked about how happy she was that we had one another. Then I got the shock of my life. My mom stood up and kissed me on the lips. Now it wasn’t an intimate kiss, but again it seemed (to me) just a little longer than it should have been. But then the real crazy thing happened. My mom leaned over and kissed Denise ON THE LIPS. And it was not a good night kiss. Their lips parted just a little and just once, and afterwards they both had this crazy smile and then my mom said goodnight to both of us and left. It was insane.

Denise and I talked about it afterwards and I admitted that it made me a little jealous. She acted like it wasn’t a big deal and that it was only a peck, and maybe I saw more than what really had happened. Hell, maybe I did, but I was jealous.

That night I didn’t make love to Denise. We talked a long time in bed and I was just too confused to be in the mood. I woke up early the next morning and found my mom doing some laundry. Denise was still sleeping. She seemed to be proud of how she had kissed Denise and asked me if it turned me on. I lied and said it did, but really I had just been shocked more than aroused.

My mom backed me up against the washing machine and pressed her breasts against mine. She asked me again if I wanted her to seduce Denise. I got really turned on feeling her body next to me. Instead of answering I put my arms around her and kissed her. Suddenly we were kissing like crazy and my hands were up her shirt and rubbing her nipples. She asked me if I was worried about Denise catching us and I explained to her that it excited me that she might find out.

We heard Denise coming down the stairs later and so we stopped, but all that morning my mom and I teased each other’s bodies when Denise wasn’t looking. We’d grab each other’s breasts, or steal a kiss. Once, my mom came up from behind me and even stuck her hand down the front of my shorts. Her finger slid in so easy and it was so good my legs felt weak. Her other hand clutched my breast and she started kissing my neck. Denise was in the same room watching TV and she could have turned around any time. It was terrifying and amazing at the same time.

I got so horny that before lunch I took Denise upstairs and made love to her. Now that I was horny I was willing to do anything. I started talking to her about my mom again and that got her pretty wild.

When we went down stairs there was my mom lying outside topless tanning. Denise just couldn’t stop talking about her or looking at her. I could tell she really wanted her bad, so I told her to go outside and talk to her. She acted all nervous and acted like she wouldn’t. Then I suggested that she tell my mom I was napping. That seemed to get her excited. I still took some coaxing, but she finally went out there.

I felt weird watching her approach my mom. I was really scared what this would do to us, but very excited also. My mom sat up on her elbows and her breasts just looked so huge and perfect. Denise sat on the lounge chair next to her and they started talking. It killed me that I couldn’t hear what they were saying, but occasionally one or both of them would laugh and I’d hear them. I had such a mix of emotions. I loved it that they enjoyed one another, and yet I was a little jealous.

Finally Denise escort bursa pulled off her shirt and my heart jumped into my throat. My mom was really checking her out, but then Denise just lay back and the two of them tanned side by side. I peeked out that window for another twenty minutes and nothing else happened. Occasionally one of them would look at each other while they talked, but most of the time they just laid there with their eyes closed.

I didn’t know how to feel. I started thinking I should go out there, but then I didn’t want to interrupt in case something would happen. I was so confused. Then it sort of hit me. I loved both of these women. Why do I feel so strange about the two of them falling in love? Is that selfish of me? Then Denise just stood up and said something to my mom, grabbed her shirt, and walked in the house.

When she walked in she hugged me and said she loved me. I felt really happy right then. Denise said she was amazed that I could love her so much that I would let her be with my mom, but that it wasn’t what she really wanted. I have to admit it made me very happy, but a part of me felt sorry for my mom.

We kissed for a while and then the two of us went outside and lay out by my mom. The three of us talked a lot and there didn’t seem to be any sexual tension. It was really nice.

That night Denise and I made love, but after she was asleep I snuck into my mom’s room to talk. She was watching TV and I sat on the edge of her bed and told her that I didn’t want to share Denise. She completely understood and told me she was happy for me. We kissed and hugged and even cried a bit. Then my mom started touching my breasts and soon she was sucking them. I told her that I loved our little secret and that I thought it was exciting that we snuck around. She told me she liked it too, and then the two of us made love. She even fucked me with a Dildo from behind just like I love it. There was a small part of me that just wanted Denise to walk in and catch us, but really I think it was the thrill of getting caught that got me so hot.

Denise couldn’t stay long the next day, because of some family thing, and I was very sad to see her go. But we said we’d get together again the next weekend.

I worked on Tuesday. That night I called Jessica and made plans to see her. Wednesday we went shopping again. We had a great time and when I dropped her off she invited me in to hang out. No one was home and I started wondering if I should make a move. We spent some time on her computer and watched a little TV and as time passed I kept getting more nervous. I wanted to do something, but couldn’t figure out how to make a move, and the longer I was there the more I kept thinking soon someone would come home.

Finally an opportunity just sort of presented itself. We were fighting over the remote for the TV and I started wrestling with her for it. I got it away from her and when she was reaching over me for it, her breasts got right in my face and I rubbed my face against them. She sort of laughed and somehow got the remote from me. Now as this is all happening I was thinking this is so cute, and how she was so flirting with me, and then as I’m on top of her grappling for this stupid remote, I just kissed her.

Well, Jessica is not a lesbian, and now she knows I am and I am freaking out. All she would have to do is tell her brother and then BAM, everyone I know knows I’m a lesbian. It was and is horrible.

It wasn’t like we got in some horrible fight. She was actually more shocked then anything and couldn’t believe I had tried to kiss her. The problem is I came out and told her that I liked her, and then she acts suddenly and totally different. It was one of the worst moments in my life. I told her I didn’t want anyone to know, and she told me she wouldn’t tell anyone, but who knows. Maybe she will, and then what? So I’m thinking do I tell all my friends or just wait and see what happens?

I told my mom that night and we cried. I wanted so badly to call Denise, but then how can I explain how Jessica knows or even who she is? I am a big fool and I am so messed up right now. I know I shouldn’t have cheated on Denise and I guess I deserve this, but still it sucks. I would love some advice from any girls out there who have already come out and how it has affected you.

Thanks, Lucy.

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