My First Time with a Stranger

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It had been several weeks since our last outing, The frustration was building fast, I persuaded him to go for a drive through the Usual parts of town where we had many erotic Adventures.

I dressed in something, not too skimpy but still quite revealing.

During our “late night drive”, We passed an Adult book store, I told him to pull over as i wanted to go in and have a look around, He pulled over and reached for his door, I then told him i wanted to go in on my own and that i wanted to see how others in the store would react towards me, he hesitated for a moment and said ok.

I was in the store for about half an hour or so, in that time I had the “discrete” attention of a few guys and the lady behind the counter, needless to say it was quite arousing for me, I checked out magazines, DVD’s, toys and clothing, I also looked at the Notice board and found several numbers for Adult parties, whilst reading them, I imagined what it would be like to go to one, So I took down a few numbers and left the store.

I didn’t mention them to my husband, I wanted to make some, discrete, calls and see if I would want to take it further.

The next day, After another night of no Action, I waited till he went out, and began making some calls.

They all were about the same, Held in private homes, no mobile phones aloud, no more than about 20 guys and just a few more girls,

One of them sounded quite good, so I decided to give them my number, and they would contact me a few days before to make sure I was till interested and to give me the address of where it was to be held.

A couple of weeks went by, Then i got the call, I was quite excited with the call, they gave me the address and told me to bring kolej escort a change of clothes, they called them ” My sexy Clothes” which i would change into when i got there. The most challenging part was telling my husband. That evening I got the phone call, I sat down with him and we chatted, I basically told him that i needed some time to my self, To go out see some of my friends maybe go to a club with then and so on. He wasn’t very happy about what i just told him but he did agree, then i told him that an old friend of mine was organizing a small get together, and that I was going to it, and not to be concerned if I was staying over night.

Friday evening was only a few hours away, I had spent the last few days planning what i would wear, how i would act, how much should i drink and so on. I told my husband I would catch a taxi but he said he would drive me there, I wasn’t happy with that, last thing i wanted was for him to find out what i was really doing, So made up some story that I was going to meet my friend at a coffee lounge on the other side of town, and we would go from there, knowing full well he didn’t believe a word I said.

I dressed up in a pair of jeans and a top, nothing sexy or skimpy, the dress i was going to wear was in my over night bag.

He drove me to this coffee place i knew of and dropped me off, I went inside and straight to the ladies room where i got changed into my “Party clothes” which consisted of, my 5 inch heels a very short halter neck dress which was very thin and a little see-thru, I felt very aroused as i left the coffee place, I took a few side streets to make sure i wouldn’t be seen, I found a taxi nearby, I got in and off we went, At that maltepe escort moment i realized it was Really happening.

The drive to the house was about 20 minutes, the whole trip over there, I was being checked out by the driver, It was kind of hard to not show anything wearing that dress, there wasn’t much of it to hide behind, Not wearing anything under it, was very risky, but very exciting at the same time, which was quite evident with my nipples pushing out from my dress, I even managed to give my self a little rub, discretely of course.

When we arrived I paid the driver and exited the taxi, making sure the driver got a nice view, the naughty side of me was out and about, ready to enjoy my self.

The place wasn’t very big, but everyone seemed to find room to move, I gave my over night bag and my phone to the guy at the door, and went in, i was greeted by the lady who organised that night, she told me her husband was the door man, and any problems to see him or her. She introduced me to a few people there and showed me the bar, where i got into a few vodkas, to settle the nervous LOL, I chatted with a few guys and girls, I worked to room a little, I was actually quite surprised how quickly i became comfortable around those people, which was great, it wasn’t long before I was up and dancing with a guy, it was very exciting to actually let my hair down so to speak. the dance floor was quite crowed, All my dancing was flinging my dress around, showing a little bit more then i expected, others dancing were also, letting it all hang out, no-one seemed to be to concerned. After my first dance, I sat on a nearby couch with a few others and chatted, one of the ladies asked me if i mamak escort had done this sort of thing before, I said no its my first time, she replied “you wouldn’t know it”.

The vodkas were starting to take effect, this other guy asked me to dance, I got up and nearly fell, but he caught me, I was a little lite on my feet, we danced to a slow song which allowed me to put my arms around his neck and he to put his arms around my waist, it was quite arousing, perfect atmosphere, low lights, held so tight I knew he was excited, as we danced, he slid his arms down a little, then a little more, ending up with his hands around my butt, it felt soo hot, not too long after that I moved my head a little closer to his, only inches away from each others mouth, finally we kissed, a few easy pecks at first then right into a huge, passionate embrace, it was a sensational feeling, having him pushing his mouth hard against mine, thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth and pulling me into him and thrusting his hips into mine.

It went on for what seemed like ages, we soon found our selves in a hallway near the main room where we continued our embrace, which was getting quite steamy by now, he had me pushed up against the wall, his hands cupped around my butt lifting me up with my feet off the floor then placing my legs around his waist, it was one of the most exciting moments i had ever had, not long after he whispered into my ear, “I want to get inside you”, i didn’t say anything we just kissed more intensely, He told me I looked so Fucking hot he couldn’t help him self and began to pull down his shorts, he was hard and very eager to have me, as his cock touch my bare skin, he reached under and found my wet spot and in a very deliberate movement, he thrust his cock into me and began to pump me hard and fast, I remember moments later having an orgasm, , then another and so on, he was big, bigger than any guy i have had, but not that tall, he pumped and pumped bring on wave after wave of small, but intense orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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