My first Time_(34)

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My First Time ……

This is a story about my first time with bestiality , it’s completely fiction .

My name is Dave , I’m 35 years old and unmarried with no girl friend at the moment . About two months ago a friend called me and asked me to watch his dogs for him , he has two English bull dogs . I said “ sure , wont be a problem , I can stat at your place if you like “ . So that night I went over to Jim and Sandy’s place to meet the dogs so they would know who I am . The male was very friendly licking my face non stop , the female wasn’t as bad but still gave lots of kisses . The males name was Thumper and the female was Lady , they were two beautiful dogs very well taken cared of .

That afternoon Jim and his wife left for they’re week long vacation and I was all alone in the house with both dogs . After I ate dinner I had to pee so I went to the bathroom off of the kitchen , I didn’t bother to close the door because I was the only one there . I undid my pants and started to pee when Lady walked in and started looking at me and whimpering , I told her to hold on I will let you out in a minuet .
She was almost dancing around in circles and whimpering I thought “ my god you really must have to go bad “ , I finished up and zipped my fly up and walked out to the back door to the yard , both dogs ran out and were playing and having fun together . I sat on a lounge chair and watched them play for a little while and then headed back inside to watch some television and have a beer .

When I went back into the living room I took my clothes off and sat down to relax , I all ways set in the nude when relaxing . After around an hour or so the dogs started to bark to come back inside , When I opened the door they almost knocked me over trying to get in first , they went straight for they’re water dish and had a good long drink . I sat back down on the sofa and Lady came running over and shoved her head right into my crotch . Before I knew what she was doing she started licking my balls and cock from top to bottom , my god it felt so good I thought . Wait , what the fuck am I thinking this is a dog licking my cock and getting me turned on . I pushed her away and scolded her , she went and laid down a couple feet away and just watched me like I was going to let her do it some more or something .

Thumper came running in and came right to me and started licking my face all over and I had to tell him to lay down too , my god what is up with these two dogs ? They sure like to lick a lot .
I watched a rather racy film with lots of nudity in it and then decided to go to bed . I don’t know how long I was asleep , but I had an amazing dream that the young woman in the movie was sucking my cock and licking it from top to bottom like a lolipop , mmm god that feels so good don’t stop , please don’t stop . This girl knew how escort maslak to suck a dick , I was almost ready to blow a massive load down this girl’s throat , I was bucking my hips up and down wildly like an animal , oh god , oh god I’m gonna cum get ready , and I let fly , one of the most incredible orgasms I have ever had rope after rope of cum shot out of my cock and the hungry little bitch swallowed every drop not wasting any of it .
Oh my god that was incredible I said to her and started running my fingers through her hair while she licked my cock and balls clean . All of a sudden I jumped up and screamed “ what the fuck “ she nipped my cock with her teeth , I woke up startled and looked around like what the fuck just happened am I dreaming ? When I looked around only the dogs were there , so I sat back down on the edge of the sofa and leaned back to try and gain my senses back when both dogs came back over and started licking my cock , one of them ran they’re tongue across my butt hole and my dick got hard instantly .

Oh my god was I dreaming or what the hell happened and then it hit me when Thumper started to lick my stomach , I looked down and saw him cleaning some cum that was on there from my orgasm .
Oh shit these crazy dogs did that to me while I was sleeping , I pushed them away for a second and thought “ what the fuck , I just blew the biggest load of my life because two dogs sucked me off “ .
I wonder if they will do it again . I opened my legs wide and motioned for them to come over to me to see what they will do , and sure enough both dogs began licking me from asshole to tip of my dick , “ my god this is so wrong in so many ways but it feels so good , I couldn’t stop now if I tried .
Thumper really liked licking my asshole out and Lady loved the taste of my pre-cum leaking out of the tip of my cock , holy shit if they keep this up I’m gonna blow another load .

Yes doggies keep going , keep licking me , suck my cock bitch , oh god yes , yes , yes and I blew my load all over Ladies face and into her mouth . She started licking it up as fast as she could , but rope after rope of cum kept coming out , ugh , oh , shit , is all I could keep saying . Thumper left my asshole alone and joined in on the bounty of cum I was shooting at Lady , he greedily started licking it up as fast as he could , my body was shaking and my breathing was ruff , oh my god that was incredible good dogs , good dogs , was all I could manage to say to them .
I tried to lower my legs do to weakness from my orgasm but they kept licking my dick and balls as if to try and get more cum out of it . I managed to push them away with a little effort , and walked to the bathroom to go pee , once inside the bathroom I looked myself in the mirror and said “ what just happened ? You let two dogs make you cum “ I just smiled and thought “ fucking beyoğlu escort eh , I did and it felt great too . I finished in the bathroom and went back out to the sofa when both dogs came running over to me tongues hanging out all excited , wanting more of my cum . I said “ give me a couple minuets and we can try and give you some more to drink “ and started smiling at both dogs .

About 20 minuets later I saw Lady laying down licking her pussy , man I wonder if she would let me touch her there ? I crawled down onto the floor next to her and started petting her and talking to her in a soft voice . “ Good girl Lady , good girl , can I play with your pussy ? She just looked at me funny and then rolled over and exposed herself to me . I started rubbing her belly slowly going lower until I reached her honey hole , I started slowly running a finger up and down her slit and now and again pushing in a little to see what her reaction would be . Dam this horny dog likes her pussy played with , so I pushed a finger inside her warm and very wet pussy “dam she is turned on , I got a dog turned on , I wonder how far she will let me go ? I started pushing my finger in deeper and faster until I was flat out finger fucking the shit out of her , she was loving it . She was squirming all over and panting just like a woman would do , I slid a second finger inside her now very hot and very wet pussy and started jamming them in and out faster and faster , until all you could hear were squishing sounds coming from her pussy .

I wasn’t paying any mind to Thumper until he came up behind me and started licking my asshole out again . I’m going to hell for this but who cares it feels so fucking good , “good boy Thumper lick my asshole , lick it good . “ I said to him . Lady was wiggling all over now like a bitch ready to cum , the smell coming from her pussy filled my nostrils and excited me even more , I wondered how her pussy would taste , would it be like a real woman’s pussy ? I bent down and stuck my tongue out and licked her pussy from top to bottom and back , my god she tastes fantastic , I cant get enough , mmm , mmmm , yummy , Thumper was in his own little world pleasuring my asshole like no woman could ever do , I want her , I want to fuck this little bitch with my fat cock , lets see if she likes that .
I straightened up and got Lady to stand up and turn her back side to me when all of a sudden she turned on her own and offered her pussy to me , I moved in quick and positioned the head of my cock that was now rock hard again at the entrance to her fuck hole . Is it going to fit ? Will I hurt her ? I was asking myself . “Fuck it “ “ I’m fucking this bitch either way , she wants it and is offering it to me so I’m going to take it “ I started to push my cock inside her tight little pussy and found it wasn’t to hard to get it inside her . I started escort nişantaşı slow and only pushing a little at a time inside her , after a couple minuets of this I started to push more of my cock inside and really started to fuck the bitch , my balls were smacking her back side with every push . Lady started to hump back at me the harder I pushed the harder she pushed back .

I fucked that tight little pussy for at least 25 minuets non stop pounding , I was moaning , and panting , breathing heavier then ever before , god this feels awesome , “Lady you are one of the best fucks I ever had for sure . “ I started to feel that tingling feeling in my balls and I knew I was going to cum quick , I started bucking my hips like a man possessed , in out , in out , oh god , oh god , I’m going to cum , fuck yah , I’m going to fill that pussy full of my man juice bitch , she must have known because she started to clench my cock with her pussy muscles , she was milking my cock , she wanted me to cum inside her pussy , so I’m going to fill that pussy full of my cum .
I gave one more good push burying my cock deep inside her love tunnel and let it rip , shot after shot of hot man juice was filling her hole and she had this look of pure ecstasy on her face , after what seemed like forever I stopped Cumming and pulled my cock out of her well fucked pussy she laid right down and began licking my cum out of her pussy like a hungry baby would suck milk from they’re momma’s tit .

Exhausted I slumped over without thinking and Thumper jumped up on my back and started humping wildly , before I could react he shoved his dog cock deep inside my asshole and pounded my ass without abandonment . He fucked my ass like a jack hammer , in and out , in and out , it hurt like hell at first then it started to feel kinda good , so I just laid there and let him fuck the shit out of me . Before long I was moaning and grunting like mad ,” fuck me you fucker , fuck me good “ was all I could say .
That fucking dog deffinatly lived up to his name , he was fucking my virgin ass for all he was worth when all of a sudden I felt this enormous pain shoot strait from my ass like some one shoved a baseball bat up there , then I realized he knotted me, oh shit , what the fuck am I going to do know ?
Thumper slowed his humping motion down some and started giving small little jabs and then I felt him start to cum in my ass he was filling my ass full of dog cum , after about 20 minuets his Knott started to shrink and he pulled it out with a pop and his dog cum ran out of my ass like a water fountain ..
Thumper laid down and began cleaning himself when Lady got up and came over to me and started to clean my very well fucked asshole and very sore asshole , I just laid there without moving , and saying “ good girl Lady , clean my asshole “ . I laid there on the floor and fell asleep while my new bitch was cleaning my sore asshole .

The End ……

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