My First with My Aunt

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Ours was a middle class family. My father’s sister, Shalini used to live with us at the time I was born. She was 17 at that time. Right from the time I remember, she used to take care of me since my father and mother used to work and they used to leave home by 8 O’clock in the morning and be back around 6 pm. Since my aunt was unmarried and not working at the time she used to take care of me. My earliest memories are that she used to bathe me till the time I was 10 or 11 and feed me etc.

She got married at the age of 26 or so and moved out. And she always remained my favorite aunt and she too almost treated me as her own child. We were very close and intimate as I grew up. I used to frequently visit her home and stay over night many times as I grew up. There were times I slept in the same bed with her. She did not have children till late in her marriage. Some time around 4-5 years after her marriage her husband left for a job in USA and she used to live alone at home. Just before this a daughter was born to them. So many times I used to go over to her place to give her company. Since we were very close there were times she used to change her clothes in front of me without any inhibitions and I too used to move around with just shorts in the house. there were also times when she would go for bath and ask me to hand the towel to her when she was done as she had forgotten to take it with her and I have seen her many times just in a petticoat and a bra and sometimes even she just covered in a towel and nothing else. But neither of us felt anything about it, although as a teen-ager I was becoming more and more curious about the female body and also about things pertaining to sex. I never knew what and how it is done and was always curious about how children are born only to married people.

Her husband used to come once every two or three years to be with her and there were rumours that she was living with another woman in the US . In the circumstances some times she used to be sad and share a little with me though not everything. And like a son I used to comfort her and take care of her.

Once when I was 18, I went over to stay for a couple of days with her. As usual she was alone (her 7 yr old daughter was sent to her grandparents home. It was a warm summer evening. We had our supper early and sat talking for a long time in cool of the evening in the veranda. I was in my shorts and no shirt as it was quite warm and she was in a nighty. After sometime I moved to a divan nearby and she was sitting near my legs as I lied down. As we were talking she began to rub my hairy legs with her hands. This was something we had done many times before but that day I do not know what happened to me – I began to get hard. Her hands were rubbing me below the knees. But something got hold of me and I began to get a hard on. Now I was afraid aunty would be angry with me so I began to turn on to my side in order to hide my discomfort. I do not know at this point if aunty noticed it, but she went on continuing with the same gesture, of course now she had reached my thighs, rubbing me and feeling my hair on the legs.

Then out of nowhere, I heard her saying, “Sonny you have grown up so fast. I remember you as a baby then a small boy.” She began to reminisce. “I used to give bath to you as a baby and also as a small boy till you escort bursa were almost 10 years old. (That’s when she got married and moved out of our home). But now you are such a big boy.”

As I was in an embarrassing situation I was trying to shake her hand of me, but she continued. She began to move her hand more and more above to my thighs and even below the hem of my shorts.

Then she said, “Sonny, I know you are feeling uncomfortable. Don’t worry, I want you to just enjoy. There is nothing to be ashamed about and it is natural.” Saying this she moved her hands further up and began to feel my balls. Boy I just could not control myself. I was ram rod hard. She now moved her hands to my dick and began to feel its hardness. On the one hand something was telling me that it was not right, yet I liked what she was doing and my own feelings. I was oozing loads of precumm. Aunty pulled my skin a little down and passed a finger over the head feeling the precum.

She said,” Sonny you are very big.”

And she pulled my shorts down with the other hand. I turned on my back exposing my total hardness to her. She just gazed at it and said, “It has been such a long time I felt anything like this and bent down to kiss my dick.”(Her hubby had left almost 5 years ago and had visited only once 2 yrs earlier). Boy! I never thought ladies did kiss the dick too.

Then the unimaginable happened, she pulled my skin all the way down and bent down and took the tip into her mouth. Nothing in my imagination or fantasies ever matched this. Boy! I was trying to pull it out as I knew I was going to shoot my cumm. She just took it out of my mouth to say, just enjoy. But before she could say I squirted all over her face. I just shrieked in shame and fear, apologising profusely for the dirty act.

She just smiled and said “Don’t worry; I knew you were going to do this”. This was totally something out of the blue for me that a lady would even take the cumm in her mouth.

Then she said to me, with desiring eyes,

“Sonny, I am going to tell you something. You must not tell this to anyone this must remain a secret between us for all of life. Never ever under any circumstances will you tell this to anyone?”

I thought she was referring to what has happened and I just nodded my head. I was actually speechless. She asked me to wash and take a leak and come back.

When I got back she was lying on the divan now with her nighty removed and only in her petticoat and bra with her eyes closed and tears rolling down from the sides and breathing deeply. I just didn’t know what the reason was. I sat beside her trying to comfort her and reassure her that I would never tell this to anyone. But she said,’ no not that’ and kept silent. She wiped her tears away and then looked at me and said,

“Do you really like me, Sonny? And love me?”

I said, “Yes, you know it why do you doubt?”

By this time my hand was on her tummy, this was nothing new for us as I had seen her several times in this dress and I had touched her this way many times before. But she held my hand now and moved it over her breasts and asked me to feel them. I was now rubbing her tummy and closer to hear breasts which were covered with the bra still. She slowly moved her hands to her back bursa yabancı escort and unhooked the bra. She asked me to now feel her breasts. As I did the bra slipped off her. This was the first time as a grown up boy I was seeing female breasts. Boy, wow. The chocolate coloured circles and the small tip was so attractive. I was wide eyed and staring. My hands came to a halt to take in the whole view. Of course I was hard again.

Then aunty said, “Probably you don’t know anything or much about what happens between a man and a woman and what is know as sex.”

I nodded my head and said, “I only heard about it but don’t know much.” But she continued,” Do you want to learn?”

When I nodded then she said, “I will teach you how to please a woman. Most men hardly know this and I want you to be a good lover of your wife when you get married.” So saying she pulled herself up and in sitting position she asked me now to suck her tits, as I did she asked me to move my hands all over her front and back feeling her and touching her.

As I did this she now put her hands into my shorts again and began to fondle me. She began to touch and pull my balls down and pulled my skin down and began to feel the tip. I was ram rod again.

I was moving my hands all over her back and front and face also feeling her and touching her. She began to moan and kiss my face and lips and all over my face. I did not know by this time about French kissing or even about kissing her back. But she asked me “Are enjoying yourself, Sonny.”

I responded with a grunt. Then I asked her “Are you also enjoying, aunty?” She said yes, “After a long long time.”

Then she got up and untied the knot of her petticoat. I never thought she would do this. I just sat there gawking. She pulled it down in a swift motion and lied down on the bed flat on her back. She had no panty inside. I was almost bewildered. I said “Oh my” she looked at me and asked, “You never saw a lady totally naked?” My mouth was dry now and I just nodded my head.

Never in my imagination had I thought the female form would be so beautiful in the nude. The dark patch of hair between the legs! My eyes did not leave it for a long time. The fair and smooth, and hairless skin all over! And the dark triangle and the dark circles on the breasts. That first view of the nude female form is indelibly etched in my brain although I had seen several later in that pose.

She called me to come closer and feel her wherever I wanted. My hands moved almost of their own accord to the dark hairy triangle between her legs. I began to feel the curls of her hair almost combing it down. She closed her eyes and was now almost moaning. I knew she liked it, so I continued to feel the hair.

She spread her legs a little now and I could see the glistening moisture and a slit hidden in the brush of hair. I was not sure what the moisture was, and had a quizzical look on my face thinking if she had urinated. She understood my confusion and answered, “It is the precumm that comes out of a pussy when a woman is excited just as you have the clear fluid coming out of your cock when you are excited. I nodded in understanding.

My fingers felt the droplets there and I could smell a musky odour. It was a heady stuff for a 17 bursa escort year old. But I liked it. I felt it was drawing me closer and closer. I bent down and smelt her, as I did, I suddenly heard her saying, “It is called pussy.” I repeated the word slowly ‘pussy’, feeling it and liking it.

She said to me now, “Actually most men would love to lick there and most women would love it too. One of the best ways to please a woman is to know how to give her a good lick of her pussy.” I nodded my head almost delirious and numb allowing her words to sink in. But she said, “It’s not now for you. This is your first time and there is a lot of time to learn all those things.” But I bent in and kissed her pussy hair.

Then she said, “Why don’t you take off your shorts and come over me”.

I slipped my shorts down and climbed on the bed. She said, “Come between my legs” and spread her legs further. Wow, I could now see the lips of the pussy opening and the pinkish, velvety opening.

She said again, “Since this is your first time I want you to get done with the actual job all other things we shall leave for later.”

She now asked me to place my cock near her opening. I obeyed. She reached down and pulled my skin completely back and placed it between her lips and holding it there she asked me to push in. I did. Wow. It just slipped in to the feel of lot of slimy wetness inside.

She now adjusted herself and placed her legs around my waist and said now, “Sonny fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep.”

Then she explained, “Have you seen the dogs do” I said “uhuh”. “Do it the same way. Pump in and out.”

I began slowly and hesitantly but as I got the feel of it and also the rubbing of her pussy walls on my cock head I could no longer hold it steady. I began to pump in and out. She was groaning now. Tightening the grip of her legs around me, pulling my head to her breasts and asking me to suck them and bite them now. She was now gurgling and I told her,

“Aunty it is coming. Coming. Do you want me to take out!!??”

She almost shouted, “Noooooo” and tightened her grip around me and said, “Spill it inside my cunt, baby.”

I had heard some of my friends using that word and I knew it was not a good word and I was shocked to hear it from my aunt’s mouth. I do not know if it was the shock of hearing that word from my aunt’s mouth or the severe rubbing or the firm gripping of her naked thighs and the feel of the breasts pressing against my chest or the smells or the sounds my dick was making as it went in and out of her tunnel or the sounds that aunty was making, my dick started spasming inside her pussy. And I could feel the warmth and the twitching of both my cock muscles and her cunt muscles. I squirted shot after shot of my cumm into her tunnel, grunting and almost with an uncontrolled chuckle or a laugh and falling over her.

She held me tight now almost crushing me in her embrace and the grip of the legs. For almost 5-8 minutes we remained this way, my cock becoming more and more flaccid and falling out of her. Then she slowly loosened her grip and I rolled off her onto the side. Both of us remained silent for a long time. A little later I looked at her to see if she was sleeping. But, no she had her eyes closed and tears rolling down her cheeks again. I was not sure why she would cry. But I wiped the tears with my shaking hands and said, “It’s Ok, aunty. I liked it. Don’t cry.” She just took my hands and kissed them and turned to me and kissed me on my cheeks. I raised myself and kissed her several times on her cheeks and eyes, and then we held each other and remained that way for a long time.

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