My First Year in Prison Ch. 03

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Tyler is happily engaged when his life takes a turn. After a couple bad decisions, he ends up in California State’s Prison. Surrounded by bad boys, hot guards, and a lot of testosterones, is Tyler going to manage to keep himself out of troubles?


My First Year in Prison

Chapter 3: The shadow on the wall

If Xander questioned my sexuality after I had been drooling all over Kurtis Jensen under the shower, he did not make any comment about it. I was glad.

We left the communal showers and then the gym area, I did my best not to check Pope’s visible penis line again, and I excused myself to go to the closest toilets.

Only there, I took some minutes to myself, to process the past few hours.

My brain was exploding in tons of directions: everything was scary, stressful, but at the same time, there were so much temptations everywhere. Did a guard really molest me earlier? Should I say something? Did my cellmate actually caress his dick before me? He did! And the craziest part was that nobody seemed to mind. Had I just met the hottest man on the planet, naked before me?

Why should I care about that though? I was locked up, supposed to be straight in there and most importantly, I was engaged.

Why was it so hard for me to remember that I was engaged in this prison? I had been in this hell for less than a day and my life before already seemed like it belonged to a parallel universe.

On top of all of that, something else was bugging me. Why the hell did I call Austin, of all people, right before coming in? Why not my fiancé? Maybe, I just needed a friend. Maybe, I was still foolishly hoping for something more.

I heard a guy taking a shit in the stall next to mine. A good way to snap back to reality. Without realizing it, I had started to tear up. The pressure was getting to me. I feared that I would not be able to play the straight guy role. I feared that I would be bullied by the others. Basically, I feared that I would not be able to survive this.

I had to pull myself together.

I got out of the toilets. Back in the corridor, Xander was nowhere to be seen. For the first time, I was alone. Not knowing what to do or where to go, I tried to find my way back to my cell, but everything looked the same. Depressing. Grey. Washed up.

I lost my way but I could not see myself asking for help to any of these guys so I kept wandering around, moving away as soon as someone was actually looking at me.

I ran into the guard I had seen in the gym, a black guy, obese.

“Lost?” He asked.

His name was Davis, I could see it on his green uniform now.

“No, well, kinda.” I said stupidly.

He smiled, mocking me a bit. I could not say if he was being friendly or not.

“Now, if you want to avoid getting in troubles, I would advise against wandering alone in the corridors, you never know who you might bump into.”

Was he talking about the guards or the other inmates?

“You should go this way, right to the cafeteria, time to eat.”

It was only 6:30 pm. Great… I wanted to do everything but eating.

I followed the guard’s advice though. When I entered in the cafeteria, people were already waiting in line. Jesus, what is more depressing than having diner before 7pm? Well, having diner in prison maybe.

The food looked disgusting and it was prepared by other inmates. One of them pretended to spit in a huge bowl of soup as a joke. Asshole.

I took a tray and picked some mash potatoes and a sausage.

That was the easy part, now, I had to relive my high school’s nightmare and find a place to sit. The place was getting crowded, I looked for Xander but he was not there. There was no a table where I could sit alone, so I had to socialize with some groups.

Guard Foster was looking at some of the inmates, leaning against a wall. He seemed concerned by what was going on at a table where a group of guys were playing a game where they would slap each other. It was in good fun for now but I understood Foster’s concern, this could take a turn quickly.

Someone behind ùe pushed me and I almost fell with my tray. I could not tell if it was intentional but two Latino guys laughed behind me. It was time to move on, no need to find out what they wanted.

I recognized Ralph, my other cellmate on the other side of the cafeteria. Given his size, he was easily noticeable, even in this large space. He was talking with “Pope”, the black guy I had seen at the gym. Those two bodybuilders were probably training together.

Sitting at the same table, one of Pope’s mates who was also at the gym earlier was eating his sausage like a dog, and a red hair, –older guy, was looking right in my direction.

I awkwardly walked up to their table.

“You mind if I sit with you?”

“Mmm, who’s the new eye candy?” Asked the red hair guy.

“Don’t mind our ginger friend here, he’s always on the look for fresh meat but you’re safe with us.” Said Pope.

I smiled, still pretending that I was not terrified Maltepe Escort by every single one of them.

“Sit down, idiot.” Ordered Ralph as I was still standing with my tray.

I was regretting my decision to approach them already.

“I’m Glenn” Said the ginger guy, extending his hand “A big sausage you got there.”

He winked at me, looking at my plate and then at my crotch.

“I’m Tyler.” I said to everyone, trying to ignore him.

“Back off Glenn, he is with Xander.” Said Ralph.

I was not sure what “being with Xander” meant but Glenn cut off his act.

Ralph, Pope and his mate resumed their conversation, they were talking about an incident which happened the day before, a guy named Ray had been sent to solitary confinement. Again, I remained silent most of the time, trying to eat my food without puking.

Glenn was still looking at me, licking his lips. Was he actually openly gay? Or was he just mocking me?

My two other cellmates, Xander and Fernando (he was wearing clothes this time) both joined in a few minutes later.

“I thought I had lost you Newbie. I was afraid you had walked in Romano’s territory.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m right here, enjoying this delicious dinner.” I replied sarcastically.

From this point on, I was more relaxed. They were asking me questions about my life (I said I had recently broken up with my girlfriend) but nothing too personal and they were quite impressed when they realized I was a therapist.

“A shrink in prison! I think you’re our first!” Shouted Xander.

“Definitely, normally, we just have to see them outside of here.” Confirmed Fernando with a smile.

“Yeah, well, even shrinks can do stupid stuff.” I said as I was realizing more and more how dumb I had been, crossing the lines with Will and ending up there.

“You’re saying we’re stupid newbie?” Pope stood up and leaned his body on the table. I was stunt.

He then bursted out laughing. “Come on, I’m just joking, pal!”

I pretended to laugh as well.

I would never survive a year in there!

Or maybe I would. Kurtis Jensen had just entered the cafeteria. He was no longer naked nor wet, but he was still hot as fuck. I do not think that all of the guys were crushing on him as hard as I was, but I could definitely tell that everyone was intimidated by him. Simply by being a mix-race guy with piercing grey/blue eyes, Kurtis was standing out in the crowd.

I guess that even in real life (I mean, life out of prison), it is always like that when someone really gorgeous walk into a room, you just cannot help but be to be a bit impressed.

Kurtis Jensen was behaving with a lot of confidence but I did note that he was not an asshole when he let two of the older inmates go in front of him in the line.

Such a sweetheart, I thought.

Look my dear reader, I know this I was being ridiculous, but I got a crush on the guy and I was very vulnerable at that time!

He sat down not far from me and even waived at me. Wait no, he was waiving at Xander and Pope, his gym bros. Thankfully, I did not waive back, that would have been awkward.

I spent the rest of dinner glancing at my new heartthrob, he was sitting with bulk guys but was not talking to anyone, he seemed lost in his thoughts.

“That’s Romano.” Xander whispered in my hear at some point, looking at a guy coming in the cafeteria.

A tall Italian man, he was bald but his entire face – and all of his body from what I could see – were tattooed, you could barely see the colour of his skin. He was way less gentle than Jensen, he pushed aside some guys to cut the line, well, he did not really have to push them as pretty much everyone stepped aside when he walked in.

“That’s the one you don’t want to mess with.” Explained Pope.

Guard Falcon was there, even him seemed to be scared by Romano.

“He runs this place.” Confirmed Xander.

“How so?”

“He has connections inside and out of here, and a fuck load of money, rumour has it that Romano has the warden in his pocket. His family is paying for his pension or something like that.”

Corruption in prison, how surprising.

“And who’s that guy behind him?” I asked.

Always staying less than 10 inches from Romano, an Asian guy, very young, maybe the youngest guy I had seen in the prison so far, was following the tattooed guy like his shadow, almost crawling behind him. He was necessarily over 18 since he was there but he looked like a highschool student.

“That’s his bitch.” Just stated Ralph.

“Romano has had a lot of bitches along the years, often multiple at the same time, but since Kim has arrived, he just uses this one.”

I could not believe they were so casual about this. What did they mean, using him?

Glenn read my mind:

“Use it, sexually.” He specified with a grin.

“Kim was not so happy at first.” Said Xander.

“I mean, his girlfriend would have a right to be mad.” Ralph laughed at his own joke.

“Wait, he is straight?” Anadolu Yakası Escort I could not help myself, the Korean boy just looked too gay in his torn up uniform outfit, showing off his nipples, and wearing some weird kind of homemade make up on his face. Most of all, with his submissive position behind his master, he definitely looked like a sub in an S&M club in San Francisco.

“He was straight when he arrived.” Said Pope in a sad tone. “But he is no longer now. I mean, he is not really a fag, he’s just Romano’s bitch, that his sexuality as long as he’ll stay in this prison. Romano did not leave him much choice”

“That’s no entirely true.” Explained Xander. “If Romano asked him to, he also has to please other guys in here. Falcon, the guard who admitted you in here, one time, I saw him getting a blowjob from Kim.”

I was not surprised, at all.

“Don’t worry, you’re too old to be Romano’s type.” Said Pope to reassure me. I faked a smile.

“Eh, being Romano’s bitch, that’s not that bad!” Glenn had to intervene. “Hear me out. The guy is golden now. Sure, he is Romano’s bitch but, in a way, we all are Romano’s bitch’s bitches. If someone were to touch Kim, you can be sure that Romano would come after him, meaning that Kim is untouchable. I would take this sort of protection.”

“You’d gladly swallow Romano’s balls, protection or not, Ginger!” Shouted Fernando.

“Well, maybe… But I’m most interested to know if Tyler here would be willing to swallow my own balls for my protection.”

Pope bursted our laughing:

“Glenn’s protection! Just adopt a cat already Braxton, a little pussy cat! It will be more effective than Ginger here!”

“Maybe the newbie would just don’t mind blowing me, then, protection or not?”

I felt corned, and I felt myself getting red. It was time to affirm myself.

“You know that can be dangerous, Glenn?” I spoke.

“What do you mean, pretty boy?”

“Taking your dreams for reality. Thinking I would suck your balls. You might be losing track with the real world, that’s a real condition we can work on during therapy sessions. Maybe you need some.”

“Buuuuuurn!” Yelled Pope who stood up again, laughing.

“Eh! Calm down there!” Guard Foster was scolded us. I smiled at him. I was proud of my comeback.

“Stupid newbie. I had never sucked a cock until I got here but you’ll see boy, everyone gets lonely!” Glenn crossed his arms and finished his banana, pouting.

“If he does get lonely, I’d be there to take care of him.” Said Fernando, pointing at his crotch – which I knew, was hiding a huge hairy Latino cock -, he put his right arm around my neck.

I just gave him the middle finger and they laughed.

It was hard to tell if all of these talks were just banters of if guys were actually sucking and fucking each other in this place. For sure, Kim was submissive to Romano, besides that, I could not tell whether they were messing with me or not. Sex, especially between guys, was definitely one of the top conversations’ topics among inmates.

After we ate, we played cards in a common area, Xander taught me how to play belote, a card game to be played by four, we were in the same team and Pope and Ralph played against us. Xander and I actually won. “Beginner’s luck” they said.

At 8:40 pm, we needed to be back in our cells.

Fernando was already there, napping again, and in the nude again.

I heard some guys screaming. I could not tell if they were fighting, my cellmates told me I should learn to ignore the lunatics. I felt very depressed when I lied down in my uncomfortable bed, Ralph was scrolling through his phone and Xander was still playing with the cards deck on his bed, solitary.

None of them realized it but I cried in silence for a while. Maybe they knew, when we welcomed newcomers later that year, I understood that most of them broke down during their first night. They did not mention it though.

Ralph got down from his top bed — it felt like an earthquake – and he undressed before me. From where I was lying, he could not see my face but I could see his entire aesthetic body, moving in the middle of our small space.

I did not lose any second of Ralph’s strip show, he took off his sweaty tank top first, then his trousers revealing a thick ass, then his dirty white socks — I already knew his bare feet were huge — but, to my disappointment and I’m sure yours, he kept his white briefs on to sleep.

They were well filled but that was not surprising, the man was a giant, every part of his body was disproportionate compared to a normal human being.

Xander undressed from his bed on top of me so I did not get a chance to look as his body.

As for Fernando, his big furry ass was in full sight, as he was sleeping above his covers in a foetus position. I could see his balls too, hanging below. Sliding under my covers, I let myself get hard at that sight.

Fernando started snoring loudly, it sounded like an angry bear, I could not fall asleep. Ralph İstanbul Escort was also awake. I could see the light of his phone above my right, I was not able to see him though, just the form of his immense shadow against the wall.

My dick woke up when I realized Ralph’s shadow was moving.

I could get a glimpse of his face, his huge chest, his spread legs, and right in the middle, a huge pole moving, almost dancing, on the wall. His magnificent cock.

After a few minutes, his right hand went from the back of his head to his dick. I paid more attention to the shadow. His huge hand was not covering his dick, just the tip of it. His left hand was still scrolling through the phone, providing me with the lighting I needed to make the shadow alive.

Ralph was grunting now. I could even hear distinct moans between two snores of Fernando. The masturbation became more intense. My dick became stiffer.

The blond bodybuilder was jerking his huge dick off with the help of his muscular right arm. It had been a long time since I had seen a straight guy playing with himself. It had always been one of my kinks.

Was I cheating on Griffin by looking at this shadow and listening to these moaning noises? Certainly, I was not. Griffin was allowed to watch porn while I was stuck in prison, so I surely was authorized to enjoy this. Right?

I did not masturbate though. I was still too unease sharing my cell with those guys. I could not cum my first night in there. Be reassured, this did not last long and throughout my time in jail, I did find numerous ways to release myself.

Ralph undoubtfully did that night. Right before his orgasm, the bunk bed shook so hard I wondered how Fernando was able to keep on sleeping. Maybe he was used to his bed mate cumming on top of him. Ralph grunted loudly while he was covering his muscular chest with his sperm. I literally was able to witness the ejaculation through the shadow on the wall, like someone had turned on a hose.

In another big bang, Ralph jumped out from his bed, stark naked, and his dick was flopping just a few inches from my face. I could swear that some cum flied directly onto my face but maybe that was wishful thinking. His dick was semi hard at this point but it was still bigger than my own cock when it was fully erected.

That glorious moment lasted only a few seconds though, Ralph was going to the toilets behind my bunk bed, pissing after cumming and throwing away a small piece of tissue he used to collect his juice on his body. He left some cum on his hair between his thighs but he did not notice, it would be dried the next morning.

I fell asleep shortly after that but was woken up by another big schlong right in front of my face! Was I in prison or on a porn set?! This time it was Fernando, stretching in the middle of the room, flaunting his genitals a few inches from me. The man really did have a problem with wearing any type of clothing!

“Can you cover up just once?” Grumbled Xander in his bed.

For the first time, I was a bit mad at Xander, he wanted to take away the sole good thing about my life in prison!

“Don’t mind me Dantons! Look at your girlfriend on your wall, I’m stretching. It’s good for my health!”

He was stretching indeed. Spreading his legs wide, lifting his arms in the air. Damn, I was hard again.

Fernando caught me looking at him.

“Wakey wakey, newbie, time for counting and then shower!”

He did not seem to mind that I was staring at his asshole, wide open by his yoga session. I pretended to be half asleep still, and turned around. I would have time to think about this stretched anus later on, but right at that moment, I needed to calm down.

Guard Foster passed by our cell, he clicked on a small tool which looked like a lock, 4 times to count us. He did not make a single comment as Fernando was literally showing him his moon, reaching for his feet with his hands, bending over for the world to see.

I did exchange a quick look with the guard though. He smiled at me.

I liked Foster. Not because he was a hunk, (well not only because of that), but he did not seem like the other guards, he was not sarcastic or arrogant, he was just trying to do his job.

Fernando eventually put on some pair of briefs: “shower time.” He announced.

Xander jumped out from his bed.

“Yeah, let’s go.”

Ralph said in a yawn:

“I’ll join you.”

“Suit yourself but go take a shower at some point, you stink man.” Said Xander. He looked at me and pulled out my cover. “You too, buddy.”

“Oh well, mini Xander is awake this morning!” Shouted Fernando.

My hard dick was poking out of my briefs. Shit!

“Relax newbie, you’d be in a women prison if you did not have morning woods, now let’s go before it is too crowded there.” Said Xander.

“I think I need a minute… to calm down.” I replied, embarrassed, pulling back my dick in my underwear.

“Come on, nobody cares, hurry!”

Fernando and Xander gathered their strength in an effort to pull me out of my bed. They were only wearing their briefs and heavily touching me as well as touching each other, which, as you can guess, did nothing to soften my erection.

It was right there that I realized there was a huge problem with my strategy of pretending to be straight.

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