My French Revolution Ch. 05

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Group Sex

As soon as I pulled up to Corrina’s villa overlooking Monaco I knew she wouldn’t need to prostitute herself out to afford me. I’d slid on a pair of six inch red heels, a ruby and diamond necklace and nothing else. Earlier in the day, I had gone to the small but well stocked sex shop Anya told me about and bought myself several sets of clamps and some other sex toys. I had bought a set of clamps to give to Corrina and a pair with red beads to match my necklace. I had to lick my lips when Corrina opened the door naked wearing a pair of nipple clamps.

“Lola, I love that outfit on you.” She purred.

“I love yours too, guess you don’t need the clamps I bought you.”

“Oh you can take these off and put yours on.”

“I thought you’d enjoy putting mine on me tonight.”

“Mmm yes, I’d love to have you squirm under me for a change. I haven’t had dinner yet so if you’ll kindly climb up on the table and open wide I’ll start plating my dinner.

I did as requested opening my legs wide the heels jutting my knees high in the air until Corrina pulled them down flat. A warm lobster tail was placed in my pussy, scallops covering my breasts and asparagus lined up neatly along my stomach. Corrina filled my mouth with hot melted butter and told me to keep it open. She grabbed a scallop from my breasts with her teeth and dipped it in my mouth for butter before eating it. She continued eating until all that remained was the asparagus and the lobster. She dipped an asparagus in my mouth and used it as a paint brush covering my breasts with butter then took a part of the lobster meat and soaked it in my mouth before holding it over my mound letting the warm butter drip on to my clit making me moan. The last piece of lobster was soaked in butter then she rubbed it all over my slit sliding it in me before pulling it out and eating it. She tilted my head kissing me and we both swallowed the butter. Her head dipped to my breasts and she licked every trail of butter off my skin licking my clit and fucking my pussy with her tongue until I gave her my sweet cum as her dessert wine. Another plate of seafood was brought out and placed beside her. Corrina dipped a scallop in butter then put it between her teeth, feeding it to me. When she picked up an asparagus spear I gave her a wicked grin and asked her to show me her ass. I dipped the end in butter and pushed it in her hole making her moan.

“Feel good baby?” I asked as I shoved another spear in her asshole.

When I had all seven of them in her ass I poured the butter on her asshole and started licking, then moving the spears around with my mouth before yanking them out one by one and eating them. I dipped my tongue in the butter and shoved it in her tight hole making her squirm as I thrust three fingers in her wet pussy and started finger fucking her until she started to cum and I slurped it all up.

“Mmm Corrina, since you’ve booked me at five I think we should have high tea. Think about shoving a scone in my pussy covering it with clotted cream and preserves and eating it.”

“I rather just cover you pussy with the clotted cream and preserves and eat your pussy. Lola, I’ve never been with a girl before, but there was just something about seeing those breasts covered in cum that made me want to devour you.”

“You are a very good little sex slave Corrina, a definite submissive. How many people are in the villa right now?”


“Good call them all out to watch. I want them to see their bostancı escort boss screaming and thrashing cumming in tidal waves.”

“Lola, I can’t, I am the boss if they…..”

“Now Corrina or I’m leaving and I won’t be back.”

Corrina got off the table and rang a bell five times and two maids, a cook, a butler and another gentlemen entered the room.

“Until you are dismissed by me you are to watch what a dirty little sex starved slut your boss is. She’s paying me to do this to her.”

Corrina dropped her head and I pulled on her hair bringing her over to each employee making her show her body off, opening her pussy for each of them. I had them all sit on the floral couch in the living room and put her on her back on the coffee table. I took her nipple clamps off and sucked on her nipples until she was moaning my name. I had one of the maids bring over the Chanel bag to me and pulled out the clamp set I had bought for her. I took the clit clamp out and went down on her licking and sucking on her until she was trembling and then I withdrew and quickly let the teeth of the clip clamp close on her clit. Corrina screamed in intense pain and begged me to take it off which only made me pull on it. I smiled and attached the nipple clamps kissing her as she screamed in my mouth writhing in pain. I had her get on all fours and pulled the large metal string of beads out and popped the first one in her ass, using the drill stick to push the rest in her anus. I made her get up and show her body to her employees as I laid down on the table and handed her my new clamps.

I noticed the clit clamp was really driving her insane as she couldn’t’ find a position to stand still in. She went straight for my clit clamping the four red beads on while I moaned and hissed as the teeth gripped into my sensitive flesh and felt an orgasm build inside me. She pulled my right nipple up and clamped it and I realized that I was getting use to the sensation in my nipples. My moan of pleasure must have annoyed her because she clamped the left nipple hard and pushed in on it which made me shriek a little bit as I felt my body explode into an intense orgasm. I didn’t have to tell her to eat me up as her tongue was already greedily scooping up my cum. When Corrina was finished, I got her on all fours on the table and slapped her ass hard a few times pressing my finger in her ass pushing on one of the large anal beads. I pulled out a large blue vibrator and started thrusting it hard into her pussy while I slowly started pulling on the ring of the beads popping one out. I noticed one of the maids playing with her erect nipples, called her over and gave her the vibrator while I made circles around her asshole with my tongue and yanked another bead out. Corrina was screaming and moaning as pleasure filled her body and I tugged hard on her clit clamp which made her explode squirting the vibrator out of her pussy and catching me in the face.

“You dirty little cum slut, clean my face off!” I ordered yanking another bead out.

Corrina licked my face clean begging me to fuck her with my tongue. I ignored her and pulled on her nipple clamps.

“Maria will you please tell Mistress Lola how desperately I need her hot tongue in my pussy.” She asked the maid.

“Maria how about I eat your pussy and we make Corrina watch.”

Maria stood up and reached behind her back dropping her uniform to the floor exposing her wonderful büyükçekmece escort naked body. Her large 34DD’s and inch high hard nipples seemed too large for her tiny waist and hips but the glistening cum in her pussy made me lick my lips and change my mind.

“Corrina eat Maria out, make sure she cums hard.”

“Mmm will you eat me Lola, please I have to have you.”

“Maybe later I’m going to watch, now get to it my little cum slut.”

Still on all fours Corrina began thrusting her tongue in her maids pussy moving it from clit to asshole and back several times before thrusting straight in to her, fingering her clit as I gave her ass a few hard slaps and pulled another bead out and pushed it back in. I pulled two beads out and pushed them back in slowly and continued until the maid screamed, covering her bosses face in cum.

“Mmm Maria, you should make her do that for you daily. I’m done with all of you, you are dismissed. Sir I would like another bottle of champagne though.”

“Yes Miss.”

He came back with the champagne and I popped it pouring it slowly over Corrina’s breasts and lapping it up as it rolled over her clit. Corrina was writhing in pleasure and I had to warn her that if she didn’t stay still my tongue wouldn’t be anywhere near her pussy for the next five sessions. When the bottle of champagne was empty I brought it to her pussy and rubbed the opening up and down her slit rubbing her clit and teasing her until she begged me to replace the cold bottle with my warm tongue.

“Corrina you have me all night. I’ve only started having fun with you.”

I got her on all fours again and tugged hard pulling all the anal beads out as she screamed. I thrust one finger in her ass and two fingers in her pussy and worked her like I had Anya making my fingers meet at her wall. Like Anya, it drove her absolutely crazy and she begged me to stop which only made me move faster until an ear piercing scream announced a torrent of cum that came shooting out of her body, covering the table.

“Holy fuck Corrina, scoop it all up and cover your body with your cum.”

Corrina seemed to enjoy this request and turned slowly to show me her cum covered body before I started licking it off her starting at her breasts.

“You like being covered in cum don’t you?”

“It makes me feel so dirty, so naughty, so depraved.”

“Make no mistakes doll, you are a dirty little cum slut.”

“I’m your cum slut Lola.”

“I know slave, you love having me lick your nasty cum off your body.”

“Oh I do, I love it.”

Once I had licked her clean, I had her lead the way to the pool and dove in having her sit with her legs wide open at the edge of the pool. I pulled her legs over my wet shoulders and attacked her clit with a vengeance pulling the clamp off and letting my tongue have it’s way with her clit until her pussy started dripping once more and then I plunged my tongue in and brought her to multiple orgasms as I gave her what she wanted most in the world my tongue fucking her pussy. Listening to her scream and moan my name made me feel very powerful knowing I controlled her sexual gratification. Before she could have her sixth orgasm, I withdrew my tongue and pulled her in the pool. She wrapped her legs around my waist and sucked on my breasts pulling my clamps off to feast on my nipples.

“I want you to scream my name Lola while I lick you into intense çekmeköy escort pleasure.”

“Won’t happen Corrina, you are my submissive slave, I’ll never utter your name in pleasure.”

“We will see about that.” She replied and led me over to the lounge chair her face between my legs as she started tonguing me, adding fingers into my wet pussy and fucking me hard. Corrina had a magnificent tongue and she made me cum hard several times but all I’d say was Oh fuck or Oh yes, refusing to call her name out even when she disappeared and came back fucking me hard in both holes with the vibrators.

We were still outside, my tongue deep in her pussy as the sun rose and Corrina’s screams split the silence. She offered me breakfast but I was ready to sleep so I called Jean Pierre and waited for him to arrive, cleaning my new sex toys up and reminding Corrina she’d only have me for two hours on Monday. She pouted about me having to cancel Wednesday and Friday but I told her it was unavoidable.

Sunday found me having two threesomes, the first with a couple and the second with two best friends who did an amazing job of fucking the daylights out of me, alternating between my pussy and ass without a break for the three hours. I was sore and my nipples were bleeding from the new, nastier nipple clamps but I’d had multiple orgasms and been covered with cum which almost made me feel guilty about all the money in my purse. My boys had insisted I left them still covered in cum and I walked through the condo down to the cab creating quite the sight for the people I ran in to. My driver handed me a bottle of water and I cleaned myself for his amusement before sitting down in his cab. I couldn’t blame him I wouldn’t want a cum covered body messing up my leather seats.

I showed up naked for Corrina on Monday and spent the entire two hours in her pussy to make up for cancelling her sessions to be with Joseph in Paris. She confessed that she was fucking Maria daily and that her maid was very fond of eating her ass out. I suggested she teach Maria how to eat her pussy to her liking, confident that Corrina would still want my tongue just as much. That night, I’d been booked for a bachelor party and found myself fucking and sucking off ten horny Italian men, all with large cocks and they all knew how to use them. Much to my delight, I found myself in a near continuous triple penetration for five hours and then went home with the best man and spend another three hours just fucking him. It hadn’t been scheduled but when he offered five thousand pounds for three hours with me I said let’s go. My ass and pussy were sore on the drive home but I comforted myself by counting all the money I had made that day.

Anya had suggested bringing no clothes with me to Paris but I had a feeling Joseph would love my slutty school girl look. I had brought my actual school uniform with me but my short blue and white tartan skirt was far too large for me now and had to be fixed. I checked the scale, I was now down to 109 pounds, having dropped 21 pounds so far on my cum and champagne diet. My thinner waist really made my breasts stand out and they looked even larger. My skirt was fixed just before I was ready to leave for the Nice airport and I tucked it in a small carry on bag with two pairs of shoes. I wore my Chanel jacket unbuttoned with the black chiffon skirt and heels. I met Joseph at the departures level and he took me to his private plane. He told me that I looked wonderful but he liked large breasts in revealing bras and I was to wear what he’d buy me for the duration of the trip. He said we’d check in at the Ritz Hotel and then go lingerie shopping. I asked him where so I could let Anya know. I already knew she was waiting for me in room 809. As the plane touched down in Paris, I knew I was in for an erotic adventure.

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