My Girlfriend Turned Me Gay Ch. 03

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Disclaimer: This story deals with gay gangbangs, gay fantasies, issues of consent, and large penises in all their erect glory. Please remember that every dick needs love and attention and some more than others. If these topics are offensive to you please read no further. These stories are for open-minded people who fully embrace sexuality with both arms and legs.


Scene 1 – the call placed and the call answered


I placed the phone down.

The conversation had been surreal. I had never been talked to like that. I had never heard such things spoken before. With my heart beating fast I thought how could I let someone do that?

The conversation ended with me trembling with excitement. I agreed willingly to surrender myself, to devote myself to the pleasure of others. I couldn’t help myself could I?

I wanted it. I wanted to be used as a gay fuck-toy. What was happening to me?

My girlfriend had embraced my fantasy to be taken anally against my will enthusiastically. I was surprise by her reaction.

She couldn’t wait to personally devirginize me with her expertly wielded strap-on. I remember the first time I saw her wearing it I knew then that I was on the verge of changing, but to what I didn’t quite know.

She knew, of course, because she was always one step ahead of me. After personally fucking me into a puddle of satisfied bliss she arranged my first gay experience. I was so turned on knowing she was watching me, encouraging me, humiliating me.

I gave an exceptional performance on my hands and knees; the standing ovation came again and again from all those erect cocks.

She was pleased but demanded more, spurring me on to abandon what was left of my inhibitions and fall freely into submission.

She handing me a business card. I wasn’t familiar with the name of the owner or the club.

She told me that she could only take me so far and was turning me over to someone better equipped and able to guide me through the next stage. She made it clear that she owned my ass not him, and that I had better not forget it.


Scene 2 – On my way, but to where I didn’t know


I was on my way – literally and figuratively. The taxi driver gave me a look when I handed him the address. Was it concern or something else?

I was being drawn forward, beckoned forth by some invisible force much stronger than my will to resist. I couldn’t stop myself. Could I?

I followed my orders dressing in the outfit that was noting but leather straps, buckles, and rings. Thankfully I wore it under my normal clothes or else I would have stood the chance of being arrested.

During the ride I thought, why would I allow myself to be used in this manner, as an otherwise heterosexual male, what was it I needed?

Could it be? No, it couldn’t. Could it?


Did I crave it now?

Now that I knew what I had been missing was I destined to crawl around on my hands and knees begging for it?

I could hear my girlfriends voice in my head answering, “You ask too many questions for a whore, just take that cock…”

“You know this is a rough part of town. You just don’t look like you belong here. You sure this is the right address?” The cab driver asked in a delicious accent.

I meet his eyes in the rear view mirror, “Yes, the address is correct.”

I should have been paying more attention. Before I knew it we had arrived. “Were here,” he said flatly extending his hand for payment.

I paid, and stepped out into the street.

The taxi sped off.

I was alone.

I looked around. Shit, this was a bad part of town. What am I doing?


Scene 3 – welcome and enjoy your stay


I wondered around looking for the door.

There were no building numbers, the neighborhood looked deserted, so there was no one to help.

Finally, I made my way to the large escort bayan gaziantep metal door.

I was about to knock when I heard the sounds of mechanical cogs and gears that opened up the door almost as if by magic.

A large man better described as a human wall of muscle greeted me.

“I’m here for …” I said feebly.

He cut me off with a wave of his hand and pointed down the long hallway without a word.

I walked down the hallway, the end obscured by darkness. My heartbeat increased. What was I doing?

I approached another door and knocked lightly.

The door opened to revel a large open club empty of all patrons. A large black man with a shaven head and dark glasses gave me a warm welcome, “Hello, I’m so glad you could make it.”

“Thanks,” is all my shyness could muster in response.

“Like I explained before this is an exclusive club.” He said.

“We cater to a certain clientele.” He let that statement hang in the air for a few brief moments then continued, “and you will do nicely – yeah you sure will. Turn around for me.”

I turned around.

“Yeah nothing like a nice little white ass.” he said lasciviously.

I said nothing in response.

“You’ve already been warned that things get pretty wild here and you know what to expect – right?” He questioned.

“No, I don’t. My girlfriend just gave me your card and outside of our phone call that’s it.” I replied.

“Don’t worry I’ll take care of you.” He said. I couldn’t see his eyes but his smile seemed sincere.

“Follow me to your room.” He instructed.

My room?

On the walk I asked, “Where is everyone?”

He looked down at his expensive watch, “Don’t worry they’ll show up. Your party starts soon.”

My party? I wondered what surprises I would get.

He opened the door and ushered me in. “Come on baby, we gotta get you ready,” he said.

He led me to the center of the room and ordered me to strip. I complied like an obedient servant. What was I doing?

I stood there naked except for my outfit of leather straps, studs, rings and buckles. I felt vulnerable and simultaneously intoxicated from my deep shame, my shame over wanting this, needing this.


Scene 4 – hang around enjoy yourself and we’ll enjoy you


He approached me with the wrist restraints saying, “Now remember a safe word is no good when your mouth is full of cock or a ball gag, so if things get too much just wiggle your left foot – got it?”

“I nodded.” feeling the feint stirrings of an erection. What was wrong with me? Why didn’t I just run for the exit?

He slowly and methodically restrained me so that I was bent over a large cushioned contraption similar to a pommel horse without the hand grabs. It was set low enough so I could be used from both ends.

He bent down on one knee with a blindfold in hand, “Comfortable?”

I nodded.

I looked around the room frantically as the blindfold slipped into place. The journey had begun. I was in darkness. I couldn’t move or see.

I started to panic. I took a deep breath to calm myself. What was I doing? It was too late now.

He was still in the room. I heard some noses then I heard a zipper being pulled down slowly.


Something soft rubbed against my lips. I knew what it was.

I knew what was expected of me, so I opened my mouth and began to suck another man’s cock. I could feel his hardness grow inside my mouth. I used my tongue to help tease him along.

His cock grew until it was completely hard. He held my head in place and began thrusting more than I could handle deeply into my throat. My throat convulsed around his hardness.

My throat made involuntary spasms as I gagged. He enjoyed, it immensely “Oh yea suck my cock you little whore. Gag on it.”

He didn’t stop; he just continued to forcefully shove his cock down my throat.

Being immobilized, I was denied the use of my hands and I couldn’t move my head up or down. Thankfully my gag reflex subsided and he was able to slide in and out with relative ease.

“You little cocksucking whore. You’ll get your fill tonight,” he promised or was it a threat.

After a few minutes he tensed up, my mouth finally coaxed out a sputtering orgasm. His animalistic noises died down and he withdrew from my mouth wiping the excess on my cheek.

He placed a ball gag in my mouth and strapped it around my head. He walked around to my backside and I felt him writing something across my ass cheeks.

He gave me a hard swat on the ass and left the room, chuckling.


Scene 5 – Show time


I lost all track of time as I lay there immobilized and blindfolded the taste of another man still fresh in my mouth.

In those quite moments alone, my mind began to race filled with images of being gang raped by a horde of black men. I felt a stirring in my loins that denied any objections I could have made. It’s true I’m a slut. My girlfriend knew it before I did, and now I know it too; the thought of being used as a meat puppet for a group of anonymous men just paralyzes me, it turns me into a compliant submissive slave.

That moment of quite reflection was destroyed by the explosion of techno music coming from the main area of the club. It was as if the club spontaneously broke into a frenzy of activity. You could feel the energy and power as it permeated everything. The hypnotic beats pulsed in rhythm with my increasing heart rate.

Even though I was blindfolded I could tell when someone entered the room because for a moment the music would increase in volume.

I heard several voices, talking amongst themselves like I wasn’t there or didn’t matter just a piece of meat to be used. I could only make out parts of the conversations. Then I heard the loud chanting. I could feel the rush of adrenaline pulsing through my veins my breathing quickened.

“fuck that ass.”

“fuck that ass.”

“fuck that ass.”

Oh no, what have I gotten myself into? My fantasy of complete submission was out of control. I had a strong sense of danger.


Strong hands grabbed my ass forcefully pulling my cheeks apart exposing my vulnerability. I felt a slippery hardness probing searching for my weakness. I wanted to say be gentle but my ball-gag prevented any communication at all.

The chanting continued over and over.

“fuck that ass.”

A powerful jab into my ass straightened me out with intense pain. The crowd made congratulatory yells as he slide deeply inside.

I gave a helpless muffled cry into my ball-gag. Tears filled my blindfold. It was too much way too much.

My head wiggled from side to side as the spectators gave lewd encouragements to my violator who proceeded to fuck my ass with no regard whatsoever for anything other than his pleasure. He would occasionally slap my ass hard enough to leave bright red handprints. He finished by squirting hot semen all over my bare ass

I was taken over and over again by different sizes and shapes each eager for release. None of these men suffered from performance anxiety. It was impersonal sex just hop on and hop off without any care for my pleasure just theirs. Even though they were indifferent to my pleasure I had more than my fair share. This went on for hours.

The last man had the kind of cock that was difficult to take without a lot of lube. I bite down hard on my ball gag as my asshole stretched wide to accommodate his girth. My eyes were closed shut behind the blindfold.

Then he began to piston in and out like a sex machine set on high. Who the hell were these guys? That man just fucked me for what seemed like an eternity. He also enjoyed puling my hair and spanking my ass hard while insulting me with names like: slut, whore, and bitch. All names usually reserved for females in my potion, but I understood.

He added his share to the copious amount of cum left all over me. My entire body resembled a canvass splattered not with paint but cum that shot forth from the erect cocks of anonymous men. My tortured ass was deformed out of shape; it was nothing but an obscene hole gapping widely open. I was a modern day expression of a whore. A well-used hole. I thought that my experience was over, but….

My gapping ass was a lewd welcome to some man who decided to see just how much further it would stretch. He began to force his hand up my ass. I clutched the bench I was restrained to and yelled into my ball-gag. He wouldn’t stop. He kept stretching me open more and more. I vigorously shook my head back and forth yelling a muffled “NO” into my ball-gag.


Scene 6 – My left foot and sore ass


Thankfully I remembered to wiggle my left foot, which I did over and over again.

At first I was overcome with apprehension that he wouldn’t stop and would rip my ass apart. I continued to wiggle my left foot and finally the man withdrew his hand mercifully and my ass was saved from further abuse.

“I almost had it all the way in, didn’t I?” asked my tormentor.

“Next time.” Someone said, as my restraints were loosened and I was set free. The blood rushed back into my fingers causing them to tingle in a strange way like they had been asleep.

I rolled off the pommel horse, landed on my side with a soft thud, and shooting a massive amount of cum out of my ass across the concrete floor.

“Looks like we got him a little too full.” Someone said comically.

I heard everyone filing out. I removed the blindfold and ball-gag. I took in a deep breath and just laid there exhausted and emotionally spent. I never knew I was capable of such debauchery.

A little later, my black bald headed host appeared still wearing his dark glasses, and inquired about my well being. He was polite and courteous, directing me to the showers, and handing me my clothes nicely folded. I was walking funny and I could feel the juices running down my legs.

Once I was showered and dressed he escorted me to the back door with assurances that he had called a taxi to take me home. He handed me a DVD disk and said, “I made a DVD of your performance. Don’t worry with the blindfold and gag no one will know who you are. Your privacy is safe and secure. Even though you were blindfolded you’ll get to see it after all. See you soon.” He smiled a wide toothy grin, and shut the door behind me. The taxi was waiting to take me home.


Scene 6 – A loving girlfriend a DVD player and another erection


She met me at the door with arms wide apart. She broke our embrace with a flurry of questions, “how was it?”, “what did you do?”, “how many?”, “tell me everything.”

Instead of answering her questions I produced the DVD and said, “this will answer everything.”

Wasting no time at all she popped it into the DVD player.

The beginning started off with my harsh throat fucking then he wrote something on my ass cheeks. I had forgotten about that until just then. It said, “slut for black cock” and “fuck me hard.”

She paused the movie and asked me to stand up and drop my pants. Sure enough that humiliating writing was still on my ass cheeks, it hadn’t washed off in the shower.

Smiling she said, “Permanent marker, baby. That’ll be there awhile.”

We watched the movie for hours, periodically she would comment, “How wild” or “Oh my god” or “look at you.” She enjoyed watching me lay helpless while those men invaded me with their huge erect cocks over and over.

When it was over she looked at me, and sensed that I had been broken down and reassembled as a fuck toy for strangers to use in anyway they wanted. She made my transition back to normal possible with lots of pampering.

Our cuddling turned sexual as my hyperactive libido was reawakened (was I becoming a nymphomaniac?); I needed to exert my manliness. I brought her slowly and teasingly to orgasm several times with my tongue, lips, fingers, and cock.

We were blissfully exhausted and drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

~ The End ~

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