My Girlfriend’s Brother

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18+ M/M Romance

Sexually Explicit & Strong Language

Reluctance/Non Consensual Theme


Ben’s standing with a conceited grin as I halt before him in the hallway. Before I can continue my rebuke, Beth catches my arm and pulls me into her bedroom. I try to forget him as I shut the door. I wrap my arms around her waist and lift her curved frame across to the bed and lie on top of her. We haven’t had sex in over a week, and I can tell she wants me. I have to force myself not to glare at the door as her hand slips around my neck and she pulls me towards her. I’m kissing her and I can feel her tongue inviting mine, but my heart’s not in it. I’m still too agitated after my dispute with Ben. I hear her frustrated sigh as I pull away and lie on the bed beside her.

Every day her brother finds a way to antagonise me. I try not to take it out on Beth. He is pretty much the main topic of every argument. It’s so fucking frustrating because it wasn’t always like this. We were like best friends. When I told him, I was thinking about asking Beth to marry me. I thought he would be happy. We would be brothers for life. He wasn’t.

If he just outright hated or resented my presence it would be understandable. A protective brother who thinks no one is good enough for his sister. That would be explainable. Instead it feels like he’s on a mission to make my existence as difficult and as uncomfortable as possible. He’s like an evil cat who relentlessly tortures its prey rather than kills it. And since he’s decided to move back in with Beth and their parents. I’m now forced to cross paths with him daily.

Maybe it bothers me so much because I miss our friendship. But even my dreams are becoming tainted with his suggestive innuendos and insinuations. This last month has been unbearable. He’s messed so much with my head I’ve become irrationally self-conscious when I see him. This persistent pushing of my buttons is taking its toll on my relationship with Beth. If it’s his intention to force us to break up, he might actually succeed.

I glance at Beth as she speaks. “Is it Ben? Has he annoyed you again?”

My eyes narrow at her. I’m not sure if she is trying to goad me or if she is genuinely oblivious to his devious deeds. I take a deep breath and swallow the verbal rant that wants to vent. No matter what I say she will defend him, then ultimately accuse me of being overly sensitive. Should I just end it? The stubborn part of me refuses to let him win and the other secretly hopes things will go back to the way they were. I shrug it off and say I’m tired.

I watch as Beth sits astride me and removes my glasses. She is blonde, beautiful and confident. She’s a girl who knows what she wants, and never settles for second best. She can be serious, but I bring out the naughty girl inside and she adores me for it. I guess I love her even though she wears the trousers in our relationship. She has converted me to her ideas on equality, although in honesty, I just yield for an easy life. I grip her hands to stop them unbuttoning her blouse and I sit up with her on my lap. She blinks at me impatiently as I look at her. “I’m hungry. Let’s go out.” Maybe some time away from the house will get me in the mood. I kiss her to reassure her I still find her attractive. “Don’t invite him Beth.” She rolls her eyes but nods as we get to our feet. I Sometimes wonder if she enjoys the conflict between Ben and I.

Downstairs I lift my car keys from the kitchen. I groan with forbearance as I hear the unwanted footsteps jump and land at the bottom of the stairs. I listen to Beth’s voice answering his question on where we are going. I smile at her loyalty as she dismisses him by saying “just Greg and I” are going out for food.

I stroll unconcerned to the front door until his shameless blue eyes greet mine. His smile widens as he tells me he is starving too.

I give out an exasperated sigh. Is he so dense he doesn’t realise he’s not invited? “There’s no room in my car for you Ben.” Just to make sure he knows his presence is unwanted, my eyes narrow at him from behind my glasses as I saunter past. The car beeps as I unlock it and I get in. I watch in irritation as Beth tries to open the passenger door, but Ben picks her up and lifts her out the way. He grins at me as he pulls the lever and lowers the front seat to climb in the back. Anger flashes across my face. My backseat is not designed for antagonistic pricks, especially one his height. His knees dig into the back of my seat. I glance at Beth out the corner of my eye as she pushes the seat back and sits down. I mumble “It’s fine” when she looks at me. What else can I fucking say!

I glance in my mirror as I fasten my seatbelt. His blond hair is similar in colour to Beth’s and I narrow my eyes in irritation at the sparkle in the blue eyes that smile back in victory. I look down to turn the key and almost stall the engine. Not because Ben’s hands have just squeezed my shoulders but because kayseri escort I can feel the heat of his breath on my neck. It’s started again and we are not even out the driveway.

I walked in on him getting out the shower earlier. Beth and Ben have a shared bathroom between their rooms. Seeing him naked shouldn’t be an issue. We are both guys after all. It’s when I try to point out the obvious, that it could have been Beth and not me. That he should remember to lock the bloody door! Any normal fucker would just say ‘okay’ and apologise. But Ben’s taunts accuse me of intentionally unlocking the door to ogle my girlfriend’s naked brother. Of course, I lose my shit, who wouldn’t. And to add fuel to the fire, after I slam the door on him and stalk off to use the other bathroom, I receive a photo of his ass and a tongue emoji. His relentless sordid taunts are really pissing me off.

I feel the tug as he removes the band that is holding my hair. This is another of his favourite digs. My girly long hair. I roll my eyes as I see the loose strands slip through his fingers. He probably assumes he is making me uncomfortable, but in truth I could sit all day and let someone stroke their fingers through it. Just not him! Fuck he is good though. I feel the goose bumps tingle my scalp when his fingers touch my neck. He pulls another strand. I look in my rear-view mirror and my dark eyes meet his. I should make him stop. I look away with a vindictive grin. “Do you have your seatbelt on Ben?”

Beth predictably spins in her seat to stare at him. I chuckle to myself as she immediately starts screaming and lecturing him on what could happen if we have an accident. My smile widens when I feel his knee dig into the back of my seat. I glance in the mirror and his eyes glower in annoyance as Beth continues to hack on him.

Five minutes later I frown at Beth. He has the bloody seatbelt on, yet she is still berating him. She seems to forget he’s twenty-eight, not ten anymore but I don’t interfere. I defended him in the past and my ears still have the scars. I press the button for the stereo and for a few brief moments I get to enjoy Fischerspooner’s Emerge before I hear the ding dong noise of Ben’s phone hijacking my Bluetooth. I curse in irritation as his screechy metal, heavy rock, whatever he calls this shit, starts pounding inside my car. I glance in the mirror and he blows me a kiss. I really hate this guy.

I glance at his black t-shirt in comparison to my designer shirt as we leave the car and head into the restaurant. It’s probably stereotyping, but my thoughts inadvertently think my long hair would be more suited to the t-shirt and his smart, posh boy blond hair to my shirt. He notices my eyes on him and he immediately lifts his t-shirt to reveal his well-defined abs. If I didn’t despise him, I would be impressed at his arrogance. But this is not that kind of restaurant. Is he trying to get us thrown out? I instinctively grip his t-shirt and pull it back down. If I had his physique, I would probably want to show it off too.

My eyes widen and my cheeks flush as I realise my bare fingers have unintentionally slid down his warm skin. I snap my hands away and take a step back. With any other guy I wouldn’t think twice but with Ben and his accusations I brace myself for a lewd comment. I glance warily at him. But he meets my eyes with an unreadable look. I let out a relieved sigh, maybe he’s more focussed on the food. As we reach the desk, I raise an impressed eyebrow as he steps forward and says we have a table reserved. He smiles back at me. Maybe he wasn’t just watching porn on his phone. Beth glances at Ben then frowns at me and rolls her eyes indignantly. “It was me who booked it.”

Now I feel like an idiot for actually thinking he’s shown some initiative. I startle as Ben’s hand suddenly squeezes my ass and he whispers in my ear “I won’t be long.” My offended glare follows him across the restaurant. He glances back and catches me watching him and smiles. I glance away. Fucker. He can stay in there all night for all I care. I look at Beth but she either hasn’t noticed or doesn’t care that her brother just sexually assaulted me. I use his absence as an opportunity to speak to her. I explain that I’d wanted to take her somewhere romantic, just the two of us. She smiles as I hold and kiss her hand.

I release her hand as Ben returns and our server appears. I don’t need to look at the menu. I already know what I’m going to ask for. Ben and I used to come here, back in our ‘normal’ days. He likes their steak and so do I, although I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than admit it in front of him. I let Beth place her order and before I can open my mouth Ben orders for the both of us. I scowl as I turn to glare at him.

He blinks at me innocently. “Did you want something else?”

I almost growl the word “no.” I’m pretty sure he realises that’s not the point. I can see the edges of his mouth curl up in an arrogant grin. I stare at the table while I decide how I feel about what he just did. In the past I always ordered for women. It’s a romantic gesture? Apparently not, for Beth would have my balls on a skewer if I tried to take away her freedom of speech. I frown. Is ordering for a woman really an act of male dominance like she claims? My eyes widen. Did Ben just dominate me? I choke instead of swallowing my water. He looks at me and I glance away. I’m well over-thinking this. But my alpha side decides I’m paying the bill.

I glance at my nemesis jealously as he drinks from a chilled bottle of beer. I didn’t think this through. I should have ordered a taxi instead of driving. He notices and intentionally licks the top of the bottle before offering me a sip. I politely tell him to ‘fuck off’ and ignore his amused laughter. After we’ve eaten, I notice Beth is checking her social media and I take the chance to pull out my own phone and check my emails. I do try to make an effort not to be all about work when I’m out with her. I do believe it’s important to give your girlfriend your full attention as often as possible. My eyes rise from my screen as I feel the warmth and weight of Ben’s shoulder lean against me. My eyes narrow in annoyance as they shift to look at him. He whispers “exciting shit” as he reads my messages.

I ignore him until I hear his raised voice. “Don’t you think you should be focussing on my sister and not watching porn on your phone.” Beth glances at me and my cheeks redden. Luckily, she knows me, and she rolls her eyes before returning her attention to her phone. I catch the disapproving glances from a nearby table.

I don’t want to cause a scene by punching him in the face. But it’s really tempting. “It’s a work email.” Even I hear the petulance in my voice as I state what he already knows. He just looks at me with that annoying grin. I shove him off me. “Fuck off and stare at you own phone.” I was going to say ‘go back to watching porn’ but the last time I said that I ended up assaulted by a handbag by a mother with a small child. Unlucky shit happens to me when I’m with Ben.

I sigh when I can’t read my email because Ben is holding his phone in front of it. He’s waffling on about his videos not being suitable for public places.” I go to shove it away and for some idiotic reason I pause. Not because it is actual porn but because of the type. As I watch two guys enthusiastically faking their love for each other the question pops in my head, what if Ben is gay?

I do a quick pro v con analysis in my head. Would someone unsure of their own sexuality really accuse and bully someone though? In my limited experience ‘gays in denial’ tend to avoid and vehemently deny all association to man sex, not bring it up at every opportunity. Plus, there are more female visitors to Ben’s bedroom than some hotels get in their busy season. I snigger at my own humour before I turn to look at him. Ben’s just being a dick but maybe I can use it to my advantage. He’s also more homophobic than he likes to admit.

“Not satisfied with girls anymore? Why don’t you come the next time I’m out with…” I wink at him. “the guys.” He knows my two closest friends are gay. I also know Peter’s insatiable flirting scares the shit out of him. I do my best voice over of star trek “go where no man has gone before.” He is staring at me blankly. Ben is rarely lost for words and I swallow my laughter with a drink of water at his quietness. He probably expected me to just swear and push his phone away, not turn it back on him.

I witness a tiny amount of unsurety as he glances away. I notice Beth and he exchange a glance. My eyes widen at his flushed cheeks. Fuck is he gay? He can’t be. My own cheeks redden and my pulse races at his reaction. Now I feel like a low piece of shit for teasing him so insensitively. Surely, he knows I wouldn’t have a problem with him being gay. Fuck, what should I say? I glance around the restaurant. It’s such a public place to have ‘the conversation.’

I feel anxious. I should say something though. Reassure him it’s okay. Nothing to be ashamed of. I take a deep breath and my eyes rise to face him. I realise he’s staring directly at me with an amused grin. It widens more now that he has my attention. He nods at the phone. “So what guy is your type?”

“What?” I almost knock the phone out his hand as I stumble to my feet. Now he gets the response he is after. I can see his delighted amusement at my overreaction. I point at Beth. “I love your sister you idiot.” Why am I defending myself? I’m not even angry at the accusation of being gay. I’m fucking fizzing because for a brief moment I let my guard down and was prepared to be an understanding friend to this arrogant selfish prick. “I’ll wait for you both in the car.” I pay the bill and walk out like a petty child, but I need air and space before I do or say something I regret. I thought I was a fun, easy-going person, but Ben has a way of lighting fuses I don’t know I have.

I close my eyes and force myself to breathe as I sit in the car and fester while I wait for their return. Fuck it. It would have made my life easier if he was gay. I could listen to his confession. Be an understanding friend and reassure him it’s totally fine. Then we could go back to hanging out and all this awkward unnecessary shit would stop. My eyes narrow in thought. Unless, he found a boyfriend and wanted to be with him more than me.

On the way home Ben thinks he’s found a weak spot and milks it by playing the gayest songs he can find. I’m trying to fake irritation. But the music is far better than his usual shit. Beth smiles at me as her fingers trace teasingly up my thigh as I drive. By the time we arrive home I’m in a very good mood and Beth and I are enthusiastically making out in the kitchen. She doesn’t care if Ben is there so neither do I. In fact, Ben’s disgruntled scowl makes me want her more.

Fuck I don’t know if it’s because Ben is watching but I have a very needy hard on. I lift Beth onto the work surface, and she wraps her legs around me. She moans in excitement when I rub it up against her. Enough of the teasing, I pick up his sister and carry her upstairs.

I don’t realise I’ve left the door open as we quickly pull off our clothes while kissing. There is no foreplay and I go straight to being inside her. We pause for an awkward second to glance at Ben as he grips the door handle. I want to shout, ‘who’s fucking gay now!’ as he slams the door shut. I grip Beth’s hands and pin them above her. Neither of us is quiet as I aggressively pound, slam and fuck my physical needs into his sister. I hope he hears her scream my name as she comes.

I roll on to my side to look at her. “Want to do it again?” She nods towards the shower and we get up. I watch in amusement as a 5’4″ Beth screams and chases a 6′ 3″ muscled Ben from their shared bathroom. Women love to prove size doesn’t matter. I notice his peeved gaze scan over my naked form as I hang my towel up. He’s probably unimpressed by my skinny frame but I don’t give a fuck. Resident Evil has perfected my headshot and bowie knife skills. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll outlive him. Still, I glance enviously at his impressive bulky definition as I shut the door in his face and lock it.

I turn and forget him. I’m so hard and eager to go again. Beth screams as I flick cold water at her and we end up in a childish fit of laughter before we finally get in the shower together.

I leave Beth to comb her hair as I go foraging. My arms are full as I carry a naughty selection of snacks upstairs for us to play with. Ben blocks my way on the stairs. I expect nothing less as he lifts a strawberry from my stash. But I am suddenly caught off guard as he touches my chin and opens my mouth. Bastard! My cheeks flush scarlet as he pushes it into my mouth. I stare back at him in disbelief as he steps aside to let me pass and I have no choice but to continue upstairs. I notice he’s still watching me as I bump Beth’s door open with my hip.

No matter, the goddess of revenge is smiling down on me for I just happen to be on my way downstairs to get a glass of water when I see the pizza delivery van pull up. I even break into a sprint to open the door before the doorbell rings. Surely, I can’t be this lucky. I open the fridge and there is an angelic glow as I see the two bottles of beer, he’s put in to chill. If I didn’t hate him, I would marry him and have his children. I’m as stealthy as a ninja as I head upstairs with my stolen bounty. Beth’s eyes widen as she realises what I’ve done. “He will be furious.” I don’t give a fuck. He’ll need a stomach pump to get it back. My eyes roll back in my head as warm cheese causes savoury orgasms on my tongue. Even my appropriated beer tastes like it’s been hand brewed by the gods themselves.

I hear the bang of a door and the angry thud of footsteps. I glance at Beth and barely get the word ‘traitor’ out as the bedroom door flies open and he storms in. I’m amused at how angry he is. I bought him a steak dinner earlier but that’s forgotten as he swipes the half-eaten slice from my hand and thumps it back in the box. I point to it. “That has my germs on it.”

“Like your fucking germs are any match against mine.”

His eyes look at the beer and I grab the bottle and chugalug the beer before he takes that too. I can’t help but tease him as he stands. “You want me to regurgitate the other slice?” I lean back against the bed as he actually growls. I smile. “Beth won’t let you hurt me.” She leans protectively across the bed and strokes my hair like I’m her favourite pet. His eyes glower at me. Fuck it’s only a pizza but he looks like he might actually kill me. He gives me one last disgruntled look before he leaves like a moody teenager.

I’ve obviously really pissed him off because things go downhill. I have lit scented candles, put on the romantic tunes and after some skilful oral I’m trying to physically express my sweet love for my girl. I stop and give out an exasperated growl. I can’t find my rhythm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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