My Girl’s a Rugby Fan!

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The circumstances of this story I’m about to tell you happened the way it actually did. I know you’d probably find that hard to believe, and perhaps if I were the one in your shoes, I too would consider all of what I’m about to tell you a big, stupendous lie. Someone’s concocted fantasy put down on paper for everyone to read. Too frivolous and utterly ridiculous to ever be taken seriously. But it happened and it’s all through… because I saw it happen to my girlfriend, Sarah.

Sarah and I had known each other for a long time. An amazing woman, at twenty-one, she had the body of a silk-screen goddess: 5″8 tall, curvaceous frame, thick brunette hair a pair of DD type breasts, with a jutting peach of arse to go with. A beautiful creature she is, but also a naughty type of girl when in bed. She can be every bit adventurous and sometimes I had to be the one competing with her. She was always drawn towards exploring her fantasises, and one of such is the story I’m about to reveal to you.

We both worship our college rugby team. After seeing a match, which we often made sure we did, we usually went back home to my place and fucked the remainder of the night. It was on one of such nights after we’d calmed down from an evening bout of fucking that she revealed her wish of desiring to be taken apart by a rugby team. The thought fired up my imagination and that night while we slept, I dreamed of her getting all three holes of her filled by a pair of eleven muscle-bound hunks, all of them fucking her either one at a time or DP-ing her, shooting their cum inside her pussy or over her face and body. For weeks the dream haunted me in my sleep and I came to realise I would never have any peace until such a fantasy became a reality.

As it would happen, the reality came about on itself without my doing hardly anything about it. It was as if the gods read my mind and decided to make both our dreams come through this one unforgettable night.

Three weeks ago we were at the stadium watching a live game of our favourite college rugby team clashing with that of another college from out a state, a bitter rival of theirs. The game was touch and go at first, but in the end, our boys came out victorious. Sarah and I were awash with excitement and so was the crowd that was there to cheer the boys on as they did their victory dance out in the field before disappearing towards their underground locker room. Sarah and I were with the crowd leaving the stadium when she stopped me and said she’d like to go congratulate the boys in person. I opted to wait out for her, figuring it wouldn’t take her long to get it done. How wrong could I have been.

She practically barged into their locker room, surprising everyone that was there. Most of the boys were half naked or about taking off their gear to go jump in the shower when she stood there at the doorway ogling them.

“Hi boys!” she audaciously walked into the room while the groups of eleven men surrounded her, all of them sweaty or dripping wet from the shower they’d just had. She probably looked like a lone cheerleader who’d just strolled into a den of hungry wolves. Still she kept her cool, smiling at them. “Sorry to walk into you all like this. You boys were all amazing out there tonight, and I was wondering if you all could like give me your autographs.”

A few of them sniggered. One of them said: “How come you want an autograph, when you don’t have a pen and paper with you?”

“Yeah,” another affirmed. “And of course, if you really want our autographs, you’re gonna gaziantep escort ilanları have to strip and work out for it.”

The others all groaned their replies and nodded their head to this. All pair of eyes sized my woman up from head to foot.

Sarah, unabashed by the virility of the men surrounding her, started taking off her clothes. Silence fell in the locker room as the men watched her become naked; several jaws dropped as they soaked their eyes upon her beautiful flesh. It was at that moment I stood at the doorway peeping into the activity happening inside the room through the glass window. I watched the men crowd before her and then they all turned a corner and disappeared from view. I tip-toed into the locker room, listening to the wild roar of their voice. I peeked through the corner and there was my Sarah getting wet under one of their shower. Hands began touching her: fondling her tits, caressing her thighs, rubbing her legs… I saw two of the boys’ finger-fuck her cunt, and she helplessly writhed before them, giggling crazily from the attention being meted upon her.

They had her on her knees with both hands stroking cocks on either side while her mouth sucked on a pair, one after the other. They passed her head around, the boys did, all of them gangbanging her mouth almost at once. I could barely make her out from the throng of eleven Rugby players that surrounded her. Two of them sucked on her tits while others kissed her body all over, all of them jabbering at once.

“—yeah, take that dick, bitch!”

“—suck that cock! Suck it!”

“—want to get an autograph? Here’s your chance, bitch!”

“—Damn! She sure’s got a mouthful!”

“—Hey yo! my turn! My turn!”

“—Gotta taste her pussy! Yummy!”

On and on they went on jabbering, calling her all the filthy names I’ve ever heard and more. Sarah was a slut, but she’d never before now done anything this outrageous, and in a way I was sort of happy and shocked at the same time. I dared myself to move in closer to see what was going on.

One of the players now lay on the floor and Sarah straddled him. She was still concentrating on the fresh pair of sturdy cocks chocking her mouth while her pussy was being pounded from underneath. Sarah could barely maintain her balance, I noticed, and had to lean on one of the guys whose cock she had buried in her mouth to wedge herself against. Another sturdy player pushed one of the guys away and brought her hand to his cock. The moment she grasped his cock, she started stroking it before turning towards it and took it straight into her mouth. One of the boys pushed her face against the man’s abdomen, forcing her to deep-throat him. She was gasping for air, taking it in gulps when finally he released her. The young man between her legs was still pumping his cock furiously into her pussy, making her cry from the hurt.

I moved in closer on the crowd. The gang changed places and a black player stood her up and had her bent over. She leaned forward on another member whose cock she worked on while the young black player searched for her pussy with his cock. Seconds later he found it and gave a solid thrust. The moan that coughed out of Sarah’s mouth told me his cock has struck home.

“Go ahead, fuck me!” she half turned to snarl at the black youth. “Fuck that pussy! Tear that white pussy apart!”

The crowd went into an uproar.

“—hey boys, y’all heard her!”

“—it to her, Reggie! Fuck that bitch silly!”

“—fuck her silly, Reggie! Pump her with all you’ve got!”

The boys chanted the black youth’s name while the watched the frenzied action. I too found myself become more than a spectator and began chanting too. Reggie grasped my Sarah by the waistline and I swear, he just kept pounding my girl’s pussy with such fury he barely broke a sweat. Meanwhile Sarah was resting against the guy in front of her and screaming for dear life. Halfway through it she yelled that she was cumming. The boys went into further uproar at this and they all urged Reggie to keep fucking her hard. Several of them fed on her tits and massaged her clit from underneath while Reggie kept tearing her pussy up. The look in Sarah’s eyes was wild with passion.

“Oh fuck-fuck-fuck it! Fuck it, I’M GONNA CUM… AUGHHHHH!”

The guys shot their fists in the air and some clapped, nearly all of them saying: “—Yeah! Yeah! Cum, bitch, cum!”

Reggie’s face tightened and seconds later he bellowed and shot his load into my woman’s pussy then withdrew from her. Sarah had barely recovered when another player took Reggie’s place and she leaned forward on another fellow and resumed her moaning fit while this other person slammed his rod hard into her.

Someone started clearing a space on the floor and spreading out towels there. Others got the idea and joined in to spread more towels. By now every one of them was naked except for me, and they were all stroking their thick pricks.

They laid Sarah on the towel on the floor and the boys elbowed and shoved and cursed at each other before another point man jack-knifed between her legs and first beat the head of his prick against her pussy walls before inserting it into her wetness. I came around to the other side to get a good view of the action. Sarah wrapped her legs around him while another knelt by her face and forced her to suck on his cock. The other pumped his cock faster and faster into her, each body slam he gave her seemed to drive her up the wall. Sarah’s screams grew louder than their chants. The fellow banging her eventually buried his load deep inside her then slid away, making room for another.

Afterwards they had her on her arms and knees and four others took turned fucking her from behind while her mouth remained glued to someone’s cock. I wasn’t spared from the action. The players didn’t realise I wasn’t one of them. The mere fact that I was there only led them assume that since I was there I might as well have myself a piece of the action. One of them told me to off my clothes, and to my amazement, that was exactly what I did. My nerves were shaking and I was so very aroused. My own turn came and the boys urged me forward to take my place after the next man had cum in her. The one whose cock she was sucking groaned aloud as he stroked his cock and shot his jizm upon her face. I turn came and caught up in the excitement, I came to my knees behind Sarah’s arse cheeks. Her pussy looked well expanded and had a bruised discoloration about it with gallons of cum spewing off her. Without hesitating, I thrust my cock into her and heard her grunt from my injection. Her pussy felt so open I barely felt my cock touch anything. It felt like I was thrust my cock into a bucket of goo.

I slapped her arse cheeks repeatedly as I’d watched some of the other players do earlier. She kept hollering to be fucked harder. The boys yelled into my ear, prodded me to give her everything I’ve got.

“—fuck her, man! Fuck that pussy!”

“—give the bitch all the cock she wants!”

On and on their voices danced in my ears as I ground my cock against my lover’s backside. The fucking seemed to go on forever. I gasped when I felt her pussy muscles tighten on my shaft. She was having herself another orgasm at about the same time I too gave her all the cum load I had to delivery. The boys cheers and clapped when I pulled off from her, exhausted.

The boys weren’t done with her. One lay on the towel and she straddled him. While she rode the guy’s cock, another black guy appeared behind her, rubbing lube lotion over her arsehole area. Prior to that moment I’d been the only man ever allowed entry into Sarah’s arse, but the record was shattered that night. Before I knew it, the black guy hunched over and pressed the head of his cock against her puckered arse. Sarah’s body stiffened and she mewled another high scream as the brother’s cock found entrance into her second hole and began fucking it. Both men fucked my Sarah like she’d never been fucked before. Each man took turns devastating her pussy and arsehole at nearly the same time. The underneath was the first to ejaculate inside her. The brother came a distant second: he retrieved his cock and bellowed as he stroked his cock then splattered his semen all across her arse cheeks.

I wore back my clothes and kept watching. The bout of fucking went on with every man taking turns to fuck her arse and then repeating it all over again. When it came time for the crowning moment, they laid Sarah on the towel and surrounding her, each man stroked his cock like cowboys loading their guns, getting ready to a frenzied showdown and then unloaded their laden ammo all over her. Sarah covered her eyes and remained as she was while getting bathed by a shower of college Rugby player’s cum. They ribbed and slapped each other’s palms, shook hands and congratulated themselves when they were done.

“—sure was some good pussy!”


“—man, I ain’t shot this much load in weeks!” “—sweetest pussy!”

“—we need more bitches like this who want to have an autograph.”

Gust of laughter exploded amongst them.

They trooped out of the locker room heading back to the shower. One of them folded Sarah’s clothes and gave them to her and thanked her for being a proud fan before leaving the room to join the others. I led Sarah to the shower and washed the load of semen off her body. When she felt dry enough, she wore back her clothes. She was too weak to walk straight and had to rest against me while I led her out of the locker room. Out in the parking lot, I just about carried her towards my car and laid her in the backseat to cool off while I jumped in and started the car.

“Have fun?” I said to her reflection in the mirror.

She nodded her head and answered with a weak sounding voice: “Oh yeah. I’d sure love to do it again.” And the truth is she has since done it again. It has become an obsession for her. The week after that gangbanging episode she went to a party the boys were hosting. I later heard about the escapade the following morning. The good thing was she hadn’t been the only female this time. Another gangbanging party she got involved in a week ago, she took with her two friends to the boy’s locker room during their training session. They had a qualifying match with another outside team and I guess Sarah and her friends were like a pair of good luck charm for them because the following night, those boys went out and played their best ever game and won.

It’ll be hard getting to turn Sarah away from this new groupie love she’s got for the Rugby team. In a way, I too kind of enjoy it. Though not as much as she does.

Never as much as she does.

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