My Great Niece Becca

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Unexpected fun with my great niece Bekka.

This is fiction about my great niece. Parts of this are true, I am fucking her mother. But sometimes get the feeling Bekka wants me to fuck her too. As she is always flirting with me.

My great niece, Bekka calls me last week saying she’s having problems with her new computer. I had just set it up the week before. I also had the shock of my life that same day. I had been fucking her mother for about 2 years. We were always careful about it. But I was at her mom’s before going to set up her computer unit. I needed a fuck real bad. Angie is always willing and is a super fuck. She is 42, dish water dirty blonde shoulder length hair, One blue eye and one hazel, cute turned up nose, very kissable lips, C cup titties, trimmed bush tasty pussy, tight ass for her age, really sexy legs.

Back to my story.

Little did I know Bekka had come over to talk to her mom. While we were in Angie’s bedroom going at it. Bekka somehow watched us. After seeing me fuck her mom with my 8″ cock she had to try it.

I’m 58, 5’6″, 155#, average looks, still pretty good shape as I workout 3-4 times a week. She is a beautiful 21 year old, 5’4″ tall, with golden brown shoulder length hair, 120 lbs., B or C cup tits. Her almond eyes and bronze skin is from her Asian father. She was Angies 2nd child, but Angie never married him.

Anyway I tell my wife I need to go to Bekka’s to work on her new computer. All the way there I am thinking of what could be wrong with it.

I get there she is out side sunbathing. As if she needed to tan at all.

I walk up and she is wearing a black string bikini. Seeing me walk up she greets me.

“Hi Uncle Dick. Boy am I glad to see you.” she says. “Come in and I show you the problem I’m having.”

I follow that beautiful swaying bikini covered ass in the house.

“What seems to be the problem?”

“I’m having problems with the turn on button.”

“Oh! Well let me have look at it.” Again I am following her sweet ass upstairs to her bedroom where it is setup. I can smell the perfume drifting from her. I am getting hard as a rock watching her wiggling ass in that skimpy bikini.

I go to the computer and set down. I push the power button and it comes on no problem.

“It seems to be working now.” I turn to say something stupid.

Bekka is sitting on the edge of the bed topless. I’m in total shock.

She says, “I want what mom got the other day before you set up my computer.”

“W…what? What do you mean, I don’t understand.” I fumble for words.

“I went to see mom just before you set up my computer up. Your car was there but when I went inside I couldn’t find you two. Till I heard mom groaning from the bedroom. I quietly opened the door to see you pounding her pussy. I watched a while you two are hot. görükle escort bayan You got a nice fucking cock on you to Uncle Dick. At least mom sure seemed to like it.”

“Bekka I don’t know what to say.”

“I do if your done fixing that button how about working on mine?” Pulling her bikini bottom aside exposing her almost hairless pussy.

I can’t believe what I’m hearing. But I am sure not passing up a chance like this.

She has her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and clit. I almost shot my wad right then. I get up go over dropped to my knees and bury my face into her fine ass pussy. I waste no time playing around just start licking and sucked on her cunt. Before she changes her mind. I feast on her fine pussy until she comes. The whole time talking to me in the most vial way. Telling me to eat that pussy, suck my clit, eat my ass and dozen other things. She screams like like she is in pain when she came. Then screaming at me.


I renewed my attention to her clit. I pull her legs over my shoulders and she squeezed me between them for a minute. She moans, then begins to buck with an orgasm. I work my way to her brown puckered anus. I begin to rim her with my tongue. With my free hand I reached around to rub her clit with my finger. I wiggled my tongue into her ass and she tightened the muscles in her ass around my tongue I could tell she was going to cum again. I stick my tongue in her puckered anus and wiggled it around rubbing her clit the same time.

She screams, “FUCK YES!!” and went limp.

I get up saying I need to cleanup. I go to the bathroom to wash my face and hands.

When I returned she was setting on the edged of the bed.

“That was great, now it’s your turn. Come here.”

I walked over to her stopping in front of her. She releases my pants and slides them down. Hooks her thumbs under the band of my briefs pulling them down. My rock hard cock popped out nearly hitting her in the face. She unbuttons my shirt. I slipped it off. Stepping out of my shoes pants and briefs.

She says “No wonder mom likes to fuck you! Your huge!”

I kind of laugh and say “I’m not that big.”

“I haven’t found a guy close to you so far and I’ve had a few.”

With that she begins to lick the tip of my cock running her tongue around the head. Then licking the full length. She opens her lips and sliding them around it. My god her warm wet lips engulfing me that feels so fucking great. Slowly she begins to suck the head slipping more and more into her mouth. Till she could not get any more in. She worked up and down on it trying to get it all into her mouth and throat. I love watching her pretty face sucking my cock so intently.

I begin to bursa otele gelen escort feel my balls tighten and I know I’m going to cum. I think she can tell also as she sucks harder on the tip and running her tongue around the sensitive head.

“I’m cumming!!” I say

She pulls me out just as I explode. The first on hit her square between then eyes. Running down the side of her nose across her lips. The second one hits her forehead and across her cheek. The next hits her ear and hair. The next couple dribble down her chest and on her tits. I take a finger wipe the cum from her eyes. She opened her eyes and starts to laugh. Then she licks the last of my cum off the head making me shiver with pleasure. I take my fingers and clean her face and chest. Becca opens her mouth.


Sticking her tongue out I stick my fingers in her mouth. She sucks them clean, each time I clean more she offers the same gesture. When I’m done cleaning her. She comes up face to face me and kisses me sliding her tongue into my mouth, pushing part of my load in with it. Our tongues mingle with my cum as she works to stick hers a far onto my mouth as possible.

Parting she says “You taste so good I wanted to share some.”

I have had this done before so it was not bad at all. I enjoyed the taste with her tongue as server.

Then she pushed me back onto the bed. Gets on the bed then began to work her way on top of me. My cock is still semi-hard. She sits on my hips with her pussy just over my cock. She lowered her hips and rubs her cunt up and down on my cock. She was wet and warm, she lowers her tits to my face and I kissed each nipple. Then I sucked each one in turn making them hard. I loved her nipples as they are light brown and stuck out with the very nipple about the size of a pencil eraser. As I sucked and nibbled on them she is sliding her pussy on my cock. I am getting harder by the second.

Very soon I am hard as a rock again. She slides her hand down grabbing my cock and guided my ridged rod into her waiting love tunnel. It is so tight she is having a hard time getting the head in. She pushed hard and the head pops in her. Her pussy is far tighter than her mothers. I looked up at her face and the pleasure was written all over it. Her mouth was open and breathing heavy. Then she bents over and kissed me hard shoving her tongue almost down my throat. I returned the gesture and she sucked on my tongue hard. I think she is trying to suck it out of my head.

She pushed down with her hips sliding about 2″ into her cunt. The feeling is intense I can feel every crevice and fold in her velvet molten love tunnel. She begins to rotate her hips working more and more into her steamy pussy.

I cannot take any more I want to pound her pussy so bad. I roll bursa escort bayan her over getting on top, she spreads her legs wide raising her knees to give me better access.

I begin to work my cock in and out of that wonderful tight pussy. I finally get it all the way in and she was gasping for air and moaning at the same time. I start to pull out to fuck her.

“No wait.”

That when I felt her cunt spasm and contracting on my cock as she cums hard.

“Oh my that is great.” she moans out. Then says “OK I’m ready.” So I start to work my cock in and out of her. Each time I bottom out and she grunts.

“Oh Yea.” Then she says “Fuck me hard.”

So I start to slide in and out faster and harder she grunts with each stroke. I begin to suck on her tits. Sucking nibbling lightly biting them. She squeals with pleasure each time I do. She is eager to meet my strokes. I feel my balls tingle as I am ready to cum.

“I’m cumming!” I say and she pumps harder and screams

“YES! YES! Fuck me!! Fill me with your cum!!” I shoot off into her tight little pussy.

She pulls my face to her face and kisses me hard.

“Oh Fuck yes.” She says.

After a couple minutes. I start to pull out but.

“No leave it in for a while.”

We roll on to our side so I’m not crushing her. So I can lay facing her and still be in her to the hilt. We lay there spent my cock being convulsively gripped by her wonderful pussy. We are kissing and I am playing with her nipples.

She says “I’m glad I caught you and mom. Otherwise this would never have happened.”

“Me too! I never would have tried anything with you. Not that I haven’t thought about it a lot. I didn’t think you would want and old fucker like me.”

She laughs saying “I don’t care how old you are or that your my great uncle. I just want more of what mom is getting a real fuck from a man who know how to use his dick and mouth.”

“I’ll be glad to provide it to you any time any place. Your even a better fuck then you mom and that’s saying something.”

We lay there for a while enjoying each others company and sexuality. I want to fuck her again but I had to go.

“I’ll be calling you a lot more often. I can tell you that.”

“I hope so, but I still have to take care of your mom you know.”

“Oh yea! I think we can work together on this one.”

“Next time I’ll call mom and have her help me with that monster.”

“Your mother knows about this?”

“Sure does, I confronted her about it first.”

“Shes ok with it?”

“Hell yea as long as she gets hers.”

“Thats crazy but I’ll be more then happy to do you or her anytime any place. Like I said, I love everything about you both.”

She smiles a great big smile. “We love you too. Come over anytime I’m always in the mood for a good fucking.”

I say “Sounds great to me.” I get dressed to go. Bekka walks me to the door and kisses me, thanks me for the great fuck.

I said thank you. I needed it just as bad or maybe more.

“Love you and talk to you later.” Giving her kiss and wink as I went out the door.

I don’t believe there is a luckier man alive at that moment.

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