My Green-Eyed Cousin

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It started in July, 2002, the year I graduated high school. I was 18 and ready to start college, living at home and working for a landscaping firm in my hometown in northwestern Pennsylvania. I had just finished work on Friday, a little early because of the heat, and was looking forward to relaxing that night. My parents had gone out of town as they frequently did in the summer, to a family cottage in upstate New York.

I arrived at the house and stripped off my work clothes, groaning as I lifted my arms above my head to take off my shirt. I was sunburned on my arms and pretty deeply tanned on my chest and back. It was a good look for me, I thought. I had never been in terrific shape, but a few months planting trees and cutting grass had allowed me to get some definition in my chest and shoulders.

I felt pretty good about myself for a change. I was a pretty average guy, just under six feet, about 170 lbs with light brown hair and blue eyes. I’d never been much with the girls in high school, though I’d had my share of nights, and I was looking forward to starting college that fall.

I stood in my room thinking about taking a shower, but instead decided to go for a swim in the family pool to cool off. After that I thought I’d shower and make some plans for the night.

I pulled on my yellow swimsuit, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and stepped out of the sliding glass door in the kitchen and on to the pool deck.

Our pool was large, but not extravagant. It took up most of the yard we shared with our neighbors, my dad’s older brother, his wife and their two daughters Krista and Jill. They were with my parents at the cottage for the next ten days or so.

The pool area was hidden from view to anyone not in the yard or one of the houses by the houses themselves and a row of tall hedges.

I dove into the pool, enjoying the cool water on my back as I arched upward to the surface and felt the water run down my face. I was still wiping the drops from my eyes when I heard a distinct slamming sound and what I thought were footsteps. As my eyes adjusted to the light i saw that it was Krista. My cousin Krista is a beautiful girl. There’s really no other way to put it. At 20 she had just finished her second year at college and was a total knockout, not in the way models or actresses are, but in a very distinct, farmer’s daughter kind of way. She stood about as tall as I did, with long toned legs from years on the swim team and firm abs from helping her dad with his construction business. She had long, straight brown hair which hung just past her shoulder blades and green eyes.

She was wearing a one piece, dark-blue swimsuit and a pair of over sized thick-rimmed sunglasses. I loved the way the suit looked on her, highlighting her best features as it supported and covered her beautiful, firm breasts and curved with her hips and stomach.

When we were younger, not even old enough to understand what everything meant, we’d play doctor in the the trees behind out grandparents farm. She had been my first kiss, though I never really saw it that way then.

Now as a young woman she was all at once innocent, feminine, mysterious, sensual and strong, and I found myself watching her all the time.

“Hey Champ,” she said, calling me by an old nickname as she descended the stairs from her deck onto the pool terrace.

“Hey Krissy, how’s it going? I thought you went to the cottage?” I asked.

“No, I was going to but I thought the idea of staying home alone for a week or so was much more appealing. It’ll be good to have the house to myself,” she replied.

“I thought I would have the pool to myself as well, but it looks like you’re still here.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “I stayed to work so i can afford to go to school next year, you know how it is.”

“I sure do,” she replied with a smile. Slowly she turned and placed her towel on a deck chairs, pulled her sunglasses off and shook her hair from her eyes. She bent down and placed her sunglasses on the chair, giving me a good look at her beautiful ass. I was mesmerized by the sight of the dark fabric stretching across the cheeks of her butt. It was an incredible sight.

I was still in a dream world when she stood up and turned around. I think she may have caught me sneaking a peek at her because she winked at me and dove into the pool.

She came to the surface and brushed her hair from her eyes, then, unhappy with some of the strands still clinging to her face, she leaned her head back like she was in a limbo contest and dropped her forehead into the water, washing her hair away from her face. As she did I looked over and saw her beautiful breasts, firm and round, begging to be held.

She swam toward me, eventually standing up to walk in the shallow water and laughed as she splashed me with her hand. The she reached behind her head and pulled her hair into a ponytail with an elastic she pulled from her wrist. As she did I couldn’t stop myself from looking down the front of her swimsuit. bursa sınırsız escort She was so incredible.

We swam and talked for about twenty minutes, before deciding to open a few drinks from the cooler in the pool house. I sat in my swim trunks, sipping beer from a cold can while I sat on the pool steps and watched Krista wade in the shallow end of the pool while she enjoyed her own drink and told stories about college.

The beer must have been hitting her pretty hard because before long she was giggling and laughing while she told me about nights she probably never expected to share with a member of her family. I was quickly learning that my neighbor and cousin was much less innocent than I imagined.

She asked if I had been with many girls.

“A few,” I said, “I dated Jess for about five months. We had sex and tried a few things, but she didn’t want a boyfriend over the summer. Whatever…”

“How was she in bed?” Krista asked, suddenly getting a serious look in her eyes.

“Not bad,” I replied, trying to sound nonchalant. “She never got tired of having sex, but she aways wanted to do it the same way, in the same order at the same time. It was strange.”

Krista went on to tell me about some of the guys she had been with, as she spoke her voice got lower and she began to look off, past or through me, obviously deeply affected by what she was saying.

“I had one boyfriend who loved to go down on me, but he never wanted to have sex. He was so scared of making me pregnant, but he used to eat my pussy two or three times every day, sometimes between classes in the bathrooms at the school, sometimes in the car. It was so hot, but sometimes i just need to feel something inside me…”

I felt my cock getting stiffer as I thought about the woman before me having sex or hooking up with guys at college. It wasn’t the first time I noticed how attractive she was, and I didn’t think it would be the last, but she was my cousin and off limits I reminded myself.

“That guy is a fool.” I said.

I finished my next beer and waded out past Krista to the far side of the pool where the stereo was and started flipping through the CD case, looking for some music. I was thankful the water was above my waist level because it kept my quickly growing erection hidden from view.

Before long I felt the water ripple around me as Krista approached from the back. I turned around just as she arrived and found myself inches from her face.

Neither of us said a word for what felt like an hour, but was probably little more than a few seconds. I felt my cock twitch as she leaned towards me, going past my face until her mouth was only inches from my ear. I felt her sweet breath on my cheek as she whispered to me.

“I’m so horny.” she said, half moaning as she did.

I was speechless. Literally. I had no words in my head to say to this beautiful young woman standing in front of me. I was surprised and confused. She must have sensed my confusion as she whispered again.

“Standing here, talking about sex, looking at you in that suit, wet, tanned, it’s making me so horny.”

As she leaned back she lightly licked my earlobe and brushed my cheek with her own.

I finally found words as she stood in front of me, though I’m embarrassed to say what they were.

“But you’re my cousin,” I protested weakly and somewhat predictably,

“Can we really….?” I asked, letting my meaning trail away.

“God, I hope so.” she said. As she did, I felt her right hand slip down my chest and onto my crotch, roughly grabbing my fully-hard cock and squeezing it.,

“Unngh,” I grunted breathlessly “Oh God.”

“It looks like you’re pretty horny too,” she said with a smile.

Her other hand reached down under the water and she let go of my cock so she could untie the drawstring on the waist on my shorts, when she had achieved that goal, she took my dick in her fist and started slowly, deliberately pumping up and down under the water.

Without breaking eye contact she reached out with her left hand and grabbed my right, pulling it down onto the soft, stretchy fabric of her bathing suit. Following her cue I slid my fingers between her legs, rubbing her mound through the fabric covering it.

She exhaled sharply as she felt her first pangs of pleasure and I grunted again as I felt my her hand squeeze my dick harder.

I stood staring into her eyes, not speaking a word as she stroked me under the water, hearing only the sounds of our own, shallow breaths and the light splashing of the pool. Her eyes were hypnotic. The were so deep and so green. In that moment she was totally taken by lust. I could see confidence in her, but also vulnerability. Admitting her feelings had opened her up to me. Now we were locked at the eyes. She never blinked or looked away, just stared me in the face, watching the pleasure running though every fiber of my being as she gave me the most incredible bursa escort bayan hand job I had ever imagined.

Following her lead I gently pulled the fabric of her swimsuit aside and started stroking her naked cunt with my entire hand. While she was obviously wet from standing in the pool, I could feel another kind of dampness, a thinker, slicker wetness that told me she was as aroused as I was.

I slid two fingers into her cunt and she slowly spread her legs slightly to allow me easier access and finally she spoke.

“That feels so fucking good. Don’t ever stop. I want to feel this forever.”

She continued pumping me for some time as I fingered he pussy and started at her face. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. There was something so bad about what was happening, something so wrong, and staring this beautiful woman, my cousin, with the same family blood as me, made me so horny. She was so sexy and the soft moans coming from deep in her throat told me she was thinking something along the same lines. I felt my cock start to heat up as she relentlessly stroked it, giving me more pleasure that I can possibly describe.

Finally I couldn’t take the feeling of her hands on me anymore I had lasted a few long minutes, much longer than I could have expected..

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I said, breaking the silence as I felt and orgasm welling up. “I’m gonna cum any second.”

“Do it.” She said. “Do it here in the pool.”

I couldn’t say no to that offer and stopped trying to hold back, though I doubt I could have held on much longer under any circumstance.

“Faster.” I whispered, still staring her in the eye and speeding up my own motions as I continued to probe her with my fingers.

“Cum for me baby, cum all over my hand, all around me in the water. Show me how much you like it, show me how good it feels,” she said, never looking away, holding my gaze with her deep green eyes.

It was the eyes that finally made the difference, looking into them and seeing her own lust pushed me over the edge, groaning aloud as I did.

“Auuuuunnnnngggggghhhh!!!” I shouted, finally closing my eyes and tilting my head back as all the muscles in my body tightened.

“Oh shit baby, oh shit that’s so fucking hot, I’m making you cum, you’re fucking cumming for me, oh shit keep cumming!” She said

“Oh Fuck!!!” I said as my orgasm lessened. “Holy fuck…that felt so fucking good.”

Finally the ropes of cum stopped shooting into the pool. There were visible in the clear water, thick and white. They slowly fell apart and disappeared.

“I want to make you cum Krista” I said, “I want to make you feel like you made me feel.”

“I want you to baby, i want you to. Let’s go inside and finish this.”

I opened my mouth to speak again, but before I could she was swimming away toward the steps. I chased behind her, pulling my shorts back to my waist as she climbed to the pool deck, grabbed my towel and headed for the sliding door to my house.

Once i was inside I slid the door closed and pulled the blinds behind me, though it was impossible for anyone to see us. I turned around and saw her again, standing in the kitchen with my white towel in her hand, lightly biting the corner of her bottom lip.

I walked toward her and she tossed the towel away.

“God I want you so fucking bad.” I said as I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her backwards and up until she was sitting on the kitchen island.

I took her face in my hand and she wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me tightly toward her.

“Yes” she said, answering a question neither of us even had to ask.

I kissed her hard. It was the first time I had kissed her since the incident began. She had stroked my cock, seen my cum and looked deeply into my eyes, but kissing her was so much more intimate.

She kissed me back, answering my open mouth with her own. I felt her cool, spongy tongue as it entered my mouth and wrestled with my own. She was so aggressive, kissing me hard and breathing sharply through her nose and she ran her hands up and down my back.

I worked my kisses down, slowly toward her ear and then down the side of her neck. Reaching her shoulder I kissed toward the center of her neck, and then along her beautiful collarbone until I met the strap of her bathing suit. I reached up, taking each strap in one hand, looked her in the eyes and pulled the straps down, from her shoulders past her elbows, revealing her beautiful chest for the first time.

He breasts was incredible. I’ve never understood how women’s bra sizes work, but Krista’s tits were just slightly too big for a handful, topped with tiny, pointed nipples.

She exhaled a shallow breath as the cool air hit her nipples, raising goosebumps on her smooth white skin and pink aureoles..

I kissed her again, quickly snaking my tongue into her mouth and feeling her moan softly as I tweaked hip nipples with nilüfer escort my hands.

Slowly I trailed my kisses down her chest until I finally took one of her perfect tits in my mouth. The nipples tasted like chlorine from the pool, and sweat from the excitement of what we were doing. I continued to lick, suck and lightly bite Krista’s nipples for several minutes, alternating sides as she ran her hands roughly through my wet hair.

“Oooohhhhhh, that feels so good, suck my tits baby, I want you to suck my tits all night.”

I would have happily agreed, but after a few intense moments I turned my attention downward and began pulling the swimsuit down past her waist.

“Oh, you want to eat my pussy? Is that what you want to do? Well do it, eat my pussy.” she said, gaining confidence and speaking more aggressively as she started to be struck by lust.

Finally I pulled her swimsuit past her feet revealing her entire body to me. Her cunt was almost completely shaved, except for a thing brown strip of hair which ran an inch, maybe two up toward her stomach. I smiled and dove into her naked, wet cunt. It was the hottest thing I had ever done. My gorgeous, naked cousin was sitting on my counter top, moaning and writhing in ecstasy as I attacked her pussy with my tongue and lips.

I’ve never been great at eating girls out, but whatever I was doing to Krista seemed to be working. I sucked and licked her for a long time. Not slowing or stopping, listening to her moans of pleasure. It felt good to make her feel good. She was digging her fingernails into the counter top and wrapping her long, toned legs around my head, holding my face to her cunt. I didn’t mind, there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

“Oh shit!!” she called out after close to ten minutes of oral sex. “Oh shit that feels so great, your tongue, your tongue is driving me fucking crazy!! Oh fuck don’t stop, don’t you fucking stop. Ohhh my cousin is eating me out, he’s eating my fucking cunt and I love it, I’m so fucking dirty, I’m so fucking bad!!!”

She continued to yell out, obviously turning herself on with her words. I was a little bit alarmed at how loud she was being but at that point I didn’t care at all. She’d given me the best hand job in the history of hand jobs earlier and I was going to make her cum.

I attacked her cunt with ferocity, licking and biting her clit and pussy lips, fingering her tight hole as I tasted her. It didn’t take long before I felt the effects i was having on her.

Soon her legs tightened around my head and she started to breath differently. Her body started to shudder and suddenly she screamed out.

“Auuugnnnnnggghhhhhnnnhhh!!!”, she yelled as her juices ran from her pussy and onto my face.

I licked and tried to taste s as best I could as she continued to spasm in the tremors or her orgasm. Finally she released my head and leaned back on her hands. I stood up and wiped the juices from my face.

“Oh my God, that was so incredible. Fuck I can’t believe I came like that. Wow….” She said with a smile.

“You look so sexy sitting there, naked, with your cheeks all flushed and your pussy open from cumming. Fuck you’re hot, I can’t believe you’re so fucking hot and you’ve lived on the other side of my pool all this time.” I said.

She smiled and those beautiful green eyes shimmered.

“Well who would have ever thought we’d fuck one day? I didn’t. I mean I always thought you were good looking, but we’re related. You never expect to be eaten out by the guy from the family picnics. I didn’t think I’d ever jerk off someone who shares my last name. I’m as surprised as you are.” she told me.

“I always thought you were hot as hell, but until today I had no idea you were such a sexual person. I had no idea you could make me feel like this or cum like I did. Fuck you’re amazing. It’s like you know exactly where to touch me. I’m so happy we did this.”

“Well, we’re not done yet,” she said, standing and walking towards me. Again she leaned in close to me, past my face and whispered in my ear.

“I’m still horny, and I need your fucking cock inside me. I want you to fuck me baby.”

I stepped back and prepared to run upstairs to grab a condom.

“I’ll get a rubber.” I said breathlessly, hoping she’d wait for me.

“Fuck it, she said, taking me by the wrist and pulling me toward the kitchen table “I want you now and I’m on the pill. Just fuck me baby, fuck me now, please.”

There was no way to refuse. If possible, I think my cock got harder when she sat back on the table and leaned on her elbows, spreading her legs for me to see. I stripped of my bathing suit, feeling the cold fabric pull past my balls, and stepped toward her.

I took my dick in my hand and aimed at at her cunt, pressing the head against her opening and and applying light pressure.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked. “Last chance, because once I start fucking you I might never be able to stop.”

“Don’t tease me, just do it please….” she said.The lust in her voice was unmistakable and I was glad I wasn’t the only one enjoying this. Slowly I pushed myself forward, sinking my head into her wet cunt. She was clearly not a virgin, but she was still as tight as any girl I’d ever been with. Whatever guys she’d been with before must not have been well equipped.

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