My Hungry Little Sex Slave

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We’ve been teasing each other all day long. A nice dinner, a trip to the local sex shop, and a few glasses of wine had our hunger for each other at a fever pitch. This gorgeous, tall redhead, so hungry for me and my body, was going to be my little sex slave tonight. By just looking at her I knew I was making her pussy wet with desire. And it was my objective to give her, and her gorgeous body, a night that she would not soon forget.

“Alexandra, its time. Go into your room and dress yourself up like the slut you are for me,” I told her. She practically ran into her bedroom and closed the door, and began to dress herself. Meanwhile, I walked into the other bedroom and began to slide on my skin-tight vinyl bodysuit. Oh, does my little slave love me in this. I zipped up my bodysuit and slid on my boots, felt extremely horny, dominant, and ready to pleasure my willing and hungry slave for the evening.

She emerged from her bedroom and it nearly took my breath away, although I was able to conceal my excitement. Standing in front of me was this gorgeous woman, now over 6 feel tall in her gorgeous high heels, in a perfect pothole bodystocking that accentuated every single curve of her delicious body. The contrast of the black bodystocking to her white skin made me hot and hard with desire, and her long red hair, beautiful makeup and shiny lipstick, and the look of innocence and wanting on her face made me want to slide my huge cock deep inside of her right there.

She stood still in the middle of the living room as I walked around her slowly, inspecting her. “Oh Alexandra,” I began, “you look amazing. You have me so hot and hard as you can see and I find you very pleasing. Are you ready for your Master?” She nodded innocently as I pushed down on the top of her head to make her kneel down. My little slave took my cock into her delicious mouth, and sucked me so hard and good. So hungry she was, she sucked my cock with such vigor, all the while I was just teasing her of what was to come. I ran my fingers through her hair as she sucked me, as I told her how sexy she was, how hot she made me, and how I planned on fucking her so good and so deep, taking her body and mind to places she had never been before.

I led her into her bedroom and grabbed the collar. As if on instinct, she pulled up her hair as I slid the collar around her neck, fastening it tight. I clipped on the leash to the collar, explaining that she was not going to be very far from me for the rest of the evening. I looked at her. How gorgeous, standing there in her bodystocking and heels. How sexy, with that red hair and lipstick and collar. I took a drink of wine and kissed her. We stood there kissing so passionately, the wine running down both of our chins. She licked the wine from my face, gobbling it up, and I returned the favor. I licked her face and neck, sucking up the delicious juice, and began to bite her neck. Biting and sucking on her skin, I can hear her pendik escort moans of pleasure echo throughout the room. I couldn’t get enough. We kissed deeply and I took more wine and ran it down her mouth, neck and chest to her beautiful tits. I sucked on her body like a savage, driving her crazy, soaking her pussy. It was then I couldn’t take it anymore.

I grabbed her leash and walked over to the closet cabinet, and used the leash to practically throw her up against it. With her gorgeous ass propped up so high in her kinky heels, I took my giant cock and unexpectedly slid it deep inside of her in one full motion. She cried out, so loudly, at the invasion, but I knew what I wanted. I grabbed her hips, and began to maul her pussy with my big cock, fucking her so hard from behind as she pasted herself against the cabinet, screaming. It was just then that we caught a glimpse of ourselves in her full-length mirror, and what a sight of beauty it was. “Look Alexandra, look. Look at how beautiful we are. Look at how hot. What an amazing fetish couple we make,” I stated. We fucked in front of the mirror, both looking so hot. I was watching her facial expressions and began to fuck her as fast as I could. I watched in the reflection as she orgasmed so deeply for me, her legs buckling, her juices running down her legs and all over my cock, her screams of ecstasy. She thanked me for fucking her and allowing her to cum as I stood in the middle of the room, feeling so hot and kinky in my vinyl bodysuit and extremely hard cock. I loved her marveling at the sight of kinky me, anticipating what I had in store for her next.

She didn’t have to wait long. I grabbed her leash and led her into the next room. After closing the door, I pushed her up against it and began to kiss her passionately. Again, I had difficulty stopping, kissing her lips, her face, her neck, her tits. I grabbed her left wrist and pulled it upwards, and slid it into the door handcuff I had above her. She looked a bit shocked but before she could even react I had her other wrist inside the other handcuff. And there she stood facing me, handcuffed to the door, helpless, looking so sexy in her bodystocking and heels. Mine. All mine.

I knelt down in front of her and her gorgeous shaven pussy was mere inches from my face. I stuck out my tongue and lightly glided it over her full and swollen pussy lips, and she moaned in ecstasy. And then without warning, I engulfed her pussy into my mouth, sucking on it as she began to wither and scream. I spread her pussylips with my fingers and my tongue found her swollen clit, and I danced my tongue on it for what seemed like an eternity. I sucked her clit, fingered her pussy, and pulled on her pussylips with my mouth. She came and came for me, all the while moaning as I tasted her heavenly cum. I so enjoyed licking her, fucking her with my tongue, giving her immense pleasure, all the while with her being bonded to the door. She could barely tuzla escort stand after her orgasms, and with my face soaked from her delicious juices, I unbuckled her from the door and she nearly collapsed into my arms.

I grabbed the leash of my little kinky sex slave who could barely walk and led her back into her bedroom. I led her over to the bed and laid her down. I spread her gorgeous long legs and I could feel my mouth water. There, again, was her gorgeous ass and hungry pussy, and I put my rockhard cock at the opening to her now-dripping hole. I put my swollen cockhead inside of her, teasing my poor little slave. “Do you want more, my little sex slave?” I asked her. She was begging for me to fuck her, yet I continued to tease her with slow strokes, only giving her the pleasure of just a few short inches. I loved watching her, her face, her reactions which were nothing short of heavenly. It was when she was nearly in tears that I fulfilled her wanting body as I pushed the rest of my hugeness deep inside of her. So deep that she screamed in ecstasy, and I grabbed her hips once again and began to pound away. And as for my good little sex slave, all she did was scream. She screamed so loud as I fucked her so deep, so hard. She came and came again for me, her gorgeous pussy contracting around every inch of my huge cock buried so deeply up inside of her. Our eyes locked upon each other and we stared so deeply as I slowed my pace and methodically began to pull my cock out of her and push it back in at a snail’s pace. She loved the change of pace and with our eyes locked on each other, she had another huge orgasm, her pussy contracting so tight around me. I decided it was time for me to rest upon her bed and withdrew my cock from her, although her tight and anxious pussy didn’t want to let it go.

I laid down on the bed and she stood above me. “Now, Alexandra,” I stated, grabbing her leash, “I want you to stick that gorgeous pussy and ass on my face”. She, of course, did as I instructed and within seconds, her nearly-dripping pussy was again inches from my face. She grabbed my cock and drove it into her mouth, and we began an amazing session of 69. Oh, did I lick her. I licked her pussy and drove my tongue so deep inside of her. It was my turn to scream as she took as much of my huge cock down her throat as she could, and the vibrations of my screams on her swollen clit drove her over the edge again. She screamed and came and I sucked down every single drop of her hot cum, feeling it all over my face.

I paused for a second and looked at her delicious asshole. I savored the moment and stuck out my tongue and lightly flicked her opening. It sent shockwaves throughout her body and for the next twenty minutes, I licked her gorgeous hole. It was driving her crazy and tasted so good and simply, I couldn’t get enough. I licked her asshole, bit her asscheeks, and forced her hips down on my face to smother me. Our moans of complete ecstasy kartal escort and pleasure filled the room as we were locked into this beautiful position together. I wanted to push her, to make her feel so so good, so I spread her asscheeks and slid my tongue deep up inside her ass. And with my cock deep down her throat, we were both screaming in ecstasy, and I could feel her cum leaking from her pussy on my chin and neck as she came – again – so hard for me. Oh how I loved licking her most perfect asshole, and how she loved to be tongue fucked there.

With my mouth, chin and neck covered in her cum, I ordered her to stand up. I propped up a few pillows and ordered her to bend over the bed. With her ass in the air, I bent down and went to town on her ass once again with my tongue. I just couldn’t help myself, I wanted more. I wanted more of that taste, I wanted more of her reactions. I spread her asscheeks and flicked my tongue on her ass, sliding it inside of her. My goodness, how incredibly hot I felt.

I stood up and dumped lube all over my huge, swollen cock. I wanted her to experience an orgasm like she never had before, so I gave her a bullet and ordered her to put it on her swollen clit. She did as instructed as her face was buried in the bed and her ass high in the air. I placed my cock at the base of her asshole and she knew what was coming next. She was practically begging me, “please, please I want it”. I opened her asscheeks and began to push and her breath was taken away as my cockhead slid inside of her. I didn’t move as I allowed her to get used to the fullness inside her ass as she worked her clit with the bullet. Slowly, very slowly, I began to push more and more of my cock up inside her ass. Oh she was so eager, so hungry for it, moaning deeply. And after a few minutes, I was completely buried inside of her ass, and I was so proud of her for taking all of me so deep inside her.

And then I began to fuck her. Slowly at first but gradually building up steam, faster and faster. And once again, all my little sex slave can do was scream and cum. She was screaming so loudly into her bed, telling me she that she loved it, telling her Master how good it felt, how full she was. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her hard, so hard in her ass. Her hole was so tight, and it actually seemed like her ass was grabbing my cock and keeping it up inside her. Oh how she loved it, as I felt a huge orgasm building deep inside my soul. I ordered her to pull her bullet on high, and I was fucking her so deep with the full length of my cock. “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” she screamed and I loved her kinky reaction. She began to scream and cum again, this time the loudest I have heard from her, as I began to scream as I could feel my cock expanding and getting so huge. Continuing to fuck her ass as hard as I could, we screamed and I exploded deep inside of her, pumping her full of what seemed like gallons of hot cum. I screamed and shook and came so hard, my body uncontrollable.

I collapsed on top of her, with my cock still deep in her ass, and I wrapped my arms around her as we reveled in our post-orgasm bliss. What a good little sex slave I have.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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