My Life as a Sex Addict Ch. 04

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(This once again is a continuation, if you haven’t read chapter 03 I suggest you do, unless you are just looking for a quick thrill, then by all means read on. I would also like to thank Teloz for his wonderful editing and for helping me so much. This story is short but it is only because chapter 05 is so long. I hope you enjoy!)

Jason’s car pulled into the parking lot of a nice hotel, it wasn’t extravagant by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly wasn’t cheap and seedy. He instructed Amelia to wait in the car while he booked the room. After quickly pecking her cheek he climbed out of his car, briskly jogged to the main entrance, and opened the large glass door. She could see him speaking with the night clerk, gesturing with his hands as they completed the transaction. A few moments later he walked out the door victoriously waving the room key in the air, his smile broad and handsome; he giggled unable to control his glee.

He got back in the car and drove to their room at the back end of the building. He made his way to her door and opened it, handing her out in his usual gentlemanly fashion, then they strolled hand and hand to the room in the cover of darkness. He slid the key in the slot, changing the light on the door from red to green; he turned the knob and opened the heavy door, revealing their rented lover’s nest. It was pleasant and clean with one California King sized bed, it was by far the largest bed she had ever seen. Jason kicked the door closed behind them.

Before they could even turn on the light or make it any further into the room, she lunged at him, leaping into his arms unexpectedly, her mouth hungrily devoured his, her bare legs wrapped around him, he groped her ample ass in both hands bringing her further into his body. Her hands pulled his face forcefully into hers, and they shared long lustful kisses as they struggled to make their way to the enormous bed. He laid her gently on the bed, tasting her neck, nuzzling her ear, as she moaned and writhed beneath him. He abruptly stopped.

“I want to see you, all of you,” he reached over, turned on the bed side lamp, and looked pleadingly at her. She got up from the bed and stood tantalizingly close to him, just a mere fingertip from his grasp.

“Is this what you want?” she undid the top button of her shirt, swaying her hips in an enticing rhythm.

His eyes followed her hips, he was hypnotized by her movements; mesmerized by the view. She undid the second button exposing the slight curve between her breasts, her delicate creamy flesh now made visible to him. Her fingers reached the third and final button, she lingered there a minute teasing him, she took her lower lip in her mouth and bit it seductively with her front teeth.

“Do you want to see?” she wanted him to beg, she wanted to turn him into a ravenous beast, and she wanted to be his willing prey.

“Yes, please, I’m begging you please,” his words were mere whispers as he tried to control the urge to rip her clothes from her and throw her on the bed, before unleashing the fury of his pent up lust on her.

Satisfied with her effect on him she undid the final button, let the shirt slide freely to the floor, allowing him to view her firm milky breast, her hard rosy nipples, and her soft stomach. The curves from her tiny waist to her haramidere escort full hips were enhanced by her extremely short shorts, they clung to her hips for dear life. Unable to wait another agonizing second, he grabbed her, pulled her into his mouth, he kissed the beauty mark just below her left breast, his mouth open; like a starved animal he sampled every inch of her torso. Amelia’s hands ran across his buzz cut hair, massaging the scalp beneath, encouraging him to continue the sensuous kisses he placed upon her silken abdomen.

“Do you want to see all of me?” she slowly backed away from him, again just out of reach. She began rubbing her hands across her perky breasts giving them a little squeeze, tugging gently at her pink nipples, before lowering them to her denim shorts.

“I want you to beg like a good boy, You can be a good boy, can’t you?”

He nodded his head emphatically, ” please I have to see you, I’m begging you, for the love of God please, I will do anything you want!”

She treasured this game of cat and mouse, bending him to her will, the power alone was enough to awaken her sex, causing her pussy to quiver slightly, sending an exhilarating chill through her body.

“You’ll do anything I want?

“Yes!” his desperation made his voice heavy and low.

“Take off your shirt!” her words were more a command than request.

He obeyed without hesitation, to reward his obedience she undid the buttons of her jean shorts, pulling them down just enough to give a view of her skin beneath her white lace panties.

“Take off your pants.”

Again he obeyed her, taking off his dress shoes without being instructed to do so, he quickly undid his belt, he fumbled as his pants defiantly clung to him, after several clumsy attempts he kicked his legs free, and threw their now empty form on the floor. He was naked, with the exception of his boxers and socks. His massive erection caused a sizable bulge that her eyes couldn’t resist noticing, as she let them peruse his nakedness.

“Good boy!” she removed her shorts temptingly slow. Swaying her hips as they joined the growing pile of clothing on the floor. She stood there in her white lace panties, allowing him to watch as her hands caressed and fondled her warm creamy flesh. Her fingers crawled to the moist slit between her engorged lips, she petted it, allowing her fingers to glide across it repeatedly. She slid off her soaking panties, the gusset clinging to her wet sex until the last second as if reluctant to leave it. She sat on the dresser, propping one leg high upon it, permitting him to see her delicate finger enter her wide open slit, covering it in her hot juices.

“Do you like watching me touch myself?”


“I want to see you touch yourself. Will you be a good boy and touch yourself for me?”

Jason pulled his boxers down, his throbbing cock slapping his stomach upon its release. He seized his weighty hard-on in one hand, tugging firmly in long slow strokes, as he watched her continue to pleasure herself. His tempo accelerated , his eyes never leaving her, watching her face as she became filled with lust.

“I need you inside me!”

Amelia had primed her sex. Seeing a man completely exposed to her, vulnerable, içerenköy escort and serving her every desire had made her drunk on power. The pure thrill of watching him jack-off for her was more than she could stand. Watching his firm muscles flex with each stroke, seeing his chest lightly dusted in dark hair, made her yearn to fall asleep there listening to his heart. His intense brown eyes never left her body, her juices were dripping down her hands, running down her legs; now she needed to have his loaded cock inside her. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down onto the bed with him.

Jason towered over her, looking into her turquoise eyes, taking her hands in his as he extended her arms above her head. They kissed deeply, as his hands explored her body, each touch causing her to react.

“You feel amazing. I love your hands on me. I want you to do anything you want to me; I am completely yours,” Amelia meant every word she said, she was his slave, she wanted to please him in ways he had never experienced and she wanted nothing more than for him to use her for his ultimate fantasies.

He grabbed the belt from his trousers, took her hands above her head and bound them inside the cool leather belt. She felt the thick belt tighten around her wrists, a feeling not quite panic hit her, she was unable to move, as he wrapped the slack of the belt around the headboard and securely tied it.

“Do you trust me?” he asked, looking down at her, he sensed the panic in her eyes, he kissed her sweetly on the forehead, “I promise I’m not going to hurt you, you trust me don’t you?”

“Yes, I trust you.”

He reached down on the floor finding her shirt, he folded it neatly, placed it over her eyes, as he lifted her head to knot it tightly in the back. Her view was obstructed but her sense of smell, touch, sound, and his presence seemed to be heightened. Her breathing became quick as the adrenaline coursed through her veins.

He kissed her lips, startled, she jumped, the intensity of the suspense mixed with the brushing of his full lips caused the mere touch of his to her own to be amplified. She felt all of her senses awakening, she felt his sweet warm breath on her neck, she felt the coarse hair of his chest against the delicate skin of her heaving breasts, and felt the tips of his fingers as they traced her every curve. She loved being submissive to his every want, not knowing his next move; helpless to stop him.

His tongue caused a wet trail from her neck to her left breast, he kissed it gingerly before using his strong hands to push both of her breasts together, he gorged himself on her lush breasts, sucking them savagely. Her moans became louder, as he attacked her breasts, tugging her buds with his teeth, bringing her to the edge of screaming, “Oh My God, please don’t stop!” her words escaped her open mouth with ease. He silenced her by placing his fingers in her mouth, she bit down on them to contain her screams of pleasure.

His enthusiastic mouth made its way to her inner thighs, he lay tender kisses on them, his mouth lapping the nectar that drenched them, his hot breath teased her desperate pussy as he switched from right to left. She moved her hips hoping to persuade him to spread the petals innovia escort of her wanton slit with his tongue, but he continued his slow torture, waiting to hear her beg as he had.

“Please, I want you to taste me!”

“Good girl,” he nuzzled his nose against her hot wet lips, spreading them, revealing the shimmering blush within. His broad velvet tongue made firm licks as it pressed against her sensitive flesh, letting his mouth capture her nubbin, drawing it from behind its curtain. She squealed with delight biting down hard on his fingers as she brought her hips up hard against his face; her legs spread open wide, giving him total access to all of her. Her juices drenched his face as he tasted her. His tongue lashed her mercilessly, making her pussy quake, her body thrust beneath him, her toes curl, and she found herself giggling uncontrollably. She was desperate to feel him inside her, completing her, she wanted him and she wanted all of him now!

“I want you now! Please, I want to feel you inside me!” her words were breathless whispers of desperation.

Her words combined, with the sweet scent of her heated sex, were more than enough motivation; he felt if he waited another minute he would burst. He placed delicate kisses along her stomach making his way up to her lips, they shared a sensual kiss while he undid her wrists from the belt, releasing her from the bondage; he quickly untied the blindfold and looked deeply into her eyes.

“I want to see those beautiful eyes when I make love to you.”

He hovered above her, she felt the head of his rock hard cock slide against her, begging for entry. She felt it part her engorged lips, slide inside her; she let out a sigh as his thick tip invaded her tight hole. He eased deeper inside her with each thrust, his arms shaking as he supported his weight above her. He stopped once he was halfway in, for fear he may blow his load prematurely. She wrapped her smooth legs around his muscular back and forced him into her very depths; as she did this she lifted her pelvis up to him, they crashed into each other with brute force. They moved in perfect harmony, each thrust hitting rhythmically; the result was a sexual symphony of moans, sighs, and heavy breaths.

Each of their movements were so in unison they were unable to tell where one person ended and the other began. She dug her nails into his back making angry red welts appear on his skin, he responded to her claws with hot wet kisses, the slight pain excited him, making him dive further into her slick pussy.

The percussion of their bodies colliding quickened, she felt the head of his massive cock plunge into her repeatedly, causing her pussy to ache for more; bringing her ever closer to her ultimate release. Every squeeze of her rippled walls brought him closer to his own orgasm; she felt him pull her into his chest, his arms tightened around her body, his hands in her hair pulling her mouth into his

“I’m going to cum, where do you want it?”

“I want you to fill me up with your hot cum; I want us to cum together,” she looked up at him with pleading eyes, and with one final push they were there.

He exploded inside her, spreading his warm seed through her convulsing womb. They reached ecstasy together, their hearts raced, and time stopped momentarily while they each suffered their own exquisite ‘little deaths’. They laid in each others arms silent, unable to move; radiating warmth from their after glow. Amelia finally broke the silence after a few moments of bliss.


“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Jason gave her a little squeeze; kissed her forehead, before falling asleep with her nestled against him.

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