My Lonely Step-Mother

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It had been a couple months since I took my sisters virginity and she left to go back to college. I hadn’t been checking out other women since that night. All I wanted was her. My dear sweet nerdy sister. I spent many nights looking at the nude pics she had emailed me and jerking off, shooting bigger than usual loads. I was a happy man as far as I knew. I looked forward to summer when she came back.

One morning, I get a call from my step-mom. She asks if I was available to come over this weekend. I thought it over and figured why not. I had to get out sometime.

Friday comes around and I knock on the door. I walk in after I hear no answer. I walk upstairs and I find my step-mom in the bedroom. Standing at 5’6″, tight fit athletic bod. No sign of fat on her what so ever. She’s wearing her tight colorful yoga shorts and baby blue sports bra. Her dirty blonde hair done up in pigtails. I look her over and I begin salivating but I try to hold back. My cock and cum is for my sister.

“Hey you”, she says. “I’m sorry if I ruined any of your plans. I’ve been bored and lonely since your dad is out on his business trip.”

She pats on the bed next to her and I slowly make my way over and sit down. I’m looking her over as she lays out a yoga mat and starts doing her daily yoga. All while talking about my dad leaving all the time and being left alone and bored. At one point, she bends over, doing a sort of like split and I see her pussy lips pressed firmly against the fabric.

She stands back up and thats when her firm ass stands out. Kinda almost like J.Lo’s ass but not as big. It’s just right for her stature. I can see the top of her g-string as her shorts show off her panty line. She turns her head with a slight smile.

“Hey, are you checking out your dear old step-mother?”

Her remark snaps me out of my daze. She’s 56, amazing for her age but doesn’t look older than 43. I look up at her and swallow.

“I’m sorry. For a minute, I was in another world. You do look amazing. Sad that dad leaves you alone all the time. Mind if I ask, sorry to get personal, but do you two, you know, still do it?”

She blushes as she responds, “That is quite personal. You really shouldn’t be asking me such things. But since we are alone, I will answer your question. No, sadly, we don’t. He’s so busy with work that he doesn’t have time for me anymore. He’s either away on work or too tired to notice bursa anal yapan escort me. I feel forgotten.”

I get up off the bed and I hold her close, gently caressing her back as she softly wheeps into my shoulder. She slides her arms around me and pulls me in closer. My cock betrays me as I feel it coming alive from being pressed against my milf step-mom. She either feels it and ignoring it or just doesn’t realize it. My concern is dually answered when she lifts her head, gazing into my blue hazel eyes with her lovely blue eyes. The look on her face is confused before she stands up on her tip toes and kisses me softly.

Just a soft test kiss, to see my reaction, as she slides back down onto her own two feet. The friction causes me to get even harder. I lean down and kiss her. This time, she takes her arms from around my ribs and wraps them around my neck as I part her lips and our tongues invade each others mouth. I run my hands softly up and down her back, gently caressing her firm buttocks before firmly gripping her butt. Pulling her up tighter against me.

She moans softly into the kiss as it gets deeper and more animalistic. My cock is now at full mass and aching. She can feel the bulge in my cargo pants pressing against her. She slides her hand down and gropes my throbbing bulge. She breaks the kiss as she slides down, undoing my pants and pulling them down with my boxers.

She grabs a hold of my purple cock and twirls her tongue around my glistening tip. She moves into a squatting position where I can watch her rub herself while teasing my cock. She kisses and sucks on the head of my cock as she runs a finger up and down her covered slit. She pulls the front of her shorts down with her blue g-string, showing me the top of her smooth pussy as she takes my entire cock into her mouth.

She bobs up and down slowly but deeply as she rubs her clit, teasing me. Moans and vibrating her mouth on my cock as she loses out more to her sexual needs. She sucks on my cock faster as she begins fingering herself. I moan softly and pant deeply, I feel my cock throbbing harder, feeling more pre ooze into her eager mouth. I grab hold of her pigtails and begin face fucking my dear step-mother.

She fingers herself with 2 fingers now while grabbing my ass with her other hand. She moans more onto my cock as her climax nears. I grunt harder, bursa eskort moan louder before roaring out, “eat that cum, slut!” I can’t believe I just said that but it has it’s desired effect. She climaxes onto her fingers as her scream is muffled by my 7″ cock. My cum spurting out onto her tongue and down her throat. She swallows every drop, even cleaning my cock after I stop cumming.

She slowly pulls off and kisses my cock. She pulls her fingers from her clam and licks them clean. She tries to stand up but her legs are weak from her orgasm. That’s when my sex drive also takes over. As she uses the bed to try to get up, I shove her onto her bed. I yank her shorts and g-string off, down her legs and over her tennis shoes. She mumbles something but I can’t hear her muffles as her face ia buried in a pillow.

I spread her legs, admiring her sexy tan lines from her bikini across her ass. I see her glistening, forgotten pussy. I bury face right up between her legs, feverishly eating her pussy, my nose pressed firmly against her puckerhole. I slide 2 fingers into her pussy and finger fuck her while licking her sweet clam. I slide my other hand under her and rub and flick her clit.

She lifts her head from the pillow moaning loudly, begging for me to not stop. She rocks back onto my tongue and fingers as I pleasure my sexy step-mother. I pull my fingers from her twat, licking them clean before pulling her ass up into the air. I grab hold of my pussy hungry cock and plunge it deep inside her. I pull out and plunge back in again and again. Finally, I thrust deep inside her hungry trap, holding her hips and begin to fuck her like she deserves.

Smacking her ass open and back handed as I fuck her harder and deeper. She cries out in pain but keeps begging for more. I grab hold of her pigtails, raising her up onto her hands as I pound her pussy without remorse. I can feel her juices spilling out and splashing onto my sack. You can hear the squishing sound of my cock fucking her soaking pussy all over the room.

She loses it and begins to climax out of control. As soon as one climax finishes, another begins. I can feel her pussy clamp down harder onto my cock than I have ever experienced. Well into her 2nd orgasm and going into her 3rd is when I meet my release. I yank back hard on her pigtails as I unload a major nut. It feels like a river of semen roaring out of bursa escort kızlar my cock as I seed my dear step-mom.

I plant a few short but hard thrusts to empty myself inside her before easing out of her loosening clam. As soon as the head of my cock escapes her embrace, some of my seed escapes her. She falls face down onto the bed as she tries to catch her breath. I look down and I’m still hard and horny. I quickly flip her onto her back, she begs for no more. I ignore her. I know her pussy has been neglected. I pull her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs wide open and ramming my cock back into her abused pussy.

I lean down and she wraps her arms around my neck, begging for me to stop. I use her grip to my advantage as I slide her legs onto my arms, raising her up off the bed. I grab her fit ass firmly as I begin driving my cock up into her pussy harder and faster. He cries for mercy turn into cries for more. She moans and screams harder and louder as I give her the attention she needs. I can hear my sack smacking against her ass as I abuse her pussy.

“You like that cock, bitch? Your a dirty whore, aren’t you? You’ll fuck any guy but we all know you wanted me to fuck you. You dirty skank.”

She moans and screams harder and louder with every word that escapes my lips. What seems like forever, she screams at the top of her lungs as she climaxes again. I fill her pussy up with my seed once again. She leans back, losing her grip around my neck and her top half falls to the ground. Her legs are still on my arms as I grasp her petite waist. She does a bit of a handstand as I drive my pussy crazed cock inside her once more.

She begs harder for me to stop. I keep on fucking her as my eyes roll into the back of my head. I lose grip of her as she falls to the floor. That’s when my final load erupts. I’m humping at the air, her juices on my cock. I can still feel the warmth and tightness of her pussy as I cum. A few medium length ropes shoot out, landing on her gorgeous face and tight body. The rest dribbles out onto her used reddend pussy.

I fall onto the bed, panting hard as I come down from cloud 9. About 30 minutes passes by when she gingerly climbs onto the bed, laying down next to me.

“What the hell came over you?”

I say in between breaths, “I don’t exactly know. I just know you’ve made me horny since the first day I saw you. I didn’t hurt you too bad, did I?”

She smiles, “No, not at all. In fact, it’s exactly what I needed.”

We turn to each other and I kiss her softly. That night we fucked again before bed. And every day up until my dad came home and after he would leave for work, we were running around the house nude and fucking wherever we were. Now how will my sister take this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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