My Lovely Daughter Leia, Part 3 House Hunting

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Part 3, House Hunting

After I left the shower too, I dried off and walked into the bedroom. There was Leia changing nappies in the nude. Her 34A breasts were hanging down, swinging free. I lay on the bed next to the boys. I started playing with them as Leia cleaned up and put new nappies on them. Then she looked at me and said, “Does my big boy want to have power too.” With that she splashed a bit of powered on my cock and started to rub it in. I reached over and started to tickle her pussy, which caused us to laugh.

We all got dressed, ready to go house hunting, when breakfast arrived. Leia and I fed the boys then cleaned them up. Leia then stated, “Daddy is there anyway we could find a babysitter for the boys. I’d like to have a bit of time with you today while we searched for a house.” I agreed and called the concierge, who told me that there was one at the hotel. We later took the boys to the baby minding service and then went down to the foyer to meet with Amy.

Leia and I were standing hand in hand, in the foyer, when Amy came through the front door. Amy showed us to the car and drove us to a real estate office. We were introduced to the salesman who showed us a number of prospects. Amy told me that she had to get back to the office and would leave the work car with me until we returned to Australia. The car had petrol cards and satellite navigation. Amy showed me how to program the navigation, before she left.

The salesman gave us the addresses and told me that he would meet us there. Leia and I took the addresses, got into the car. Setting the navigational satellite, we started on our way. As we drove on our way, Leia was sitting there when she put her hand across onto my thigh. Her hand felt warm on my leg, when she started to squeeze and rub my thigh. Every so often Leia would rub up as far as she could and touch my cock, which sprang to life. I looked at Leia and smiled and reached over, under her dressed, and rubbed her panty covered pussy. She squirmed at that and laughed.

We went to three houses that morning, looking over each prospect. We had just left the third house, when Leia asked the salesman if we could have the keys to a vacant house, the second one. I know she liked that house, but I didn’t see anything special in that one. Leia and I travelled back to the house and entered. I started looking through it, trying to see if our furniture would suit the rooms, when Leia came back to me, taking my hand, she pulled me upstairs to the main bedroom.

The main bedroom was large, with en suite just off the room and the floor was covered with a white shag carpet. I was looking out through the window, onto the balcony and beyond, when Leia said, “Can’t you just imagine making love in this room.” I turned around and Leia had undressed down to her panties and bra. I looked at Leia and she said, “Common Joe, take me here, make love to me darling.” Before I took one step, I had taken my shirt off and Leia had lost her bra. As I step towards her I released my belt and dropped my pants. Leia was now naked, except for her shoes, I removed my boxers and we were both equally naked. Leia and I took each other in our arms and started kissing. Leia started to play with my cock as I started finger her slit. Leia and I lay down onto the carpet, letting the feeling of shag caress our bodies. I touched Leia and she whispered, “Take me here daddy.” I could see that fucking in this room is exciting Leia. I started sucking and chewing on her nipple. When she stopped me and said, “I thought about fucking here all morning. Please fuck me hard now.”

With that I positioned myself on top of Leia, placing my cock into her waiting pussy. As I pushed into her I could feel that she was really excited, her juices were flowing copiously. I pushed into her tight love tunnel and could hear her juices being force out by me. Leia moaned with the feeling of my cock pushing and pulling inside of her. Leia raised and wrapped her arm and legs around me. Escort Ankara I could feel her shoes on my arse as she helped push me. As we fucked I could feel Leia raising her arse to meet my thrusts. Soon we were fucking hard, me ramming into her, Leia pushing hard against me. Leia couldn’t stop moaning, and soon I was biting her on the neck. The Leia froze in placed and I was able to ram into her sweet canal.

It was hard for me to push and pull against her but soon I was able to renew my ramming into once more. Leia looked up at me and I just said, “We’ll keep going until I come?” Leia said, “Yes, please. I want more of you delicious cock in me.” I kept ramming into her when I could feel my seed rising in my cock. I said, “Baby I hope you want twins, it runs in the family.” Then I pushed hard into her open cervix and shot my load. Leia must have been on the verge again, because as I shot, she again stiffened in place and I could feel her contracting around me.

We lay there for some time when I looked at her and said, “Honey how about lunch.” She nodded her head and just said, “Yes darling. I’d love that.” When we got up Leia ran into the en suite and used the toilet. I got dressed and picked up her panties, placing them in my pocket. When Leia came out she got dressed, but then started to look around. I said, “What’s wrong Leia?” with a smile. Leia looked up at me and said, “Joe where’s my panties.” I said, “Honey, I’ve got them and I’d like you to go without panties this afternoon.” She said, “If you say so Mr Platt.” I said, “And I do Mrs Platt.” Leia smile at the Mrs Platt and took my arm. We walked downstairs and out of the house, to lunch.

During lunch at a nice small café, every so often, I would stick my hand under the table and reach under her dress. I would find her pussy and let my finger run up and down, until something happened to her. I would ask, “Are you alright darling.” She would have the playful angry look on her face and say, “Yes honey. I’m fine.” After lunch we met up with the salesman again, and looked at several more houses. At the end of the day, we agreed to meet at his office on the following morning to look at more houses. No one saw the small love bite I had given Leia on her neck, or if they did, they didn’t mention it out of politeness.

We drove back to the hotel and left the car with doorman. On entering the hotel I went over to the concierge and asked if we could use the baby minding service, as it was our anniversary. The concierge was happy to help aid us. We took the lift up, picked up the boys and went to our room. Inside Leia said, “Daddy, our anniversary?” I put Conner down and looked at Leia holding Rodney. I said, “Honey I want to give you the best time while we’re here. Because once we get home we’ll be busy getting ready to move and I want you to have some sort of holiday. Okay?” Leia said, “You’re wonderful daddy. Of course let’s have our anniversary tonight.”

We later fed and bathed the boys. Then we got dressed up. I was playing with the boys, when Leia came out in a red evening gown. I said, “When did you buy that? You are absolutely gorgeous.” Leia explained that it was her mothers and she was worried that I might be offended. I told her I wasn’t and that she was undeniably radiant and beautiful. This made her! She smiled even harder for me. We took the boys to the minding service and then down to the restaurant where we shared a lovely dinner together. Afterwards we went upstairs again, picked up our boys, then retired to out room.

The boys were still awake so I was playing with them on the floor. Leia had gone into the bedroom, only to return some minutes later in a short baby doll nightie. She came over and sat with us, playing with the boys. Soon both were getting tired, so I went and made their bottles. I then moved the cots into the main room and Leia and I put them down for the night.

Leia and I held each other while we watched our sons. The tugging on my hand Ankara Escort Leia led me to the king size bed. I had stripped to my boxers and lay on the bed next to Leia. She began by kissing me first, then saying, “Daddy, I heard girls before talking of a blow job or going down on men. Can I do that to you?” I said, “Honey you do whatever you like.” With that Leia sat up and removed my boxers, which allowed my cock to spring up. Then she lay next to my groin, examining my cock. I was marvelling how young she looked now, in the baby doll nightie. She looked to be about 16 years now as she took hold of my cock and started rubbing up and down.

As I watched her actions, I said, “Baby. Daddy likes his cock head to be licked and sucked.” With that Leia tentatively stuck her tongue out and took her first lick of my cock. Seeing it was not dangerous Leia started to use her tongue to lick the head and around its edges. The more she licked the more she became bold at licking. Soon she was licking the underside of my cock. Then as she brought her head up to the top she said, “Daddy what’s this coming out of your cock. It’s not piss is it?” I said, “No, honey. It’s precum. It’s the stuff that makes babies. Some women like the taste of it, but if you don’t want to…” Then to my disbelief Leia placed her mouth around my cock slit and suck my juice into her mouth. She lifted her head and said, “It’s different. It tastes sort of tangy. I’ll try some more before I decide if I like it or not.”

Leia now suck the head of my cock and I could feel her tongue flicking over the top. I told Leia to take all my cock into her mouth, as far as she could and that was a blow job. Leia now took the whole of my cock into her mouth. She let it slide as far into her mouth as she could take. I could feel her tongue on my cock and it felt unbelievable. Soon I was feeling my seed rise up through my cock. I told Leia that I was ready to shoot my load. Leia clamped her mouth around my cock and I shot my load. I shot a huge load of semen into her mouth. Leia tried to keep as much as she could, but still some slipped between her lips.

When Leia raised her head, I watched as she thought about it for a moment the swallowed what she had in her mouth. Then she went back to licking up the rest of my cum that slid down my cock. I loved the feeling of her tongue sliding up and down my cock. Leia kept on licking and sucking my cock, until It begun to wilt, but with her attention on my cock, it rose again to its original stiffness.

Now I whisper Leia’s name and she looked at me. I told her to come to me. She sat up, rose up to join me, face to face. Leia kissed me deeply and I could taste cum on her tongue and lips, which was something new for me. As I kissed Leia, I took hold of her nipples, and started to roll, twist and pull on them, which had Leia moaning into my mouth.

I pushed Leia onto the bed and started to kiss her body, I paint attention to her nipples, then her navel and finally I was in front of her pussy again. I played wit her pussy lips, and I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. I dragged my tongue back out, letting the roughness touch the walls of her canal. This produced more moans from Leia. Finally I took hold of her hard little clitoris, and sucked and chewed it for all I was worth. Then she stiffened and had her orgasm too.

After she calmed down enough I made my way up to her and held her in my arms. We exchanged kisses again and played with each other, until I was recovered enough to place my manhood into her once more. But I decided that I may try something different, so I whispered, “Darling I want to try and have anal sex with you. Will you let me fuck you in the arse?” She looked at me and whispered, “Anything for you daddy, anything.”

So I got between her legs and raised her legs, so her knees were on her chest. Then I slipped a finger into her cunt and after making it wet, I pulled it out and started to push past her sphincter. Ankara Escort Bayan Soon I was able to move my finger easily inside, so I took my finger out and placed two fingers in her cunt. As soon as these were wet I again pushed them past the sphincter. When I could easily move two finger, I withdrew them and placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt. I pushed in and found that she was wetter than she had ever been. I kept up pushing my cock in and out of her cunt until I thought I was wet enough to fuck her rear. So, I withdrew my cock and placed the head just at her sphincter, when I said “Honey, this may hurt, but I’ll try and be gentle.” She said, “I know you will daddy.”

Then I pushed the head of my cock into her rectum, past her sphincter. It was even tighter that her pussy. Leia was groaning from my intrusion, but I kept on going slowly. As I started to fuck her arse, I found that the sphincter started to respond to me and open up more. Her rectum was warmer than her pussy, something that I began to love about anal. Leia was groaning then the sound changed to something like a moan. Soon she was moaning and I started to fuck her harder. I put my hand onto her clit and started rubbing as I was fucking her arse. Leia was building up to another orgasm when her sphincter just closed in around my cock. She was now shuddering from her orgasm and the feeling of her sphincter tightening, was all I needed to shoot my load up her arse.

Afterwards I quickly extracted myself from her arse and lay next to her. She lay there for a short time until she could speak again. When she could, she said, panting, “Daddy that was wonderful. I want you to do that to me again ok.” I smiled and just said yes. Then she looked at me and said, “I think I better have a …douche again, so can you clean my rear?” She got up and went into the bathroom. I followed just in time to see her get off the toilet. We both got into the shower and cleaned off. I douched her arse and pussy, giving her another orgasm using the flexible shower hose.

After we dried off and went back to bed. We talked about the houses we’d seen that day, and Leia was excited over the second one that we’d seen. We finally went to sleep, until the boys woke us the next morning. The next day we again went to look at other houses, and I arrange for car seats for the boys. I decided if Leia was to be my wife and the boys were ours, then we’d be seen as a family. In the end we picked the second house that we’d seen and made arrangements to buy it. We stayed in London for another 4 days, looing at furniture and acting as man and wife. She liked it when people addressed her as Mrs Platt.

The night before we left for Australia, I told Leia that once we landed, we’d have to act like father and daughter again. She was fine about that, but asked if we could act like man and wife at home or on our return to London. I told her that we would, and as far as I was concerned we were married. She was very happy about that.

Well we went back to Australia and made our arrangements to travel to London. Every night we would sleep in our bed and make love, sometimes thrice a night on weekends. About the sixth week after we returned from London, I came home and Leia met me at the door. I looked at her and saw a smile that I was always happy to see. Leia took me into the lounge and sat me down and told me she was pregnant. We hugged each other and kissed. We later had an almighty love making session later that night.

Well we finally landed in London, and set up home. It was about 3 months after we arrived that she saw the doctor, who told her that she was expecting twins, and possibly girls. Leia did have twins, which were girls. We named them Bianca and Tess. We are now a happy little family of 6. I come home every night and meet my wife Leia at the door. I play with our children Rodney, Conner, Bianca and Tess, until dinner. The children go to bed after dinner, then my wife and I, have our time, which includes sex. Sometimes during summer, late into the morning we go out onto the balcony and have sex there. Leia is always up for trying something, and she still calls me daddy when we’re at home.


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