My Lucky Roommate

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“Hey Christian… Got a random question for you…” My roommate paused, looking curious. He’s a young guy, only 19, and rather socially awkward.

“Ok, what is it?” He enquired as he continued his cooking.

“Have you ever been with an older woman?” I asked it without looking at him, made it seem as casual as possible. I didn’t want to spook him, as young and shy as he was.

“What do you mean? Like slept with?”

“Yah. I know you’ve had a few girls over, but have you ever hooked up with someone significantly older?”

“Uhhhh” He was hesitant, we hadn’t really talked about stuff like that, apart from a few comments about one of us having a girl over. “I can’t say I have… All the girls at the University are around my age.”

“Oh man, you’re seriously missing out then. It’s pretty amazing. They know exactly what they want and they know what they’re doing.” I was still keeping it nonchalant, just super casual, working towards my goal.

“Huh. Well, I guess maybe one day I’ll learn that first-hand? Idno, it’d be fun I’m sure, I’m just not great at chasing girls.”

“Haha so you’d do it, given the chance?”

“Well, I guess, if she was hot and not too old. I’ve still got to be attracted to her but the idea is kinda hot. I take it you’ve done it?”

“Oh hell yah, when I was your age, this older girl Cindy taught me a few new things. It was amazing…” I was nervous now, the time was coming.

“Wow, uh, lucky you. Damn that sounds great. I guess I need to find a Cindy.”

Ok this is it. Now or never. “Well, funny thing is, Tanja, the Czech girl, thinks you’re hot and she kinda wants to fuck you…” Tanja is my steady friend-with-benefits and she’s 28. She spends at least one night a week in my bed and treats our place like it’s hers. That includes walking around in next to nothing, maybe a t-shirt & panties, or leggings & a sports bra. She might have had a bit of encouragement in this from me, of course. The thought of sharing her with my roommate was a huge turn-on.

“Uh, wow, ahhhh, huh…” His nervousness was very clear, he was totally blindsided by the statement. To take the spotlight off him, I kept going. “It’s no pressure, we were just talking about kinky stuff and how I used to share my girlfriend with other guys and she mentioned you. She thought it would be fun to be fucking roommates, going room to room and basically being the toy of the household. She also thinks you’re quite attractive. Young, fit and innocent is a turn-on for her.”

“Wow, I don’t know what to say… That’s pretty crazy. And you’re cool with that?” He had totally forgotten about his cooking and was standing there a little stunned, looking at me.

“Haha, yah, of course. I told you I was a super open-minded guy, and come on, you having sex with her doesn’t mean I’m going to have any less. Girls can go all night, unlike us guys! I think the idea is kind of hot as well. I’d be happy to share her. You’d get laid, I’d keep getting laid, she’d be in heaven, it’s win-win.” I was keeping it cool, casual and easygoing but inside I was trembling I was so turned on. The thought of her being the house pet was such a thrill. I loved the idea of being able to send her to his bedroom in the middle of the night or leaving her with him when I left for work early in the morning.

“Wow man, that’s kind of crazy, I’ve never been asked something like that before. Hookups have always been something that happens when I’m drinking, I’m so awkward with girls”. I could see his internal conflict. His shy, nerdy side was screaming “run!” but his horny 19 year old male side was excited.

“Haha don’t worry, she’d need some drinks first too, she’s actually kind of shy until she’s had a few. It would probably happen late one night, after some drinks, when she’s super turned-on. You’d basically get woken by some hot naked girl crawling into your bed. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.”

“Huh. Well, uh, yah, it doesn’t sound too awful but wow, I don’t know… I don’t even really know her.” Tanja had tried to get to know him a bit, even to flirt, but Christian rarely left his room and when he did, he had earphones in or a laptop nearby. It was rather frustrating for her, because guys usually liked her and Christian, while nerdy, was well built and logged regular time at the gym. His half Caucasian, half Asian features made him a quite attractive guy, although he was clueless about that fact, endlessly glued to a screen and terrible at social situations.

“Like I said, it’s no pressure, I know that sort of thing isn’t for everyone and I don’t want her trying anything if you’re not into it. She feels a bit guilty for wanting to fuck someone so young, as much as it turns her on. Just think about it and let me know. If you’re down, it’ll just happen sometime when she’s ready.” My heart was pounding. I was excited and nervous. It was risky, Christian gaziantep escort ilanları was a great roommate, reliable and respectful and I didn’t want to ruin it, but I thought this was a risk worth taking.

“Umm yah, I think I’ll need some time to think about it, it’s kinda crazy, never been asked something like that.”

“Haha no stress, let me know, or if it’s easier, just don’t answer and I’ll take it as a no”.

“Ummm yah, I’ll have to let you know.” I took that as my cue to split, giving him some space and a chance to mull things over. He had reacted well though, I was afraid he was going to get super uncomfortable or that it could cause problems between us, but I had gotten a good vibe.

A short while later, I heard the door to his room close. I gave it a few minutes and slowly walked by, careful not to let any floorboards creak. Just as I suspected, I faintly heard heavy breathing and some quiet creaking coming from his bed. If I wasn’t mistaken, my teenaged roommate was getting himself off and I was pretty sure I knew what he was thinking… I crept away, back to my room, to think dirty thoughts. Not 5 minutes later, I was startled by a ping from my cell phone. A text message. From Christian. “I’m in” was all it said.

A week later, Tanja was over for our usual, weekly “date night”. Food, a movie, some beers and of course some no holds barred fucking. She was about three beers in when the movie finished and we started fooling around on the couch. Tanja’s got a rock hard body, sculpted from endless hours of running, hiking, skiing and working out. It’s always a pleasure to play with. I was enjoying touching it as I stripped her down, revealing her tight stomach and toned legs. I worked extra hard at teasing her, kissing down her legs and squeezing her ass as I caressed her. I pushed my face between her legs and kissed her clean shaven pussy through her panties, while massaging her ass. A few beers always got her turned on, but I wanted to add extra fuel to the fire. I nibbled her pussy and teased her with my tongue through the thin fabric, until she dragged me up, on top of her and close enough to kiss me.

I slipped a hand between her legs as I kissed her, stroking her pussy and pulling the fabric of her panties to the side. She grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me desperately while I slipped my fingers inside her. Her gasp as I penetrated her was a thrill and I curled my finger up and around to start stroking her g-spot, which she rewarded with a deep moan and a renewed frenzy in her kissing. I pushed my hand up her shirt and slid it up to find her breast. I played with her nipple, immediately getting her attention and then moved my mouth down to start sucking and licking it. I was going all out, her nipples were so sensitive that it drove her wild, especially when I took it between my teeth and gently bit down. Her hips started bucking as she desperately tried to fuck herself with my fingers. This poor girl was so wet and so turned on. I slid up her body and kissed her neck, excited for the next step.

“So I’ve got a surprise for you…” I whispered in her ear.

“What? What are you talking about?” She barely paused in her thrusting, trying to force more of my fingers inside her pussy.

“Christian wants to fuck you…” That got a response. She stopped suddenly, pulling her head back to look at me.

“Christian? You mean your roommate? The young guy? I don’t think he’s interested.” She had returned to moving her hips, craving more pleasure. “Can’t you fuck me already?”

I had bent the truth a little when I talked to Christian. It wasn’t Tanja’s idea to fuck him, it was mine but when I had proposed the idea to her, she was game for it, the idea of roommates also appealed to her. Sadly her attempts to flirt had fallen flat, he was too shy and absorbed in his headphones on the rare occasion that he left his room. Even her parading around in very little clothing had mostly just made him shyer and quick to return to his room (probably to get off, I was guessing…).

“Yah, we talked, after a few drinks one night. He’s shy but loves the idea of fucking a hot older woman. You just need to take the lead…”

“Oh, shit, ok, but damnit I just want you to fuck me right now, we can talk about it later.”

“Nope, if you want to get fucked right now, you’re going to have to go fuck him. I’m just going to keep teasing you” She pulled back and gave me the evil eye. “He’s in his room, you just have to go in and fuck him. You now when you’re done I’ll fuck you senseless, make it worth your while. “I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and used them to pull down her panties, taking them down her legs and off. She was laying there in nothing but my tshirt, staring at me angrily.

“Fuck you really want this don’t you? You’re going to make me do it, aren’t you?” I had learned two things about Tanja during out time in the sack. The first is that she loves to be used and the second is that she’ll always do what I tell her to, in regards to sex. Interestingly enough, in regular life she was strong and stubborn, but in the bedroom she because very submissive. Her shyness so far had meant that while she talked about doing kinky things, she sometimes had to be forced into them. The first time I fucked her ass I had to force it on her, while she was tied to my bed and then anytime after that she let me do it anytime I wanted.

“It’s time to prove you’re not all talk and to show that you’d love to be the house toy. Or you can chicken out and admit you weren’t serious.”

“What? You think I’m all talk?” Tanja’s stubborn streak was a mile wide and she always rose to a challenge, which I hoped would work to my advantage.

“Prove me wrong…” I got up and walked to my room, grabbing a couple of condoms out of my ‘drawer of sin’. Walking back, I pressed them into her hand. “Go fuck my roommate, Tanja, then come back to me”.

She set her jaw, looking like a stubborn child and sat up. Giving me a dirty look, she strode past me, her amazing little ass peeking out under the tshirt and headed down the hall. Pausing only a moment, she quietly opened his bedroom door and slipped herself in. My cock was rock hard in my pants and I was so turned on I was trembling. Finally!

“Uhhhh.. hey?” I heard Christian say through the door, then the sound of Tanja shushing him. After that I didn’t hear anything, maybe some faint sounds of kissing until I heard something (or someone) settling onto his mattress. I stood there outside the door, straining to hear. Shortly I heard him let out an “Ohhhh” and sounds of pleasure. I assumed she was sucking his cock. That girl could swallow a cock like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was sure he was being deepthroated for the first time in his young life. This was incredible. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock, starting to stroke myself while I eavesdropped on them. A few minutes later some rhythmic creaking started up and I almost came, picturing Tanja on top of him, riding his young cock. She was so fit she could go for hours, riding my cock. I just hoped Christian could keep up. They kept at it, I could her her talking to him but not quite make out the words. The rhythm changed and he left out a groan. Her body was amazing, I was very happy he was enjoying it. I could hear the creaking growing faster and then suddenly a deep moan from Christian. Ha, he’s young, he didn’t last that long but I’m sure it was energetic.

I crept back to my room, unsure if Tanja was about to come out and not sure how she’d feel about me listening in. My heart was pounding and blood rushing. I lay down on my bed and restarted masturbating, stroking myself while imagining everything that had just gone down. I heard his door open and steps down the hall, then Tanja pushed open my door, naked and flushed, with some red finger marks on her side and her pussy looking freshly fucked. She flashed me a mischievous grin and climbed on top of me, taking my cock out of my hard and wrapping her hand around it.

“Still think I’m all talk?” She gave me a dirty look as she said it, then moved forward, manoeuvring her pussy over my cock and sliding down. “There was another cock in my pussy just minutes ago… Does that turn you on?” My response was a deep thrust and I felt my rock hard cock sink all the way into her warm wet pussy. Christian had done all the work warming it up for me and it was ready and waiting. Fuck yes it turned me on. I grabbed her hips and fucked her furiously, pulling her down onto my cock, filling her tight pussy. I was on fire, I couldn’t stop. Tanja loves it rough and rough is what she got. I was insatiable, fucking her hard and deep the way she likes, flipping her over and pinning her down, shoving myself so deep inside her she was gasping with every thrust. She grinned up and me took everything I threw at her. Fuck was I turned on.

“Ok, if that’s what it does to you, I’m going to fuck your roommate every time I come over. I like it…” She was grinning now, like a kid who’s won a prize, so I decided to give her her prize. Slowing down, I started pulling myself all the way out of her pussy and slowly sliding it back in. Slow and steady like this was her kryptonite, it always worked. Quickly she was shivering and I knew it was coming. Tanja was a borderline nympho and considering how easily she orgasms, it was entirely understandable. She twitched and bucked her hips, moaning as she came the first time, but this was her reward, so I kept going, not changing anything as I continued with the long slow strokes. Over and over she spasmed as she came, fighting for some change of rhythm or deep fast thrusting. I fought her, using my greater strength and pinned her down, continuing my thrusts, forcing her to cum over and over. I couldn’t believe how hard I was, or how great her pussy felt, freshly used by my teenaged roommate.

Eventually I flipped her over and gave her a rest, feeling her tremble as I slid myself back into her while she lay face down on my bed. I fucked her gently while caressing her hair and letting my weight push her down.

“Fuck, this has been a great night, I like this a lot” she sighed as I slowly fucked her.

“You’re telling me. I’m so happy this worked out. It’s going to be a lot of fun. You can fuck him as much as you want, I’ll love every minute of it, as long as you come back to me” Just talking about it was getting me worked up again.

“Oh I will… I’m going to be over even more now. Probably even when you’re not here” She wiggled her ass as she said this with a saucy tone in her voice.

“So long as you continue giving me anything I want, any time I want it, you can fuck him every night and I won’t complain.”

“Oh, by the way, something else you might like. We talked and he’s actually only ever fucked one girl so I let him fuck me without a condom. He can have me anytime he wants with no protection, as long as he doesn’t cum inside me. I figured it would turn you on more…”

Holy hell was she right. My cock instantly returned to rock hardness and I started thrusting deeper and harder as I thought about my innocent young roommate fucking Tanja bareback.

“That’s fucking amazing, I love it…” The thought was driving me nuts. I needed cum and I needed to restake my claim on Tanja’s body, so leaned back, spread her ass cheeks and spit a large gob of saliva onto her tiny little asshole.

“Uhhh” She started to fight me a bit. Tanja wasn’t great at anal, her ass was so incredibly tight, but she was great at taking everything thrown at her.

“Shhhh, it’s ok” I whispered as I slid my cock out of her pussy and started teasing her ass. This was going to be challenging, my cock was solid and throbbing, but it turned me on that it would be pleasure and pain for her. She stiffened as the head of my cock pushed into her ass and started to try to fight me. I had to grab her arms and pin her, so any fighting just pushed my cock deeper into her ass.

“No, I can’t!” She was pleading in her submissive little voice that told me I could do anything I wanted and she’d let me. I ignored her and just kept pushing, loving the feel as my cock slipped deeper and deeper into her. I reached down between her legs and buried two fingers in her sopping pussy, teased her for a second then dragged them out, wiping her slick juices on the shaft of my cock. Now lubed up, I pushed harder, feeling the resistance give and my throbbing erection slide in, halfway into her. Sometimes this was the best I could get, I’m not a small boy and she could just barely handle me. Slowly, I started to thrust, gently working on her ass. Tanja whimpered but moaned… “Fuck it hurts but feels so good….”

“You love it when I use you, don’t you, you little devil?” My cock was sinking deeper and deeper into her ass, her horniness helping ease things.

“Yesss, so much…” She gasped it out between thrusts, starting to push back against my cock.

“You’re going to love being used by both of use, aren’t you?”

“YESSS…. Soooooo much!” She was bucking against me now, driving my cock into her tight ass. I was so turned on it hurt, rock hard and swollen, but she was taking all of me.

She yanked her wrist out of my grip and snaked her hand down under her hips, pushing her ass up to make room to play with her clit. Little whimpers escaped as she rubbed herself, with me thrusting into her. Her entire body was moving with every push but nothing could distract her fingers.

“Fuck, you’re going to have to train Christian to fuck your ass, to warm it up for me…” The idea had popped into my head. A guy that inexperienced had probably never enjoyed the pleasures of fucking a woman’s tight asshole. He was in for a treat..

My words had done it. A sharp cry escaped her throat and my cock was squeezed tight as her body spasmed, the thought of letting my young roommate learn using her body pushing her over the edge.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfkfkkkk…..” was all she could manage as she came over and over as I continued to push myself into her ass, over and over. She slumped down, exhausted. The change in position got me even deeper inside her, her relaxing ass cheeks squishing under the pressure, letting more in. It took no time at all until I was the one crying out as I pumped my hot cum deep into her ass, grabbing her shoulders to get every last tiny bit of my cock as far into her as possible.

I lay there, spent, on top of her, both of us painting heavily. She took my right hand, dragged it up to her face and slipped my fingers into her mouth, sucking them gently and sensuously. Her hips were already slowly swirling, grinding against me. This girl is insatiable.

“I’m going to be such a happy girl” she sighed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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