My Masturbation Obsession Ch. 03

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MMO 3: Cum on home!

This just a couple of incidents that occurred after the car ride. Neither was enough to be it’s own story, so I combined them into a single chapter.

Pt. 1

After the car ride, this opened up the floodgates of my masturbation. No longer was I inhibited about getting caught stroking myself at home. I made a few efforts to see, if I could, whenever, wherever I felt like it, whip it out and start stroking.

My first test came the week after we returned from the New Years trip. I did my normal stroking on the drive home, but not to completion. I just wanted myself horned up when I got home. I pulled in the garage, parked, and walked in. My wife was sitting at the kitchen table, watching TV in the family room while doing so, cutting up veggies for dinner. I was still 3/4ths hard from the drive, and went up behind her and gave her a hug and a kiss on the neck. I pressed my cock against her back, “How long until dinner? We have time to, you know…”

“Not now!” she said. “Chicken will be ready in 15 minutes, and I need to steam these veggies. Go change or something!” Or something? OK.

I went and changed into a pair of loose shorts and T-shirt, and went into the TV room and laid on the sofa. I reached in and started stroking. Damn, my cock was so hard, and after 35 minutes of pre-play in the car, I was aching to explode. The kitchen table in this house overlooked the main room with the TV, which also had floor to ceiling picture windows. As it got darker outside, the more the windows became reflective. Even though there was a wall between us, she could see me, and I could see her. I took off my T-shirt, and kept my hand in my shorts, stroking slowly, keeping it hard and myself horny. I wasn’t going to waste a shooting of my load without an audience! If I wanted to do that, I would have cum on the drive home.

I waited until I thought for sure that she was looking and I pulled my cock out of my shorts, hoping for a reaction. She didn’t seem to have noticed, so I removed my shorts and tossed them off the end of the sofa towards where she was sitting. Boom, that did it, she looked and saw the shorts sitting there, and then glanced into the window. That’s what I wanted, an audience. I looked down directly at my cock and started stroking and humping my hand, fucking my fist for her to watch. Every now and then I would look over at the reflection to see if she was watching, and every time she would immediately look down as if she wasn’t watching. Same game as before in the car, she’ll watch, but I can’t acknowledge it.

I closed my eyes and tilted my head back and started really stroking, and at this angle, I was able to crack one eye open and peek at her reflection without her seeing that I was watching her watching me. The knife was no longer in her hand, and she was just staring. I started to groan and moan a bit as I approached the climactic point, and I saw her left hand almost absent-mindedly reach to her right nipple and gently squeeze and roll it through her shirt. That was it. Too much stimulation of the mind at zenci gaziantep escort that point, and my body reacted. Thrusts higher and harder as I fucked my fingers wildly, and then I could feel the intensity increase as my muscles tightened and finally RELEASE as I shot a load of cum out of my cock up and onto my shoulder, almost a foot in the air, and another 2 feet forward. The next rope hit my chest, and then it just kept spurting up and over my hand, 3, 4 , 5, 6 more pumps of cum sliding out and onto my stomach, hand and pubic hair. I just kept stroking that cock covered in cum all up and down until it was covered in cum, and began to shrink. I looked over finally, and she sat watching my cock. Finally she noticed I was looking and she slowly picked up her knife and started cutting again. Never said a word.

I got up, went into the bathroom and cleaned my self off, and came over to get my shorts. I pulled them on, and went to her, bent over for a kiss and she almost swallowed my tongue as she passionately kissed me. I reached down to her breasts and started fondling her, felling that hard nipple…BEEP BEEP BEEP as the oven timer went off.

“I guess it’s time to eat! I hope you worked up an appetite,” she said, then smiled. “You’re going to have quite a meal for dessert!”

Pt. 2

It was one of those days, normal day of work, at 4:30PM, boss comes in.

“Hey, Dana called in sick tonight.” Dana ran all of our nightly reports and printed out all the warehouse labels for the next morning. The job only took about 3 hours to accomplish, but you couldn’t start until 6PM.

“I guess it’s my turn?” I respond. We take turns covering for Dana’s nights off and vacations, etc.

“Yeah, I’d stay, but John and I have a thing tonight.” She replied.

“Heh, I BET you do!” I joked. “Yeah, no problem, let me call Gina and tell her. I’ll run out and grab something to eat, be back before 6.”

“Thanks! You’re the best!” Heh. I AM the best!

I run out grab some food, call Gina to tell her to have dinner on her own, be home just before 10PM. “Be ready for me, I’ll be ready for you!” I tell her. She giggles, “yeah, OK!”

I start at 6, and start running the reports. Takes about 30 minutes. Office sure is dark and quiet! I walk around a bit. A few late stragglers. Oh well. Maybe later, I think. I go to my office and pull up some stories to pass the time. I get a bit hard, but not overwhelmingly so. I’ve been practicing this for months now! The half an hour is up, and I start the label program while I collate and deliver the reports. Don’t see anyone around. We’ll see. I unbutton my fly a bit, just for fun, and start working. I don’t wear underwear with my jeans, so the air and the flopping sort of give me a semi. If it bounces just right, I can feel it peeking out. Just enough of a thrill to keep me aroused while my other head does work. Label sheets cut, labels printed, delivered to the warehouse, it’s 9PM! Time to go!

I get home right on time, no messing around. I come in, and gaziantep zenci escort bayan I hear her in the computer room on the phone. She’s in front of the old PC, playing a card game on Yahoo! She’s talking to her friend Pam, I come up behind her and kiss her head. She looks up and mouths “We’ve been talking for 3 hours!!!” and rolls her eyes.

I stood behind her for a second, rubbing my cock through my work pants until I was fully hard. I un button my jeans again (I love the button fly, no zipper noise and no possibility of zipping up your dick in it), and take it out. I lean over her, hands on her shoulders, rub rub rub. My dick is straight out, almost touching the back of her head. More shoulder rub, then down the arms to her upper arm, then back up, and then down to her chest. She stops mid-sentence.

“What? Oh, sorry, Chris got home. No, it’s fine. No, really, I haven’t talked to you in ages. No really. Yeah. ” I’m still rubbing her breasts while she tells her friend NOT to hang up. Hmmmm. Maybe she didn’t realize I was hard and ready? Let’s let her know. I move up to her shoulders again for a few more rubs, back to upper arms, back down to breasts, but this time, I push my dick forward so that it is pressing against the nape of her neck and the back of her head. Without missing a word, she grabs my right hand off her chest, and moves it up behind her head and puts it right on my cock. She then leans over and taps the chair next to her, as in “Sit down.”

I keep my hand on my cock, step over and am standing there while she is talking, me holding my dick in my hand, and she gives me a head nod towards the chair. OK! I got it!

I drop my jeans, and sit down, and turn the chair towards her, legs splayed, and I start stroking for her. She has her normal conversation with her friend while I am sitting there stroking off. I reach over and grab a feel of her tit now and then, both if I go for nipple play, she stops me. Points to my dick. I try a little lower. Thigh is good. Inner thigh is out. Again, the dick point. I got it, she wants me to finish while she is on the phone. I lean back, take off my shirt, and start pumping myself. After about a minute of this, I’m starting to get a bit flushed, and a bit breathy. Suddenly, she stands up.

“Oh, Chris just came into the room. I have to go pee. Here, talk to him for a second,” and hands me the phone.

“Hi, Pam! How’s it going?” I stop stroking. Gina stops, looks at me. Points at my dick, and gives me the “keep going” roll of the finger motion. Oh, shit! “Yeah, been busy ,traveling a lot. Seeing new places, doing new things, you know.” I’m trying my best to keep hard and keep up a conversation for what seemed like 20 minutes, but had to have been about 2-3. She comes back in, and I am relieved, and about to say, “OK, here’s Gina.” But I get the Shhh hand sign. I notice then she is not wearing her normal clothes, just a night shift. Her nipples are poking out in every way, and as she sits, I can see the shadow of her bush. She turns to gaziantep zenci escort me, and spreads her legs, pulls up her shift to show me her glistening pussy, then takes a finger and inserts it into herself. Her eyes roll back a bit. Second hand comes down to spread apart her labia to expose her clit, and that wet finger gives it a few twirls. A bit of a jolt / bounce, and then the shift gets dropped down to cover.

She reaches out as if to grab the phone, and I drop my mouth on that finger like it was the last cock on earth. She giggles a bit, then puts her hand out for the phone. “Ok, yeah, OK, well, she’s back, here you go. Nice talking with you again.” I hand the phone back.

“Ok, thank, Chris, see you later.” She says. Huh, OK, I start to get up. She stops me, points at the chair, and gives me the nod to continue. “OK, I’m back. Yeah, sorry, just had to go potty. Yeah, he’s been gone a lot lately. No, he travels alone. No, not really. We make up for it when we are both at home, usually.” She laughs, sort of conspiratorially.

Where is this conversation going?

“No, not tonight.” Another conspiratorially laugh, then almost a whisper, “probably in the back room playing with himself!” I can hear Pam laugh through the phone. “Yeah, I think he thinks I don’t know”, Gina continues, still in that low voice as if I was in another room and not sitting right there stroking. “A couple times, yeah. I didn’t say anything, though. Oh yeah? How did that work out?” She looks at me, looks at my cock, and pulls out a breast, and starts rubbing a nipple. “mmm hmmm. Yeah. Did he like it?”

That’s it, I’m about ready. I drop down into a three point stance, one remaining hand on my cock, stroking, and put that nipple in my mouth. “Pam! You did NOT! Oh My God. You’re BAD!” I put my left hand up from the floor, and place it on her thigh. Inner thigh, but not too low. Slight spread, but not a “go for it” spread. She pushes me off her nipple and back on my haunches. She wants to watch.

I lean back, pelvis thrust out, my cock is as far out as it can go, and I start flailing full strokes as I fuck my hand. My left hand comes in under and starts cradling and fondling my balls as I stroke with abandon. Oh God, I can feel it building up pressure. I get that glassy, poor puppy dog look in my eye, and she turns fully at me and says, “Do it! Do it now.” I thrust up as hard as I can as the first jet shoots out and I grunt with the release. That thrust along with the extreme of the situation sent that first one up 3-4 feet in the air, landing over her exposed left breast and landed on her right breast. The second rope landed on her shift just above her left thigh. I keep thrusting and cumming as it leaks over my hand, down to my balls, and pubic hair until I am spent, and drop to the floor. I look up, and she’s smiling at me, and spreads her legs, inviting me in. I start to crawl up under her and my tongue goes into her pussy full bore .

“Yeah, OK, I better go now, Pam, before he gets in too much trouble,” she says somewhat breathy. “I’ll talk to you later!”

I am going at her pussy and clit for all I’m worth, and within 30 seconds, she is screaming, “Oh God, I’m gonna cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” and rides my face as she releases herself and my face fills with her juices. After she calms down from her orgasm, I start to pull away, and I feel a hand on the back of my head pushing it back into her folds.

“Don’t stop now….” She pleads. No problem!!

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