My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch. 02

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Well Janice did not come back three days later from the bingo marathon as she said, not that I expected her to.With her attitude towards me she only pushed me closer to her mother. I loved what she did that night but the next time there would be no heel in the way.

Kate dropped in a week later to say “HI” and visit for a while.Janice was off somewhere and I did not care as she was no company for me anyways

“So how are things with Janice?” asked Kate.

“Same lousy attitude Kate, try and find out is like pulling teeth.”You know what you did so that is all there is to it” she says. Well I know I did nothing wrong so thats that and I already spoke to a lawyer this morning. This crap’s been going on for two years now and I don’t need it.”

“Kate, like some coffee an breakfast bread?”

“Yes thanks milk an two sugars.”

“So what did the lawyer say?”

“He told me most likely she has an old college flame or met someone but being very unwifely you have the right to divorce her.”

“Kate, lets go to some antique shops and the Hearth an Kettle for supper?”

“Great idea and who knows what could happen later.” She said with a smile and a twinkle in her eyes.

So we hopped into my Ford Ranger and headed to the antique mall where I bought some old green glass insulators found on telegraph poles.

Then we went to the kettle for supper and I took her gold halfround glasses and cleaned them with the corner of my red flannel shirt so they were spotless.

“Would you like me to wear these bursa escort bayan as I eat Ray?”

“Naw, don’t want to get food on those beads, you can however wear them later as they do turn me on in the nicest way.”

She smiled and it was easy to see we had a nice thing going. Hell she lost her husband about five years ago, why should she be lonely?”

“Ray, is it true you have like over three dozen pair of womens halfglasses with beads?”

“Yup how did you know, Janice right?”

“I am sorry, maybe I should have said nothing.”

Kate did look sad all of a sudden and I told her not to worry about it. She was an optician and a very good looking older woman that I had the nice luck to know and I told her I was much attracted to ladies who wore halfglasses. She moved to the west coast and left me over three dozen pair of halfglasses all with beaded eye glass chains.”

We finished eating and headed out to the truck. the weather had dropped like twenty degrees and Kate asked if I was going to get the stove going.

The guy on the radio said the weather would be in the twenties for the next four days so that backed up the plan to bring in a hod of coal.

“So Kate, want to watch a movie?”

“I would rather talk for a bit, Ray if it is all right with you.”


So Kate told me she really likes us being close and doing things but worried about Janice who could and would mess things up for us. I told Kate she had nothing to worry about, that after the way Janice gorukle escort was I just don’t want a wife like that, so far as I was concerned, she ruined the marriage I did’nt. And Kate looked happy after I told her all of this.

“What would you like to do now Kate?”

“Lets go to bed, and I will tell you in there.”

“I want you to spend time with my halfglasses and beads, doing things to my bosoms and nipples Then eat me and finish off by going inside me.”

“What the Hell?” Kate is wearing a black leather bra with the aureolas and nipples exposed, SEXY! So I start rubbing her halfs over her nipples and running the beads past them so they quivered. I also did some heavy sucking and nibbling on those nipples as well but that got me hungry so I headed down to the “wye”.

I buried my head into her soft lovely muff and worked my tongue allover. Abit deeper and and I might hit her clit which would send her over the top. I don’t know if the short quick licks did it or the long slow loving licks but one of them did it and she was thrashing around and breathin’ heavy. I kept licking and went in with a couple of fingers to warm the furnace of desires.

I love the sound of her pussy juices swishing around my fingers and even better, lickin my fingers clean. I bet Kernal Saunders can’t claim his chickens give the same taste!

“Oah Ah YESSS” Go in me Ray FUCK ME!

With in a minute I was on top of this lovely valuptuous woman enjoying her looks and smelling her fragrance of bursa merkez escort bayan femininity. And she looked very feminine as she looked up at me through her gold halfround reading glasses with the pearl beads eyeglass chain danglin from them. I started humping Kate for all her lovliness and niceness over the last month or so. As I am in her I am thinking I really have no trouble with the idea of marryng her.

“Faster Raymond”

“She hardly ever called me Raymond, she must be like real serious!

I opened the throttle of my love machine four notches increasing the speed and in my skull I could hear the throaty boomba boomba boomba of GM’s sixteen cylinder railroad engine. That piston was doing some real work and I could hear the suction of my love rod in her tight cylinder


“What the fuck?” this is a diesil!” last two notches Kate, hope ya like’em

I was determined to send Kate and all her glory to the station of “Orgasm heights” and with the supper I had at the Kettle I knew she would end up there feeling whole, complete and womanly.

I kept pumping my piston into her tight,warm box and Lawdie it felt totally awsome and all of a sudden eight-teen hundred amps at six hundred volts surged into her loving body,eight-teen hundred amps of raw sex power coarsing through her body making her tremble with one mighty orgasm after another and yet another.


Kate got to the station on time as well as I did. Could Amtrackt beat that schedule.

We laid together for quite some time and I loved looking at her raptured expression.

I made up my mind at the last station that I wanted to marry Kate,I told her so and she wept with the most happy feeling ever.

“Tomorrow I shall start planning our weding.”

chapter three cuming soon!

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