My Neighbour ‘Er Name is Alice. Ch. 04

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I was in the loo when the pesky phone rang. It always happens, I’m either on the loo. In bed, or in the blooming bath! I got off the toilet, bum still un-wiped and limped to the phone to have it stop ringing.

Once again I reminded the phone and the unthinking caller that they were illegitimate. Trundled back to the loo with locked kneecaps and finished doing what supposed to come naturally.

I made a cuppa and sat down by the fire with a fag when the phone rang again.

‘Yes, who is it?’

‘Same old grouse-like Terry! Why I love you like I do, I do not know. Yes I do know, Its because I persevere and I do like the cock we share, you as the donor and me as the lover of able and willing cocks of your size, Darling.’

‘Was that you phoning earlier, Alice?’

‘It was, my Love, yes. Did I disturb you?’

‘I was on the loo, woman! Have been constipated for days and you, you had to choose that moment, didn’t you?’

‘Oh dear! I know how aggravating that can get, Love. I am sorry. Let me make up for it, let me turn down your favourite bedcovers and who knows you might find the object of your dreams betwixt those covers.’

‘Oh well, you do have a warm pussy and its cold in this house today. Are you alone? You had better be!’

‘All alone, just wearing a robe and panties, the ones you took off the line for me, remember?’

‘Bitch you are giving me a hard-on here. You had your back door open this morning and I swear I could smell your pussy from here. Never known a woman to juice up like you do, Alice.’

‘One track mind you has, always checking out my back door.’

‘Will you stop it, woman! I am on my way over. Get yourself on that stair-lift what ever you call it and get yourself up them blooming stairs. God you are in for it when I get to you. Ouch! Damn and blast it!’

‘What’s up, Terry? Are you all right? You hurt yourself?’

‘You ask some daft fool questions, Alice. In me haste, I fell over the blasted Zimmer-thingy didn’t I? Give me old knee a knock, I did.’

‘As long as it wasn’t your old cock you damaged, you’d be no good over here without that, no damned good to anyone you wouldn’t be. Get up and get over here or I will shut you out.’

‘No chance of that you like my cock too much you do.’ Here! You got any o’that broth yers had yesterday. Lovely that was, you cant expect me to perform on an empty stomach, can’ya?’

‘Get over here. I’ll have a plate ready for you. Always thinking of your belly than my needs. What a woman needs to do to get a good fuck out of you I do not know.’

‘He He He He! You know you love me, Alice. See you, Gal!’

Just on my way out of the door when the blasted phone went again, didn’t it?

‘Yeah! Hello!’

‘What damned foolish question is that? Sure it’s me. Here ain’t I?’

‘Yeah, she’s out; don’t know where she’s gone. Woman doesn’t tell me all her business. What do you izmit escort want to know for? ‘

‘Yeah, I will tell your Mum when I see her that you called. Okay, Molly. I will. You too. Keep your pussy warm for me. Bye!’

‘You take your time don’t you? Lucky for me I am not standing here in the nude waiting on you to come and stoke my boiler. Your broth has been simmering the same as I have.’

‘Hush your viper tongue woman. Just saved you and me a lot of trouble, I have. Coming out of door when your Molly phoned, I think she was after my body again. Managed to put her off I did. I will let you thank me with your bum when I have finished the broth, when you can get the energy to put it on a plate.’

‘Got any bread to go with this?’

‘Did Molly say when she was coming? Your Lordship?’

‘No, I was a bit abrupt with her, think she got the message.’

‘You were just being your usual old crusty self then, were you Love?’

‘You can open your legs now, I can feel this broth going to my vitals.’

Alice sat back in her chair and opened her legs with a Cheshire cat like grin on her face.

‘You going out, you got lipstick on?

‘No Love, I put it on for you just in case you go daft and kiss me.’

‘Don’t matter how much paint you put on an old bike, Alice. It’s still an old bike.’

‘So what? An old bike can still give you a good ride… Terry flipping clever-dick!’

‘Problem is, Alice, the saddle wears out too and I hate saddle sores.’

‘Why! You miserable old buzzard! That was damned well insulting! Get back to where you came from if you don’t like me, you, you old coot, you!’ Her chair scraped noisily across the kitchen floor and she got up and hobbled out of the kitchen.

I got up from the table and open and slammed the back door and moved over behind the door to the hall. Alice came through it and I grabbed her and kissed her firmly on her painted lips. Pushing her against the door I put my hand between her legs and she moaned into my mouth as I made contact with her moist pussy lips. Her ample arms came up around my neck while we necked like a couple of old lovebirds.

She pushed me away and murmured, ‘Take me to bed, Terry. I want it so badly. You make me feel like I am a brand new bike with that cock of yours.’

My fingers were in her pussy all the way up the stair as she sat astride her chair lift. We were kissing and tongue teasing each other’s mouths. I was knackered by the time we got to the upper landing. I stood gasping for air and watched Alice shrugging out of her housecoat and waggling her bare bum at me as she disappeared inside her bedroom. My hand went down to my flaccidity and I slapped it and stroked it, pushed it and pulled it right up into a frantic lazy-lob. (Half-hard or a half-soft, according to your sexual education.) Well, a man has his pride to deal with.

She was spread out on the bed, nipples hard and red where she had been pinching them and her pussy lips wide open and flapping with juice trickling in her slit. My balls rolled over a couple of times in their well-wrinkled sack. My cock actually twitched! (I kid you not) I felt it! As I approached her, her legs opened further and her arms opened, beckoning me into her web of ancient temptation. I went, without fear. Once again proving my bravery and so there was not a shadow of doubt although I did catch sight of a bird flying past the bedroom window.

With bones creaking I mounted both the bed and old Alice. She grabbed, attentively he-who-could-still-be-bent and waggled him within clammy fingers. Agitating him with a modicum of affection mixed with geriatric desire. I gasped, ‘Oh! Alice!’ She in turn cried out, ‘Oh Terry! I love you, Terry!’ Those word said, are like producing a passport at the airport checkout, allowing us to enter the modes of travel to the pleasure zone. I thought she wanted me to put it in, but suddenly she grabbed my head in both of her hands and pushed it down, down, down between those open thighs. I took a quick breath and closed my eyes to avoid splash getting into them – I wound out my tongue to do her homage. Mmmmmmmm! It had a fishy taste. Not cod, maybe hake from the Adriatic Sea. The surrounding hair was not unlike fish bones. The first course had been Alice’s broth and now I was getting a meal fit for kings. The taste grows on you, not as I had any alternative. Alice was rotating my head in good style. I knew because of the spinal clicking in my neck.

However, back to Alice, she was loving my administrations, so much she was positively purring which I have to admit spurred on my endeavours to bestow on her the climax to beat all climaxes. I don’t think I have ever put out my tongue so much as I probed with it to get into her hidden depths. Made me wish for a few more inches, because I was cock-sure there were more juices to slurp up just out of reach. One of natures shortfalls really. We are all looking for those few extra inches. The way Alice was thrusting her hips, groin, pussy into my face I guessed the old dear was about ready to pop. Surprisingly, to both of us, she did pop! Maybe it was because at that juncture I wormed a long gnarled finger up her bum. Terry’s-talented-talon did it again.

I lay recuperating, my head resting on Alice’s vulva, the pillow of every man’s dreams. Have you noticed, Guys, how easy it is to pop off to sleep when using mons-pillow? Well, it would be, but for the inwardly pressing needs of the Mons-Venus itself. This one in particular, Alice’s, she was already gyrating which reminded me about a certain Cock-Robin who had already retired for the night not even half way through the day. A Cock-Robin now being coerced into doing the deed. A deed not even my trusted Zimmer (walking-aid) could help me with.

Alice, not to be robbed of that which she needed so desperately, gave me a surprise with her sprightliness as she moved her body and swooped down with wide open mouth and engulfed His Softliness just making one mistake, her ass was within striking distance of my coiled stinky-finger. Snakelike it uncoiled viperously and became a serpantlike sodomic spear, which forced a moan around my almost swallowed love-shaft. In turn it encouraged her to turn her mouth and throat into acting like a domestic vacuum cleaner. The chain reaction made my balls become suddenly rhesus as they climbed my love shaft into the I-am-loaded-position. Her anal penetration timing was equally as good as mine, because as her finger went in – my spermatozoa’s went out! Spurting copiously into her gastric-oesophagus channel. Now I was pooped! What the woman was playing at with my flagging libido I had no idea. There was no way I was going to get up and go again. Now I know why she had killed off her man! I was unfortunate enough to be her poor next-door neighbour!

‘Terry, wake up, Love! Molly is here!’

From Lands end to John O’Groats My, ‘Oh! No!’ was heard.

‘Fetch my Zimmer, Woman. I have to get out of here!’

‘You didn’t bring it, Terry. Do you want me to tell her you are not well?’

‘God! Don’t tell her that, she will know she has got me at her mercy if you do that! She will have me going about bow-legged and singing soprano!’

‘Poor, Love. I guess you are too big to give anyone the excuse that you used to be a jockey. Talking about jockeys, you said you were going to jump into my saddle! I am still waiting!’

‘Oh Alice! Have a heart!’

‘You mean that’s a no?’

‘Help me to get dressed. How is it that Molly did not come up with you?’

‘I sent her around the shops to give you a chance to get away. It will not be long before she gets back. What did you do with your under-pants, were you not wearing any? Are you sure you don’t want to give me a quick fuck before she comes back? Let me lick him a bit. Stroke him a bit. Look! He’s growing! Hey! Look, Terry! You, old Codger! Come get it up me! You know I don’t mind which hole. Do it!’

Alice got off the bed and went and leaned over the chair, wagging her ass at me. Despite her age, Alice has a lovely ass on her. I went over to her and opened her buttocks with my fingers and licked all the way from her clitoris to her asshole. I tasted Vaseline and withdrew my tongue and inserted two fingers into her ass. She wagged her ass suggestively and pushed back onto my fingers. My prick was up for the occasion so I popped it into her ass. Her asshole went into her get-it-up-me-quick mode and she sucked me into her depths.

‘Right! Now, fuck me! Fuck me in my ass. Molly isn’t here. I was kidding you on, Terry. I just wanted to stir you into shagging me. Give me a really big cum. Darling. Go on! Oh yes! Yes! You are filling me up with your beautiful big cock! Oooooh! It feels so good. Aaaaagh! It hurts, but I love it! Don’t ever stop fucking me.’

The end of another chapter…


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