My Nephew and my Hot Tub – Part 1

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Hey everyone this is my first shot at writing a fictional sex story. Hope you like it. I’ll write a follow up sometime if you enjoy it. Comments please, only thing that’ll keep me writing. Tell me what you like, etc.

Hi, my name’s Rebecca and I’m 37. I guess to start; I’ll give you a visual of me. I’m 5’10 and have short brown hair. My tits are natural 36 Ds that are more plump than saggy and my body is fairly tone, but for a white girl I’ve got a bit of a ghetto booty that I’m pretty proud of. I’m tan, but since I do most of mine outside by the pool, I have white triangle tan lines over by areolas from my bikini, and a thong type tan lines over my pussy which has a little landing strip.
I was married for a couple of years in my twenties, but got divorced before having any children of my own and have never remarried. Over the years, I’ve seen guys here and there, but never really felt like getting remarried. So, a lot of nights I spend alone and have settle with masturbating to fill my sexual needs. My favorite way of getting off has become sitting in the hot tub in my back yard and letting the jets massage my clit until I shuttered and collapse in ecstasy.

My younger sister Susan has a little boy named Mark who is ten and I’ve always loved playing with him and keeping him when my sister needed someone to babysit. Her husband works out of town a lot. So whenever she wants to go out with her friends, I usually get the call to keep Mark.

Last summer a night like that came up. Susan called and asked if I could keep Mark while she went out for drinks with friends one Friday night. I said “Sure, bring him on over after school”. I had gotten off work a little early that afternoon and came home and fixed a pitcher of Margaritas for myself and commenced to lying out by the pool to work on my tan and read one of those cheesy romance novels. I was about half way into the pitcher when Susan stopped by with Mark around four. We chatted for a bit and then Susan headed off to meet her friends for happy hour.

I told Mark to go get his swim trunks on and we’d play in the pool a bit before eating something for dinner. He came back out and we got in the pool and proceeded to splash and play. I continued to sip Margaritas throughout the next hour or so. Mark decided we should have a cannonball contest of the diving board. Mark went first, and I cheered him on, he made a pretty good splash for a ten year old. He said “You’re next Aunt Becky!”

I was wearing one of my skimpy thong bikinis since I had been tanning that day, and I climbed up the ladder to head towards the diving board. I noticed Mark kind of gazing at my ass as I headed up the ladder, but I just kind of ignored it, he’s only ten ya know. I noticed I was a little tipsy as I stepped on the diving board, gaziantep travesti but I took a couple steps and went for my best cannonball in years. When I came up out of the water I looked over at Mark to see his expression of how well I’d done, but he looked literally star struck. I said “What, was it that good?” He kind of stammered and nodded yeah, then said “Aunt Becky, your swimsuit is coming off.” I looked down and one of my tits had slid right out of my top, and was hanging there in all its glory. I giggled and said “Oh my”, and quickly turned around to tuck it back in.

After that, I said “Ok, enough of the cannonballs, let’s go eat some sandwiches.” So we wrapped in towels, I slapped together some sandwiches and made another pitcher of margaritas and we sat down on the patio to eat. During dinner, I kept noticing Mark glaring at my cleavage. I guessed he was getting to age where he was curious about girls. The tequila was making me a little daring, so I opened my towel a bit to let him get a good look. It had gotten a little chilly, so my nipples were hard as a rock and very noticeable through my bikini top. He seemed very shy and innocent about looking, but I could tell he liked it because he couldn’t stop taking a peak every few minutes.

After dinner, he asked if we could swim some more, but I was a little too cold for that, so I said “No, but we can sit in the hot tub if ya want.” He said “Ok, but can I play with my cars in tub?” So, I said “Sure, why not.” So he gathered up his toy cars while I put away the dishes and fixed another Margarita and we climbed in.

We hadn’t been if for long, when I guess the warm water got, to him, so he said “I really got to go potty, Aunt Becky.” I told him to go pee off the side of the porch, since boys have that pleasure in life. The tequila was working its magic on me, as I’ve been known to get horny when I drink it, and that’s exactly what was happening. I noticed mark pull his trunks down to pee and saw his little cute butt and couldn’t help but have a couple of quick dirty thoughts. When he turned around to pull them up I caught a glance of his little pecker. It was only about 3 inches, but for a ten year old that’s pretty big. I giggled to myself about the thoughts I was having and found myself rubbing my pussy for a sec as he headed back to the hot tub.

Mark was running his cars all over the hot tub, and I eventually scooted over to my favorite spot where the jets seem to just magically hit my sweet spot. I sat down my Margarita and closed my eyes and leaned back and kind of started to relax, and enjoy the feeling. I couldn’t believe I was masturbating with my nephew right next to me, and the thought really turned me on. I kept thinking about his little butt and how cute it was. I slid my hand down between my legs and under my bikini. My pussy was soaking wet, and the jets felt so good. So I kind of slid by bottoms to one side so the jets and bubbles were hitting my clit directly.

I could feel a deep orgasm building inside my cunt, and I opened my eyes quickly and glanced at Mark to see if he was paying attention to what I was doing or my heavy breathing. He wasn’t, he was just running his car over the sides of the tub. I closed my eyes again, and began to arch my back as I could feel my pussy about to cum. My legs began to twitch and my body began to shake, and right as I started to cum I felt one of Marks cars run up my inner thigh towards my pussy. I instinctively grabbed his hand and trust it against my pussy as I came harder than I ever have. I couldn’t help it, I let out an “Oh God” a few deep moans, and as I started cumming again I said “oh fuck, that feels good.” I was shaking violently with my eyes shut tight. As I came down from my orgasm, my pussy began to tickle and I clamped my legs together with Marks hand right up against my mound, and one of his fingers slipped inside me.

I just held his hand there as I opened my eyes and looked over at him. I saw that star struck look in his face again. He looked so innocent. He said “Are you ok, Aunt Becky?” I said, “Oh yes sweetie, I’m just fine.” He asked me what happened so I began to tell him how adults have things orgasms when people touch there private areas, and that it feels amazingly good, and that he had made me have one of those. He told me that every now and then his penis would get hard, and that when he played with it, it would feel really good. But he would always stop because he felt like it was wrong. I told him it wasn’t wrong, and that it was natural. He said “Oh ok, because it got hard just then when you were shaking.” That kind of turned me on, so I asked him if I could see it.

At first he said no, but I said “Please, with a cherry on top.” He laughed and said ok. So I had him stand up out of the water, and I could see the little tent being made inside his trunks. I slowly pulled down his swimsuit, and his little pecker popped out right in front of my face. It was about 4 inches now, and I said “Oh my, what a lovely little cock.” He asked me what a cock was and I explained that’s what adults call penises. I took a minute to admire it. It was so hard, and his ball sack was so soft looking and moist from the warm water, and it had the finest peach fuzz glistening on it. I was really turned on and I felt my pussy getting wet again. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I didn’t want to stop. So I ask him if I could play with his cock and make it feel good.

He said ok. So I began running my nails gently over his balls and cupped them, and then I opened my mouth and took his whole little cock in. I heard him moan a little and say “Aunt Becky, that feels really good.” I reached around and grabbed his little ass and began to bob up and down on his little cock. It was small enough I could get it all in my mouth and stick my tongue out and lick his balls when I went down. He was moaning and had place a hand on my head, guiding me back and forth. I stopped for a minute and asked if he would like to see my boobs again. He grinned and nodded yes. So I slipped of my top and bottoms and stood up out of the water. My waist was still beneath, but my boobs were right in his face, so I asked him to suck on them.

His little hands cupped one of my boobs on each side and he began sucking away. It felt so good, I hadn’t had by nipples sucked in sooooooo long. Just one of my tits was nearly as big as his head, and it was very sexy gazing down at the little man enjoying it so much. I began to finger myself a little. Then decided to suck on his cock some more while the jets massaged me. So I sat back down and had him stand between my opened legs. I took his cock back into my mouth and began slowly going all the way down on it, while I settled my cunt back over the jets.

After a about a minute his was moaning loudly and had both of his hand on my head and was thrusting his little body back and forth guiding his dick in and out of my mouth. He was turning me on and the naughty thoughts kept racing through my head. I could feel another orgasm building deep inside my pussy and I started squeezing his ass and sucking his cock deeper inside my mouth. My thighs started to twitch and I knew I was going to cum soon and hard, but I didn’t know if Mark even could cum. I kept sucking harder and faster slobbering all over his little dick, and then he said “Oh Becky, something’s about to happ….” And before he could finish his sentence I felt his nuts tightened and that warm flow of sweet cum fill my mouth. It sent me right over the edge as I began to cum violently and I kept sucking and squeezing his ass with both hands as his little cock throbbed and squirted that young cum in my mouth. I thrust my mound against the warm blast of water and cam hard again. I moaned really loud as I slipped his cock out of my mouth. His cum drooled out of my mouth and down onto my tits. For a ten year old, he sure shot a man’s load. I had never seen so much cum. I rubbed it over my tits as he settled down into my lap.

All of a sudden I had an idea… I said “Hey Mark, wanna see if your mom will let you sleep over tonight and we can go swim tomorrow?” He kind of had a dazed look and gazed at me and said “Please Aunt Becky.” I picked up my cell and called Susan as Mark rested his head on my naked tits. Susan answered and said “Sure, if you wanna spend your weekend swimming with a ten year old, fine by me. “ But I had much more planned for me and Mark than swimming.

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