My New Life Ch. 01

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Written by JustNTyme

Edited by Talynnda


This story is a complete work of fiction. Any similarity to people, places or events is purely coincidental in nature. This storyline was actually inspired from an online role-playing chat. It was originally intended to just be a simple “spank” piece but it has grown into something greater than that now. I committed the ultimate faux pas by submitting parts of this story previously without having it edited by a second set of eyes, much less even proof reading it myself after I did a simple spell check on them. But now I have an editor and have learned my lesson.

I have revised the first two chapters since the original posting. Instead of releasing this story in Chapters, I have chosen to release it by Day count. It will take a little longer for each piece, but the story will seem more complete that way. Of course I may be shooting myself in the foot by doing it this way, but we’ll see how it goes.

I hope this time around is more enjoyable for everyone. I would like to thank all of you that voted for this story and left the previous comments. It both served to help motivate me to continue the storyline and to make sure that the work was checked over and not rushed.


Chapter One — Justin gets a hand with some homework.

My name is Justin and my life lately has been one big roller coaster. I’m 19 years old just recently started going to college. My girlfriend from high school broke up with me two weeks ago claiming it’s because we are too far apart from each other. But I get the feeling it’s more of an excuse to fuck around while she’s at her school. Oh well. I do still live at home with my parents. It makes more sense to do it this way. I don’t have to pay rent or dorm fees and I still get home cooked meals.

The only main downside to still living at home with the folks is I can’t exactly bring girls home for sex. My ex and I would usually do it over at her place, since her parents almost always seem to be gone. So between all the usual stress from school and the lack of sex, I’ve been wound up pretty tight lately. My computer is full of porn that I’ve downloaded but it’s starting to feel like that Green Day song, “when masturbation’s lost its fun you’re fuckin’ lazy!”

There is however the object of my fantasies since I was 13 still in the house, my gorgeous mother, Evelyn. She is the best mom in the world. She always has dinner ready for me and dad when we get home and always seems to pay attention to my needs when they are there. My mother is 36. My father got her pregnant with me when they were seniors in high school. She is still a looker. Her long tan legs, her nice round, but firm ass and her tits… She has 36DD’s. I know because I checked her bra size once. She has long dirty blond hair that almost reaches her ass. She is still in great shape considering she is a stay at home mother and wife. I’ve never seen her do more that some “Jane Fonda” workouts in the living room when I was younger. I guess that was when she became the object of so many of my jerk-off sessions. I remember coming home from school one day and seeing her in her workout clothes all sweaty and bending every which way but loose. That’s when I started to practically worship her nice round ass.

The real roller coaster started about two weeks ago. One of my professors, Ms. Taylor, had been a real bitch towards me. She always seemed to be on my ass about something, but this week it was non-stop. She must have had a hard-on for me or something because everyday I would hear something from her about this damn assignment she had given us. I mean hell we were only 2 months into the term and already she was acting like this. As I don’t want to drop this class because it’s a needed prerequisite for other classes needed for the degree I want, I figured I would just have to grind my way through it. No way am I going to let this bitch get the better of me and have me change my mind about something. So I didn’t pick up on everything as fast as everyone else. But I still tried my damnedest to get something done.

So I came home from school at about 4pm all pissed off and frustrated. I went in the front door, dropped my backpack on the love seat in the living room. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink before starting on my homework. As I approached the doorway to the kitchen I could hear mom putting away groceries in the fridge. She must have just got home since there were empty bags all over the kitchen floor. She was bent over putting away some produce in the bottom draws of the fridge. And her ass was pointing right in my direction. I stood there with my eyes fixed on her ass having briefly forgotten my troubles from school.

Mom was wearing one of my favorite sun dresses. Her calves were all contorted from her wearing 3 inch heels and being bent over at the waist. I was almost drooling when I snapped back to reality.


“Huh? Oh. Sorry mom. I must have been off in a daze”

“I would say bursa eskort bayan so. Where were you? I said Hi to you twice.”

“Sorry it’s just been one of those days. Hell it’s been one of those weeks. My mind is just all over the place.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

I look down to realize what mom what referring to. In my daydreaming, I began to sprout wood which was clearly visible from the point at the front of my shorts. How embarrassing is this? Mom had not only caught me starring at her ass, but had given me an erection I couldn’t hide and more importantly noticed it as well. I had to think of something quickly.

“Mom, can you hand me a soda?”

“Sure baby. So why don’t you tell me what happened today?”

“Well it could be a lot better. Ms. Taylor is on my ass about this algebra assignment.”

“Is it that hard baby? Do you want me to give you a hand with it?” she said jokingly with this big shit eating grin on her face.

Maybe it was just me, but it almost seemed like mom was flirting with me. No she wouldn’t do that… would she? I grabbed my soda and went back to the living room. As I grabbed my backpack I could see mom in the kitchen bent over picking up the plastic grocery bags. At one point she was facing toward me and bent over to pick one of the bags up and I could see right down her dress. This was not helping me to calm down one bit. I quickly turned my head so that she wouldn’t see me looking when she stood up.

I pulled my Algebra book and notebook out of my backpack and sat down on the couch. Mom came into the room a few seconds later with a drink in hand. She sat down right next to me. A mixture of her perfume and her shampoo filled my nostrils as it passed over me. She sat so close to me I could feel her warmth on my legs. She took a drink from her glass and sat it on the table. Then she sat back on the couch where I was and looked over my shoulder at my book. It must not have been a very comfortable position because she quickly shifted positions rearranging herself on the couch, facing in my direction with one leg crossed under the other.

I had my book open in my lap to help cover my now raging hard-on and was looking over the equations on the page when mom spoke.

“Believe it or not, I was a wiz a math back in my day. You father always seemed to need my help back when we were in school. Funny now, considering he is an accountant and I am the stay-at-home wife and mother.” She kind of chuckled to herself as she took another sip from her drink.

“So what is it you are having a problem with son?”

“Well it’s not really the math that I have problem with. I get distracted I guess and start daydreaming about things and before I know it, class is over and I haven’t paid enough attention to that day’s lesson to know what was going on.”

“I see.”

“And because of that I have to come home and try to figure out what it was we went over and then figure out the math on my own since I didn’t see how to work the equations.”

“So what is it that has you distracted?”

“Just things.”

“”Things” doesn’t tell me much son. If you want my help you have to talk to me.”

“Well it’s kind of embarrassing really.”

“Hmmmm, let me guess. It probably has something to do with girls or sex or both. Am I right?”

“Damn, was it that obvious?”

“No, but at your age, that’s about all that is on boy’s, I mean young men’s minds. Hell that is all that is ever on any man’s mind at any age.”

I laughed at her comment and the tone she took.

“So? More detail son.”

“Well, Angela and I broke up two months ago. And…”

“And what son? You know, you playing coy here isn’t going to get your problem solved. I’m just trying to help.”

My embarrassment was starting to turn to frustration. It was weird talking about this with my mom. I know it shouldn’t have been, but it was. I guess it really comes down to the fact that we tend to put our parents up on these pedestals and don’t want to disappoint them with our petty problems that we should be able to handle ourselves.

“Ok. Fine. SEX mom. Sex is what is distracting me. I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but Angela and I used to have a pretty busy and decent sex life and it’s gone now.” I just blurted it out without really thinking about how I handled it. “I miss the sex part of our relationship. I miss our relationship period, but that part most of all.”

“Ok…” mom responded. She had this comical look on her face.

“It’s not funny mom.”

“I know baby, I’m sorry.” She grinned and took another drink.

She sat up and placed her glass back on the coffee table and then looked at me with the inquisitive look on her face. I just stared at her for a quick moment until it got the better of me.

“What?” I asked kind of harshly

“Well… I have some questions and then possibly some ideas on how we can address this situation of yours. But this will only work if you are completely honest with bursa merkez escort me. I’m serious. If you can’t be adult about the way you handle yourself here at home and with me, then we will not continue down this path.”

“OK… What do you want to know?” I ask almost scared of what was about to come out her mouth.

“Obviously you’ve had sex and obviously with Angela. Was she your first?”


“Ok, so since your guys were going out for two years, when did you lose your virginity? And with whom?”

I had to think on this for a minute. Did I really want to tell her the truth and freak her out? I guess I really didn’t have a choice. She had asked me to be honest and I always found it hard to lie to mom. Dad on the other hand I never really felt that guilty when I would say something that wasn’t 100% true. But I respected mom more so I decided to tell her.

“I lost my virginity about a year before Angela and I hooked up.”

“And who was this little vixen if I may ask that deflowered my wonderful child?” she asked in this playful motherly tone.

“Well I don’t want you to get mad.”

“I won’t get mad. I doubt you could shock me that much Justin.”

“It was Aunt Teri.”

Mom’s jaw almost hit the floor. I waited for her response not knowing if she would fly off the handle at me or not even though she had just said she wouldn’t get mad. But she must have seen the fear in my expression as she straighten up and asked, “You know that was incest right?”

“I didn’t at the time. But she explained it to me shortly thereafter. I hadn’t even known what incest was then.”

“And after you found out the meaning of incest… did you continue?”

“Well of course! I didn’t really care about that. I had just been introduced to the world of sex. Do you honestly think any male is going to turn down sex at that point in their life?”

“No, I guess you’re right. And obviously she didn’t have a problem with it. How did this happen?”

“How does it ever happen? We had sex.”

“No I mean was it an accident of some kind that led to this or did one of you pursue the other? Did she seduce you or did you go after her?”

I sat back and laughed a little to myself. I couldn’t believe I was sitting here talking to my own mother about how I lost my virginity to my aunt. Just thinking back on that first time was enough to get me a little worked up.

“It was completely her. I had been over to Grandma’s house swimming in their new pool with Teri. We had been playing around and ended up wrestling. And like most kids, when you wrestle in the pool and you are losing, you try to embarrass your opponent. Well Teri was losing and decided to get back at me by pulling off my swim trunks when I was holding her under water one time. I guess it must have been the friction of us wrestling or something because I had a…”

“…An erection?”

“Yeah. So when she pulled off my shorts, she saw…”

“…Your hard cock.” Mom stated matter-of-factly. It was weird but it was also turning me on to hear mom talk in this manner.

“Um yeah… my hard cock.”

“So what happened then?” Mom was starting to squirm in her seat.

“It was crazy. I had my hands on her shoulders holding her down underwater. She had reached up and pulled off my shorts and my hard cock hit her in the face. I let go of her shoulders because I was scared and embarrassed. But then I felt her wrap her arms wrap around my legs and a warm sensation around my cock.”

Mom gasped. “She was sucking you cock underwater?”

Mom’s words hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Yeah and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I didn’t want it to stop. But it did. She had to come up for air eventually. And when she did she just looked at me and smiled. My mouth was still open from the shock of it. That was when she reached out and pulled me to her and kissed me.”

“So what kind of a kiss was it son?”

“Not like the kisses she or anyone had given me up till that point. Her tongue went into my mouth. It freaked me out even more at first but then it felt really good. I just followed her lead and started using my tongue on her they way she had been using her tongue on me.”

“I bet you must have cum right there.”

Again, my mother sitting only inches away from me, the object of my fascination talking almost dirty to me about my first sexual experiences… It was mind blowing to say the least. I was really getting turned on, not only by recalling my story but by mom’s reactions to my story.

“Almost, but not quite. Teri broke our kiss and asked me if I liked what she just did. Of course I told her. She reached down back into the water and took hold of my shaft and starting swimming back to the shallow end of the pool. She told me to sit on the steps and lay back. So I did as she commanded. She then took off her top. It was the first time I had ever seen boobs up-close and personal.”

“Well not the first, I have bursa sınırsız escort bayan the distinct honor of that, but anyways, go on.”

I paused just starring at her. Then shook my head and went back to my story.

“She came at me like an animal on the prowl almost. She slid under the water for a second then up between my legs. She grabbed my cock and brought her mouth down on it. It was unbelievable mom. I can’t describe it to you.”

She laughed a little, “Trust me, you don’t need to.”

“Anyways, Teri’s mouth was sliding up and down on the shaft of my cock as her left hand was jerking me off at the same time. I must have only lasted 20 seconds or so.”

“Did you cum in her mouth?”

Laughing, “YEAH I DID!”

“So she sucked your cock and you came in her mouth. Did anything else happen?”

“Oh yeah. After I came, I was laying my head back on the edge of the pool. Teri reached down under the water and pulled off her bikini bottoms and threw them up onto one of the chairs. She started climbing up the stairs and then she straddled me. My cock was still hard. She grabbed the shaft and stuck the head in her…”

“Pussy, Cunt, yeah I’ve heard them all son. Don’t worry you can say it.”

“…her pussy. I thought her mouth on my cock was the best feeling in the world. Man was I ever wrong. She slid all the way down the length of my shaft and then kissed me again. She rode up and down my hard cock for what could only have been a minute or two at the most and I came again. Inside her.”

Mom was absolutely unable to sit still.

“I have to tell you son, incest or not, that is one hell of a way to lose your cherry. I can only assume that was not the last time you two fucked?”

“Yeah well I did spend the entire week over there remember. Every chance we could we went at it.”

“Ok… so I guess my question now is, if you fucked before, why haven’t you gone back since you and Angela broke up? If that is what is distracting you during school?”

“I can’t believe you’re actually cool with the fact that I committed incest with Aunt Teri. I actually tried, but she said that she was into older men now.”

This scowling look came across mom’s face.

“Yeah I’ll bet she is. The fact that it was incest doesn’t bother me that much. Hell it’s more common that you would think. Besides, you don’t think your old mom is that closed minded do you?”

“I guess I don’t now.” I was in shock. Mom thinking incest was ok?

“So the problem here kiddo, is you need to get laid so you can concentrate on your school work.”

“Yeah that would be great, just one problem…”

“What is that? You’re a handsome young man. You’re telling me the girls at your school aren’t interested in you?”

I had to think on this one for a moment. I wasn’t sure I wanted to let the cat out of the bag just yet. I mean, yeah mom didn’t freak out about me having incest relations with Aunt Teri, but how would she react if I told her my day dreaming was about her.

“I guess there are, but they don’t interest me. After the bullshit games I went through with Angela, I’m tired of the prissy bitch type of girls that I go to school with. None of them know what they want or even how to get it if they did. They say girls mature faster than boys, but with the girls at my school, you could have fooled me.”

“Ok, so what kind of WOMAN… do you have in mind son? What strikes your fancy these days then?”

I got really nervous at this point. I was literally shaking at the thought of telling mom that she was the kind of woman I had in mind. I just stared down unknowingly looking at her legs.

“Come on son, it’s not that hard of a question. With the courage and conviction in the story you just told me, you seem to be trying to hide something. Now what is it? You can tell me.”

My mind was racing and my blood was on fire. I know my cheeks must have been deep crimson red because I could feel the heat coming off of them. My heart was pounding away in my chest. I looked up into mom’s beautiful blue eyes.

“Well… You. You are the kind of woman I fancy now.”

She just smiled. Without saying a word she placed her hand on my right thigh and looked me deep in the eye. My balls literally jumped.

“See now, I told you it wasn’t that hard.”

She leaned in and kissed me on the lips. While she did I could really see down the front of her dress. I nearly gasped when it dawned on me that mom hasn’t wearing a bra. I know this because, one; I didn’t see a bra and two; I could feel her hardened nipple on my shoulder. I was scared shitless. I must have gone stiff as a board. But then mom’s tongue snaked its way through my lips and into my mouth. And I suddenly relaxed. I brought my left hand around to hold the back of her head as I started kissing her more passionately. It didn’t take long before my cock started to stir in my shorts. Mom must have sensed something because her right hand which had been on my thigh had moved its way to my now rock hard cock. Mom broke our kiss and looked down at the tent in my shorts covered by her groping hand.

Her hand gently stroked my cock through the fabric of my shorts. After another mind blowing kiss she looked at me and said, “Yeah that is a hard one you have there. Well let me see if I can get a handle on it.”

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