My New Life Pt. 02

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It had been a rough week, break downs at work, overtime almost every night, my ex out of the blue calls me she and her new guy have split up and she wants me back.

“Not for all the money in the world would I go thru that again.” I told her point blank.

In a way I felt like maybe I should have tried to get back with her see if I could make it work.

“You know she is not right for you.” Mike told me honestly.

“Mike your right she certainly is not.” I finally admitted to myself he was right.

But I was lonely, Mike was great company but I needed someone, I needed companionship, I needed a warm body in my bed. Friday night finally came, I called Mike before I left work, he was upset, someone had broken into his apartment, the caretaker was there to replace the locks, but he did not feel safe in his own apartment.

“I will be home soon, do you need anything from the store?” I asked concerned about him.

“Get me some wine please, lots and lots of wine.” Mike insisted.

I picked up beer as well. Mike did not feel like cooking so we ordered pizza, we sat and talked, like we always did.

“I’m scared to stay alone in this apartment tonight Tom.” Mike said with real fear in his voice.

“Come stay at mine for the night.” I suggested.

“Tom would you mind? would that be alright?” Mike asked.

“Mike I insist. you’re more than welcome.” I said.

We sat and talked and had a few drinks, after pizza and headed merter escort to my place, Mike had never been to my place, he was amazed at how it did not look lived in, no pictures on the walls, boxes from when I had moved in, furniture just dropped in the spot, and dusty he looked at me.

“I think someone needs a maid, and I think that someone is you” Mike insisted.

I laughed “Yes I sure do! know of one?” I asked.

Mike laughed “Can you come and stay at my place with me instead?” He asked. giving me this look.

So we did, we sat up for a while,

“Could you sleep with me in my bed? it was a big bed, so your safe I promise to stay on my side of the bed.” Mike said sounding worried.

I laughed “I am not worried Mike.” I said.

We were off to bed, Mike checked the door three times.

“Mike its locked your safe, stop worrying, I’m here.” I told him.

It was weird to be in someone’s bed for sure, and for a straight guy like myself to be getting into bed with a gay guy, I had only ever slept with my ex wife, Mike got in the bathroom first, he came out in underwear only, I did my nightly ritual in the washroom, and came to the far side of the bed and started to get undressed, I stripped down to my underwear, lifted the covers and climbed in, I got myself comfortable, I like to sleep on my back, I was thinking I should have brought my own pillow, Mike was on his side facing away from me, I mutlukent escort was laying there, eyes wide open, I could not sleep, it was so weird being in bed with someone, especially another man.

I finally dozed off listening to Mike’s breathing, it made me sleepy. I woke up about two hours later to a loud bang, it sounded like someone had crashed the front door down, Mike jumped grabbing me.

“Stay here be quiet.” I whispered.

I went to look what it was, I guess the neighbor above him had dropped a chair or something, there was nothing in the apartment. I crawled back in bed, Mike was terrified.

“It was nothing, must have been the neighbor upstairs.” I told him reassuringly.

We laid back down to sleep, me on my back Mike facing me on his side.

“I do not know how to thank you for this Tom, I would not have slept at all tonight if you had not slept with me.” Mike told me his voice nervous.

“With all the meals you make for me it’s not even close to paying you back, and we are friends.” I told Mike looking into his eyes.

“I love to cook for you Tom.” Mike told me softly.

“Your a great guy Mike.” I said to him sincerely.

“You too Tom.” Mike said with a grin.

I woke up a short time later, Mike was laying his head on my shoulder, his arm on my chest, his leg over my legs, his torso partially on me, his cock against my thigh, his cock was semi erect, it was otele gelen escort odd to feel a mans cock throbbing against my thigh, Mike pulled in tighter, I brought my arm around and pulled him closer to me, my cock was rock hard, it felt so good to have a warm body next to mine. Mikes hand was on my nipple, I did not realize how sensitive my nipples really were till right now. His hand stayed on my nipple. Mike’s breathing was really slow he was in a deep sleep, I slowly dozed off.

I woke up to Mike’s hand in my underwear grasping my cock, my cock was like a steel shaft, rock hard, Mike slowly started to stroke it I was so close to blowing a huge load. Mike’s hand gripped my cock more firmly, my balls rose in their sack, all at once my cock blew a massive load. Mike woke up when he realized what he had done, he pulled his hand off of my cock, out of my underwear, he looked at me

” Oh my Tom I’m so sorry.” Mike said feeling so badly.

“Don’t be sorry, clearly I enjoyed it, you did make me cum.” I said feeling kind of euphoric.

Mike got up, grabbed a damp towel, handed it to me, I removed the covers, got out of bed removed my underwear, Mike got his first look at my cock,

“Wow what a magnificent cock you have Tom, its massive.” Mike said eyes glued to my dick.

“Thanks, you give a really good hand job.” I said cleaning myself up.

“You should try a blow job some time.” Mike suggested.

“Maybe another time Mike.” I laughed, trying to make light of the situation.

“I feel so bad about what I’ve just done Tom!” Mike said embarrassed.

“Mike its okay I clearly enjoyed it, its been a long time since someone has touched my cock. It felt good to have you laying beside me, and when you grabbed my cock, the feeling was incredible.” I said truthfully.

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