My Observation Deck

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Fbailey story number 394

My Observation Deck

When I bought that house on the hill, the selling feature was the observation deck up on the roof. I had it enlarged so that it extended out past the footprint of the house itself. I had it fully reinforced as well to hold extra weight. I then had a sunroom added for my office. With the addition of lounge chairs, propane barbecue, and a bar I was ready to hold parties.

The view was beautiful up into the mountains and the view down into the valley was not too bad either…especially with the help of a telescope and a few very powerful video cameras. With at least a hundred swimming pools visible I just knew that sooner or later I would hit pay dirt. You see I am a voyeur.

It only took me a month to scope out five pools with teenage girls that liked to wear very little and occasionally nothing at all. Then of course there was the pool where several adult couples did some fooling around.

I decided to focus in on the teenagers. Within a week I had narrowed my search to basically one pool where six girls would congregate after school and work on their tans.

Then of course I had to do my homework too. I figured out which house it was and drove past it. I then had the street number and could check with the local Town Clerk to see who owned the property. From there I checked the local library for school yearbooks and found one of the girls. She was Victoria Bennett, a junior in high school, and a cheerleader. When I checked out the cheerleader’s pictures I found the other five girls, all juniors too.

Armed with their names I was able to better identify my targets. A trip to the local newspaper office gave me their birth dates and their parent’s names, including their mother’s maiden names. It never ceased to amaze me as to how easy it was to track down my prey.

Over the next couple of weeks I put together quite a portfolio of each girl in their bikinis and out of them too. A little stalking got me pictures of them dressed as they came out of Victoria’s house. A few days later I had each girl in several outfits.

It was time to strike but who was to be first. Experience said that I should go after the one with the most to loose. That was easy the Minister’s daughter Gennifer. She was sweet looking, shy, and I had seen how demure she was in church sitting with her mother.

That Sunday after church services they held a ‘social’ with cookies and punch. I found Gennifer on the outskirts of the crowd and approached her. I told her that I had something to show her in my bible. When I opened it up and started turning pages for her, she saw pictures of herself. She was naked laying on her back in Victoria’s backyard, she was kissing another girl, and she was licking the pussy of yet another one of her girlfriends. I had several more pictures to show her but she closed my bible and took my elbow, leading me into a much smaller room.

Gennifer asked, “What is it that you want?”

It was a straightforward question so I gave her a straightforward answer, “You.”

Gennifer questioned me, “What do you want me to do?”

I smiled and said, “Anything that I ask you to do.”

Gennifer said, “Okay. What would you like me to do first?”

I said, “Slip off your panties and hand them to me.”

Gennifer did as I asked but nothing more. Then she asked, “What would like me to do next?”

She was acting as if she were in control, as she questioned me and provided the correct response. That needed to change and soon.

I looked at her as she stood there all smug and aloof. She acted as if she were above me on the food chain and just toying with me before she ate me.

I said, “Go get your father Escort Ankara so I can show him the pictures.”

That caused her to rethink her tactics. Her expression changed, her face tilted downwards, and then Gennifer said, “Please, not that. I’ll do whatever you ask of me and I won’t smart mouth you anymore.” She seemed to be telling me the truth.

I said, “Much better. I have a camera with me. I want you to strip and let me take a hundred pictures of you in this room while you are naked. I want you to pose everywhere and I want you to fuck yourself with everything in this room that will fit in your pussy. Start with that crucifix up there on the wall.”

Gennifer replied, “That won’t fit, I’ve tried it before.”

I smiled and said, “Make it fit or I will.”

That was all the incentive that she needed. Gennifer removed her dress, her shoes, and her bra. She climbed up on a chair, took down the crucifix, and sat back down on the chair opening her legs, slipping forward, and placing the wooden cross at her entrance. She took a breath and pushed. It didn’t go in. She spread her pussy lips with her fingers trying to get it closer to her opening. She was not able to get it in, but she certainly tried hard enough. I took lots of pictures of the Minister’s daughter trying to fuck herself with the most sacred religious symbol. She had failed to get it in her and feared that I would make it fit, she started crying.

I reached for the crucifix and she cringed. I took it away and told her to play with herself. I told her to orgasm several times to produce the lubricant necessary to get it in. I told her to smear her fluids around her inner and outer lips to moisten them. Then I stuck the base of the cross in her face.

Gennifer opened her mouth and started licking the cross and leaving as much saliva as possible on it. She was not a screamer as I found out through three of her orgasms. When she was ready she took the crucifix from me and placed it back at her entrance. I then took lots of pictures of her fucking that wooden cross into her pussy.

It was me that ended our photo session. She had been gone a long time and I was sure that she would be missed. I asked her when we could safely take nude pictures of her up in the church on the altar. She told me to return in the morning about nine o’clock. I left her in the room still naked as I left. I had well over a hundred pictures of Gennifer on my camera disc and I had her moist soiled panties in my suit coat pocket.

I had not touched her on purpose but I knew that I would the next morning. I would fuck her too.

At home I looked at each and every picture that I had taken of her. One picture in particular stood out more than all of the other pictures. Her eyes were closed, both hands were on the crucifix crossbar, and she was in the throws of a tremendous orgasm. She radiated beauty and sexuality. At that moment she was every man’s desire.

I made up my mind to start an Internet site. I didn’t even care if she was a minor in this country. I could easily pretend that I was in another country like Germany where nudity rules were different. I could easily call Gennifer by the name of Greta and have the money that is generated put into a Swiss bank account that I transfer to another one in the Cayman Islands. From there I can do whatever I want with it. Of course the best thing to do is nothing at all and just let it accumulate.

With Victoria, Gennifer, and the other four girls I could generate a lot of pictures and movies too. DVD sales could be tremendous especially if I kept the Internet site cost down to attract more interest.

The next morning I parked in a position so that I could watch the comings Ankara Escort and goings at the church. I watched as Gennifer and her mother went inside about eight o’clock. Then about eight-thirty her mother came out and left in her car. Sometime later Gennifer came out and sat on the top step obviously waiting to me to arrive.

I let her sit there for a few minutes before I slipped out of my car and approached her from her blind side. She saw me coming when I got closer. She actually smiled. As I walked in front of her and started up the steps Gennifer opened her knees up for me. I saw a pair of pink panties with a red devil printed on her love mound. I smiled and she realized that I had seen them and she giggled.

Gennifer took me inside the church and locked the front door. She told me that we had two hours before her mother would return at eleven o’clock and that her father would be there at two to perform a simple wedding ceremony between a pregnant girl and the father of her baby. She told me that the girl was only fifteen years old and that the twenty-one-year-old boy needed to marry her or go to jail for fucking a minor. Then Gennifer surprised me by saying, “She was stupid to be fucking around without being on the pill.” She looked at me and said, “I’m on the pill.”

I said, “Okay. If we only have two hours then we need to get started. Go get that crucifix and get up on the altar, I need to make a movie.”

Gennifer ran off and returned quickly, she removed her dress and under things without being asked, and then she repeated what she had done the day before down in that room. Gennifer was fabulous. Either she knew what I wanted or she had given this some thoughts herself. She fucked herself with that crucifix, she looked up to heaven, and she kept thanking God for making her a girl so that she could give pleasure to mankind. She cried out with each orgasm, she rubbed her breasts, and she pinched her nipples. When she was done there was a wet spot on the white tablecloth that was under her ass. There was a distinct ass print on it too. She smiled as she folded it neatly and offered it to me. I took it and put it in my pocket. Gennifer then went into another room and came back with a fresh cloth.

She then posed nude standing next to pews, sitting in them, and lying on them too. She posed in front of the podium, up in the choir loft, and near the baptism fountain. Then without being asked Gennifer stood on a chair, thrust out her butt, and peed into the baptism water saying, “I do this all the time. Daddy has christened a lot of babies with my pee and several adults too. I think it’s kinky.”

With time running out she asked me where we were going next. I hadn’t given it much thought, then I said, “How about your house while your parents are here?”

Gennifer smiled and said, “I’ve got a better idea. Suppose we go over to Victoria’s house. You can take pictures and movies of all of us there.”

I was surprised and asked, “Won’t they panic if I go with you?”

Gennifer said, “No. I told them about you having pictures of us all fooling around in Victoria’s backyard and about me fucking myself with the crucifix yesterday. They want me to bring the crucifix with me and you of course.”

I didn’t know what to think, was it a trap, would I be arrested. I told her that I would meet her there and then I left with several cell phone numbers and all of the girl’s names.

I rushed home and checked out Victoria’s backyard through my surveillance cameras. There was nothing out of the ordinary. The girls congregated, they got naked, and they made out like bunnies.

I gave Gennifer a call and watched as she removed her tongue from one girl’s pussy and walked Ankara Escort Bayan over to her phone. I asked her if I would be safe if I went to her. She handed the phone to Victoria who told me that I would be perfectly safe there since her father was the Mayor. I had to chuckle. Since I had not seen anything unusual on the street that she lived on I decided to go.

When I got there I got edgy and uncomfortable and then I decided to do something different. I called Gennifer’s cell phone and told her and the other girls to put on their bikini bottoms, cover their tits with there hands, and go out the back gate to the street behind her. She said, “But Rhonda’s hands aren’t big enough to cover her breasts.” Then she laughed. I smiled to myself as I realized who Rhonda was. She had huge tits.

Moments later a string of six girls came out from between two houses and climbed into my van. I was glad that I hadn’t brought my car with me, as there wouldn’t have been enough room for all of them, as it was they were crowded.

As I drove I realized that none of them had a cell phone with a GPS tracker on them and that they were actually quite willing to be with me and do sexual things in front of. So against my better judgement I took them to my house.

I got out my video camera and had a hard time keeping up with them. They could hardly care if I was there or not.

When I could not stand it any longer I stuck my cock in Gennifer’s pussy and photographed her getting fucked. She knew exactly what to do, what to say, and how to move under me. Cumming in the Minister’s daughter’s pussy was great. I really needed that. Then the Mayor’s daughter sucked my cock hard so that I could tit fuck Rhonda. One by one my cock went in mouths and pussies until it had been in them all. It was the Mayor’s daughter that first asked me to stick it in her ass. I had never had anal sex before but it had always excited me.

After my cock had been in every hole in all six girls they sat in a semi circle and told me who they were, who their parents were, and about their sex lives. Surprisingly they all have sex with their fathers. Gennifer told me that her father had fucked her on the altar many times and that her mother eats her out afterwards. She even told me that I could videotape it from the choir loft if I wanted too. The Mayor’s daughter told me that her father liked to fuck her out in their backyard after dark doggy style while out on their diving board. It’s a fetish of his and he had fucked her two older sisters out there too. They were both away to college at the time. She said that the pool lights should provide enough lighting especially if I was at the knothole on the fence near the back gate. Great idea!

Rhonda told me that her father and her three younger brothers took turns fucking her in her own bed every night before her mother came in and she had to eat her out. That had been going on since she was thirteen.

The father of the little blonde with tiny tits lets the family dog fuck her right after he does. Then the dog fucks her mother too. However, that only happens on Thursday nights after his School Board Meetings. He was the High School Principal.

The last girl told me that her father was the Chief of Police and that he fucked her whenever he wanted too. She said that he liked to handcuff her, give her cavity searches, and fuck her with his nightstick. She had been fucked in the back of every police car that the city owned and in every cell in the jail.

That last video clip was my ‘Get out of jail free’ card.

With all of the incest taking place by all of the righteous community leaders there was no way that I would ever get into trouble for taking pictures of their daughters.

For the first time in my life I felt at home in a city of debauchery, degradation, and depravity. Life couldn’t get any better than that.

The End
My Observation Deck

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