My Photo Album Ch. 01

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I was tidying up my desk the other day when I came across my old photo-album, as I flipped through the pages I came across the photographs of Heide, Debby and Lori.

I felt my self almost being transported backing time to my university days as I thought about those girls.

I remember the first time I saw Heide; I was sitting on the front steps of the building chatting to my friends. We weren’t taking much notice as the other kids passed by us going into the building. That was until Heide came into view; she was walking towards us chatting to Debby.

I think we all fell secretly in love with her as soon as we saw her; Heide had the most exquisite hair, a lovely sandy blonde colour which curled so delightfully around her shoulders, her eyes were a dazzling blue, and her mouth was very full with delicious lips and a cute nose.

In contrast Debby had black hair, just a little longer than Heidi’s they looked so well together, Debby had brown eyes that had a very special sparkle to them. The sort of eyes you could stare at all day and not realise you were even looking at her.

Debby and Heide walked closer to us and each of us were just staring at them, Mike whistled and they looked at him, giggled a little and walked on by.

“Wow!” I said to Mike and Jeff, “Did you ever see such a cute girl?”

“I would like to get into that ass.” Jeff said.

“Fuck you!” retorted Mike.

Meanwhile I had stood up and was following Debby and her new friend.

We all knew that Debby fancied girls and she was off limits to us guys. We had all tried to take her out, but she was did not show the remotest interest any of advances we made.

I walked slowly behind them, Debbie had a pale blue shirt, and a very tight fitting pair of dark blue jeans on, she had a white belt around her waist, her ass looked so sexy as it swayed while she walked along. She looked delicious; I could feel my cock stirring as I watched her walking in front of me. How I would have loved to get my cock into her.

Heide was wearing a brown T-shirt with a short white skirt; she had the most delicious bottom, the skirt swayed as she walked accentuating the feminine curves of her bottom.

I could feel my penis beginning to twitch as I looked at them walking along in front of me down the hall.

I was very pleased to notice that they were going into my class room; the only spare desk was next to mine. This would give me a chance to check the new girl out and hopefully make a good impression on her.

I went in and sat at my desk; Debby looked at me and said “Rob, this is Heide.” “Keep you dirty hands off her!”

Heide blushed at Debby’s remarks and bursa eskort gave me a faint smile.

I scowled at Debby, but did not say anything.

Debby was not in this class and went off leaving me sitting there with Heide just beside me.

I looked at Heide and smiled, “Your first day?”

“Yes”, replied Heide.

“I would love to show you around the school after class, if you like.”

“Debby is doing that, I’m sorry.”

“Have you known Debby long?”

“My dad has just started working as a consultant for her father’s company, it sorta went with out saying she was to show me around and look after me.”

The rest of the kids had filed into the class and Mr Smith had come into the room, ‘Smithy’ was some what a tyrant and it did not pay to cross him, so we were well behaved in his class.

After that class I lost track of Heide for the rest of the day.

The next morning Debby and Heide arrived at school together, they seemed not to notice anyone around them.

Debbie had her arm around Heidi’s waist.

As they walked down the hallway Debby moved her hand down and cupped Heidi’s ass with it giving her a none too subtle little squeeze.

Mike said to me as we watched the girls “Fuck that cunt has gone and stolen another girl, fuck I hate her!”

Debby and Heidi went around the corner to where the water cooler was situated, Mike and I followed at a distance to see what they were going to do.

Debby was kissing Heidi on the lips when we went around the corner, a real passionate kiss; she had her hands on Heidi’s ass clenching it hard against her body. They seemed totally oblivious of anything or any one around them. We could see them thrusting their tongues into each others mouth. Both girls were wearing very tight jeans and short sleeved shirts.

Heidi moved her arms around Debby’s back, reached down and un-tucked Debby’s shirt sliding her hands sensually up Debby’s back. She unclasped Debby’s bra and pulled it free, letting it slide to the ground.

Mike in his typically subtle manner rushed over and grabbed the discarded bra and ran off as fast as he could down the hallway with his trophy.

Debby saw this and screamed out “You pervert, give me back my bra.”

And she ran off in pursuit of Mike leaving the bewildered Heidi standing there. Debby’s now unrestrained breasts were wobbling about in a most interesting manner as she ran off.

I looked at Heidi and shrugged.

I knew Debby had no chance of catching Mike, and I went off to class.

Mike arrived back at class just in time panting hard, but a great victorious grin on his face, “I got the cunt’s bra safely bursa bayan escort hidden away!”

I glanced across at Heidi; she was glaring at Mike like she would like to knee him viciously in the testicles!

Which I am sure she would have done had she got the chance.

Mike and I had football practice after classes, something we both loved, and the cheer leaders practiced just adjacent the football ground.

Debby was one of the cheerleaders, and Mike and I were eagerly waiting for her to arrive, knowing Mike had her bra!

Debby arrived with Heidi and Lori. Lori was a blonde, her hair was one of her best features and she looked after it with a passion, she had blue eyes and quite an enticing face.

They were all dressed in their cute little cheerleader’s uniform; you know the type white top with stripes down the sleeves, the cutest pleated very short skirt. We boys wished that just one day one the girls would forget to wear her panties!

We just loved to watch them as they went through their cheerleading routines, something that did not please the coach at all. He felt (I do confess quite correctly) that our minds were more on the girls than his instructions on how to play the game properly.

He was continually demanding that they practice well away from us, but our school was fairly small and did not have enough ground space, so his protesting went unheeded to the delight of the boys!

Debby, Lori and Heidi were in a huddle supposedly discussing the routine they were going to practice. It was quite obvious to all that they had a little more than practice on their minds as each was clasping the other on their bottoms: not around the waist or shoulders.

It did not take Einstein to know they had loving on their minds.

Unfortunately the coach blew his whistle and sent us off doing laps around the sports oval.

Jeff was not on the football team, and it was from him that Mike and I learnt what happened while we were doing laps.

The girls went to the locker room, and secured the door so no one could get in, or so they thought, they were not counting on the cunning agility of Jeff, he really should have been in the football team. He was very good at moving quickly with very good agility.

Jeff followed the girls at a discrete distance, upon hearing them securing the door, sneaked around the side of the locker room and deftly swung up and through the ventilation window, something not many could do even with help, but he managed it with ease.

Once inside it found a good view point to watch the girls, he was hidden very well and had a good view of bursa ucuz escort the proceedings, he said he knew that they would not see him unless he made a noise, or gave him self away deliberately.

Jeff was most amazed as he watched the girls undressing each other.

Lori has removed Heidi’s top and bra and was kissing and nibbling at each of her breasts in turn, Heidi’s nipples were soon very hard as Lori continued to stimulate them with vibrant flicks with her tongue and little nibbles.

Jeff said he could see Lori’s saliva stringing between her mouth and the nipples as Lori moved her mouth from one breast to the other. He said his cock was so hard it was nearly bursting through his pants!

At the same time Lori was holding Heidi’s cute ass with both hands and squeezing it passionately. She then moved her hands up under the very short dress and was ever so slowly pulling Heidi’s panties down.

Meanwhile Debbie had moved behind Lori and had removed her panties and had he face buried in Lori’s ass, Jeff said that he could not see clearly what Debbie was doing but thought she was sucking and licking Lorie’s ass hole!

Debbie then moved her hands around Lori’s hips and was caressing her pussy with deft strokes, while still sucking and licking her ass.

Lorie’s body was starting to press hard against Debbie’s face.

Debbie’s stimulation of Lorie’s ass and cunt must have been having a very stimulating effect. Lorie moved her mouth away from Heidi’s nipples and was breathing very hard. Her whole body seemed to shudder and she was moaning loudly.

Jeff could take it no longer, He had to get his hard cock out of his pants and masturbate!

In doing so he bumped a bin which was beside him and it fell over with a loud thud!

The girls looked around in shock!

Jeff was embarrassed that he had been caught watching them and with his hand around his hard erection which was poking out of his pants!

The three girls screamed in unison at the top of their voices “Get out of here you filthy pervert!”

Jeff said “Fuck you!” “What is going to happen when I tell everyone what you dirty lesbians have been doing?”

Heidi responded “And what is going to happen when we tell that you were in OUR locker room?”

Jeff said “What if I don’t tell anyone! And you girls do what you were doing for the football team to watch”

“Fuck you!” Lori responded.

Heidi gave the matter a bit more consideration, “It might be fun to put on a bit of a show for the boys to keep this out of the faculties ears.”

“But you have to ensure the boys don’t touch us!” Debbie said.

Jeff said, “You can do it in the ballet room, it has that big window we can be on each side and you can lock your selves in-side so no one will molest you.”

The girls looked at each other, nodded and Debbie said “We will do it, now you get the fuck out of here!”

And that is how we had our first Lesbian sex show!

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