My Queen Suva

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Big Tits

My name is Joe, plain ol’ Joe, yet despite my ordinary name my story is anything but.

I live along the beautiful coast of North Carolina, right on the shore. When the weather is fine I enjoy walking up and down the beach. Alone, now that the divorce is final.

Sometimes I find little treasures, driftwood, shells, sharksteeth, or sand glass. My wife used to say the sand glass had magic – but she’s gone now and it’s just polished glass.

I also have insomnia so I take my strolls on balmy nights as well. One night under the mystic blue light of the moon I heard a woman singing the most enchanting song just off shore.

I stood there for the longest time, looking out to sea enthralled by her voice, when she just stopped. I heard no motor start and wondered if maybe she were in a sailboat.

I’ve heard her voice before so I thought maybe she was a neighbor of mine. Her song seemed to come from the sea, but perhaps the wind was playing tricks on me.

Continuing my lonely walk further up the beach, I spied a human shaped lump, but it moved. I rushed forward afraid of what I might find. It was a girl.

She was struggling against the ropes of a net, getting more and more tangled up. Not feeling calm myself, I calmed her down so I could work on freeing her more methodically.

As I was tugging the net off the last of one delicate arm, she began to sing the familiar tuneless song. It must have been a foreign language since I didn’t recognize any of the words.

I couldn’t explain it, but I heard in the song a request to kiss her head.

Her hair was wet and coarse, but when my lips made contact, magically it became silky and soft. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

I felt compelled to kiss her face next. A moment before, I’d thought it was injured, but now I was reminded more of a fairy princess.

Trying to help I asked, “Who are you? How’d you get here?”

She answered in what I guessed was a slavic accent, “I’m Suva, Queen of the Mer. I thank you for your ministrations and you shall be rewarded.”

I don’t know that I’ve ever met a stranger woman before, or seen a woman as beautiful. Not just as pretty as a model but literally breathtaking.

As I had to, I kissed her shoulder next. With no explanation, she told me to move on or it would transform too much. I should have been freaking out but her melodic voice soothed my doubts.

I kissed her all over, and as I did her sea-damp skin became milky and smooth. I Kissed her hip where there was some rough sand and a little seaweed stuck to her. And scales? I persuaded myself that a fish was stuck in the net with her.

But the enigmatic Suva warned me, “It’s my tail. Change me so we can run. We need to get away fast.”

Kissing the otherworldly tail it transformed into beautiful lithe legs.

There were patches of her body I’d failed to kiss, and she told me to be thorough. Hesitantly, I placed my lips on a skipped area, where a woman’s pussy would be.

Instantly my mouth was buried in the luxurious, and inexplicably dry, mound of a woman’s bush.

I was drawn to her like I’ve never been attracted to a woman before. My need was overpowering as I explored the crevices of her labia, the entrance to her vagina, and her clit.

Suva said, “You must get every area. And don’t linger too long!”

By now I was making love to her in earnest, I continued to kiss all the previously untouched parts, making the transformation complete.

Her breasts were the classical martini glass shape seen on Roman statues.

Her belly was round and soft and jiggled beautifully under my touch.

Her legs were long and thin, but muscular. There was sand between her toes, which I spit out.

I was just about to lower my pants so we could consummate our affair when she pushed me off, “They will be coming soon. We can perseverate on this later.” While I was glad to hear it – who talks like that?

Jumping up she grabbed my hand in hers, “Which way to your domicile?”

We ran down the beach, me leading the way to my house. Up the boardwalk, and through the gate where I stopped to enter my code.

Reading the sign which said: ‘Palace Gardens’ she asked if I was the master or groomsman.

Wondering what the fuck she was talking about I told her it was a condo.

When we got there she peered suspiciously out all the windows. Finally, satisfied we were alone, she lost her uneasy edge. She spoke with a regal authority, “I need sustenance.”

Suva was beautiful, hot, sexy, magical, and probably crazy. I was pretty sure I was going to have sex with her. But I’d just gotten rid of one bossy, demanding woman I’d had sex with all the time, and I wasn’t about to bring another into my life. My experience with my ex was so bad, Pendik escort bayan I wouldn’t even take a chance.

“I don’t know who you are, but in my house you will treat me with respect, or you can leave now!”

Her demeanor changed instantly, “I’m sorry Sire. I misunderstood.” If you can believe it she curtsied, “Shall we have food sent up?”

Now that she was treating me kindly, and we were more probably going to have sex, I reconsidered throwing her out. “I’ll get some Chinese.”

It was pretty mediocre take-out but her compliments were effusive. Over dinner she told an unbelievable tale:

“I am the rightful Queen of Mer, both by birthright, and by the will of the people. But my kingdom has been besieged by a coup.

The government has been co-opted by my rival who now seeks to quiet me by any means.

Furthermore, if we don’t stop them, your government will fall next, your president is already a doddering puppet. Then the war against the humans will begin.”

I didn’t want to believe her. I didn’t want to believe she had transformed in front of my eyes either. But since she had, anything could be true.

My only question was, “Are you a mermaid?”

She raised her eyebrows in answer, “This is what I’ve been telling you.”

She further explained that while in the sea her people would always reflect their true nature. But as she said, “when exposed to the divergent genetic material of our distant ancestral cousins we transform on land – just as you would in the ocean.”

When I asked for proof she told me that in the morning I would see her in her original form again. Then she pleaded with me to make love to her in the morning – to apply my saliva, to turn her back – well, I promised not to refuse?

We went upstairs and I couldn’t keep my hands off her – or my lips. I just had to heed her continued warnings not to apply wet kisses anywhere too long.

Emptying my seed deep in her womb I asked, “Is this divergent genetic material too, or does only saliva count?”

She affirmed it was, but told me not to worry, as one ejaculation would not be too much.

The next morning I awoke uneasy at what I might find.

Suva was perched luxuriously atop the back of a loveseat in my room, singing the strange hypnotic and tuneless reverie I’d heard before.

Again I was captivated, unable to consider leaving. Focusing my sleepy eyes, I looked only to find her features mostly human from the waist up, but grotesquely misshapen.

She was a woman but her lips were literally the shape of a fish’s. And her eyes had an extra lid. Furthermore, her teeth were like tiny whale teeth.

Her mid section was a perfect depiction of a perfect female. There were no clamshells to cover her wonderful breasts, and I enjoyed gazing at them despite my misgivings about the scary teeth.

Below she possessed a classic mermaid’s tail, greenish, shimmery, and waving gracefully on my couch.

The song had no discernible words, yet spoke to my soul, “Come here lover. Kiss me. Add to my nature and make me whole.”

There was no resisting. I climbed out of bed, approaching the ugly-beautiful creature.

I kissed her coarse hair again, transforming it into golden locks. I kissed her rugged face, replacing it with the princess face I knew.

I planted kisses and saliva upon every surface and the more human she became the more desirous I grew.

I could scarcely believe my eyes during the change from tail to legs. Long and lithe, shapely and strong, but with small delicate feet and tiny mother-of-pearl-tipped toes.

By the time I was done I’d mostly pushed aside any thoughts of the sea creature. My lust took hold and I had to have her.

I carried her back to my bed and made love to her. We shared passionate though brief french kisses. My lips roamed freely. I pawed at her bosom then searched the hollows of her body.

By the time she completed her metamorphosis she was totally irresistible.

Suva pushed me on my back, crawling between my legs. Taking my penis into her mouth she first told me, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do this.”

What she lacked in expertise she made up for in sheer determination. She sucked my cock like a champ. When I came I warned her, but rather than pulling off she withdrew until just my cockhead was between her lips. The only words I had were, “I’m coming. I’m coming.”

She sucked like one sucks on a straw, as if she needed to draw my sperm up through my tube. As it jetted out, I swear that’s what she did. When it was all in her mouth she sat up, then tilting her head back, she swallowed, as if that maneuver was a normal part of sending it down her throat.

Nothing was sexier than such a dramatic display of cum Escort Beykoz eating.

I wanted to return the favor. Taking my turn, I pushed her onto her back, climbing between her legs this time. “Now I’m going to show you what I can do.”

Starting with her creamy thighs I kissed and nibbled around the whole area, warming her up before I attacked the promised land. Suva whispered, “I’ve never known this either.”

When she told me earlier she had never sucked cock I didn’t think much of it, but when she revealed she’d never had her pussy sucked, it dawned on me that Mer people didn’t normally have those sex organs.

Next I moved to the place where her legs joined her crotch. It didn’t seem different than any other woman’s.

I inhaled deeply, burying my nose in her never before manicured pubic region. It was thick and luxurious. Was it my imagination, or did the area smell more fishy compared to what’s normal?

She pushed my head down to her crevice where I made everything slick the way a pussy should be. I ran my tongue through the creases of her labia, pushing the meaty folds this way and that so I could lick in and around them.

I darted my tongues-tip into her vagina for a bit then made my way to my prize.

Her elusive clit was there at the apex of her cunt. I licked with fervor like she had done to me.

I couldn’t get enough and neither could she. I sucked hard on the nub, and the more she humped at my face the more I sucked.

Her strong hands grasped my head, holding me in place as she bucked. I loved how she mashed my face into her pussy and fed me her proud clit.

I licked her pleasure button all over, getting it as slick as I could. Soon enough she was grinding it on me and I was able to get my lips nicely around the large protrusion, sucking passionately.

Finding a woman’s knob has never been really easy for me but I discovered that hers was pretty easy to latch onto.

It even seemed like I could get it into my mouth enough to identify it’s tip and sides.

Actually, the more I sucked on it the more it was like sucking on just the tip of a toe or a pinky. I was thrilled to finally be able to suck a clit without awkwardly searching about.

After a bit of her grinding up into my mouth I thought it would be nice to lie underneath, so I rolled us over without ever disengaging.

Suva’s only comment was, “Oh, interesting. I didn’t know it could be done any other way.”

Now on top she ground down onto my mouth instead of up into it. Lacking practice she didn’t know that even in face sitting there is a limit to how much weight you can bear down with.

She sat with her full weight. My jaw was wrenched aside, I couldn’t breath. And more importantly, I couldn’t do anything at all with my tongue or lips.

She figured out soon enough when she repositioned herself, that I could do a better job if she applied just a little less pressure.

Happily, I lapped all over then she returned her clit to me.

I didn’t remember it being as big as it was. Easily the size of a large marble, she stuck it in my mouth for me to suckle. And that was great – but something was wrong.

It grew. Like a man’s penis expands when he’s excited, her clit seemed to do the same.

In only a moment it was no longer marble sized, but more ping pong ball sized. I should’ve stopped to evaluate, but I was as caught up in the moment as she.

She continued humping and grinding on my mouth and it continued to expand.

A minute later and I could feel it reaching into my mouth a couple inches. I didn’t want to stop, but I did want to see what I was sucking. She wouldn’t budge when I tried to push her off.

Resigned to keep pleasuring the unseen organ, my imagination got the best of me: I imagined an octopuses tentacle invading me, then I pictured an eel coming out of its cave.

I was afraid of what It could be, yet that only added to the thrill. I wanted to keep going.

After a time it was at least four inches long and as she fucked me with it, on the aft strokes I could make out the shape of a cock shaft – complete with balls. Hairy balls to match her hairy mons.

Knowing what I was seeing I could now identify the flared glans of a cockhead when she pulled out far enough.

Looking down at me Suva said, “This lovemaking that you people do is almost as great as our lovemaking.” I knew I would have to ask her about that later. Then she drove her cock to the front of my throat.

I’ve never sucked a cock and never thought I would. The mere thought of a man’s rough and hairy body turned me off greatly.

But looking up at the most beautiful breasts on the most gorgeous woman it felt right.

I used my hands on her bum to encourage her to molest me Cevizli escort more vigorously – just like she had when she still had a clit.

I wanted nothing more than her cock to penetrate me as deeply as possible.

Taking hold of my head again Suva lifted it up to better the angle, now that her dick was stiffening. She thrust her hips at me, really reaming my mouth.

I sucked as hard as I could, though I wasn’t able to suck as hard as she had. I would have to be content to wet my lips, so they would glide up her whole shaft easily.

And boy, was it ever a shaft! Her cock was maybe seven inches long and really thick. It wouldn’t go down my throat, instead it just bumped the back on each punch.

I’d never really looked at or given much thought to cocks before, but now it was all I could think about. Here was this big slab of flesh in my mouth and it seemed all pervasive.

The skin was soft, smooth, coated in my saliva as it was, it glided through my lips easily as long as I formed them into the right shape.

While it was fun, it wasn’t always without some work on my part. I had to adjust my breathing and consciously resist gagging. But I wanted to brave the hazards.

Considering how much spit was on it I feared that it would keep growing. Did she have a cock that grew hard or did she grow a cock that could continue growing forever?

Suva started to get real animated, lunging about, then pushing against the opening to my throat. She yelled out, “This is amazing. I never knew what my cock would look like or how good it would feel to fuck.”

She still held my head in her hands, when I felt her grip get harder I knew I would be receiving a load.

How big would it be? What did cum taste like? Would it even be cum? Would it be green, or taste like seaweed? Would it turn me into a Merman?

Suva threw her head back. Her golden hair draped over her shoulders and around her breasts. Those beautiful breasts in turn lifted up, heaving with her breathing.

On her next withdrawal I could see that her dick had indeed gotten larger.

It was maybe ten inches long. Additionally, I felt the difference in thickness.

She gave a low groan that built in tone and volume until with a grunt she spewed a huge volume of unseen liquid into me.

It was thick, creamy, and salty – very salty compared to mine. And Yes, I’ve tasted a little dab of mine.

I’ve heard it said that cum tastes bleachy. It wasn’t bleachy. It was bitter and slightly sweet, acrid, but mostly salty.

And the texture… I would tell you how it compared to other cum, but I hadn’t had enough of mine to compare, and I definitely haven’t had any other guys’.

I do know that when it filled my mouth it clung to the sides, permeating every crevice. To me it seemed like the world’s stickiest carmel.

I wouldn’t call the taste or texture intrinsically good, but since it came from Suva I liked it and wanted more.

I sucked hard and a little dribble followed the first torrent. But that was it. Not that there wasn’t plenty. I’m guessing that for a girl who’d never cum before that she gave me the mother of all cumshots.

She fell off me panting and breathing hard, “OK, maybe land sex is better. You’ll have to tell me what you think after you have sea sex.”

I was still trying to swallow the viscous spooge. In the end I had to get a glass of water. Which didn’t mean that I didn’t want to do it again.

I looked at her cock, draped over her feminine thigh, it was huge, ten, maybe eleven inches. I asked, “How big can that thing get?”

“Oh this? I’m told that if you wet it enough it gets as big as the biggest landman’s cock. So you tell me? How big can it get? And what’s the biggest you’ve ever sucked?”

“I, I’ve never sucked one before. I mean, land-girls don’t have them.”

She raised one eyebrow, “Really? But they have pussy’s right?”

I laughed, “All the girls have pussies and all the guys have cocks – but we don’t have both.”

I didn’t know why but she laughed too, then changed the subject, “Breakfast?”

So that, or something like it, was our routine every morning.

She stayed with me for years and we had some – unusual sexual experiences.

Politically, we formed a resistance.

Personally, we had a child.

And he eventually led the resistance to victory.

But that’s a long story.

And did I ever have seasex? I did. You wouldn’t believe it.

Author’s note:

If you liked my story please give it a good rating. Add it to your favorites to read later if you want. Follow me and you’ll see all my stuff.

I try but don’t always succeed in creating a good story. Please add comments so I know what I’m doing well and what to improve on. If you want to talk I’ll answer your friendly comments.

I often attempt to create tension in the main character’s motives. In turn, this often means that characters in the story have flaws and might not even be nice to each other all the time.

I really appreciate polite comments!

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