My Secret Dreams Come True Ch4

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I lay in the back of his warm car, my head spinning and pain running through my body. I’m aware of his stopping and running into our building. He left the car running to keep me warm. I was expecting him to help me inside and to my bed, but he ran in on his own. I waited for what seemed like hours until he came back out and threw his suitcases and a few extra bags into the trunk. He got back in the driver’s side and started heading somewhere else.

I looked out the window and saw that we were at the airport. Two men met Will and carried the bags and suitcases away. Will opened the back door and lifted me out and up into his arms again. “You doing okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, but why are we at the airport? I’m not going with you.”

“I think you should come with me. You have no other plans and you certainly aren’t in any condition to be left alone. You will be my guest. Mother and Father won’t mind.”

He carried me a few hundred feet and up into a small jet. To my surprise it was rather nice inside. There was a couch, which he laid me down on. There was a nice rug, and a small TV and VCR. There was also a nice stereo system. It was very nice, and it occurred to me, I didn’t know much about Will’s background. I would soon find out. “Go to sleep now. You need to rest,” he said. He kissed my forehead and lay down on the floor and closed his eyes.

I tried to sleep but I was in so much pain. I was also very nervous about flying. Finally sleep did come and I had very strange dreams.

A few hours later I opened my eyes. We had just landed in Brussels, Belgium. It was very dark outside. I didn’t see a clock anywhere so I didn’t know what time it was. It never occurred to me to look at my watch.

“How do you feel?” I heard Will ask me.

“I feel some better,” I said. My little nap did make me feel some better, but I was still in a lot of pain. “Come, it’s time to go home. “Do you think you can walk now?”

“Yes, I can walk.” I was getting annoyed at being carried around like some baby. I stood up a bit unsteadily and followed him down to the ground. He headed towards a big fancy car with a middle-aged man standing beside it holding the back door open. Will motioned for me to get in first so I crawled into the big back seat. He crawled in after me and the door was shut behind him. I was starting to wonder if maybe he was a prince or something.

We both sat in silence during the ride. I guess we were both too tired to talk. I finally remembered that I had a watch and I looked down at it. It said it was 12:30. No wonder I was tired. I sat back and watched all the buildings go by. We passed many factories and after a while the türbanlı escort landscape turned to open fields. I was almost asleep again when we turned off the road and onto his driveway. I expected that we were there but it turned out to be a long driveway. Finally we pulled up to a three-story mansion. It almost looked like a castle! The car stopped and the driver popped the trunk and two more men came out to get our bags. Will got out and I followed after him. The big white front door was opened and two huge monsters bounded out. They jumped on Will and knocked him to the ground. Then they came over and sniffed at me. Up close I saw they were Great Danes. “James, I’d like you to meet Jack and Jill,” Will laughed.

Will got to his feet and headed for the door. I looked down at my watch again; it was 1:30 am. Another middle-aged man thick around the middle and thinning grayish hair greeted us at the door. “Welcome home Master Will,” he said.

“Its good to be back Pierre,” he said as he hugged the man.

“And who is this you have with you?”

Will put his arm around me and said, “This is my friend James. I wasn’t planning to bring him but he’s had a rough night and I didn’t think it a good idea to leave him alone for two whole weeks.”

Pierre smiled and motioned us in. We stood in a hall that had a white tile floor, a neatly woven rug, and a wooden bench. There was also a wooden desk with a few knickknacks and some Christmas decorations.

I sat down on the bench and I saw a young lady walk in. “Welcome home Will,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

She had long light blond hair and sparkling gray eyes. She was dressed in a dark pink silk nightgown and looked to be maybe in her mid teens. “Will, who is this?” she asked.

“This is my friend James. The decision to bring him was kind of last minute.” He turned to me and said, “James, this is my sister Rebecca.”

I smiled and rested my head back against the wall. “Will, he doesn’t look so good,” she said.

“I know, that’s mostly why I brought him.”

Then I saw a little boy come running out and grabbing on to Will’s leg. He looked to be maybe two or three. His hair was brown. “James, this is my brother Michael.”

“He is supposed to be in bed asleep. I guess he was too excited to sleep when he heard you were coming home. I don’t know how he gout out of his crib,” Rebecca said as she grabbed Michael’s hand and led him up the stairway that was to the right. Will also headed up the stairs and I followed. I should’ve paid better attention to where we were going but I was so tired.

We tüyap escort ended up in a large white room with a large bed. There was a couch and a TV in here also, and a stereo system sitting on a shelf above the bed. A computer sat in the corner beside the window.

Will immediately undressed himself revealing his perfect body to me. That was a body I could never get enough of. He sat me down on the bed and proceeded to slowly undress me. He disappeared for a moment into his bathroom and reappeared with a wet washcloth. He gently washed all the blood and dirt from my body. He rolled me around so I was lying on my stomach. He parted my ass cheeks to look at my ass hole. It was still very sore. I felt him rub it very gently with the washcloth then he kissed it. Normally I love it when he kisses and licks my ass but this time it really hurt. He sensed my pain and started to kiss a trail up my back and to my neck.

He helped me get into bed then he crawled in beside me and held me tight. I felt little kisses on the back of my neck and his hands explored the rest of my body. It wasn’t long before I was fast asleep again.

When my eyes opened again daylight was pouring through the window. I looked over at my watch lying on the night stand beside the bed. It said 9:00. The alarm clock on the stand said 10:00. Will was no longer in bed. My ass and my face still hurt like hell. I dragged myself out of the bed and went to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was very banged up.

I washed up and then took a good look around the room in the daylight. It was very nice, nicer than any room I’d ever stayed in. I saw two black bags that were mine sitting by the corner of the bed. I opened one and looked in. My clothes were stuffed in it. I could tell it was packed in a hurry.

I pulled on some clean clothes and went to see if I could find Will, or someone that could lead me to him. I turned down the hall and took the first flight of stairs I came to. I came to a beautifully decorated room. The walls were a deep pastel blue. There was a stone fireplace and glass figurine on the mantle. Along the wall was a long blue velvet couch. In the center of the room was a grand piano. My younger brother back home was a master at the piano. I suddenly began to miss him. “Are you lost?” I heard a voice from behind me.

I jumped and spun around. There I saw Pierre. “Yes, I’m lost,” I replied.

“Master Will is in the kitchen having breakfast. He asked me to take you to him if you woke before he was finished.”

“All right,” was all I could manage to say.

I followed the older man out another doorway tuzla escort and down the hall. “This is an awfully big house,” I commented.

“Yes, it’s been here for centuries. Now it belongs to Lord Edward and Lady Isabella. Master Will stands to inherit it all next.”

Will was a lord! I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It was something out of a fairy tale.

I was led through a massive formal dining hall into a nicely sized clean kitchen. The walls and floor were pearl white. In the corner were what a usual kitchen would have, two stoves, a sink, a dishwasher, a microwave, and tons of counter space. A high bar with stools ran along the middle. Sitting at a stool was Will. “Master Will, James is up, Pierre said.

Will turned around and smiled at me. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

“A little,” I replied.

I climbed up on a stool beside him. He introduced me to Margaret, the cook. Margaret placed a plate in front of me with two poached eggs and some orange juice. I didn’t realize how hungry I really was until I took the first bite. Will finished quickly and just sat and watched me eat with a smile on his face.

Once I was finished I was informed that his parents wanted to meet me. My mouth went a little dry and my hands shook as I followed Will down another hallway to an outside patio. I saw them sitting at a table. They both stood up and looked at me. “Mother, Father, this is James,” Will introduced me.

The greeted me and sat back down. Will took a seat and motioned for me to sit beside him. His father was tall with brown hair and blue eyes. His mother was blond with gray eyes. We sat and talked for a good part of the morning. They were very nice to me and it didn’t take long for me to start to feel comfortable.

I was caught completely off guard when Lady Isabella said. “Will, is James coming to the party tonight?”

“Yes, he will be my guest. I took his measurements while he was asleep and sent someone to get a tux for him. Now if you will excuse us we need to get him ready.”

He kissed his mother on the cheek and dragged me back to his room. Once there he told me to take a shower and handed me a razor and a can of shaving cream. “What’s this for?” I asked.

That is just for me. I don’t want a hair on your body except for what’s on top of your head.”

I did as I was told and showered and shaved my entire body. I came out and submitted myself for his approval. He rubbed his hands all over my body to make sure I was smooth. When he was satisfied he gave me a long deep kiss.

I sat with him in his room the rest of the afternoon. The man came with my tux. When it was time to start getting ready I slipped it on. It was probably the most expensive suit I ever wore or ever will wear. He gave me a once over, straightened the tie for me, and led me down to the party.

As always this is a true story. A few things were changed to protect identity but other than that they are pure fact. Feedback is always welcome.

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