My Sex-Packed Holiday Ch. 01

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Watching My Brother

The summer before my twin brother and I started at university, we went on a last summer seaside holiday with our parents. We went to a lovely village on the North Devon coast where we’d been a few times before, but since it was probably going to be our last proper “family holiday”, our parents up-graded us and booked into a rather swish hotel right on the cliffs, with its own private steps leading straight down to a little beach.

We’d always looked enviously at its tennis court and manicured lawns. Every year we’d trudge past it on our way back to our holiday apartment, and my dad would say, “Next year, we’re going to stay there, then I won’t have to lug these effing surf-boards up the effing hill every day.” Of course we never did (it was way too expensive), but since this year we’d finished A-Levels and effectively left school, they managed to get a booking well before the official school holidays started. That meant it was both quite a lot cheaper, and not so busy.

The first night, in the lounge after dinner, we’d met up with a woman, Abi, and her daughter Sally, who were doing the same as us. Sally was the same age as Matt and me, and she and my brother seemed to get on pretty well from the start, which was unusual for him. Mind you, her big tits, which she seemed happy to show off in little bikinis, might have had something to do with it. Abi was nice too: friendly and easy to talk to. Her husband was coming down later to join them (I think there was some problem at work which he needed to sort out), but for the time being it was just the two of them, so I think she was glad of some other people to talk to.

One day, my Mum and Dad had gone down to the village to get some postcards, Matt had gone off with Sally somewhere, and I’d been down on the beach, having a swim. After a while, I’d had enough, and came back to the hotel with the plan of grabbing a sun-lounger by the pool. But they all seemed to be taken, so I wandered down to the storeroom in the far corner of the grounds to see if there were any spare ones hanging around down there.

The storeroom was part of a wooden building made up of a few rooms which were basically used as storage for gardening and other maintenance equipment, although guests were allowed to use one of the rooms to stow surfboards and other beach stuff that they didn’t want to take up to their rooms every day. There were a few sun-loungers in the corner, so I was about to get one when I heard through the window what sounded like my brother’s voice from outside. I went over and looked out, and sure enough there he was, lying on the grass with Sally: she in her bikini, him in his swim shorts. I smiled; he was kissing her on the mouth, and she seemed to be reciprocating eagerly. Good old Matt, he hadn’t wasted any time there.

I was just about to open the window and shout something rude at them when something made me pause. I suddenly saw that Matt’s hand was actually down inside one of the cups of Sally’s bikini top, and as I watched he pulled it down and her large boob just popped out. Oh my god, I hadn’t expected that – he was a fast mover! Even from here, I could see her dark nipple standing up all stiff and aroused. He stroked the smooth curve of the bare breast, swirling his finger over the nipple. It crossed my mind that he knew just what to do to arouse a girl – where had he learnt that, I wonder? Not just off the internet, surely.

Their mouths were still pressed together, kissing hard. Then Sally wriggled herself up, put her hands behind her and undid the tie on her bikini top. She pulled it right off, letting both of her big boobs swing loose – she wasn’t hanging back either! Matt leant over her and began to kiss all over them. Sally obviously loved this: her head was thrown back, her long hair swishing backwards and forwards, her toes curling into the grass.

A slightly weird feeling of jealousy came over me: I wished it was me getting my nipples sucked like that. Or (just as good) me doing the sucking. I knew it was wrong of me to spy on them, but I couldn’t stop myself. Almost without thinking, I slipped my right hand down the front of my bikini bottoms and began to stroke my clitoris, sometimes letting my finger slide lower along the line of my slit. Pushing softly between my lips, I felt how very lubricated I already was. I bet Sally was just as wet.

Suddenly I heard a slight noise just behind me. Quick as a flash, I pulled out my hand, and turned my head. Oh crumbs, it was Sally’s mum, in her swimsuit, holding her towel. She’d come in so quietly. Had she seen what I was doing?

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Annie,” she said, “I didn’t mean to startle you. You just seemed to be watching so carefully. Is there something on the lawn?”

I görükle escort was blushing furiously with embarrassment.

“What’s going on?” she continued, and went over to the window.

“Erm, nothing, Mrs – Abi,” I stammered, but it was too late.

“Oh my goodness,” she said. I really thought she would get embarrassed and leave, or go out and put a stop to things. But to my surprise she carried on watching. I suppose I could have taken this opportunity to disappear, but I didn’t. I looked out of the window too.

During the minute while I had been distracted, things had gone a bit further. Sally had put her hand down the front of Matt’s swim-shorts, and I saw her pull out his erect prick. It was big: really stiff. Her little hand only just went round it as she pumped it up and down, releasing his red cock-head from his foreskin.

I heard Abi chuckle. “Look at that,” she said softly. “Sally’s a lucky girl.”

“Erm, yes, I guess so,” I said, a bit embarrassed myself.

She smiled at me.

“Aren’t old women like me allowed to admire a nice-looking cock?” she said. “You looked as if you were enjoying it when I came in.”

I blushed even more.

She chuckled again.

“Don’t worry, Annie,” she said. “I’m not shocked, and I’m just sorry you heard me come in. I was going to go and leave you to it, but then you heard me.”

Then it was her turn to blush, and she hesitated before she went on.

“Watching you touching yourself was nice. I was glad that you were enjoying yourself – even before I saw what you were watching. I don’t blame you; it’s such a turn-on watching people having sex. I know Sally’s sexually active, and that’s great. She’s pretty sensible, so why shouldn’t she enjoy herself?”

Did she really say that? Ok, she wasn’t exactly past it herself; Sally was eighteen, so Abi was probably in her early forties at most. She had a good figure, and dressed really nicely. But it’s still not the sort of conversation you normally have with someone old enough to be your mum, however attractive she is.

Abi was looking at Matt and Sally again. Matt was now lying on his back and Sally was kneeling over him with his cock in her mouth. Her big breasts were swinging back and forth as she sucked on him, sometimes letting his cock out of her mouth to lick it up and down, tickling her tongue over his knob-head. Her bum, in tiny bikini pants, was sticking up in the air. I wondered if I should say something like how good Sally was at sucking cock for her age, but decided it might be tactless.

As we both watched, I saw Abi’s hand brush over the bulge of her pudenda. She moved her legs apart, and I watched her fingers slip between her legs and start to rub herself through the material of her swimming costume. Her finger pushed into the bulge, making her catch her breath.

“Annie,” she whispered, without looking me in the eye, “Why don’t you carry on too?”

Watching Sally sucking Matt’s cock was certainly making me very aroused. And watching Abi touch herself, oh dear god, that was horny too. My hand slipped back inside the front of my bikini bottoms.

If I had been wet before, I was soaking now. As the tip of my finger parted my labia and slipped easily into the opening of my vagina, I felt a little squirt of musky-scented juices released into my bikini. I pressed my palm against my clitoris, rotating it against the hard little bud as my finger wiggled into my warm interior.

I could hear Abi’s breathing next to me, rough and uneven. I glanced sideways and caught her eye as she saw me. She smiled, seeing where my hand was. With one hand, she pulled the crotch of her swimsuit away from her body, making room for her other hand to burrow inside, her fingers disappearing from view. She let out a little sigh and I knew that her fingers must have slipped between her labia into her slit. I could see her hand moving inside the front of her costume, starting a rhythm. It made me oddly excited watching her.

Outside, things were getting hotter too. Matt was still on his back, but Sally had stopped sucking his penis. She sat up and began to pull down her bikini bottoms. She had to stand up to pull them right off, and while she did so, crouching over so as not to be seen (or so she presumably hoped!), Matt raised his bum and pulled his swim-shorts down and right off, his erect prick bouncing against his leg.

Sally knelt down again, totally naked now, one leg on either side of Matt. Positioning herself over his crotch, she took hold of his erection with one hand, aiming it carefully so it pointed up at her pussy, and slowly lowered herself down, wriggling her curvy bum until it was positioned just right, then sank down, taking the eskort bayan whole of Matt’s meat into her.

I’ve always loved that moment when a stiff cock slides into me for the first time; the little nudge as the hood of the helmet pops through the entrance; the feel of my wet vagina expanding for the first time as the knob eases itself inside, adjusting itself to the size and shape of the welcome invader. I like it when a guy just lets it rest there for a moment or two, maybe just twitching slightly, before starting to fuck me properly.

My own pussy tingled as I imagined that wonderful sensation. I couldn’t actually see Sally’s pussy because her thigh was in the way, but as she began to ride up and down I could picture Matt’s hard bulbous cock emerging, all coated in her lubricating juices, before burying itself in her again. By this time, I had pushed my bikini pants a little further down my thighs to ease my access, showing the little tidy patch of hair at the top of my own pubic mound.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Abi pulling at her costume. She had pulled the straps of her costume off her shoulders, and was wriggling her arms through so the straps hung loose by her sides.

“I’m sorry, Annie, but I just have to do this,” she whispered.

And she pulled the front of her costume down, letting her large breasts bounce free – so much bigger than mine, but still firm and well-formed. I couldn’t help staring, taking in the dark nipples and the large areolae. With one hand, she rubbed and squeezed at them, her other hand still playing with her pussy.

I felt I ought to say something.

“You’ve got a great body, Abi,” I whispered.

“Oh Annie, that’s sweet of you,” she said. “I wish I was still young and fresh like you – and like them”.

I looked back at Matt and Sally. They had moved again. Sally was now crouched over on her front, her breasts swinging too and fro, her hair over her face and her bum in the air, and Matt was thrusting his cock into her from behind, grasping her waist with his hands to hold her steady. Now I could see properly, and was transfixed by the sight of his cock burying itself deep inside her.

“I can see where Sally gets her figure from,” I whispered, my fingers deep inside me. “She’s so pretty.”

She looked at me. “You’re pretty too, Annie,” she said. She hesitated, as if not sure if she should say any more, but then blurted it out. “Won’t you get your breasts out too – I’d like to see them”.

I must have let my surprise show, because she blushed, and suddenly looked ashamed. “I’m sorry, Annie, I shouldn’t have said that. I’ve gone too far already,” and she pulled her hand out of her costume, and began fumbling with the shoulder straps, trying to pull them up again.

My head swirled. Please, no. The moment was about to dissolve, and I didn’t want it to. We’d both been sharing something crazy and special, and now we were about to lose it. I wasn’t sure what to do, so acted on instinct.

I took two steps and grabbed her arms.

“No, please, Abi, don’t stop. You mustn’t. Here, look,” – and I reached behind my back and unlaced my bikini top. With a wiggle of my body, it fell to the ground, revealing my little breasts. As I stood there, I felt my nipples began to stiffen; was it the fresh air, or a feeling of excitement?

I grasped Abi’s arms again and looked straight at her, into her lovely blue eyes. She blinked. Time stood still. She bobbed her head forward, then hesitated; I did the same. Then she kissed me softly on the lips. I shut my eyes and felt her mouth on mine, every nerve ending alive and fizzing. I opened my mouth and felt her tongue press inside. My head was starting to spin again, but I was feeling tingly all over as well.

Abi’s lips left mine as she pulled away.

“You’re so lovely Annie, but let’s just watch them together,” she said. “Though, do you mind if I take my costume right off first?”

I smiled. “Sure,” I said. “Why don’t I do the same?”

“Oh yes, Annie,” she murmured, and quickly pulled the bunched up costume right down over her pelvis, letting it drop to the floor. I couldn’t help noticing that her pussy was totally bare – she’d obviously waxed or shaved very recently. I pulled on the side tie of my bikini bottoms and let them drop too, feeling a bit embarrassed that I’d let my bush grow (though I did keep it tidy, and shaved carefully around my pussy lips).

“Come here, Annie,” she murmured, “I want to hold you while we watch.”

I leant back against her, nuzzling my back against her bare breasts, her bare mound pressing against my bum. She put her arms round me and hugged me. One of her hands stroked over my tummy.

That altıparmak escort was cosy: then I shivered suddenly as she drew one of her fingernails across my bare skin, a cool, sharp sensation that made me feel more aroused that the soft stroking had. She sensed my excitement, and drew the fingernail up my tummy, then over the soft supple skin of my breast. As I whimpered, she pressed the point of it into my flesh, and dragged it harder across my nipple, leaving a red trail. She clasped my nipple between two nails, and gripped hard. It hurt, but in a good way; a way that made my body ache for release.

Her other hand touched my belly button, then slid further down, burrowing though my little bush, then down over my clitoris. As she touched my bud, I shivered all over. It felt so good.

She rested her cheek against mine and we watched as Matt and Sally reached the climax of their fucking. I could see Matt’s balls swinging back and forth with each thrust. I was surprised he had lasted so long. Sally must have come at least once, being fucked doggy-style like that; I know I would have.

Abi’s fingers burrowed further down, finding the moist folds of my outer labia, then slipped between them into the entrance to my vagina. She kissed my cheek as she nudged a finger inside me, and I whimpered with pleasure. I felt my pussy expand to allow another finger in, and she curled them up expertly, squishing against my vaginal walls.

With her other hand, she continued to scratch her fingernails over my erect nipple. I pressed my body back hard against her, feeling the warmth of her breasts as I squashed against them. I pressed my fingers against the hard little button of my clitoris and began to circle around it, starting to stimulate myself properly. As I did so, I could feel Abi’s fingers moving against me from inside.

I don’t think she actually saw Matt and Sally’s climax, though I did. At the moment when Matt came inside Sally, his body rigid as he ejaculated, Abi had her face buried in the nape of my neck, the skin between her teeth, biting at it as her fingers burrowed deep inside my wet vagina. She wasn’t idly exploring now, but thrusting hard in and out – I could hear the rhythmic slurp squish, slurp squish sounds made by my juicy pussy as she fucked me with her expert fingers.

I could feel myself start to climb towards my orgasm, propelled by our joint actions: her fingers in my vagina, mine at my clit.

“I’m going to come, Abi, I’m going to come,” I whispered. “Don’t stop, please.”

“Let me take you all the way, Annie,” she whispered.

I felt her other hand find mine, gently pushing it out of the way to take over at my clitoris. She seemed to know just how to manipulate it – circling, pressing, flicking – and I pushed back against her, grinding my bum against her pubic mound. I grabbed hold of my breasts, squeezing them hard with excitement as I reached the point of no return, heading towards my orgasm – faster – higher.

I closed my eyes, arched my back, and cried out as it hit me, overwhelming me as the muscles in my thighs tightened and my whole body lit up with my orgasm. I fell back against her as it subsided, my legs almost giving way, only her fingers inside my pussy stopping me from dropping to the ground.

I turned round and kissed her hard on the lips, my naked body glowing with post-orgasmic heat.

“Oh Annie,” she whispered when I pulled away at last, “You really are amazing.”

“You’re the amazing one, Abi,” I replied. “But you haven’t come yourself.”

“Oh yes I did,” she said, “Right at the end, when you orgasmed, you pressed back against my clitoris, and it made me come too. Just feeling you hit your climax brought mine on. I’ve never come like that before: it felt weird, but special.”

I rested my hand on her warm breast, coated with perspiration, and kissed her again. I felt her nipple rising up under my touch. It was crazy, but I wanted her again.

“Mm, Annie, I – I want you so much; but I think we need to go,” she said reluctantly. “It’ll be time to get ready for dinner soon, and I think I need a shower first – you probably do too. Then maybe after dinner – or sometime tomorrow if we can.”

With a naughty smile, she wrapped herself in her towel without putting on her swimsuit, and kissed me again.

“Oh honey, you’d better put your cozzie back on, before someone sees you,” she said. “And I think I’d better go now.”

I refastened my bikini bottoms over my still glowing pussy, and slipped my bikini top back on. I hoped no-one would notice how hard my nipples still were, poking through the material like little acorns. I looked out of the window, but Matt and Sally had already gone. I ran my fingers over my mound one more time, still feeling warm and aroused. My head was still spinning, and already I could hardly believe what had just happened. No older woman had ever had me before like that – and it had felt so good. But how much better could it possibly get?

[To be continued]

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