My Sexy Office Fling

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At 30, I had reached the peak of what middle class American girls had grown up believing they should have. I had a house, a career, two matched children in the right schools, and a husband that my friends all admired. Thanks to a rigorous workout program engineered by a comically stereotypical personal trainer, I retained the hard body with curves in the right places I had when I was twenty. Genetics had been kind as well, giving me a face pretty enough not to intimidate women but sexy enough to catch admiring looks. What I didn’t have was sex. Of course, I had once a week on Saturday nights after a beer or two that didn’t help his waning libido missionary sex that left me channel surfing and wondering if those pills on TV designed to increase a mans size — and performance- really worked. The most excitement I usually had involved the bumpy gravel road that led up to the house on weekend bike rides with the kids. It’s not that I could complain really, just that I knew something was missing, and I had a pretty good idea of it’s exact dimensions- 36C, 25, 34 with dark hair and astonishingly blue eyes.

It wasn’t that I was in love with Elizabeth, it was that I wanted to strip her naked and fuck her on the conference table by my office every single time I saw her. There were no complicated feelings involved, no nights of longing, just a deep conviction on my part that I wanted to do beautifully naughty things to her for about an hour. I saw her every day at work, but it was a big company so I didn’t really know much about her other than that she worked in personnel.

So today when I got to work, in my standard sexually frustrated and extremely horny mood, I saw Elizabeth getting on to the escalator in a dress and heels, something that I rarely got to enjoy in our casual jeans and tees sort of office. I tried not to be obvious as I waited a few seconds to catch the escalator one stair behind her hoping to catch a glimpse of a little bit of thigh or maybe a hint of panty as she rode in front of me. I managed to step on just before one of the nerdy guys from the tech department who seemed to have the same idea. I gave him my best “you’re such a pervert” look before I focused on attempting to see if the stainless steel running up the sides of the escalator was reflective enough to see anything enticing. I was so intent on my covert spying, I didn’t have time to react when the escalator suddenly stopped and I literally bumped my face into her very soft ass. Some jackass, who totally deserved a promotion in my book, had caught his shoestring in the stairs and pushed the emergency stop button.

Realizing there was no graceful way to say “Sorry I had my nose in your ass, but I will be masturbating to the memory of this moment for weeks to come,” all I managed was a weak smile and an “oops”. casino oyna

To my surprise, Elizabeth looked back and winked and said “that was the most fun I’ve had all week!”

We climbed the last two stairs and departed to our respective offices, but I couldn’t stop wondering if she was serious. Between that and replaying how soft her ass was and how good the warm fabric of her dress felt against my face, I got almost no work done all morning.

Since I wasn’t being productive anyway, I decided to head down to the cafeteria for lunch. I usually stayed away, having quickly grown tired of limp salads and unidentifiable fried lumps of something. But today I decided to grab a quick salad and a drink and try to get some work done. As I paid for my nearly inedible food, I happened to glance into the seating area. Elizabeth was seated at a table, wearing the cutest pair of glasses, which I noticed because she was staring directly at me. She lifted her chin slightly and there was a slight smile on her soft lips, which I wanted to believe was an invitation to eat her pussy right there at the table but which was more likely an invitation to join her. I grabbed my lunch and headed over, sitting across from her where I could get a view of the delicious looking mounds of her breasts spilling out of her dress.

“So did you enjoy our little run-in this morning as much as I did?” she said as I sat down.

Surprised by her directness, I tried to bluff, saying “I had almost forgotten.”

She laughed, a beautiful tinkling sound, and said “Then why are you squirming in your seat right now?”

I tried to regain my composure, but being so near her was having a definite effect. I could feel the lips of my pussy starting to throb insistently, dampening the fabric of my lace panties. All of a sudden, I felt her bare foot teasing the top of mine, and she leaned forward offering an even tastier view of the breasts I was imagining licking at that very moment.

“Tell your husband you have to work very late. You won’t be home for a few hours,” she said as she slid a paper with an address and phone number on it across the top of my thigh and into my pocket under the table. “And get rid of the panties, mine are already to wet to do me any good,” she whispered as I felt her slide something into my other hand.

She walked away from the table, skirt swaying around that beautifully shaped ass as she moved. After tucking away the panties she had put into my hand, I made a quick call home and went back to my desk. I knew for sure no work would get done this afternoon since all I wanted to do was bury my face in her tiny panties and taste the wetness there.

It took forever for five o’clock to come, an eternity I spent trying to sit still as my pussy throbbed for release. When canlı casino the clock hit five, I shot out of my chair and hurried down to the parking lot. I had already memorized the directions to her house, and checked three different websites to find the fastest route with the least traffic. Safe in my car, I pulled the panties she had given me out of my pocket and held them in my lap as I unzipped my jeans. I could no longer sit still as I drove to her house, holding her panties in my hand as I started to finger my swollen clit. If my cell phone had rang on the way home, it would have killed me because there was no way I could have stopped stroking myself to hold the wheel and the phone.

I pulled into the driveway, nearly causing the tires to screech as I swung in behind her little convertible. She was just getting out of the car, a little smile on her face as she could clearly see what I had been doing. As I got out, she grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the house. As she fumbled with the key, I was finally able to slide one hand under her dress and across her ass. It was smooth, and as soft as I remembered. I wanted to plant my lips on it right there, but allowed her to pull me inside. She wasted no time by playing hard to get, tearing at the buttons on my shirt as I slid my hands under her skirt to feel her dripping pussy. Suddenly, she stopped and pushed her tongue into my mouth with such skill that I nearly came right there just imagining how good it would feel on my pussy. Within seconds, she was naked in front of me, and my clothes had disappeared in the moments I spent disrobing her. She whispered “upstairs” and I followed, enjoying the replay of being behind on the stairs without the inconvenience of her skirt between us.

We reached the bedroom, and she pushed me onto the bed. She crawled on top of me, wasting no time as she straddled my face and dipped her wet pussy onto my lips.

“Fuck me with your mouth, make me cum right now!” she panted as she grabbed my long hair.

Having waited so long, I eagerly complied, tasting her sweetness with the first stroke of my tongue. That one taste set me on fire, and suddenly I couldn’t get enough of her, thrusting and prodding with my tongue as far inside her as I could reach as she gripped my hair and rocked against me. I grabbed her ass to keep her still above me, then moved my head just a little bit to allow my tongue to trail between her soft cheeks and further back. She gasped as I reached her tight ass, then let out a little scream as I pushed my tongue into her there.

The panting grew faster as she begged “no one has ever… keep going… please don’t stop!” I let go of her as so I could slide a finger inside her pussy, which was even wetter then before.

She was surprisingly tight, and I could feel her kaçak casino squirm as I slid in two more fingers. I thrust into her, my tongue and fingers working at once as she moaned and quivered.

Just when I was wondering if I should throw her on her back, she gasped “I’m cumming!” and I felt her warm juices flowing down my fingers and into my mouth.

I continued to lick and stroke even as I could feel her orgasm slow, savoring the taste of her juices as they dribbled into my mouth.

She collapsed onto the bed, and I rolled over. A part of me wanted to enjoy the look on her face, but it was quickly quieted by the part of me demanding her to fuck me. I was hotter than I had ever been, my pussy throbbing in rhythm with my racing heart. I knew that if she waited much longer, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I grabbed her hair in my hand, and she knew what I needed. Smiling, she reached into the stand beside the bed and pulled out a long vibrator. She pushed me back, so I was laying with her sweet body between my legs.

“This won’t work!” she stated, and turned so she was straddling my chest with that perfect ass tantalizingly near my mouth.

With just the slightest movement, I could put my tongue right back into her juicy slit. Just as I was considering the possibilities, I felt her hot mouth land right on my pussy. She started eating hungrily, using her teeth and tongue to tease even more blood into my swollen clit. She seemed to know just how to drive me crazy, bringing me closer to the edge without letting me cum. All I could do was lay back and enjoy the view of her swollen pussy while she tortured my swollen lips with hers. I heard the buzz of the vibrator, and felt it touch my pussy. I spread my legs further, expecting her to fuck me with it, but instead she rested against the opening of my dripping hole as she continued to tease me.

“Beg me to fuck you!” she hissed, her teasing making me lose control.

“Fuck me! Please!” I whimpered, unable to wait any longer.

She grabbed the vibrator and slid it into me in one long stroke. The combination of the invasion of her buzzing cock, her slick tongue, and the view of her dripping slit finally sent me over the edge. I came harder than I could remember, my teeth nipping her ass as I felt the tremors rush through me. Her tongue continued to torment my pussy until the final seconds of my orgasm. I closed my eyes in post-fuck bliss as I felt her move away from me.

I heard her leave the room, and got my eyes open just in time to see her hurry back into the room, breasts heaving, with my clothes.

“You’ll have to get out of here. My husband goes bowling every Friday, but he’ll be back soon.”

As I tried to understand what she was saying to me, a slow smile spread across her face.

“You will need to do a lot more overtime,” she said silkily as she stepped into the heels she had worn earlier. “And a few business trips every year.”

Suddenly, working nights didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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