My Sexy Sister-In-law Ch. 03

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I need too preface this short story is a fantasy. I’m not a writer so if you want a perfect story stop now.

Gail is a beautiful lady, she has dark auburn hair small breasts dark almost black eyes and an exquisite ass she stands 5’7″ weighing 100 Lbs. I’m 6’1 blue eyes, light brown almost blonde hair, weighing 175 Lbs. I work out all the time, I’ve never had bulging muscles because I’m long and lanky. I’ve always preferred small breasts to larger breasts, I also have an above average sized cock.

I was off of work on the same day as Gail, my wife was working. Gail and I were sitting around talking and listening to the stereo in the living room, the layout of the house was such that the front door would let you come straight into the living room when you entered the house.

We we were sitting on the couch nibbling on cheese and sipping wine for lunch while listening to soft rock on the stereo, as I remember, just talking and sitting around. The weather wasn’t great so we were stuck inside, no beach today.

We had finished our snacking and were just puttering around the house, my wife was supposed to get off work at 3:30 that afternoon. Gail and I debated on what the three of us would want for supper. It was the weekend and nobody wanted to cook supper, so Gail and I decided to get a pizza from our favorite local pizza parlor. I went later in the afternoon and picked up our pie so we would have supper ready when my wife got home around 4:00.

I had just returned from picking up our pie and the phone rang, it was my wife. She called to say that she had been told that she would have to work late because a coworker had called in, well we had supper for all of us except that my wife wasn’t there.

Gail and I decided that we might as well eat supper while our pizza was warm, we sat there for a while after eating the pie it was good as always we started to clean up after supper. We had finished the cleaning and sat down on the couch and started talking again until our food settled.

I got up and stretched out on the floor to do my afternoon sit ups, once I was finished with my kocaeli escort sit ups, I got up and told Gail that I was going to take a shower. I thought that I might as well shave, my wife doesn’t like beards and I was hoping too get lucky tonight.

I normally shave my groin area bald it was the style at this time, so I trimmed everything nice and clear of hair for my wife, I was still hoping to get lucky later. I was in my early 20’s so I was constantly horny, you know the hormones of a youngster.

I got out of the shower and dried off, I walked across the hallway naked to get some clothes out if our bedroom and almost ran into Gail in the hallway. We both chuckled I told her I was saving time as I was already naked, she laughed again and pulled on my cock a few times. My cock started to rise due to the stimulation, I told Gail that she better quit unless she had a better ideal.

Where we were in the hallway was a small area and we were face to face. She kept up her stimulation, my cock kept growing of course, she held onto my cock and pulled me towards the kitchen area. I pulled her to me once we were in the kitchen area of the house and we started kissing lightly after we kissed for a few minutes, she broke free from the embrace and we moved back into the living room area. We both sat down on the couch and started kissing again.

The snuggling became more urgent as we continued to make out. The couch was large, however it wasn’t large enough for what we both had in mind, I suggested that we move to the floor. I ran to her bedroom and grabbed a sheet to spread out to make us more comfortable and stop any rug rash.

We settled in on the floor, I started kissing Gail, we both had our tongues in each other’s mouths kissing softly at first. I slowly started unbuttoning her shirt and peeling it off of her shoulders. Our kissing became more passionate as we heated up, I sat up and we stopped kissing long enough to allow me to take her shirt off. I also pulled her shorts off while I had the chance, there she was again in all of her splendor, no underwear as was normal for all of us because kocaeli escort bayan of us being so comfortable around each other, we all did live in the same house which wasn’t that large of a house. I laid down beside her and we started kissing again for a while, the kissing became more passionate.

I dropped down and started nibbling on her neck, she said in my ear don’t you dare leave a hicky on my neck. That was the wrong thing to say and of course I started sucking hard on her neck she said I don’t have a boyfriend right now and your wife knows that and is going to ask me where it came from. I kept sucking and Gail tried to wrestle me off of her. We rolled around some playing with her winding up on top, we playfully went back and forth.

I was on bottom when I looked up at her neck I laughed and said that hickey is getting red. She said that she’d think of something if she was asked by my wife. I rolled her off me while she wasn’t expecting it, I started kissing her again I went lower and started sucking on her beautiful small breasts, she started whimpering and moving her pelvic area trying too make contact with my cock.

I had a different idea I love the taste of her when she has a climax and I was determined to get a taste before we started having sex. As I slid down her body she stated she’s horny and neeed to climax, I told her good because I’m getting ready too make you climax so many times you’ll beg for my big cock.

She replied that she would beg now then about that time I clamped my mouth onto her clit and started loving on her sweet bald pussy as if it was going to be the last time I ever would be able to eat pussy. It didn’t take long for her first climax to hit, she was squirming all over the place and thrashing around, it didn’t take long for her second climax hit her even harder than the first climax, she wasn’t kidding she was horny.

I kept teasing her into one climax after another with my tongue. I stuck a finger inside of her along with my sucking on her clit to tease her more. I was also trying too loosen her up some. it didn’t take long for another climax izmit escort too hit her, I stuck a second finger inside of her sweet pussy along with my tongue thrashing of her clit.

I finally could tell that she was loose enough for my cock, I started eating her sweet pussy again without my fingers in the way. She was just about out of control now she was so horn. I swallowed a few mouth full of her sweet nectar. I had a mouth full saved up of her sweet nectar I pushed myself up and took in her splendidly sexy body below me. I dropped my head towards her mouth to kiss her and she opened her mouth and I slowly let the nectar in my mouth make a trail from my mouth to hers.

I let what I had in my mouth empty out and dropped down to kiss her was trying to get my cock into her sweet pussy, she was so wet that my cock kept slipping past the entrance to her sweet pussy. I was finally able to get my cock into her and we started to have sex slowly. She looked up at me and told me to fuck her hard.

I of course was glad to help the sexy lady. We started having sex harder we had gotten carried and forgotten to lock the front door in our horny state and we’re making so much noise that we hadn’t heard my wife come, apparently she had been there for sometime watching us.

The next thing I knew my wife was standing beside us in all her glory, my wife’s a very sexy woman also. She stated that she had Gail right where she had wanted her for along time. Gail and I were perplexed until we saw my wife straddle Gails head, she dropped down slowly and growled when Gail atuck her tongue into the wife’s bald sweet pussy.

I at this time stopped thrusting and held my big cock deep inside of Gail and watched Gail give my wife a couple of orgasms, my wife told me to fill Gails pussy with cum. I was already on the verge of cumming watching my wife stuff her pussy in Gails face and twisting her nipples, I started my thrusting harder it didn’t take me long to fill Gails pussy with my cum. I pulled out after I was through cumming and my wife dropped down to eat Gail like a wild woman.

I sat back and stroked my cock which got hard instantly while watching my biggest fantasy come true, that would be this two sexy women eating each others pussy like there’s no tomorrow.

To be continued, I hope that you all enjoyed the story.

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