My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 05

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In the morning, Simone returned to find the girls having breakfast. Olivia seemed a little nervous and unsettled when Simone came through the door. Without a word of welcome Olivia said she had to go to the toilet and ducked through the door towards the bathroom. A couple of minutes later she returned looking much more composed. When Simone asked if she’d seen Lucy or Darren she said that Lucy was in the shower and Darren was going into work late today so was sleeping in.

Darren left for work not long after and Simone noted the look of longing on more than one of the girls faces as she waved goodbye and flashed one of his heartbreaking smiles. After sharing some breakfast, they all decided to head down to the beach. They all got into their bikini’s and one pieces, grabbed some chips, drinks, sunscreen and towels before heading for the elevator.

They spent the day alternating between sun-baking and swimming. Simone had spent most of her life holidaying down at the beach. Her family had a holiday house down on the Mornington Peninsula when she was younger that they would often visit any weekend when the weather was good. As such she loved water sports but in particular bogie boarding. While Olivia and Libby sun-baked and Ellie swam, Simone hired a board and tried to teach Lucy the fine arts of surfing. Lucy picked it up quickly and ended up hiring her own board.

After a day in the sun they headed down to have some dinner before finally returning home. When they were at dinner, Simone noticed the girls acting the same way as they had the day before. Did they know about what happened last night in the bathroom? Simone started to worry and remained quite during the meal.

After dinner, they trouped back to apartment. Simone was keen to go out again to a bar or nightclub but the other girls seemed keen to stay home.

“What’s wrong with you girls?” she demanded, “We didn’t come all the way to the Gold Coast to sleep?”

“Depends who you’re sleeping with!” Libby giggled under her breath.

Lucy elbowed her to keep quiet.

“We’ve talked about this trip all year. Don’t you want to drink, have a dance and find some hot guys?” Simone implored her friends. When she was met with a lot of blank stares she shook her head and became angry.

“Back home you girls couldn’t wait to string along men, get them to buy you drinks and fall in to bed with them!” she said her last comment while looking directly at Libby.

“Well, I already…” Libby began before Lucy cut her off, “What Libby’s trying to say is that we’re just exhausted from the day that’s all”

Simone shook her head in disgust. “Well I’m going out even if it’s on my own!” and she stormed out of the room and into the bathroom. ‘What has happened to the girls I know!’ she thought. Usually they were always up for a party and desperate to find a man but ever since they had been up here they had seemed disinterested. Something was wrong and she was going to find out.

Simone turned on the shower and waited in the bathroom for a few minutes before creeping out to the corridor. She then tip toed out, slid the door opened slightly to peep through and listened to the girl’s conversation in the lounge.

“I can’t believe that last night really happened!” Libby sighed collapsing into the couch, “I’ve never felt like that in my life! I can still feel him inside me. I thought the first night he crept in while everyone slept was fantastic. The way his body felt pressed against mine still gives me shivers thinking about it!”

“Yes, but remember it was me who won the game!” Lucy smiled with a hand in the air as if saluting an imaginary crowd.

Libby rolled her eyes and flicked her plait over her shoulder, “True but I think the real winner was Olivia! She looked like she was in complete ecstasy when she was riding him with his fingers in her ass while he played with her!”

The girls all turning to Olivia who sat back and slowly took a drink, “It was pretty amazing wasn’t it!” she smiled smugly.

Were they talking about the same guy? Simone wondered. The first night they had stayed Simone had thought that she had heard one of the girls having sex. At the time, she had fantasied that it was Darren and the idea had got her incredibly aroused. She had imagined her big brother creeping under her covers and kissing her, touching her, feeling her. She had imagined his hands upon her breasts, her stomach, between her legs and her letting him take her. She had wanted her brother so badly that night. She had wanted him inside her. When she woke up in the morning though she had passed it off as a vivid dream. Now though perhaps someone did have sex with Libby on the floor that night while everyone else was sleeping around her? She tuned in again.

Lucy smiled, “We were all just a little jealous and more than a little turned on too to be honest Olivia!”. The other girls all nodded.

“I still can’t believe what Ellie did with her super tongue either!” Olivia escort bayan bursa said raising her eyebrows.

“Are you taking about what she did to your pussy?” Libby teased.

“That too! Having Lucy and Ellie licking me while Darren was fucking my ass was heaven!” Olivia groaned settling back in her chair with a sigh.

“WHAT!! DARREN!!” Simone screamed in shock from the corridor. She slammed open the door and the girls all spun in fright. Simone face was a mask of fury as she rushed forward. “The man you have all been fucking is my brother!” she demanded furiously.

Ellie yelped and rushed to hide behind the couch while the others just sat there in mute fear.

“You’re telling me my best friends have been sneaking behind my back and…and…and”, Simone was so angry now that she couldn’t even get the words out. “You bunch of SLUTS!!” she yelled, “and Darren too!”

Lucy began to start to explain but Simone just shook her head and held up a finger to silence her before abruptly spinning around and storming out of the room and back into the bathroom. The other girls just sat looking at each other in shock for a few seconds in the immediate calm after the outburst before Simone burst back into the room, gathered her things before marching to the door.

“I’m going to see the only person who gives a shit about me – Annabel! Tell Darren I’m sleeping in his room tonight so he can sleep out here with you! You lying bunch of…” Simone was so furious her face went crimson and she lost the power of speech. Instead she snatched up her things and stormed out the door, slamming it behind her.

It took a long time before anyone spoke. Lucy eventually wrote a note informing Darren that his sister had found out, was ‘super pissed off’ and would be sleeping in his bed tonight then realised that Simone would see it when she came home so just changed it to ‘Simone’s in your bed so you’re sleeping on the fold out mattress tonight’. Lucy then left the note on the bench.

Libby placed a shoe to prop the door open for Simone. Olivia made up his bed and they decided to try and stay up to explain to him what had happened. They all lay there in silence before slowly beginning to descend into a troubled sleep.

After a long time of stillness, Libby finally said “Do you think Darren would like another orgy with us when he gets back?!”

The girls giggled.

When everyone was asleep, Olivia quietly slid into the bed she had made up for him.

Simone’s Turmoil

When the girls had finally gone to sleep, Simone lay naked in bed, her mind a whirlwind. She could not believe her friends had slept with her brother and not just one of her close friends – all of them! And they did it behind her back! Darren had been sneaking behind her back too! How could he after what happened in the bathroom. They had been so close to… well that doesn’t matter now. Does it?

Simone remembered the feeling of Darren’s body pressed against hers. She could feel the lingering touch of his kiss even now. She could still feel his penis in her hand and how he reacted to her touch. What WOULD have happened if the others hadn’t come home? Simone imagined Darren picking her up and taking her to bed. Imagined him parting her legs, pushing his… She shook her head to clear away the thought but she couldn’t deny the excitement that still coursed through her body and had begun to moisten her.

But why did he sleep with her friends?! He betrayed her! Again, she caught herself. He was her brother not her boyfriend! Of course, her friends would be attracted to him. He was gorgeous! On top of that, Simone hadn’t stopped talking about Darren for years to the girls and had ramped it up over the last few months after the trip was planned. Simone had shared photos of him, old movies and story after story.

How could the girls not feel like they knew him, like he was someone they had known for years? How could they not start to dream about him and become a little infatuated with even before they meet him? Simone realised that she had always idolised her big brother and had just shared her infatuation with her friends. Really, when she thought about it further, she had groomed them to lust after him so how could she now blame them for following through on that?

Simone lay silently in the darkness fighting her conflicting emotions but in the end what was left was just a deep longing. She couldn’t blame her friends, in fact she realised that she was jealous of them. How would have been sharing Darren with her closest friends? Did she hear correctly – had shy little Ellie licked Olivia while she was having anal sex with Darren? How would that feel?

Simone felt herself grow aroused again and her thoughts drifted back to Darren washing himself in the shower. How the muscles played across his shoulders and back when he rubbed the soap into his smooth skin. How he would feel on top of her as she ran her hands over his back and ass as it rose and fell. bursa sinirsiz eskort

She realised that she had begun to involuntarily feel between her legs and how wet she was already. Simone slipped a finger up and down her lips and slid a finger between. She imagined Darren kissing her and brought the fingers from her other hand to her mouth, kissing them, licking them. She imagined him squeezing her breasts and moved her hand to knead them and play with her erect nipples. Simone imagined him running his hands over her stomach and slipping fingers, his tongue and finally his penis inside her.

Simone soon was arching her back as she thrust fingers in and out of herself, thinking of Darren. She moved her other hand over her clit and thought of his tongue. Simone imagined how Darren had entered Olivia’s bottom. How would that feel? She removed her wet fingers from her pussy and lifted her ass higher. She continued to play with her clit but with her other hand she moved her index finger to her sensitive anus.

She circled the tight little sphincter and reveled in the pleasurable sensation. Simone felt her own excitement building as she worked on her clitoris with her other hand. Her inner muscles begin to contract as she slowly slid her wet finger into her sensitive hole. It resisted but then, as she relaxed, it slid in to the first joint. She was surprised at how good it felt! She imagined Darren pushing himself into her ass and her begging for it. Simone increased her work on her clit and pushed her finger faster and further into her own ass.

Simone felt her excitement roll across her body from deep between her legs. She gasped in pleasure as she shuddered from wave after wave of excitement. Wow!

She slowly continued to feel herself as the feeling receded. Simone lay there for quite some time, Darren whirling around her mind. Was it wrong to lust after your brother? At that moment, she knew that if he came into the room, she would take him in an instant.

She finally drifted off to sleep still lying in the same position, dreaming of him…

Darren cums home

It had been an exhausting week. Between work, late nights and interrupted sleep (he did love having his sleep interrupted lately he smiled with melancholy) he hadn’t realised how tired he was. Darren had been working at his desk, going over some new ideas when the next thing he knew the cleaner was waking him up. The office was deserted and it was almost midnight.

Darren stood up and apologised, a little embarrassed, before gathering his things and heading out the door. By the time, he got home it was close to 1am. Darren found the door was slightly ajar when he quietly opened the door to his apartment and slid inside. It was almost pitch black inside and he could hear the soft sounds of sleep on the floor. Darren really wanted to wake them all up for another group session like the night before but he knew they had their competition tomorrow so they needed their sleep.

He crept around the outside of the room, feeling his way to the door and stepped into the corridor. The bathroom light was on and he had imagined that Simone might be in there showering or waiting for him but alas, it was empty. He stripped down and had a quick shower before then going into his room and flicking on the light.

There was someone in his bed.

She was lying face down, her back exposed and her long wavy blond hair spilled over her shoulders. Shit! She looked slimmer in this light but there was no doubt that it was Simone lying there! She began to stir and roll over and he panicked and flicked the light off so as not to wake her. Darren stood there silently, awash with excitement and confusion.

Why was she sleeping in his bed? Was she waiting for him? She must be. Simone and he had been so close to sex last night that perhaps she was waiting for him now? He remembered the way her body looked with the water caressing her breasts, her stomach, her pussy. She was so utterly beautiful and she had made the move on him. Simone had taken his towel, kissed him and held his penis in her hand. She wanted him. Now it was his turn to make the move on her.

Darren couldn’t believe this was happening. Should he just wake her by shaking her? No that didn’t seem right. Perhaps he should gently wake her with a kiss and a gentle caress. His mind flashed back to when he had woken Libby on the first night and he felt a wave of excitement roll over him.

He dropped down beside the bed and moved a hand slowly up to where he thought her face would be. He felt her neck and slid his hand up to her cheek. He turned her face gently towards him and moved his fingers to brush her lips. They were so full, so soft. His heart raced as he slowly lent down to press his lips on hers.

A tiny amount of light from nearby buildings crept into the room from around the edges of his curtains that softly illuminated the room in a shadowy light. Darren’s eyes began escort bayan to slowly adjust to make out Simone’s features and the curves of her torso which lay uncovered. Darren could make out how her beautiful breasts rose and fell with her soft breathing and the little nipples at their summit. In the shadows, they seemed smaller but so tantalising.

He kissed her again, stroking her hair and looking into her eyes longing for them to open, “Simone! It’s Darren.”

She arched her back slightly and her eyes slowly slid open. Even in the near dark, Simone’s pale blue eyes seemed to glow.

“Darren?” she murmured.

“I want you Simone! I’ve never wanted anyone more than I want you. Do you want me little sister?”

Darren struggled to make out her face or expression for a moment but when she reached up and pulled Darren down into another kiss that was all the invitation he needed. He pulled his tongue into her mouth and he felt her respond in kind. He felt her waking to her passion and she pulled him deeply into her kiss.

Darren moved his hand to cup one of her breasts and then moved slowly down her stomach and pushed one of her legs aside to expose her womanhood. Darren stood slightly in a crouch and pulled away from the kiss before he licked his finger and slipped it along her lips, licking it again and slowly pushed it into her.

She moaned softly and reached for his towel pulling it down before finding his semi-erect member with her hand. She began to stroke it and Darren had to suppress the urge to ravage her then and there.

He leaned down to kiss her again while his fingers pushed in and out of her and her hand worked on him.

Simone stopped kissing him and leaned forward.

He waited with anticipation for a second and then he felt it with a groan.

Simone’s tongue flickered over the tip of his penis and around the head.

He leaned forward and she lifted his member and began to lick along its length. ‘My sister’s sucking my cock!’ he thought and a shiver washed over him.

“You like that do you big brother” she purred between slurps and then he felt his penis disappear in her wet, soft mouth. Fuck! He reached behind her head as she moved her tongue over it and pushed it around the softness her inner cheeks. She then moved him out, took and breath and pushed him all the way into her mouth.

“I never dreamed my sisters mouth would feel so good!” Darren groaned, starting to gently thrust to match her bobbing. He felt for her cheek to feel his penis bulge against it from the inside.

Darren felt the beginning of his pleasure building so badly he stopped her incredible oral skills, withdrew his saliva dripping cock and moved down to kneel between her legs. He spread her legs wide so she was fully exposed to him. He gently leaned forward and her.

She moaned and he began to trace his tongue over her lips and parted them to slide the tip in. Simone reached forward to run her fingers through his hair as he moved his attentions up to her clitoris.

He first moved in slow circles and then moved it quickly from side to side, up and down. He moved a finger and slide it inside her, moving it around the lips and then thrusting it in and out.

Simone’s pelvis rose and fell and her back arched. She moaned and reached her other hand around to hold his hair and pulled him down harder into her.

Darren added another finger and then a third as he worked his tongue and jabbed his fingers in and out with escalating speed. Darren reached one hand up to grab one of her breasts and he continued to drink her in.

She was squirming in pleasure now and she grabbed his hand to begin to lick and suck each finger.

His eyes had adjusted now, so when he looked up to watch he thought he could make out Simone’s pale blue eyes lustfully peering down at him.

Darren added a four finger to her and she groaned in appreciation. He thrust them in and out rapidly as he licked and she growled in pleasure, “Faster, faster, yes fuck me harder with your hand!”

She moved her mouth from Darren’s fingers and pulled him up. He obliged, standing and quickly laying on top of her incredible body with his penis tip already sitting against her saturated opening.

She reached for his penis and thrust herself over his penis so he felt it pierce her almost it its full length.

Darren pulled himself out immediately and then thrust himself all the way in and he watched her throw her head back from the sensation. He leaned up to grasp his ass with one hand and pull him towards her to kiss him passionately with the other. He felt like she was trying to push her tongue through his mouth, such was her urgency and hunger for him. Darren thrust deeply again then slowly withdrew before thrusting hard again. She gasped with each thrust.

Darren bent forward to lick and suck at her nipples and wrapped his arms around her. Her breasts felt a perfect mix of smooth and firm to his touch.

She lifted herself up to sitting position and began to rise and fall on his cock.

He reached around to grasp and guide her small rounded buttocks. He ran his hand through her curls and gasped her hair to pull her down into another kiss. Their tongues swirled around each other’s and the heat was almost scolding.

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