My Sister and Me – Swinging into the new year_(1)

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I had been bouncing at The Cobra Club for 5 years before the bartenders finally accepted me as one of them. It was a strange bar, and the head bouncer had always been an ‘us and them’ kinda guy with the other staff. When he left and I took over last year, I changed the relationship with the bartenders. The first thing that happened was our tip-outs got better. Second, we started hanging out with them, and the owners a lot more. Work became better for all of us.

The owners were two eccentric gay guys, and a sexy older couple. The gay fellows, owned several bars, and would come by once or twice a week to check on us. They would hit on the pretty-boy bartenders when they were there. I remember when Owen, the younger of the two owners, offered Steve the upstairs bartender $1000 bucks for a blowjob. Steve said no, but according Jill, the lounge bartender, he did it for $5000 the next week.

The couple were almost as bad. Eric, was a bi-coke-head who hit on the odd waif, but more often young skinny guys. His wife, Maria, she was fucking Jorge, the buser. I got a sweet blowjob from her when I walked into the can to find them fucking. I would have kept quiet, and she knew that, but she sucked me dry as Jorge fucked her pussy good. Before I was head bouncer, that world was closed to us, but suddenly it opened up. It was pretty good.

We were a decent bar, we played retro music, people came to dance and have fun. We were off the beaten track, so the cops and liquor regulators were rarely around. We were sitting around in a staff meeting in Mid-November discussing what we were gonna be doing for New Years. Now, tradition at the bar was that for special occasions, mainly New Years, 4th of July, and Halloween, the bar would hold a closed door, invite only fuck fest. It was a remnant of the gay swinger parties that happened weekly in the bar’s previous incarnation.Now, it was a ‘open-minded’ orgy of Roman scale. There was everything you could want, including food, drink, drug, and pretty much anything to satisfy your carnal desires, toys and people.

The venue was our downstairs lounge, which had an industrial theme. I’d worked the door several times, and only once the floor. That was last Halloween. Bouncers were there purely for security, mostly at the door, but downstairs in case something happened. Technically all staff was on duty, but bartenders tended to be exceptions. I remember seeing Steve balls deep in this little flapper’s ass. She was dressed, or at least partly dressed in a 20s get up, with short, bob length hair. She reminded me of some 20s flapper chick I had seen in a vintage porno, but without the pubes. This girl had her pussy shaved into a little heart. She was hung in a swing, legs spread eagle, and head leaning fully back. Her mouth being stuffed by a big well hung black fellow, you could see the outline of his cock working down her throat. She was being rocked like a pendulum between the two of them. It looked fucking awesome as she was taking it at both ends. The black guy was pistoning in and out of her and she was loving the shit out of his cock. When her finally unloaded in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but lots of cum dribbled out of her mouth, and down her cheek. Another guy immediately replaced the black guy, and this guy had been stroking off on the side for a while, and he pulled out and unloaded all over her face and mask. As soon as he was gone, a new guy replaced him, and she had her hands on two more cocks beside her, waiting for their turn in her mouth, pussy or ass. She must have swallowed 4 or 5 guys loads before Steve came. He pulled out of her, pulled off his rubber, and shot his load all over her ass and pussy. To my surprise, Maria and Eric, recognizable by their tattoos, knelt down beside each other and licked the cum off her ass and pussy, and then her tits and face. Finally, a big guy stepped up and entered her condom free. Only Escort Ankara your date was permitted to fuck you without protection.

Maria was straddling the girl’s face while Eric fucked her(Maria). It was too fucking hot. Her date fucked her pussy well. Maria and Eric slid off and played themselves, while the guy pulled the little cutie into him hard, using the swing to pull on. She let out a massive groan, almost like he broke her, The people watching went nuts. Fuck was that a hard orgasm. He kept going. And she did it again, just as loud. And the crowd went nuts again. I realized that she was dripping on the floor. Then he let a huge load go inside her. When he pulled out, his cum splashed on the floor, and he walked away. Maria and Eric were there again to clean her out, and then helped her out of the swing. She could barely walk. They took her away, up to their office for her to recover, and probably for a little threesome.

That scene was better than porno. The girl stuck in my head as I continued my rounds. As these are masquerade parties, I never knew who the girl was, and that was the last I saw of her that night. The weeks following that, that little chick became my go to fantasy when I needed a quick stress reliever.
So, there was gonna be another new years orgy, and as head bouncer, I was not gonna be on the door. More eye candy, maybe I’d see that little flapper again.

We usually slowed down heading into Christmas, and things were quiet. One night, Maria called me into her office. “Mike, it’s gonna be a quiet New Years, so I don’t think we’ll need you to work.” I have to admit I was gutted, the pervert in me wanted to go. I was ready to argue that I was the head bouncer, and would rather work, when she gave me an envelope. “Just make sure you have a date for that night.” Fucking amazing.

Now the date wasn’t going to be a problem, because I had been fucking one of our regulars for some time. Kristy was a savage bisexual slut, but had never picked up a guy that I’d seen. She was pretty much a gothic chick, with dyed black hair, and a half dozen piercings, including a chain that ran between nipples. She wore 70s low cut shits that showed the chain off, and occasionally her tits and nipples too. She loved black stockings and short black skirts. Not a girl you’d want to take home to momma, but a girl you wanted to take home to ravage, well that was if you were a chick. She had a hot body. She was feminine, and the chicks she fucked were always the last girl you’d expect her to go home with. Thing was that she and I had a weird flirty thing going. Normally we would flirt, she would pick up some hot girl, take her home, and the next day, dish out all the details to me. She rarely struck out, but one night she did.

“So, you know my tastes pretty well, right?” she said to me.

“I think so, you give me enough detail. Why?”

“Tonight, your gonna try to win me over to the straight side.”

I didn’t think she was serious, but she came home with me, and we fucked until sunrise. She loved to sit on my face, and I liked it too. I’d eat her pussy, and she’d grind herself down on my nose, chin and tongue. Then, she’d jump on my cock, and ride me like a savage somehow knowing just when to stop, and jump back on my face. Eventually, I got so worked up, that I tossed her belly down on the bed, shoved my cock into her hard, and pounded her pussy. I grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled back. She was loving it.

“My ass!” she commanded.

I pulled out of her pussy, squirted a bit of lube on her tight little hole, and slid my cock in. “Harder!” she asked, and I responded. I fucked her hard until I filled my rubber, but she still wanted more. I grabbed my night stick (the one I had at the bar for extra difficult customers) and shoved it in her ass, and kept fucking her ass and rubbing her pussy until she came. Like I said, she was a savage. Ankara Escort We recovered and fucked more.

We were fucking for a little while when I got the invitation. When I told her about the party, she jumped like a school-girl. “I can’t believe it. I was at one last year, but haven’t gotten invited back since. Those parties are fucking awesome.”

I’d hoped that I wouldn’t be the only noob going, because there is an initiation for noobs, but it looked like Kristy was going to help initiate me, whatever that would be – It changed every time, Still, I couldn’t wait. Kristy, Maria, and all the other hot pussy, maybe that little flapper too. It would be a New Year’s to remember.

I have to admit, the week between Christmas and New Years was more sexually charged than usual. It was still slow, so the staff were fucking each other more than normal. Some of the regulars knew what was going to happen, and hoped to earn themself an invite. Jill and I watched Steve fuck this one chick on the pool table downstairs. It was a fun show, but we knew that Steve was not interested in taking her. She was a bit pissed off, but then moved on to someone else to see if she could impress them. No idea if I’d see her at the party. Hell with masks, it didn’t matter. That said, we were all ready for New Years to come.

So, when Kristy called me on the morning of the 31st and said she was at the airport flying home to her parents, and that she was sorry for not being able to come to the party, I was let down for sure. How was I gonna get a date in a few hours? Technically, I couldn’t go because now I was a single, and there would be no exceptions. I accepted my shit luck, and figured I could at least get myself on duty. I was seriously bummed out.

I spent New Year’s Eve day at my parents. They were used to me working New Years Eve, so we would have a early afternoon dinner together. My older brother, Peter and his wife were there with their baby, so Mom was completely occupied. Dad and Peter were busy watching hockey, so I was left to help my little sister, Rita, clean up. Rita is only 16, but a little sweetie. Sure, she was a bit of a pain in the ass, but with the age difference between us, being that Pete was 26, and I had just turned 24, I hadn’t really seen much of her in the past few years. I’d moved out when I started bounding at 19. She had always been a good little kid, but lately Mom had been complaining about Rita going out at all times and dating boys too old for her. I took the time to talk to her about it.

“So, Mom tells me you’ve turned into quite the little tramp,” I joked.
“Fuck you. She’s been ragging on me all year.” Apparently I fucked up, as she was pretty emotional about it. From what she was telling me, her and mom fought almost daily, and she was thinking of moving out
“Wait a minute. You’re only 16. Maybe you could calm down a bit for mom’s benefit. You’re a good girl.”

“Mike, you really don’t know me. How could you, you don’t ever come around. You know what? I’ve been good for months. I had exams. I stopped seeing the guy I was dating. Hell, I haven’t been fucked by more than one guy since Halloween.”

Oh my god, these are not details I need to hear about my little sister, I thought. Then I noticed something. My little sister was actually a good looking girl. She was about 5’9″, with light brown hair, cut in a cute pixie cut. Her tits were nicely shaped and pert.

“Hey Perv! Are you checking me out?” she asked.

“Sorry, I just realized your not this gawky little kid anymore. You”re growing up. Not that I”m perving on you, you are my sister.”

In my head I was asking myself what the fuck was I doing checking my own sister out. We kept chatting for a while about stuff, mostly innocent stuff.

“So, what are you doing for NYs? I asked.

“Hanging out with Mom, Dad and Peter and Company, I guess. I Ankara Escort Bayan was supposed to go to this big party with my guy, but since I wasn’t giving it to him during exams, he decided to take someone else.”

“Shitty, I guess.”

“You don’t know. I went to a Halloween party there . It was amazing. It was a total orgy. I don’t know how many guys I fucked there that night. At one point, I was in a swing and a bunch of guys were taking turns on me. I must have swallowed four or five loads of cum, and some guy just ass fucked me right there. After my guy fucked me so hard, I pretty much passed out. The owners brought me back to their office to recover and chat… and to fuck.”

What?” I couldn’t believe it. I think I was perving on my sister at Halloween. Oh fuck.

“What about you?”

“Work, as usual.”

“Which bar are you working at?”

I didn’t really want to say, but I did want to see her reaction. “Cobra Club.”

“Oh my god! That’s the bar.”


“Oh my god! Were you there at halloween?”


“Oh my god.”

We sat there for a while mortified about what we had just learned about each other.

“Are you working the party tonight?”

“Yup,” I answered. “I was supposed to go as a guest, but my date told me this morning that she couldn’t go. I was thinking about going to work, but now, I’m a little put off.”

“Why? Oh my god, did you watch me fuck at halloween?”

I didn’t answer.

“Oh my god, you did.” she paused. “Did you like it?”

“You’re my sister.”

“Did you like it?”

“You are my underage little sister.”

“You are not answering.” she pulled the pillow I had on my lap away. I was sporting a noticeable hardon. Fuck? I didn’t realize I was turned on by our conversation.

“Oh my god, you were turned on. You fucking perv.”

“It’s worse, than you think.”

“How could it be worse? You didn’t fuck me did you?”

“Fuck no.”

“How could it be worse then?”

“I fantasized about fucking you. That night, the girl I saw get gang-banged was so fucking hot. But now it feels so wrong.”


“What’s so funny? Remember when you brought your girlfriend home one summer. I think you were in between apartments. Well, I walked in on you fucking. I was what, 13? It opened my world to sex. I fantasized about you two all the time.”

“Fuck, this is a twisted conversation. So it’s my fault you started attending orgies? Wait, can we just stop this. I’m getting a bit uncomfortable.”

“I understand, that hardon looks uncomfortable to me too. You need a release, and I got an idea. Why don’t you take me to the party?”

“I”m not fucking my 16-year-old sister.”

“Seriously, you don’t have to. I want to go fuck everybody there. Lot’s of guys will fuck me, so I don’t need you. Hell, lots of girls will fuck you too.We go together. We both get laid, lots. We’ll have shared something nobody else has. How many people will be able to say that they took their sister to an orgy?”

“You are a little pervert.”

“Well, what do you think.”

I thought about it. It was totally wrong. She was a kid. But she had already been to one. I’d love to fuck some of the other women there. I didn’t have to fuck my sister. She wanted to go. I wanted to go. Apparently she was welcome by Eric and Maria.

“Why the fuck not. I’m gonna go to hell for starting you on this path anyway. Might as well have fun too.”


“I mean with other people. I’m not fucking you.”

“Ok, I’ll go get changed. How are we going to tell mom?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell her I’m off, which is true, and that you and I will go do something and bond as brother and sister. You can never, ever, ever tell her about this!”

She squealed, and hugged me. Then ran off to put together her outfit. I had a mask to give her later.

I went off to talk to my parents, and they were surprisingly cool about it. Especially that since I got dumped on New Years. Fuck, if they only knew where we were going.

To be continued.

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