My Sister Ashley chapter 5

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It had been months since I spent the night at Oriana’s house and summer was in full swing. Being seniors we got out of school much earlier than the rest and took full advantage of that fact before we had to go to college. Parties, get-togethers, road trips, and all sorts of other fun filled activities were rampant. Things had calmed down quite a bit between all of us, Ashley had respectively kept her distance from me and Oriana and I only saw each other once or twice due to family excursions and such. And so it was one picturesque summer morning I asked Oriana to come over, intending to spend the day hanging out, just spending time with each other. I was sitting in the living room under the breeze of a fan in a pair of light weight shorts and a t-shirt when the doorbell rang. I sluggishly got up and opened the door.

“Hi Tim!” Oriana greeted me brightly when the door opened to reveal her standing on the stoop in a light blue spaghetti strap tube top and a pair of tiny white shorts. She was standing with her arms down behind her back and rocking back and forth on her tips of her toes.

“Why hello, come on in.” I said making a grand sweeping gesture with my hand beckoning her enter. She bounced into the living room and pulled her shirt away from her chest rapidly a few times attempting to create circulation.

“Whew it’s hot out there.” She said.

“Get ya something?” I asked gesturing towards the fridge after watching her enter and closing the door. A mischievous smile played over her sultry lips.

“How ‘bout a tall drink of water.” She said sidling up to me and kissing me passionately on the lips. I wrapped an arm behind her back and pulled her closer to me, savoring the lingering heat still radiating from her body. My father chose that moment to come up from the basement where he had been working out; trying to keep his aging body in shape. Oriana noticed him before I did and slowly pulled away from me.

“Hi Mr. Donovan!” she said cheerfully, waving at him.

“Oh hello Oriana. Tim.” He said nodding at me, the corner of his mouth quirking ever so slightly.

“Dad,” I said nodding curtly, “what’s up?” He wiped his forehead with a towel and strode into the kitchen, fishing out a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Your mother isn’t feeling well today, so I want you two out of here. Your sister has been moping around for days now; she needs to get out of the house. Go to the beach or something I don’t really care but your mother needs some space so plan on staying out the whole day. Hell, take Oriana if you want.” He said between large gulps of water.

“Um alright Dad. I’ll go get Ashley.”

“I hope Mrs. Donovan feels better.” Oriana piped in.

“I’ll pass that along sweetheart, have a good day.” He said before turning and heading in the direction of the shower after another tight smile in my direction.

“The beach!” Oriana squealed, “I haven’t been to the beach for soooo long!” I chuckled and went into my room to get my bathing suit and then to Ashley’s room, Oriana following close behind. The door was closed and I knocked before cracking the door open and peeking in, Oriana was leaning against my back on the tips of her toes trying to see past my shoulder. Ashley sat on her bed typing away on a recently acquired laptop; she stopped and looked up as her door opened.

“Ashley get your stuff together, we’re going to the beach.” I said.

“We?” she asked cocking an eyebrow.

“Yeah, you me and…” I trailed off as Oriana pushed past me and stood in the doorway.

“Me.” She said. The smile that slowly formed on my sister’s lips was similar to the expression on a tiger’s when it was about to be fed.

“Well then,” Ashley purred, “it’s bound to be a good time. Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready to go.” She said closing her laptop and rising from her bed dressed in a giant t-shirt and most likely nothing else. I grabbed Oriana’s hand and pulled her away, back into the living room.

“Do you really want to go? You don’t have to you know.” I said cautiously.

“Don’t be silly we planned on hanging out today and that’s what we’ll do, just somewhere else.” She responded cheerful as ever. ‘Sure that’s just what’s going to happen’ I thought to myself.

“Alright why don’t you go home and get your things I’ll call when we’re ready to go and I’ll pick you up on the way.” I suggested.

“Sure.” She responded and headed out the door blowing me a kiss on the way out. This was going to be interesting. I gathered up a cooler and made lunches for the three of us, just some sandwiches and snacks really. I put on my sandals and threw my trunks and a few towels over my shoulder; I would get dressed in one of the changing stalls when we got there. I gathered up two beach chairs and a large umbrella and stashed them in the trunk of my car. A few minutes later Ashley appeared wearing a white and blue sundress and sandals, she had a tote bag in one hand and a towel in the other.

“Gonna change there?” I asked squinting in the sun before putting on my blue reflective sun glasses.

“No sense in causing an accident now is there?” she said playfully as she passed by me and got in the back seat. I laughed and got behind the wheel digging out my cell phone at the same time. Dialing Oriana’s I told her we would be at her house in a few minutes. The drive over was short enough and when Oriana appeared locking the door behind her, she was wearing the same outfit as before but now carried a large tote bag with her as well. Instead of getting in the passengers seat she climbed in the back with my sister, both were wearing those overly large dark sunglasses that obscured their expressions from my vantage point up front. I pulled out of the driveway and headed for the highway, almost immediately they started chattering away like birds and I could barely follow their conversation, so I tried to tune them out and concentrate on the road. I did however catch a few snippets and what I heard only made me cringe, “Really, that many!”, “Oh I bet he did!”, “You did what?”. I sighed and focused on the road. It was a thirty minute drive to the coast and mercifully they quieted down about halfway through the trip. The sun was baking hot and by the time we got to the beach parking lot we were all sweating. We got out of the car and reveled in the breeze coming off of the water. Thankfully there were only twenty or so cars there so it wouldn’t be too crowded. They started off without a backwards glance, chattering away excitedly, leaving me to carry everything.

The parking lot ended in a strip of dunes and small trees about twenty yards deep offering a measure of privacy to the beachgoers. I had to stack the chairs on the cooler and tuck the umbrella under my arm in order to make my way along the path to the beach itself. Finally breaking into the open I stumbled forward to where the girls had apparently marked out our spot off to one side near a rock outcropping. Dropping the stuff I took a moment to look around for the first time today. The beach was relatively small, off to the left there was a small snack shack and changing area with showers. In that direction the beach ended at a jagged cliff that rose about a hundred feet in the air. The sand continued straight out for about a hundred yards or so before it was met by the sparkling blue sea. The beach was actually part of a large bay so the water was incredibly smooth. Boats and jet skies could be seen tearing around out in the bay. A large sandbar sat eighty yards out in the water and being low tide at the moment, was completely exposed with only a tiny strip of blue separating it from the beach proper. Off to the right a good distance away were a lot of huge boulders and rocks that marked the accepted end of the beach in that direction but behind the rocks was a cove where small boats were at anchor.

I set up the chairs and umbrella and laid out the towel I was going to lay on, when they announced they were going to go change. Already eyes were starting to track their movements as they headed off to the changing rooms. I followed when they were about halfway there, out of the corner of my eye watching more than a few male eyes chasing after the girls. I grinned to myself; I would have done the same in their place. I stepped into an empty stall and quickly changed into my black swim shorts with blue tribal designs that ended just below the knee. I rolled up my clothes into a ball and walked back out into the scorching heat and took off my shirt realizing that I hadn’t yet. I looked down at my flat hairless chest and winced, almost blinded by the farmers tan I had going. I had hesitated in taking off my shirt, worried that the scars on my back might attract unwanted attention. I hadn’t seen them recently but the last time I did, maybe a month or two ago, they looked like a set of ribs, three or four inch lines extending from my spine, ten of them. They hadn’t smoothed out and were still raised and bumpy, ugly things. My thoughts were interrupted by an arm linking with mine as Oriana pulled herself close to me.

“Like my bathing suit?” she asked quietly. She was wearing a two piece light green bikini set that seemed to fit her like a second skin. Her smooth, pale skin glowed and her black hair formed a stark contrast.

“I don’t know what’s hotter, you or the sun.” She blushed and looked down at herself before looking back at me.

“Thanks farmer boy but you haven’t seen the competition yet.” She said arching up and kissing me before gesturing back at the changing stalls. Ashley had just emerged, squinting in the light before putting on her sunglasses again and looking over at us smiling. My jaw was not the only one that dropped. She had on a tiny black bikini top that lifted her large breasts and separated them slightly; creating the most amazing cleavage I had ever seen. Unlike me she had a full tan; she always had ever since we were young, even though I had seen her quite naked lately I could only really appreciate it outside and compared to others. Her bikini bottom was likewise incredibly small, both leaving very little to the imagination. She just radiated sex and she was well aware of it. Oriana was between me and the beach and with a sneaky look down turned to Ashley, frowning.

“Looks like you win Ashley. You get first dibs.” She said solemnly. A feral grin formed on my sister’s lips, she looked at me and then scanned the beach reveling in the stares she was getting.

“Might want to hide that Tim.” She said as she started walking back to the chairs. I finally became aware of the fact that my dick had started to push against my shorts. I cursed under my breath and calmly placed my rolled up clothes in front of my crotch. Fortunately most of the beach’s attention was focused on Ashley sauntering back over to her chair. When she got there she threw a grin over her shoulder at us and bent from the waist to pick up the towel lying on her chair then sat down. I fancied I could hear an audible gasp from all the guys watching her.

“I bet you’re not the only one.” Oriana giggled and strolled to her own chair drawing an equal amount of stares. I chuckled again and walked over to my towel and got out a tube of sun block and applied it myself and sat down on my towel.

“Could you do me Tim?” Ashley asked indicating the sunscreen. I looked over at her and managed to keep a straight face as I handed the tube to Oriana.

“Oriana will.” I said. They both grinned and cast glances at the beachgoers. Ashley presented her back to Oriana and squeezed a generous amount of sunscreen into her own hand before handing the tube back to Oriana. Ashley then started to rub the cream onto her front, going way slower than she normally would have if she wasn’t being watched. She was careful to spend time rubbing it into the tops of her breasts and opening her mouth slightly, seductively. Meanwhile Oriana started rubbing the sun block into Ashley’s back, shoulders, and neck. Next Ashley moved to her legs which she extended out and leaned forward to rub in the cream down to her ankles giving whoever was watching an almost unobstructed view of her tits.

Now finished, it was Oriana’s turn; she looked over at me then turned her back to Ashley. Oriana rubbed her front and legs quickly but thoroughly, not as interested in pleasing the crowd as Ashley was. Ashley however, took her time rubbing it into Oriana’s back and shoulders almost massaging her. She leaned over and whispered in Oriana’s ear while slowly sneaking a hand around her back and down her side seeking her thigh. Oriana started breathing harder and it took a second for her to come to her senses, slapping Ashley’s hand away before it could venture further.

I watched all of this out of the corner of my eye; my main attention was paid to watching the people watching them. One man, who was maybe twenty something and with his girlfriend, was caught with his eyes riveted to Ashley, suffered under his girlfriend’s furious glare. The girls drew looks from the other sex as well, most of whom had the ‘I’m jealous and if this weren’t such a public place I’d fight you’ kind of look on their faces. I was pleased to notice that there were really only seven or eight people who actually watched for any length of time, most were just cursory glances and then went back to watching their kids or just gazing out to sea. Oriana and Ashley weren’t the only girls on the beach, they were just the hottest.

The girls finished up and sat back in their chairs soaking up the sun and relaxing. I lay on my stomach for now, for um obvious reasons but after ten minutes or so rolled over onto my back, I had done this for maybe an hour before I heard Ashley announce she was going to go cool off. I turned my head and watched as she stood up and stretched, another show, then grabbed Oriana’s hand and pulled her along behind her. They ran down to the water and started jumping around, playing like little girls and splashing each other. I sat up and fished a water out of the cooler when a figure detached itself from a group of guys my age and strode towards me. I focused on him and wasn’t surprised to see why he was the one the group had sent to investigate.
He was thin, his body cut with well defined muscles and skin darkened by an almost constant life under the sun. He had long blonde, almost platinum hair that hung around his crystal blue eyes. There was a tattoo around his right bicep depicting waves with the Latin word vita written over and through the waves. He had on white shorts with red flowers and a pair of well worn sandals.

“Yo brah mind if I sit with you for a sec?” he said in what could only be described as a surfer’s accent.

“No, go ahead…” I said trailing off.

“Trent.” He responded extending a calloused hand which I shook.

“Tim nice to meet you.”

He sat down in the sand next to me and looked from me to the girls.

“Listen brah I just gotta know…who are they?” he said with a nod towards Ashley and Oriana, still frolicking in the shallows.

“You want to know or do they want to know?” I asked grinning. He chuckled and shrugged, flicking the hair out of his eyes.

“Mostly them but I’m curious as well. I’ve rarely seen hotter babes on this coast brah.” He responded. I laughed and pulled my sunglasses down and peered over them at him.

“The little one is my girlfriend and the big one is my sister.”

“You’re a lucky guy brah,” he said extending his hand again as if in congratulation, “your sister is she…uh…is she seeing anyone?” Inwardly I was hysterical with laughter but I managed to keep a cool exterior.

“Not that I know of, she doesn’t exactly share that kind of information with me.” I said pushing my sunglasses back up.

“How old is she?” he asked confidently. I got the impression that if a forty year old woman caught his attention he would have no problem hitting on her with the most serious of intentions.

“She is eighteen, same as me. Apparently we’re twins.”

“Kewl kewl. What’s her name?”

“Ashley. And I would be careful if I were you, her boyfriends don’t always come away from a relationship with her the same as they went in.” I said as he stood up and brushed himself off. He looked at me funny for a second before turning to look back over at the group of guys waiting impatiently for his return.

“Well thanks brah.” He said shaking my hand again and striding off to the group. I saw him shake his head and point back at me then watched as the guys acted disappointed and walked off to start a beach football game. Trent however headed in the opposite direction towards the two girls who had by now calmed down and were sitting down in the water talking again. He walked right up to Ashley and sat down next to her to the astonished look on Oriana’s face. They exchanged a few words and Ashley pointed up at me and then at herself. Trent looked at me and shrugged again standing up making the ‘call me’ sign at Ashley. Both Ashley and Oriana looked over at me and even from where I sat I could see their teeth sparkling in huge grins. They got up and trotted back to the shade of the umbrella, their bodies glistened with beaded moisture and their hair was plastered to their skulls. I tossed them their towels and waited for them to finish drying themselves before asking the only question on my mind.

“So what did you say to Trent?” I asked Ashley.

“Oh he asked if I was seeing anyone and I told him I was fucking you, so I was unavailable at the moment.” She said her voice serious, her face expressionless. My mouth hung open as I stared at my sister incredulously and my stomach dropped to my feet. Suddenly Oriana broke into laughter and my mind was put at ease when a slight smile spread on Ashley’s lips.

“You should see your face!” Oriana squealed almost out of breath from laughing so hard.

“Don’t worry brah I told him I was seeing someone and that I never told you about it.” She said, mocking Trent’s surfer voice.

“Though he was pretty damn hot.” She said wistfully taking off her sunglasses and squinting after Trent’s retreating figure.

“Yeah that’s true.” Oriana added, a sense of longing in her voice.

“Oh man you two are so cruel.” I said standing up.

“Yeah but you love us.” Ashley said coolly.

“I don’t know…” I said trailing off and heading down the beach towards the rocks, intending to find a quiet little nook where I could put my feet in the water and sit. My back was turned so I missed the worried look that passed between them as they got up and ran after me.

“We didn’t mean anything Tim!” Oriana said linking arms with me.

“Yeah we were just kidding.” Ashley said linking arms with me as well so I had a stunning girl on each arm.

“I don’t believe you.” I sniffed pretending to wipe a tear away from my eye.

“Aw looks like we hurt his delicate little feelings Oriana.” Ashley said playing along. They both kissed my cheek.

“I love you Tim.” They said in unison. They stopped abruptly and let go of my arms turning to face each other. I spared them a seconds glance and continued on, not wanting to get involved in whatever fight they were about to have. I entered the maze of boulders and wound my way through them looking for a quiet place. I turned a corner and headed down a short channel cut through the rock and waded through knee deep water to a bend that I hadn’t seen before. I rounded the bend, climbing over another rock and was confronted by a little hollow perfectly suited to me needs. There was crystal clear, ankle deep water in a rough circle under a smooth ledge that ran about halfway around the pool. The whole area was maybe six or seven feet in diameter and surrounded by solid rock ten feet in the air, I grinned, satisfied that I had found such a paradise where I could sit and be by myself and think. I had been doing that a lot lately, going off by myself and just thinking; thinking about everything but somehow nothing at all. I sat on the ledge and sighed contentedly looking up at the sky through my glass darkened vision.

“Someone should make a statue of that.” Said my sister’s voice. I was startled but quickly regained my composure and glared at her, not that she could really tell.

“Ashley you have to stop sneaking around like that.” I said then looked past her seeing nothing, “where’s Oriana?”

“Back at the chairs.” She responded stepping into my little sanctum. Her scent wafted in with her, even after jumping around in the ocean she still managed to smell like flowers. I shrugged and looked back up, watching a few puffy white clouds inch across the vast blue sky. Ashley came over and sat next to me on the ledge, her arm brushing against mine.

“Tim it’s been so long.” She said softly.

“Yep.” I said still looking up.

“Tim look at me.” I took my eyes off of the sky and turned them on her, she reached out and pulled the sunglasses off my face.

“Do you not want me anymore?” she asked, a fearful look on her beautiful face.

“It’s not that…it’s just with Oriana I don’t…” I said stopping, realizing I should quit talking.

“What? You don’t need me anymore?” she said calmly, though I thought I saw her lip quivering ever so slightly. I reached out and pulled her to me hugging her tightly, she swung her legs over and sat on my lap wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me back as she sniffled and tears spilled from her eyes. I shushed gently and stroked her silken hair.

“I don’t want to be just your sister; I liked being more than that.” She wailed between sobs.

“Sshh now, you still are more than a sister to me Ashley you know that.” I said quietly.

“No I’m not!” she wailed again and buried her face in my neck as she was wracked by sobs.

“Why would you ever think that?” I cooed.

“I’m sitting on your lap and your not even hard.” She mumbled into my neck.

“Well that’s because my sister is crying. Why would I get hard when you’re not happy?” I responded suppressing my laughter. She pulled her head away from my neck and looked at me through red, tear filled eyes. She sniffed and dried her eyes on her forearm trying to get control of herself.

“There that’s better.” I said brushing a loose lock of hair out of her eyes.

“I’m sorry Tim.” She sniffled.

“For what? You haven’t done anything.”

“Yes I have, you even said so. I’ve dragged you through so much. I should have kept it between you and me but I had to go and bring other people into it.” I was silent and she continued after a brief pause to wipe her eyes again.

“I should never have gotten Sarah involved even though I knew how you two felt about each other. And I’m sorry for pushing Oriana into it as well, I know you wanted your first time with her to be special. I’m sorry Tim, I’m so sorry.” Tears broke loose from her eyes again and I brushed them away with a finger.

“It’s okay don’t worry about it.”

“Please forgive me Tim. I’m so sorry.”

“There’s nothing to forgive Ashley.” I said looking deep into her eyes. She smiled wearily and I kissed her on the forehead holding her face between my hands. Her features softened and she looked at me with a pleading look in her eyes. She leaned in and kissed me deeply closing her eyes, her tongue hesitantly entered my mouth after a second and she became more forceful pushing her face harder against mine. She broke away for a moment panting, trying to catch her breath before plunging back in again mashing our lips together, totally lost in the moment. My sister’s soft lips against mine caused stirrings where there previously were none and she opened her eyes and gazed longingly at me, her brown eyes starting to glaze over. My cock was pushing against her ass throbbing madly, intent on being noticed.

“It’s been so long Tim.” She repeated quietly. She took my hand and brought it to her chest, slipping it under her bikini top so I could touch her sensitive nipple. I gripped it lightly between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked it slightly; she moaned softly and pushed Escort Ankara her chest out farther against my hand. I pushed back, squishing her soft tit in my hand and massaging it with my fingers. I started kissing her neck and she sighed, tilting her head so it rubbed against my forehead, her hair silky soft. Meanwhile my other hand slowly traveled down her side and over her thigh barely touching her soft skin. I slipped my hand down the front of her little bikini bottom and found her shaved pussy, cupping it in my hand, feeling the intense heat and moisture seeping out of her. Her breath was coming in short, heavy gasps and her eyes seemed not to be able to focus on anything. I just barely brushed the bead of her clit with the result of her crying out right into my ear. I ran my fingers over her slit and slowly started to add pressure, pushing against her opening with two fingers. It felt like they were sucked into her and as soon as they were in to the second knuckle her cunt gripped them with a surprising amount of force and more fluids soaked her already sopping wet pussy. I spread those two fingers and turned them, closing them and spreading them again like I was trying to expand her from the inside. She groaned from deep in her chest and gazed longingly into my eyes; she was sweating and a flush rose from her neck and colored her cheeks.

My fingers completed a circuit and ended face up when I started to pull them out I pushed them to the top of her pussy and rubbed the upper walls on the way out. Her eyes shot open and she turned her face skyward letting out a bestial moan. She leaned against me, pushing my back against the smooth stone, I pulled my fingers out of her and she grabbed my hand bringing it up her hard body trailing her juices up her flat stomach. She opened her mouth slowly, looking at me sidelong, watching my expression as she put first one finger then the other in her mouth and sucked and licked them clean of her own juices. Her tongue wrapped around each in turn seeking every last drop of her fluid. She batted her eyes at me and gently bit the tips of my fingers scraping them against her teeth as she pulled them from her mouth; I smiled as she dragged my hand back down her body and into her pussy once more. I leaned in and kissed her tasting the juices still in her mouth, I let my tongue wander inside her mouth tasting for more of the same. I pulled back when it seemed I had gotten as much as I could.

“Fucking addictive candy.” I breathed. She grinned and pushed my fingers farther into her volcanic cunt, turning my hand as if it were the key to her pussy. She inhaled sharply and mashed my hand against her soaking wet slit as her inner muscles contracted around my fingers, crushing them in a wet embrace. Her pussy flooded with girl cum and it flowed past my hand and onto my shorts soaking my crotch. I was astonished to say the least; I had never seen that much liquid come out of her before, even Oriana would be hard pressed to match it. She sighed and leaned back against me where she had been leaning forward. She let go of my hand and rubbed hers along my face gazing into my eyes, her pupils huge. I had to drag my fingers out of her; it felt as if her pussy didn’t want to let them go, gripping them to the last. She moaned as they broke free, her pussy super sensitive. I realized my other hand was still cupping her tit and I pulled that away too, instead wrapping my arms around my sister’s body and hugging her tightly to me, thoroughly satisfied.

After a moment she said, “Tim um do you want me to…um…” she seemed at a loss for words but I knew what she was asking.

“No. Not right now.” I said.

“But…but I feel guilty.” She said almost whining.

“Sshh just be quiet for now.” I said softly trying to calm her down. I liked where I was right now, I didn’t have the urge to think about the future, I didn’t have the urge to do anything really. Living in the moment some would say. She was still for a time but then she started fidgeting, first she started playing with her hands, intertwining her fingers and looking at her nails. Then she started shifting her weight on my lap, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy and it was starting to get more and more intense. Her moving around wasn’t doing anything to help my cooling erection and too soon it was back in full force jabbing into her ass again. She was looking down at her hands and I watched as a pleased smile spread her lips.

“Are you sure?” she purred softly, slowly drawing out each word and torturing it with her lust.

“Why can’t it wait till we get home or something? I mean there’s not much room in here and out there everyone’s eyes are on you.” I said. She looked around as if seeing this little room for the first time. She stood up and turned a full circle surveying the room with a practiced eye, a slightly stressed look on her face. Then she looked back at me sitting on my ledge pitching a fantastic tent, she suppressed a smile and hooked her thumbs into the waistline of her tiny bikini bottom.

“Lets try something.” She said quietly and pulled down one side at a time, swinging her hips in a little striptease.

“Ashley please, can’t this wait?” I said. She finally got the little piece of fabric off of herself and tossed it on the ledge next to me. Now she was basically naked, considering the top she was wearing. Her pussy was soaked from before and replenished by a new flood of moisture from getting all hot and bothered just now. Little rivulets of clear liquid trickled down the inside of her thighs; I sighed, wanting nothing more than to kneel before her and lick her clean. I wanted her to push my head into her fragrant cunt, to put my tongue inside her and taste her juices.
What!? Why had I thought that?

“Why you got a date or something?” she retorted acidly narrowing her eyes at me, interrupting my thoughts.

“No please Ashley! Look later I promise you!” I pleaded standing up and trying to get past her. She frowned and put a hand on my chest pushing me back down onto the ledge.

“Just sit down and be still. Let me try something and if it doesn’t work…” she said brightly but with a hint of menace in her voice, trailing off. She stood in front of me and reached down, pulling my shorts to my knees, my cock sprang up slapping into my stomach. Ashley grinned, turning her back to me and backed up pushing her ass into my chest.

She looked back over her shoulder at me and breathed, “Just relax. Just wait.” She slid her ass down my chest to just above my cock; I thought she was thinking of her ass again. She grabbed the base of my dick and pulled it forward away from my stomach and lowered herself. The head of my cock somehow pushed into the little inch of flesh between her asshole and her pussy. She growled and tried to pull my cock further forward; I cried out in pain, the term painfully hard gained new meaning just then. My cock brushed the outside of her pussy but didn’t enter; it wouldn’t bend, not a chance.

“Fuck that kills! Your ass is too fucking big Ashley!” I groaned gritting my teeth in pain. Of course there is really no such thing but in this situation it was unfortunately true. She shot up and turned on me, clenching and unclenching her fists in frustration.
“I’m not letting you leave here without your cum in me one way or another.” She seethed.

“Fuck fine fine, whatever’s fastest.” I groaned. She grinned wolfishly and knelt in front of me in the shallow water.

“Whatever you say Tim.” She said seductively from between my knees. She gripped the base of my cock and licked from her hand to the swollen head. I moaned and arched my back driving my cock an inch or so into her waiting mouth. She wasted no time in taking as much as she could into her hot mouth. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, vacuum sealing her lips around my cock. My breathing quickened and I closed my eyes, reveling in this pure sensation. She picked up the pace and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer; she was a pro after all.

“Shit…Ash.” I moaned. She pulled most of my cock out as I blew my load in her mouth. She popped my cock out of her mouth after I finished and licked it clean then stood up grabbing for her bikini bottom. I sat back trying to catch my breath and pulled my shorts back up.

“Tim if you don’t…”

“Yeah yeah.” I said cutting off her threat.

“Good.” She said strutting off after tugging on the tiny piece of clothing. I caught my breath and went after her, struggling into the light before putting my sunglasses back on after retrieving them from the ledge. Ashley was striding up the beach purposefully and I stopped and watched her, not wanting to draw attention to myself by running after her. Oriana spotted us from the chairs where she had been reading a book she’d brought with her and got up, walking towards me. Ashley intercepted her about halfway to the chairs. She snaked an arm up around Oriana’s neck, grabbed the back of her head and forced their mouths together. Even from where I stood, I could see Oriana’s eyes pop out as she tried to push Ashley away but stopped all of a sudden and closed her eyes, her features softening and her arms falling to her sides. After a second Ashley broke away and continued on to the chairs where she sat, arms folded under her large breasts and stared in my direction. Oriana wiped her mouth and walked to me smiling. I saw several stunned expressions and a few huge grins among the people on the beach.

“So I see you had a good time.” She said cheerily, licking the corners of her mouth.

“Yeah a good time.” I said sarcastically. She cocked her head, confused.

“One minute she’s crying on my shoulder the next she’s practically forcing herself on me. She so fucking emotional it’s not even funny!” I explained, exasperated. “Anyways, what was all that about?” I asked calming down.

“Oh,” she said sheepishly, “she said it was a gift from you to me.” Great now she’s pissed and jealous again.

“I see. I’m going in for a second, want to come with?” I said.

“Sure thing!” I took her hand and we walked down to the water’s edge.

“How’s the water?” I asked.

“Not too bad after you get used to it.” Not too bad turned out to be freezing cold and instantly I wished for Ashley’s warm ass on my lap again, seeing as my dick was now trying to push itself as far into my body as it could. I cringed, letting go of Oriana’s hand and rushing forward to deeper water and dove in, eager to get used to it as fast as possible. I held my breath and turned underwater so I would surface on my back. Already I could feel my body acclimating to the cold water and being warmed by the blazing sun at the same time creating a very comfortable sensation. I surfaced and looked back; Oriana was still standing there, smiling at my mad dash into the water. I motioned for her to join me and she charged forward splashing through the water before diving under as I had done. I watched her pale shimmering body glide through the waist deep water next to me and smiled when just her head broke the surface. She blew the water off of her lips and beamed. I took off my sunglasses and caught the attention of a young pudgy kid passing by us. He was maybe fifteen or sixteen I didn’t really care.

“Hey buddy could you do me a favor?” I said. He looked at Oriana first before bringing his eyes back to me.

“Sure.” He responded warily.
I pointed at my sister sitting way up on the beach, still looking in my direction behind her big sunglasses, “See that girl up there?” He squinted in that general direction.

“Yeah sort of. The big blonde one right?” he clarified. Both Oriana and I started laughing at that description. He chuckled nervously along with us, unsure of what was so funny.

“Yeah the big blonde one. Go bring these over to her.” I said handing him my sunglasses. “And tell her you’re a gift from me to her.” He looked at me utterly confused while Oriana burst into hysterical laughter.

He turned to go but I stopped him and said, “Oh and when she asks you what you mean just tell her she should know what you’re talking about then run like hell.” I probably just confused him more but he nodded and waded through the water up to Ashley occasionally glancing over his shoulder at us nervously. He stopped in front of Ashley and handed her my sunglasses, she took them and it looked like he delivered the message. She cocked her head and I assume he told her the last part because he took off running just before she shot to her feet. I thought I could see her shaking in rage but I couldn’t be sure. After a second of glaring at me she turned and stormed off in the direction of the snack shack.

“You’re a little bastard you know that right?” Oriana giggled next to me.

“I know I can’t help myself. She’s just so easy to piss off.”

“Oh man she’s gonna get your ass.” She said getting her laughter under control and slapping my arm.

“Yeah,” I sighed, “but not today.” I stood up and took another running dive and headed out towards the sandbar. Since we’d arrived the tide had come in quite a bit and now it was a good twenty yard swim through waist deep water to the sandbar which would be exposed until the tide came in completely a few hours from now. I reached the shallows around the sandbar and climbed up onto its sandy ribbed surface turning, I beckoned Oriana follow from where she was still sitting in the water. She disappeared from view and popped back up in the same spot I had come ashore, striding from the water trying to wring her hair dry. Water streamed from her body making her shine and she blushed when she realized I was watching her. She walked up next to me and I put my arm around her slim waist and looked around us. We were alone on the sandbar, the noise from the beach was less apparent and the view was picturesque. For the moment the little bay was clear of boat traffic and the shores were dotted with beautiful summer homes of all shapes, sizes, and designs. I tried to imagine what this place might look like at sunset, and filed it away as a possible romantic destination for a special occasion or even just for the hell of it sometime in the future. We stood there for a while just taking in the view before walking along to the far edge of the sandbar and sitting down with our feet in the water.

“Yeah this place would be really pretty at sundown.” She said quietly seemingly not wanting to interrupt the moment by being overly loud. I looked over at her sharply, was she reading my mind or was I just that transparent?

She looked up at me with a confused look on her face, “What?” I shook my head and poked her lightly in the ribs.

“Nothing. So what have you been up to recently?” I asked.

“Oh not much, my mom took a few days off a while back and we went down to Florida to visit with the grandparents. Other than that I’ve just been sitting around working every now and again down at the bookstore. But mostly,” she said casting a glance over her shoulder at the beach and pressing closer to me, running a hand slowly up and down my chest, “but mostly I’ve been thinking about you. And how jealous I am of you sister.” I looked at her and smiled, her hair had fallen around her face so all I could really see was one bright blue eye and a seductive set of lips set in a wicked smile. I let my eyes roam over her body and saw two things that set my dick pushing against my shorts again. First, her nipples were practically spearing through the tight fabric of her top and second, was the slowly expanding patch of wetness marked out on the bright green material between her legs.

“Horny little devil.” I chuckled. She tossed another look over her shoulder and turned her eye back to me.

“Yeah.” She said breathlessly before leaping on top of me. I was knocked flat on my back in the sand as she lay tight on top of me minimizing our silhouette, I doubt anyone from the beach could hope to see what was going on even if the sandbar didn’t have slight curve that hid a prone body from view. She threw a leg over my waist and ground her hips into mine resulting in us both moaning loudly. She grabbed my head between her small hands and kissed all over my face. I put my arms over her back and pulled her harder against my body, she groaned and locked our lips together seeking my tongue with her own.

She broke away for a moment and gasped, “God I’m so fucking hot right now!” However my witty response was smothered by her mouth over mine which I really didn’t mind.

“Tim…uuhhn,” she said breaking away again for a second, “Tim tell me what she did…and ohh I’ll beat it.”

“Y-you’re already beating her.”

“Don’t lie to me Tim my mouth tastes like your cum for a reason. I…ehhun have a hard time believing she just blew you and that’s it.”

“What is this, some kind of competition?”

“Maybe.” She said sneakily.

I smiled wearily, “You don’t need to compete over me, you don’t have to compete with each other, hell there doesn’t even need to be any competition.”

“B-but we don’t want you to get bored with us.” She said tentatively, she actually looked worried or scared that I would get bored with them or something. How that thought even entered their minds I could not even fathom. Of course she could have been worried that I wouldn’t let her one-up Ashley and thus lose their little game.

“You two are a piece of work, you know that? Why would you ever think that?” I asked grabbing her shoulders and lifting her up off of me so I could see her face more clearly. We had stopped moving and she looked away from me, avoiding my eyes.

“Well um…ah you’ve just seemed kind of distant lately. We’ve barely talked since B-Rob’s party two months ago. And Ashley said you haven’t even touched her since that whole Sarah thing.” She said quietly. I sighed and pulled her back down to me hugging her tightly, the moment pretty much forgotten for now.

“Look you have nothing to worry about alright? No matter what happens, I’ll always come running back to you. As for being bored with you two, well now that’s just ridiculous not to mention impossible. I love you both so much it’s not even funny, well you a little more than Ashley lets say.” I whispered in her ear. She giggled at the last part and pulled back to look at me, eyes sparkling.


“Of course. Now I don’t want you worrying about such trivial things like this ever again alright?” I said seriously and after a second, “I swear you two girls are almost more trouble than you’re worth these days.” I ran my fingers along her sides and started tickling her ribs, a little thing I discovered early on, just how ticklish she really was.

“No no don’t you start… ahhh.” She squealed before she broke down laughing and squirming trying to get away from my fingers. She rolled off of me and curled up in a ball clutching her sides; I sat up and continued, slipping my fingers between and under her hands to her barely understandable protests. Finally after a few more minutes I stopped and stood up stretching my back, she sprawled back on the sand, breathless.

“Ohh now that you’re done with your devious torture, what are you going to do to me now?” she purred from her prone position looking up at me. I stepped over her and knelt down straddling her waist.

“Oh a little of this and a little of that.” I responded coyly putting a hand behind me and rubbing her stomach just above her bikini bottom.

“Yeah? I like this and that.” She said playfully rising up, linking her arms around my neck and pulling herself to me. Her face was no more than a hair’s breadth away from mine; her breath was coming in short spurts and her pupils were huge staring deep into mine. She kissed me deeply slipping her tongue into my mouth and switched her hands from around my neck to the back of my head, pulling my lips tighter against hers. I grinned into her mouth and slowly slid my hand into her bottoms caressing her scorching slit. Her eyes had started to close but when my fingers brushed her outer lips they shot open and she broke away, moaning loudly. She wrapped her arms around my back and put her head over my shoulder. I pushed first one then two fingers into her pussy spreading my fingers like I had done with Ashley. She cried out and tried to crush me in her arms, her tits were almost flat against my chest she was squeezing so hard. I turned my hand and used my thumb to locate the tiny nub of her clit, rubbing it gently I put my free arm around her back just as she came. Warm liquid streamed past my fingers and she gasped letting go of me, I took her weight on my arm keeping her from hitting the sand while her head lolled back and her mouth hung open. After a second she recovered and looked back at me smiling.

“Wow it’s been so long since I’ve orgasmed; I almost forgot how good it feels.” She giggled. I looked at her quizzically, cocking my head to the side confused.

“I don’t like doing it by myself, it’s no fun.” She said pouting.

“Oh I’m sorry. I’ll have to make up for it.” I said grinning. I started moving my fingers again and she refastened her arms around my back. I traced a circle with my fingers as if stirring her insides and slowly pulled my fingers out, she was resting her chin on my shoulder and I felt it jab into my collar bone as she arched her neck to look down, not for the first time I marveled at how flexible she was. I extended my arm out behind me and wiggled my fingers at her, feeling her juices slick between them. She reached out grabbing my arm but I wouldn’t bend it, keeping it locked as she tried futilely to get at my hand.

“Don’t you want your candy little girl?” I teased. She whimpered as she desperately tried to get to my fingers.

“Gimme gimme, stop teasing me Tim!” she whined.

“Say please.”

“How ‘bout I’ll fuck you sideways with a lunchbox if you don’t give me your fucking hand Tim!” she hissed in my ear. I believed from her tone of her voice that, she had every intention of trying to do just that, so I bent my arm at the elbow so I could tap the shoulder her chin was on if I wanted to. As soon as I bent my arm she grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth taking in my fingers and sucking on them greedily.

“Mmff so good.” she sighed finally releasing my hand. I winced and brought my arm back to my front and took my other arm away from behind her back and rubbed my shoulder grinning, as her eyes widened and she fell back into the sand.

“I think somebody is getting too big for their britches.” I said accusingly.

“Well maybe you should take them off of me.” She retorted reaching out a hand and tugging on my shorts. I smacked her hands away from my waist and she instantly grabbed my shoulders pulling me down on top her with a surprising amount of force.

“Ooff, you rang milady?” I quipped.

“Fuck me,” She growled, “no more games Tim.”

“But I like games.” I said grinning. She exhaled deeply closing her eyes, grabbing my head and slowly brought her face inches from mine.

Opening her eyes slowly she said, “Tim I am hornier that I have ever been right now, and you…you want to play games with me.” Movement caught my attention off in the distance back towards the beach and as I focused I saw Trent and three of his friends heading in our direction, huge ocean fishing poles in hand.

“You know very well that I would love to fuck you silly but unfortunately we’ve got company so it’s going to have to wait till later. But here’s one for the road.” I said reaching back behind me and rubbing her pussy through her bikini. She inhaled sharply and I felt the material dampen almost instantly. She flopped back on the sand as I stood up and grabbed her arm, hauling her to her feet before I lowered my shoulder to her midriff. Straightening up again with a hand on her lower back to keep her from falling off my shoulder, I then headed back towards the beach.

“Oh I want you to do the dirtiest things to me Tim.” She moaned.

“Well like I said it’s gonna have to wait.”

“I’m so hot right now.” She whimpered. I shushed her as Trent and his friends strode from the water and onto the sandbar.

“Whatcha got there brah?” he asked grinning broadly gesturing Ankara Escort at the limp form over my shoulder.

“Oh just a little something I caught.” I chuckled smacking her ass with my free hand.

“Ow Tim!” she cried out and started pounding on my back with her tiny fists.

“Very nice catch brah, hey listen we’re gonna do some fishing,” he said chuckling as her watched Oriana struggle on my shoulder, “we got some beers too. Want to join us?”

“I’d love to but this one’s getting cranky, I have to put her down for her nap.” I said winking at them. They broke into laughter and headed back the way we’d come.

“Tim!” she screamed, pounding on my back. I chuckled and smacked her ass again harder this time. She shuddered and went limp for a second, her fists falling away from my back. I felt something trickle down my chest, I stopped mid stride and put her down.

“Did you just cum?” I asked.

“Yes.” She said sheepishly.

“Interesting, well then…” I said trailing off and heading for the water. I almost made it before she jumped on my back, linking her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck.

“Carry me.” She commanded.

“I thought you didn’t like being carried.”

“Not thrown over your shoulder like some trophy with my ass hanging out in the air.” She said. I laughed and strode into the water which thankfully was only chest deep, she was high up enough so that she could rest her chin on my head and it jabbed into my skull as she talked.

“So when is later?”

“Haven’t figured that out yet.” I said. She squeezed her legs in response, almost forcing the breath from my lungs.

“Better be soon.” She hissed. I didn’t respond as I struggled out of the water and made my way up the beach to the chairs. Ashley had returned and was now nursing a red slushy and a candy bar. Oriana got off of me when I stopped and sat back down in her chair, I arched my back and sprawled down on my towel.

“How come I don’t get rides like that Tim?” Ashley asked.

“My back would be broken.” I responded not even turning my head to look at her.

There was a pause and then from right next to my ear came, “Was that a fat joke Timothy?”

“Jesus Christ!” I yelped and scrambled away from her. She stood, between Oriana and me but not my escape, I backed up slowly and put up my hands as if in surrender. She stepped over my towel and slowly came towards me.

“That’s one to many Tim. I let it slide last time because you turned what I said to you on me. And out of the kindness of my heart let the ‘your ass is too fucking big’ crack this morning go as well. But that was the straw that broke the camel’s back Tim or ha should I say your back.” She said laughing maniacally, eerily reminiscent of Sarah’s laugh. She stopped laughing all of a sudden and lunged at me, I side stepped and she crashed into the sand, spitting sand out of her mouth she stood up and charged at me. This time I just turned and ran, she was too pissed off, even if I stopped and tried to put up a fight she would probably crack my skull open with a rock or something. I headed for the rocks where I knew I could hide, she could out run me and out last me of that I was sure, I was good for short distance sprints and slow long distance but that wouldn’t help me here. I dodged into the rocks and weaved through them until I broke out into the cove, the banks of which were almost all mud. I skidded to a halt and backed up under a rock.

“You can’t hide from me Tim!” I heard my sister calling not too far away. From where I was I could see her emerge from the rocks and look around, she however seemed focused on the cove itself, the empty boats and the lack of people, before she turned and disappeared. I heaved a sigh of relief but decided to stay put in case she was waiting for me. I heard a scraping noise above me and suddenly two hands reached in and grabbed me by the arm hauling me out into the open.

“Hi Tim!” Ashley said cheerfully before throwing me to the muddy ground face first. Luckily I kept my head from hitting the mud but at the cost of my arms sinking in to the elbow. Ashley landed with a squishy thump and before I could react had climbed on my back pushing my hips into the mud and linking her arms high on my chest.

“Ready?” she purred in my ear before pulling up with her arms while pushing down with her hips, cracking my back painfully. I went limp in her arms and she let go of me. “Break your back pfft, I wish I could but there’d be too many questions. You can get up I know you’re not hurt.” I rolled over on my numb back and glared at her standing over me with her legs still straddling my waist. After a moment she smiled and let her hand sneak across her flat stomach and slip into her bikini bottoms. I could see her fingers moving as she looked down at me lying in the mud.

“You look so innocent and vulnerable lying there like that, looking up at me.” She said softly as her fingers started moving faster.

“You’re more of a guy than you think you are Ashley.”

“Well if I’m the guy,” she said biting her lip and kneeling down with her knees on either side of my chest, “that makes you the girl Tim.” And after a pause and leaning down further still taking her hands and putting them on either side of my head so our faces almost touched she breathed, “Do you like being my girl Tim? Being my bitch?”

“Your bitch! Bullshmmff…!” I started to say angrily before she smothered my mouth with hers. I let her kiss me deeply for a few minutes before I grabbed her face between my muddy hands and pulled her off of me. She continued like she was still kissing me before it finally sank in that she wasn’t, at which point she pouted and gave me THE eyes, even quivering her lip a little.

“You don’t want to make out with me?” she asked in a tiny voice. I continued holding her face between my hands because she kept up the pressure trying to push her lips back against mine.

“No! For one there is no such thing as making out with you, there’s you mouth raping me. Second because this only leads to one thing with you and I don’t want to fuck on the beach, understand? I already promised you AND Oriana that we would do this some other time. Are you two taking horny pills or something, I swear if it’s not one of you it’s the other!” I vented. This time her lip quivered with legitimate feeling and I took my hands away from her face and held them away from me not touching her. A tear rolled down her cheek and she turned her face away from me in a whirl of golden hair.

“Don’t start that again! Just because it worked on me earlier doesn’t mean it’s going to work now.” She turned her head to face me again with a smile on her face, all traces of sadness gone.

“You’re no fun Tim, you wont let me play my games.” She said standing up again and backing up before extending a hand to help me up. I took it and was halfway to standing when she let go and I landed in the mud again. She laughed and turned to go, well this just wouldn’t do so I lunged forward grabbing her ankles I pulled as hard as I could. She let out a strangled scream as she fell on her face, though she was unable to arrest her fall with her arms like I had. After a second she propped herself up and turned her head to glare at me, eyes full of fire. I couldn’t help but laugh at the mud that coated her angelic features.

“I think we’re even now.” I said struggling to my feet and wiping the worst of the mud from my body. I turned my back on her and made my way down to the water, I could feel her eyes boring into my back and imagined my blood boiling under her gaze. I splashed into the water and started trying to get as much of the caked on mud off of me as I could.

“Fine I’ll wait but for your sake it had better be soon.” Ashley snarled from my side as she too splashed into the water.

“Good girl, be patient.” I snickered. With her back to me she flipped me the bird and finished cleaning herself off with a dunk underwater.

She stood up and started walking back towards the chairs tossing a pained smile over her shoulder, “My patience only goes so far brother.” I followed a short time later and sprawled back on my towel when I got there. Oriana was sound asleep in her chair, Ashley had already returned to hers and was reading Oriana’s book. I pulled out my watch and cursed when I saw the time; we only had an hour or so left before we had to get back home. I closed my eyes and dozed off and on for awhile before checking my watch again and sitting up, ready to get the girls going. This time they were both asleep and I packed up most of the stuff before roughly shaking Ashley awake and kneeling next to Oriana.

“Oriana wake up we have to get going.” I said quietly as Ashley strode past me to the showers and changing rooms. Oriana mumbled something which ended in my name and slowly cracked open her eyes and gave me a tired smile.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hello.” I responded when she had sat up and stretched a not altogether unpleasant movement. I handed her the tote bag she had brought with her. She shambled off in the same direction as Ashley as I packed up the rest of the things and carried them back to the car before heading off to the shower and changing rooms myself. I showered and changed quickly, still making it out before the girls; I went back to the car and started it up to cool it down before they got back. They showed up together and got in the car, Ashley sprawled out in the back while Oriana sat next to me.
Half way through the drive both were asleep again, Ashley lay out in the back with her mouth open and Oriana against my shoulder. Neither one of them stirred as I pulled into the driveway and shut off the car. It was only now starting to get dark and I felt satisfied in having stayed out the whole day as my father had requested. I gently shook Oriana awake and then shoved Ashley’s leg until she woke up too. I got out and unpacked the car and by the time I finished they still weren’t out yet, I looked in and to my astonishment found they were asleep again. I shook my head and opened the passenger side door and had to catch Oriana in my arms as she toppled out. I grunted and readjusted my hold on her, hefting her light body in my arms and staggering into the house. My dad was sitting at the counter eating some leftovers, he laughed when he saw me carrying Oriana’s sleeping body. She had clung to me in her sleep and had her arms wrapped around my middle.

“How’s mom doing?” I asked.

“Better. With her energy,” he chuckled gesturing at Oriana, “I can only imagine how wiped out your sister is.” I rolled my eyes and carried Oriana to my room where I laid her gently on my bed and tried to back away but her arms were locked around my waist now. Smiling I reached behind me and pulled her arms apart, freeing myself from her sleeping embrace. She rolled over and grabbed one of my pillows hugging it to her as she had done with me. I headed back out into the living room and asked my dad to help me get Ashley out of the car, she was a deep sleeper as it was and getting all worked up today meant nothing but the most extreme would wake her up. We went back outside and wrangled Ashley from the car and carried her between us back into the house to her room where we dropped her unceremoniously on her bed. We then went back into the kitchen and I downed a bottle of water.

“Did they drink enough today?” my dad asked.

“Not really, that must be it huh?” I said, he nodded and told me to have them drink something when they woke up while he went on some errands. I said I would and went back to my room as he left. Oriana had spread out a little but was still clutching my pillow tightly; I decided to try not to disturb her and got on my computer. I had been surfing the web for a little while before I heard a tiny voice call my name. I looked over and through a curtain of sable hair I could make out one gleaming blue eye regarding me tiredly.

“I don’t feel good.” she said quietly, curling her knees up to her stomach.

“You didn’t drink enough water today. Here.” I said handing her a bottle of water. She sipped at it and I sat next to her on the bed, brushing the hair from her face. She relaxed a little and spread out again, I lay next to her and she turned, pressing herself against my side and put her head on my chest. We lay like that for awhile before Ashley staggered in holding her head in her hands.

“Ah why does my head hurt so much?” she whined. Oriana jumped, she had fallen asleep again without me realizing it. I sighed and reluctantly got up, Oriana slid off of me and flopped back on the bed looking disappointed as I marched into the kitchen and got some Tylenols or whatever they were. I brought four back with me and gave two to each and soon they were gone along with the water. I got back on the bed and laid back starting to get tired myself, Oriana reattached herself to me and for a moment Ashley stood beside the bed watching us. Though soon enough she too climbed over Oriana and me to lay on my other side. My bed creaked, not accustomed to this much weight but soon stopped as Ashley settled down, adopting the same position as Oriana. Both had their heads high on my chest and I couldn’t help but become intoxicated by their mixed scents, a heady concoction of flowers, citrus, and who knows what else. It wasn’t long before they were asleep again, their breathing became easy and I smiled to myself at this situation. An idea struck me and I carefully reached for my cell phone on the nightstand, I selected the camera and held it high above us adjusting the picture on the front screen. I put on an easy smile and took the picture, saving it immediately as a keeper. I put the phone back and let my exhaustion take me into nothingness.

I awoke the next morning and immediately became worried by the pressure on my chest, before I remembered why that would be. I opened my eyes and grinned, they were still there sound asleep and almost in the exact same positions I remembered them being in. I sighed contentedly and looked at the time, nine thirty; I was stunned, I hadn’t realized I was that worn out. As if on cue Ashley woke up and blinked her eyes rapidly, confused as to why she woke up where she did, seeing as the first thing that greeted her eyes was Oriana’s sleeping face. She sat up and looked at me with an amused smile on her lips.

“Well aren’t you the luckiest guy ever huh?” she said.

“You got that right.” I said. Now it was Oriana’s turn to wake up and look around, confused. She looked at the time and cursed.

“I have to get home,” she said jumping from the bed but turning back and planting a lingering kiss on my lips, “I’ll see you when I see you.” And just like that she was gone. I looked back at my sister and caught a hand that had been straying down my side.

“You could get luckier.” She purred seductively.

“Yeah.” I sighed and got up grabbing a fresh pair of clothes and heading for the shower with a last look over my shoulder at Ashley still sitting on my bed. She looked disappointed but not terribly so, as if she was expecting an answer like the one I had given. Stepping into the shower and stripping I stood under the steaming jet and let the days pass by, a week, two, and then three followed by a fourth.

I stepped out of the shower and got dressed. College was only two weeks away now and I was starting to get anxious, my mood fluctuated severely and my only solace was the fact that Ashley was coming with me. Our parents had deemed it a better I idea that we go to the same college either as support for one another or for financial reasons I wasn’t sure. I had become bitter with the fact that Oriana would be headed off to a completely different college across the state and this I knew was due to financial reasons and though she vowed that if she could get the money together she would transfer I held little hope of that. The only thing that kept me from going insane or worse was the fact that we would be able to see each other during breaks and if we had free days or whatever we could manage. To add insult to injury today was our birthday and though our friends would throw us separate parties later this week, today my sister and I had to suffer through the little family party. The day had gone fine enough, with plenty of crying from my mother and remembering when ‘you were only this big and playing out in the back yard’ and ‘I can’t believe it’s been so long, it seems like only yesterday’. Finally after diner, cupcakes were brought out, each with a little candle and my dad had to take pictures of us blowing them out like little kids. We didn’t expect our parents to get us anything seeing as they were paying for most of our college expenses but they surprised us by getting us a few little things.

Then it was our turn, Ashley gave me a new pair of sunglasses seeing as I accidentally broke the last pair, these ones were the expensive kind too. She also passed me a note under the table and I quickly stuffed it in my pocket to read later. Now I smiled and pulled out a slender box and slid it to her. Her eyes lit up and she looked at me excitedly and she carefully picked up the box as if it was made of glass. My parents grinned and exchanged pleased glances at my gesture. She opened it and let out a squeal of delight as she pulled out a thin silver chain, which held a small locket at the end of it. It had taken a solid day to find just what I was looking for and a good chunk of change to get it. It was incredibly intricate, first off, it was circular in shape and the front was inlaid with two crossed roses, the stems were black, the flower part was red and the background was silver. On the back I had her name inscribed in black and slightly raised against silver as well. I showed her how to open it and she grinned, lightly punching me in the arm when she saw the pictures I had put inside. One was a picture of her from five or six years ago in her hockey jersey posing, ready to make a slap shot. The other was the one of her and Oriana asleep on my chest. It had taken even more time to scale down the photos so they would actually fit inside the locket.

“Oh my god, thank you!” she squeaked choking back tears as she hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek.

“Thank you.” I said when she had released me. My mom started crying again and hugged us both, kissing us profusely before my father pulled her away.

“I’m going to take your mother out for awhile, if we don’t get back before you go to bed have a good night. And happy birthday.” He said. With that he ushered her out the door and I heard the car pull away. I turned my attention back to Ashley who was just now, putting the locket around her neck.

“It’s so beautiful.” she said.

“I’m glad you like it, I was going to put this one in there,” I said handing her the scaled down version of the picture I had taken of her and Sarah, “but I didn’t think you’d like that too much.” She was shocked at first, not even knowing I had taken the picture but soon she broke down laughing and it was some time before she calmed down enough to speak.

“Oh wow yeah that would have caused a few problems.” She giggled. I smiled and pulled her note from my pocket but before I could read it she grabbed my hand.

“Hold on a second give me that back for now.” She said, I handed it back to her and she told me to go to my room for twenty minutes. I did and after fifteen minutes I got antsy and went back into the kitchen where the note was lying on the table. Ashley was nowhere to be found, I looked around just in case she was hiding somewhere watching me before I picked up the note and opened it.

Go outside. Happy birthday Tim.
Love Ashley.

I put it down, unbelievably confused and headed for the door, stepping out into the warm summer night air I looked around, nothing seemed unusual or out of place except… There were three cars in the driveway, there should only be two, I looked closer and with a start, realized the third was Oriana’s car! I ran over to it and looked inside but it was empty, even more confused I put my hand on the hood, it was still warm. I walked back inside and the house still seemed to be devoid of life until something shiny caught my attention down the hall. As I walked closer I realized it was Ashley’s locket on my door handle, it was swinging gently as if just placed there. A huge grin split my face as I silently opened my door and stepped in, closing it just as quietly after me. The lights were dimmed but I could still make out two lumps under the covers of my bed and instantly I could tell which one was which, seeing as one lump was substantially larger than the other. I crept to the foot of the bed and strained my ear trying to make out the whispered voices I thought I could hear.

“Why hasn’t he shown up yet?” possibly Oriana’s voice.

“Calm down he’ll figure it out eventually. You get him first anyway.” Must be Ashley’s voice.

“I’m so excited, shit I’m already soaked.” Oriana again. Well that did it.

“Does my sister turn you on that much Oriana?” I quipped. They shrieked and I thought they would have hit the ceiling if they hadn’t been under the sheets. Slowly a hand appeared above the larger lump and the cover was pulled away to reveal Ashley’s beautiful face, a fiendish smile playing across her lips. Then the covers were pulled away from the smaller lump and Oriana’s face came into view, though she had on a frown she could barely maintain.

“What do you mean does she turn me on?” she said trying as hard as she could to sound serious.

“Well being around Ashley tends to get everyone all hot and bothered so I assumed that was why you were soaked.” I said laughing.

“How long were you standing there?” Ashley asked.

I turned to her grinning, “Not long but long enough.”

“Too much talk! He’s mine!” Oriana said ripping the sheets away, fully exposing her naked body and getting into a crouching position. I smiled at her, not exactly sure what she was up to when she launched herself at me. She crashed into me and sent us to the floor, I was momentarily stunned and in that short period of time she had all but disrobed me except for my socks which she hadn’t bothered with. She was all over me, kissing my face and worming herself all over my body. I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her tightly to me holding her upper body still so I could kiss her back. She struggled in my arms, she had way too much pent up energy but I would fix that soon enough. Her hips remained in motion and I flinched every time her glistening cunt came in contact with my rock hard cock. I held her with one arm as my other traveled down her back to her ass which, as I said was still in motion. I grabbed a cheek and squeezed, she giggled but it did little to slow her down. I traced the crack of her ass with a finger until I came upon the little starburst of her hole; I pushed with that finger and felt it slowly sink into the tightest thing I had ever come across. That got her attention and she stopped moving immediately and stared into my eyes with the most intense look of lust I had ever seen.

“I wasn’t joking when I told you I wanted you to do the dirtiest things to me.” She whispered in my ear.

“I always assumed you didn’t like that.” I whispered back.

“You assumed wrong.” she breathed. Up until now Ashley had sat quietly on my bed watching us with an amused grin on her face, upon hearing what Oriana said she reached behind her and withdrew the gel tube that had started to become very familiar, especially with Ashley around. She wiggled it at me and her grin spread, she got down off the bed and knelt next to us. Oriana was either unaware of her presence or didn’t care because she remained still, staring into my eyes and occasionally pushing her hips back against my hand. I slowly pulled my finger out of her ass and held my hand out to Ashley expectantly. Oriana looked disappointed when I pulled my finger out but that expression changed to one of discomfort then relieved satisfaction as Ashley applied the gel herself.

She then draped herself over Oriana’s back and whispered in my other ear, “You had better save something for me Tim, I Ankara Escort Bayan have a surprise for you and I want you to have at least some energy left.” My cock twitched at the mention of a surprise from my sister, I’m sure Oriana noticed because she turned her head slightly so she could see Ashley out of the corner of her eye.

“You can have him when I’m done with him. Don’t rush me!” she hissed acidly. Ashley smiled and rose up, getting back on my bed and lying flat on her stomach to watch us again with her chin in her hands.

“How do you want it?” I asked coyly.

“I’ve never tried this before.” She said rolling off of me and getting on her hands and knees next to me.

“Neither have I.” I said looking to my sister for confirmation, she shook her head. “Well then…” I got behind her and noticed a drop of get on her lower back; I scooped it up with a finger and found it was more than enough to slick my dick. I lined up the head of my madly throbbing cock with her now well greased backdoor.


“Whenever you are.” She purred looking back over shoulder at me, her bright blue eyes gleaming. And with that I pushed my cock about two inches in without much difficulty; we both gasped as our own separate feelings rushed through our nerves. If I thought it was tight around my finger, to my cock it was like a vice on roids. I gasped and almost fell on top of her but somehow managed to stay reasonably upright. Her reaction was much more extreme; she cried out, gritting her teeth and forcing herself not to scream as she tried desperately to relax. I could hear Ashley giggling softly behind us but paid her no heed as I waited for Oriana to adjust. She growled something after a minute or so but I didn’t quite hear her.


“All the way. All the way in!” she groaned. I shrugged and slowly pushed the rest of my cock into her ass, this time she did scream not in pain but pleasure, I hoped.

“Oohh god euuhhhh so f-fucking big uuhhhnn!” She screamed.

Ashley started laughing, “Ohhh hurts so good!” she said imitating Oriana’s voice. Oriana definitely didn’t hear that, she was so focused on her own body. I noticed a slight tremble in her arms and I knew neither of us would come away from this with any energy like Ashley wanted. I gave her a moment to adjust again before I slowly started to pull out of her, it felt like every muscle she had was trying to keep me inside of her and if wasn’t for the gel I probably wouldn’t have been able to. I managed to pull most of the way out before I shoved forwards, this must have been too much for her because her arms gave out and she lay breathless from screaming with her cheek pressed against the floor. She was so fucking tight it was unbelievable, I realized after just a few strokes that I would most likely be done so I stopped and let her recover. Her arms were still shaking so I assume she didn’t choose to stay as she was with her butt in the air and her face against the floor. I looked back at Ashley, she shook her head sadly and I turned back to Oriana who had by now started trying to push her ass back against me. I started to pull out again this time however, I leaned forward and with one hand grabbed her left nipple between my fingers and with my right I rubbed my hand down (now up) her stomach to her pussy. She was still wet as I slowly inserted just one finger and described lazy circles inside of her while my thumb gently rubbed her clit. This had the desired effect of getting her more excited and she started pushing back against me with more enthusiasm. And now that I had a general slow rhythm for myself I could try and time her climax alongside mine, well that was my hope.

“Oh m-more ohh Tim dump it in my ass eeeyyhhh-eaaaahh!” She screamed. Well so much for timing it just right, she came hard, she should have with me teasing just about every serious sensory cluster on her body. Her whole body shook wildly and I felt a flood of liquid stream past my hand, her eyes were clenched shut and a queer smile on her lips telling me that cumming with a dick in her ass was a new feeling. On my end it was even more intense, her ass spasmed around my cock, clenching as her muscles tightened and twitched. That was it for me, I pushed forward again and buried my dick as far in as it would go and blew my pent up load deep into her insides. For an eternity and beyond I fired jet after jet of cum into her and with each new onrush of fluid she twitched and arched and writhed under me. Finally spent, I promptly collapsed on my side while she sprawled out on her stomach, barely alive it seemed. My cock clearing her ass at speed brought with it a comical popping/sucking sound along with a small trickle of cum and gel from her very abused backdoor.

“It’s so hot in my ass.” She mewled softly almost to herself. Ashley got off the bed and sat down next to my head, stroking my face with a tender hand.

“You’re going to have to give me a few minutes.” I panted tiredly, reaching up and touching the hand on my face.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I asked, genuinely concerned for Oriana.

Ashley looked at Oriana lying on the ground breathing hard and holding a hand over her ass either to keep herself from leaking further or to comfort her sore hole. “Yeah she should be alright.” She leaned down so our faces were close together, “I told her how much you like fucking my ass,” she smirked when I blushed, embarrassed, “so she did this. I don’t know if she was trying to show me up or compete with me or what but she definitely wasn’t ready for it.”

“So what now?” I asked. She backhanded me in the stomach playfully and kissed me hard before breaking away.

“You just relax for a bit while I make her feel better. Then, oh then we have our fun.” She purred.

“I don’t need to feel better I feel great!” Oriana called in from her position on the floor, I didn’t know who she was trying to convince, us or herself.

“Sure you do.” Ashley said standing and hoisting Oriana up and dropping her on my bed so her legs hung over the side. She made no move to resist other than a feeble attempt of pushing Ashley away at first. Ashley knelt between her legs and tossed her hair over her shoulder and with a final look back at me, buried her face in Oriana’s pussy.

“Wow it doesn’t get much better than that.” I murmured to myself as I got up and slouched in my chair watching as every guy’s dream came true. Ashley had one hand in front of her face teasing Oriana’s clit; the other hand was caressing her own slit. At first Oriana was a little confused but as soon as Ashley hit her stride she reacted. She started moaning and arching her back, her hands sought out her tits and from my angle it looked as if she was crushing them in her grip. Her hair was tossed about by her sometimes violent movements and Ashley had to sacrifice the hand at her own crotch to hold Oriana down by pushing down with her forearm on Oriana’s waist. Ashley made some quick movement with her hand and her head, Oriana cried out and squeezed her thighs on Ashley’s head preventing her from backing her face away. I heard her cough and splutter but couldn’t see anything past Oriana’s thighs. With a final jerk Ashley broke her face away and took a deep breath, wiping her face with the back of her hand.

“Uhg I haven’t done this in so long. I can’t get back in the groove.” She said looking over at me.

“What do you mean? She just came.” I said.

“You’ll see what I mean in a minute or two.” She said mysteriously with a huge grin on her face. Oriana finally caught her breath and tried to sit up but Ashley pushed her back down, replacing her forearm on her waist.

“You’re just as bad as Tim. What is it, with you two and my pussy?” she asked looking at me sidelong while keeping an eye on Ashley.

“You’re both so damn cute we just can’t keep away.” Whatever response she might have had died in her throat as Ashley started up again. She now tilted her head slightly to one side but kept her free hand at Oriana’s clit, doing what, I didn’t know.
She pulled back long enough to say, “Ah here we go.” before plunging back in again. Oriana’s eyes bugged out and she started screaming, tears streamed from her eyes and she arched her back so much that the only contact she had with the bed was the top of her head and her hips which Ashley firmly held down.

“Ashleeeeyy!” she screamed madly. She dropped and lay still for a moment and I assumed that she just came again. Ashley backed out and turned to me, her face was soaked in Oriana’s cum which she wiped away with a hand and licked clean.

“I love it when they scream my name.” she giggled evilly. Oriana was done, she was out cold and as I looked closer I could see a little smile still on her lips. She stood up and stretched her back, pushing her large breasts out prominently; I couldn’t help but let out a low appreciative whistle. She looked at me and smiled, was that a little red coloring her cheeks just now? I looked down and saw that not only was her slit soaking wet but her juices were trickling down the inside of her thighs. I got that urge again and this time I let it take me, sliding from my chair, I knelt in front of her and grabbed her ass in both hands, dragging her to me.

“Wha…?” was all she managed before I buried my face in her fragrant cunt, lapping at her glistening pussy like a dog deprived of water. I stopped and backed my face away to lick up the little rivulets of clear liquid from her thighs; she sighed contentedly and put her hands on my head gently guiding me back to her pussy. I traced around her clit with my tongue but never touched it as I changed direction and shoved my tongue as far as I could into her and started licking her insides. She had started to breathe faster and she was pushing my face into her with more and more force, she was close. I snuck a finger between her ass cheeks and pushed against her tight hole while simultaneously sucking on the little nub of her clit. She cried out and tried to collapse but remarkably I managed to hold her up while a flood juices poured out of her into my eager mouth. Finally I supported her weight enough to gently lower her down into my arms. She stretched out in front of me like a cat and sighed, I was a few minutes before she realized she’d gotten distracted.

“I bet you think you’re clever huh, distracting me like that. Well the fun stops here, no more games.” She giggled girlishly, struggling back to her feet and hauling me up with her. She pulled me tightly to her.

“When was the last time we did this?” she asked slyly.

“What, fucked? Um that would have to be…the day after that whole Sarah thing I think.”

“Good and when was the last time you didn’t fuck me in the ass?”

“Oh god I can’t remember! Do you?” I responded, color rushing to my cheeks.

“Nope.” And with that she told me to sit in my chair, I did and she grinned, throwing a leg on either side of my chair.

“And you aim to fix thaoohhhh ohhh my g-god!” was what came out of my mouth as she lowered her blazing cunt onto my cock. I was amazed at how tight she was I guess all that relative inactivity had some kind of effect on her. Her eyes were closed and she let out a pleased sigh, leaning against me and putting her chin on my shoulder.
“I’ve been working on this over the years, tell me what you think.” She pulled her head back and looked at me. She scrunched up her face in concentration, keeping one eye open to watch my reaction. Suddenly it felt like my cock was being massaged by waves of wet pressure, the waves being her inner muscles, creating one of the most intense sensations I have ever felt. She asked me what I thought and I found I couldn’t respond, I had trouble thinking and the only movement I made was to slump into her, moaning. After a few minutes of that blissful torture she stopped, she was breathing hard, as if the effort of controlling herself like that was exhausting and she too slumped forward so we were leaning up against each other.

“Wow.” I finally managed to croak.

“Thank…you.” She panted. We stayed like that for a bit before my madly throbbing cock demanded her attention.

“What are you trying to do beat your way out of me?” she laughed wearily.

“I could if I wanted to, you make me so fucking hard.” I groaned.

“Aww you say just the right things.” she said lifting herself up and dropping down with all her weight, slapping her thighs against mine. We both cried out loudly and she exhaled sharply, pressing her lips against mine. I could still detect Oriana’s lingering taste and I grabbed the back of her head pushing our mouths tighter together.

“What’s this?” she said breaking away and smiling, “Do I detect initiative?”

“I’ll show you initiative.” I said. Her eyes widened as I put one arm around her back and another under her ass and lifted. Thankfully it was only a few feet to the bed, any farther and her weight would have brought me to my knees. As it was, I barely managed it and was able to lay her down semi gently, even if she was lying over Oriana’s waist.

“Oh yeah fuck me. Fuck your sister hard!” she commanded breathlessly as I started to push in and out of her.

I hesitated at first and she said grabbing my head between her hands for emphasis, “Save the kid stuff for Oriana. Fuck me like you mean it!” I shook my head with an amused smile and pulled almost completely out. She looked at me expectantly, letting go and I thought I could feel her pussy tighten in anticipation but I wasn’t sure.

“Your wish…” I said before slamming my cock back into her.

“Eeyeahhhh!” She screamed tilting her head back and biting her lip seductively, though I don’t think she meant to. I pulled out once more and slammed back in with the same result. I did this again and again, she cried out every time and I found a certain pleasurable sensation in her cries. I wanted to hear more but I realized I could feel myself starting to reach that point already and knew I had but mere moments. I pulled out one final time and slowly pushed all the way back in making sure to feel as much of her tight cunt as I could on the way. She let out a long low moan and that was the final straw, I erupted deep inside of her and though it wasn’t nearly as large a load as I had shot into Oriana given the recovery time, but it was still substantial.

“Oh there we go.” She said quietly. I had been supporting myself on my hands and now my arms started to shake, noticing this Ashley pulled me down on top of her, burying my face in her tits.

“Happy birthday Tim.” She said wearily.

“Happy birthday Ashley.” I said back to her, my voice muffled by her large breasts.

“Oh you did not just have sex on top of me!” came Oriana’s groggy voice.

“That we did.” Ashley chirped “And now that you’re awake I get to have more fun.” She released me and gently rolled me off of her; I sank off the bed and sat on the floor panting.

“So you think you’re going to have fun with me eh?” Oriana said.

“I know so.” Ashley giggled. I turned and saw Oriana kneeling on my bed almost against the headboard and Ashley sitting on the opposite edge just before Oriana sprang at Ashley like she had done to me. However, Ashley caught her in mid air but it didn’t stop them from tumbling over the edge of my bed and onto the floor with a loud thump. I couldn’t help myself but to break into uncontrollable laughter, I couldn’t see them but I could hear them thrashing around just out of sight.

“Ow stop being so boney.” Ashley laughed.

“Boney!” Still giggling uncontrollably I clambered back onto my bed and lay back putting my hands behind my head and taking a deep calming breath as I finally stopped laughing. There were a few more thumping noises and I saw a small hand flail into view before being snatched away. Then Ashley slowly rose up and put her arms out on the bed stretching her back but making no move to stand up.

“Alright…I’m done, you two nnggghhh ah you two wore me out.” She gasped breathlessly. She paused and her face contorted as if in pain then loosened, a sleepy smile on her lips.

“What did you do with Oriana?” I asked. She pointed down and I looked at her confused, to which she beckoned me to her with a crooked finger. I crawled to her and she took my chin in her hand guiding our lips together in a passionate kiss before letting me go. I looked down and saw a pair of brilliant blue eyes under a spread of jet black hair between Ashley legs. I snorted and looked behind Ashley seeing the rest of Oriana’s body struggling and flailing, trying to dislodge Ashley.

“Oh come on Ashley let her up, I know what that feels like.” I said, suddenly feeling tired. Her lips parted slightly and she arched her back, leaning back she was practically shoving her tits in my face and I had to stop myself from taking one of her succulent nipples into my mouth. Wait, why did I have to stop myself? I grinned and leaning in I took one of her large tits in each hand, bringing my lips to her left nipple and taking her still rock hard piece of flesh into my mouth.

“Oooohhhh mmmmh w-wait uh uh uh!” she screamed grabbing the back of my head and mashing my face against her giving flesh. My lips and hands on her sensitive breasts and whatever attention Oriana was paying to Ashley’s pussy, was too much for her. Her whole body shook hard enough to break the lock I had on her and I backed up, watching her writhe in climax. She heaved a huge sigh and collapsed forward facedown on the bed, finally still. With a grunt Oriana dragged herself out from under Ashley and got unsteadily to her feet. I lay back again and closed my eyes, utterly exhausted.

“What are you tired? Pansy.” Oriana teased easing onto the bed past Ashley and curling up next to me and putting her head on my shoulder, her warm breath caressing my neck.

“Not all of us got to have a nap like you did.” I said yawning. She giggled and snuggled in closer to me as if she was cold; I put an arm around her and yawned again. I felt my eyes start to droop and felt myself about to fall asleep when Ashley groaned and stood up.

“Okay that’s it I’m finished, you two children have done me in. I’m going to take a shower and go to bed. You might want to put something on just in case.” She announced before various items of clothing started to land on us. I vaguely remember putting on my boxers and shorts, Oriana put her underwear back on and her little shorts as well. We left our shirts next to us, it was still warm out and as hot as we were it just would have been uncomfortable.

“Tim.” Oriana said quietly when Ashley had left, “I have a present for you.”

“What could you possibly give me that you haven’t already?” She pulled out a picture and looked at it smiling, before turning it so I could see. It was a picture of her in her school girl’s outfit standing in her room in front of the bed. She was standing with one knee slightly bent and turned inwards; her arms were up, forearms between her tightly covered breasts, her hands were clasped together at her throat. It looked like she was blushing and was giving the camera an embarrassed look, a tiny mischievous smile on her slightly parted lips.

“Do you like it?” she asked peering over the picture at me.

“Like it? I love it!” I said, she beamed and I could see her cheeks had turned bright red. “Did you do this yourself?”

“Yes. I took me forever to get it just right. I have more if you want them.” She said.

“Of course I want as many as you can give.” I said turning and kissing her forehead.
I pulled her tighter to me and turned my head so my mouth was right next to her ear before whispering, “I love you so much Oriana.”

“I love you too. I’m going to miss you so much.” She said sniffling.

“Ssshhh. We’ll see each other plenty don’t you worry.” I said soothingly. She sniffed and picked her head up to look at me, bleary eyed.


“Promise.” I said yawning again and closing my eyes. I felt her head drop back onto my chest and her arm go around me before I finally fell asleep.

My mind finally woke up two weeks later in the backseat of my parent’s car pulling into campus. We’d gotten all of our stuff moved in yesterday and were on the final trip back, because we lived a mere hour and a half away from the college it wasn’t too bad hauling all that stuff. My sister and I now lived in the same freshman co-ed dorm building, on opposite sides of course but I was still shocked to be in the same building with her. At the moment though she was crushing my hand in her nervous grip. She had started freaking out a few days before we had to show up for orientation and she hadn’t calmed down since. I was still surprised that I had become the confident one of us; I smiled, absentmindedly thumbing the simple silver ring Oriana had given me the last time I saw her four days ago. The smile slid from my face as we pulled up to the parking lot adjacent to the dorm. We got out suffering through our final goodbyes with the parents and picking up our final boxes of stuff, lugging them inside to our rooms. I was lucky enough to get a double instead of the more common triple here and I had already gotten to know my roommate pretty well from regular e-mails and the occasional phone call from a few months before starting.

“Well that’s the last of it JD.” I said dropping the box on my bed. I looked across the room at him rummaging through his small closet. The room was perfectly symmetrical with two beds at each end, two desks in the center with two chair and two dressers at the foot of each bed along with a small closet.

“Cool. Man I tell ya this first week, hell this first month is gonna be a fucking bitch.” Jason Daforo responded in his thick New England accent. He was about my height but about thirty pounds heavier and muscular, a football player. He had brown hair, hazel eyes, and a constant gap-toothed grin.

“Yeah.” I sighed putting the last of my stuff away and getting on my new laptop. Our classes didn’t start until tomorrow so I planned on trying to relax and get used to this new setting. There was a faint knock on our open door and I looked up to see Ashley standing there nervously. I chuckled and waved her over to me, she shuffled over and sat on my bed casting a wary glance a JD. He gave her a reassuring smile and inclined his head to me, asking if I wanted him to leave. He knew who she was and wasn’t about to intrude. I nodded and he left citing hunger for Ashley’s benefit.

“What’s the matter?” I asked swiveling in my chair and taking her hands in mine.

“I’m just scared that’s all. This new shit is freaking me out.”

“I know. We just have to get used to it.” I said running a thumb over the top of one of her hands.

“Yes all it takes is time.” Came a new voice, thick with an eastern European accent from the doorway. I looked up and my jaw unintentially locked up. I recognized her from orientation as the female RA but couldn’t recall her name. Of the two she was clearly the dominant one over the whimpy, nerdish male RA, whose name I couldn’t remember either. She was maybe five six and I couldn’t even guess at her weight but given her slight but muscular build it couldn’t be much. She had a plain enough face with full lips and a small nose but the thing that caught my attention were her eyes. They were grey, almost silver in color and the fact that her short hair was dyed bright orange and spiked up didn’t draw my eyes away from hers. They were the most evil, penetrating eyes I had ever seen, I felt like I was being flayed and dissected under her gaze. She had a ragged inch or so scar on her left cheek and as I looked closer I thought I could see it twitch as if it knew it was under scrutiny. She wore baggy clothing so from my vantage point I couldn’t really see much in the way of defined curves but her hips were slim and her breasts were on the petite side. The skin on her legs, arms, and face was incredibly pale, more so than Oriana even when I first met her, which didn’t help the malicious aura she exuded.

“You must be the Donovan twins, yes? My name is Natalia. We will be seeing a lot of each other this year I think.” I shivered involuntarily because the entire time she spoke her sinister silver eyes never, not for a millisecond, left mine.


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