My Summer as a Girl Pt. 03

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Quick recap: I was staying with my Aunt Janey to work at a summer internship, but the company went bankrupt. Aunt Janey and I were low on groceries and so we agreed to do some porn shows on the internet for money. For the first one, the guy had thought I was a girl, so both to keep my real identity a secret and because I was growing to like it, I had dressed as a girl.

Tonight was the big night. All the cameras had been set up by Big Amos. Peter had gone over the “script” with Aunt Janey and the two had agreed how things would go. We all knew our parts. For this first one, Peter and Amos were going to be in the house with us to make sure everything went as planned, but later on they wouldn’t bother being here. Having internet guys watching was one thing, but having physical people in the room was another.

It was still before lunch, and I was trying to figure some things out. I always considered myself to be a red-blooded American male. I mean I like girls; that’s one of the reasons I was so eager to do these shows. If you saw my Aunt Janey, you’d be thinking how lucky I am to jump in the sack with her. Forget that she’s my mom’s sister. We’d always been like best buddies. But my buddy had huge tits and the biggest, brightest blue eyes.

Look, by now, I had been a part of these scenes with her, so I knew. Her skin was so soft, and usually warm. I guess I always thought of her as having typical Iowa farm girl looks, but there’s nothing wrong with that! Me, I’m skinny, so skinny and “petite” that I am able to pass for a girl, now that Aunt Janey got all the hair off my body, did my make-up, and put a wig on me.

That was my favorite part of all of this – Aunt Janey getting me all fixed up like a girl. I mean, I’m a skinny, geeky (yeah, I can admit it) college student. I’m too shy for my own good, and I don’t date a lot. Having this gorgeous woman (not a girl, but a woman) spend so much time fussing over me and making me feel special – well, it made me feel special. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my Aunt Janey!

But I was trying to figure out how I really felt about all of this. I mean, I was putting on a weird thong thing that may have looked like a thong but was actually a sleeve that held my cock very close up against my underside so it wasn’t flapping around where folks would see it. I was pretending to be a girl and co-starring in some soft-core porn. Who was I kidding? The script tonight was definitely not for soft-core.

Worse yet, two days ago, I had sucked off Big Amos. Granted, he saved me and Aunt Janey from her old employers who were pretty pissed off that she had signed with Peter. They had come to the house, and I have no misunderstandings that they were there to rape us. I owed him! But while I was doing it, he had pinched my nipples really hard, and I liked it. I didn’t know what I was becoming.

So I was sitting there in my room looking at myself in the mirror and pinching Kadıköy Anal Escort my nipples to see how much I liked it. I was working to be honest with myself, so I had to admit, I did like it, maybe not as much as when Amos did it, but it did turn me on. As luck would have it, that’s when Aunt Janey walked in.

I could feel how red my cheeks turned when she popped her head in. There was no question, she had seen what I was doing, but still innocently asked, “Whatcha doing?”

I answered, trying to sound like a confident man, but failed. “I’m concerned that the push-up bra is just not going to have anything to push up and I’m going to look too much like a guy.”

“Honeybunch, I’ve got tits enough for both of us. They are not going to be checking out your rack,” she replied.

“But that’s just it. I don’t have a rack.” While I had been playing with my nipples, this was a concern of mine as well. Aunt Janey sat down on the bed and patted next to her, calling me over.

“Sweetie, I like how you look. The folks tuning in are going to like how you look. We’re actually a really good team because of how different we are.” Aunt Janey had a way of always making me feel better. “But I think there’s more; isn’t there?”

So I told her everything. I started talking and the flood gates opened. I gushed out words at her about how I felt about Amos, and sucking him off, and when he twisted my nipples, everything! She smiled back at me, that warm loving smile.

“Look, honey, we’re all sexual creatures.” She started to rub my hands between hers, and I marveled at how soft they were. “Does that feel good?” I nodded, unable to speak for a moment. “Well that doesn’t have anything to do with your penis, but you like me rubbing it. Why should your chest be any different? Here, lay back.”

She laid me back on the bed and scooted herself up as well. With soft circular motions, she started rubbing my chest. It was incredibly relaxing. After only a minute, she started to concentrate on my nipples. Her fingers would brush against them lightly, then circle back around my chest. Every time her fingernails would touch my nipples, little shocks would go through my brain. I really couldn’t understand or explain how just having her basically tap my nipples made me want to jump.

Then when my eyes were closed, I felt something warm on my nipple. My eyes shot open to see her kissing and sucking on my nipple. First one and then the other. I wanted to scream out, I’m not a girl, but I was liking this too much to do anything like that if it might make her stop. I don’t think my eyes closed, I think they rolled back into my head.

Maybe it’s just rationalizing, but I did decide something there on the bed while she kissed and sucked my nipples. This felt great. All guys have nipples, so the fact that I liked her playing with them couldn’t be that weird. As per usual, I was just losing myself Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort inside my head, overthinking the situation. I’d like to pretend that I chose that from that point on I would stop worrying about every social norm and just do what I thought was right. I didn’t; I’m not that confident. But I did decide to work a lot harder at just going with the flow.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Nearly terrified, the show started. Aunt Janey was sitting on the foot of the bed, wearing one of her standard flannel shirts, but it was unbuttoned and showed she had on a bra. She was wearing panties, but no one watching could see that yet. As the show started, she just smiled at the camera.

Peter felt her personality was a big part of the appeal, so he wanted her to just start talking, like it was one of her internet dates. “Hey, ya’ll. I’m Janey, and this is my room. No seriously, this is really it. This is how I live. I wanted my first show to be as real as I could make it. I think you’re going to like how I live.”

I can’t put her personality into words. It’s just that she had so much energy. I guess she has sex appeal, because when she smiled at the camera, you just wanted to touch her. I certainly did. I became a bit mesmerized by the way she was moving and the way she was smiling through the big eyes. I sort of missed my cue. Peter wasn’t having that and shoved me, so my first appearance on camera was a bit more awkward than I’d hoped. I didn’t fall or anything, but it wasn’t a graceful entrance.

Aunt Janey just kept up the conversation. “This is my roommate Molly. Isn’t she just a doll? She ran out of money while going to school, so she moved in with me. But we work, don’t we sugar? Thing is, we work for you. All you studs out there in internet land – we work to keep you hard! Do you want to see how we work?”

That was my second cue, and I didn’t miss it. I started to slowly take her shirt off, exposing the bra and those big melons. She kept up the banter with the camera. For this first show, Peter didn’t want her actually interacting with the clients, that would come later. I think because this was going to be an advertising video as well, he wanted it to be just us doing our thing.

I really did forget about the cameras; I mean mostly. After her shirt was off, I started to nibble on her neck and shoulder and I started to take off her bra. I was just to unfasten it, and she was going to tease it off. I was pretty eager for her to get it off too as I was looking forward to returning the favor of kissing and sucking on her nipples for the show. I might have been rushing a bit, but Aunt Janey got the pacing under control and soon enough I was going to town on her breasts.

Nothing about this was matter of fact, but I found myself going through the script pretty easily. I was shifting into different positions as we’d rehearsed. Pretty quickly after she removed Kadıköy Zenci Escort her bra, she stood up and started showing her fanny to the camera. She shook it a bit, but not like twerking, more like come and get it. We had to get in a pretty unusual position for me to eat her out. Not uncomfortable, but just with her hanging off the corner of the bed and me on the floor – so that the camera would get a good angle. But again, everything seemed to be flowing so smoothly. I wasn’t being nervous or messing things up.

I might not have been the James Bond of eating women, but I didn’t rush it. I got down there and started doing it the way she taught me. I was going in to lap up the juice and playing with her clit with my tongue. She was talking to the camera the whole time, but a lot of it was guiding me too. A lot of “Oh, yeah, that’s just the right spot Molly” and things like that.

This was how it was supposed to work. I was bringing her to an orgasm pretty quickly because I knew what she wanted and I was getting it done. No fumbling around, no worries about what we’d say to each other in the morning. I guess we were doing it right because we loved each other and were able to work together, even at sex.

I’ll tell you though, I was not ready for that orgasm. All of a sudden, my face was drenched in her juices and then she clamped her legs together squeezing my head. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew stopping would be bad, so I just kept going at her. She was moving around on the bed, but with me stuck on the floor, she was anchored. No idea how long it took her to get over her orgasm and release her thighs, but I was drenched when she did.

I sort of gasped for air. In that quick pause, she flipped herself around to face me and gave me the biggest kiss of my life. We made out for several minutes and then Peter said “cut – look into the cameras”. I turned around, but she was already facing the right way. We both smiled at the camera, and then perfectly naturally, we smiled at each other.

Peter was overjoyed. “That went great!” He kissed me on top of my head (I was still sitting on the floor), and he hugged Aunt Janey. I was glad it went so well, but it had been so natural that I wondered if he was exaggerating. I glanced over at Amos, and he gave me a thumbs up. OK, I guess it went really well. Even a thumbs up was a lot from Amos.

What I didn’t realize is that it has gone an hour and ten minutes. I couldn’t believe it! No way we’d been at it for that long. I mean time flies when you’re having fun and all, but 70 minutes? Peter was already talking to Amos about how they’d cut it down to 55, but he was still really happy with us.

Aunt Janey sort of surprised me when she hugged me from behind so hard. “We’re a hit honey! Did you see those numbers?” I had no idea what she was talking about, but she had kept one eye on the laptop the whole time. At one point during the show, we had over 550 people tuned in watching us. And apparently she had really squirted when she came, and the cameras picked it up wonderfully. When I saw it, I didn’t like the look on my face, but Peter and Aunt Janey laughed. Right, like anyone was going to be looking at my face while she was squirting.

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