My Summer Ch. 5

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“Mmm…thank you Amber, and now for your gift. Clean mom’s ass with that talented tongue.” She whimpered at being ordered around but moved to do as she was told. “Mom, did you like it?”

“You know I did baby. I loved it. I would beg for it again if I had to.”

I grinned wickedly at the thought of making her beg. “Good, you just might have to. But then again you’ll have to do a lot of things you never thought you’d do. You know, like letting your daughter lick your son’s, your Master’s, cum from your holes.” We could hear Amber’s tongue slurping, and from the moans that started to come from mom, she must have been doing an excellent job. “Well, mom, what should we do now? I mean after all, I may be the Master, but in some things I may still defer to mommy.”

“Mmm…Matt,” she moaned like a slut, trying to regain her composure despite Amber’s intense tongue fucking of her ass. “Matt, I think…maybe we should…plan on spending a day in to continue to explore.”

“And what if I want to go out and pick up a few more sluts for me to play with?” I heard them both moan, but I couldn’t to tell if it was pleasure at the thought, or displeasure.

“Well, then I would say Amber and I need some clothes for a mission like that, and then after shopping, or during,” the look that accompanied that thought was vicious, “we could find a few more girls for you.

“Good girl mom. But a few may not be enough. Both of you go and clean up, and no playing in the shower or otherwise until I say so. Understand?”

They nodded as they went upstairs. I immediately wrote my latest sex diary entry, catching up on the last two days, as I had written nothing of my family exploits to that point. When the shower stopped, I quickly took one myself. I fought off the urge for the usual shower stroke, knowing that I would need all the cum I could muster all summer long. I came out naked and the sight of mom and amber both in short shorts and tight halters made me instantly and intensely hard. “I thought we were going shopping for slut wear, not putting it on??”

Mom smiled, “Amber shared for while we’re shopping.”

“Yeah, we wanted to make sure you didn’t forget what’s waiting for you at home.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I won’t be forgetting that anytime Porno soon. How could anyone forget two supersluts like you two, especially when you live with them. But I kind of wonder what kind of slut wear we would need to buy sluts like you. Maybe something in leather, or latex, or some collars, lace, satin, oh, and garters and stockings. Oh to have my teacher and schoolgirl fantasies with the two of you. Yummy. And maybe we can find an interested party at Victoria’s or at Frederick’s. Wouldn’t that be nice, a slut that could get naughty clothes for all my girls?”

“Mommy, do you still have that friend working at Fred’s?” Amber asked and my eyes lit up like the forth of July.

Mom’s answer of, “Yes,” held promise until she followed it with, “but I don’t think she would, no, she wouldn’t ever.”

“Wouldn’t!!!” I stormed, “by the time we’re done with her, she’ll slut herself out for free at my request. Hold on.” I got dressed real quick and came back. “Now, let’s go meet our new friend.”

“Robin, her name is Robin. Matt, are you sure?”

“Mom, we’ll wait outside at first. You go in, pick some slutty stuff, and then call her for help. Get her in the fitting room with you naked and then Amber and I will come in to join you. Make sure you’ve at least touched her by the time we come in.”

The rest of the drive passed in silence. Amber and I watched mom go in. She hesitated as she picked but found a smile as the woman Amber assured me was Robin came up to her. “That’s her, I’m sure of it,” she told me. Mom had an armful of things as she went to the fitting room. A minute or two later, Robin crept over to the fitting room also.

There were only two other employees, both as hot as mom’s friend Robin, but neither one helping anyone. We could be caught but at this point I didn’t much care if that happened or not. Amber and I snuck into the fitting room quietly, startling mom and Robin out of an amorous embrace accompanied by a kiss.

“You remember my daughter Amber, don’t you Robin? And this is my son, Matt.” She held her hand out toward me and gently ran it over my shoulder.

“Ummm…..Hi.” She said uncertainly as she glanced back and forth from Amber and myself to mom.

“Robin, do you Altyazılı Porno like my mom? Would you like regular visits from her and Amber and others? They’ll all kiss you and more. And you can come to the house too. For this,” I reached out and squeezed mom’s tits, then Amber’s through her shirt. “And this.” I said finally as I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock to show it to her.

“It’s lovely isn’t it Robin?” mom purred. “And he can REALLY use it. Please say yes.”

“Yes.” She barely gasped the word out.

“Robin, thank you.” I said softly as I leaned forward and kissed her as Amber and mom embraced her tightly.

“You’ll love having Matt as a master, and you’ll love his rules. You’ll help him come up with outfits for all of us for tonite and every other day,” mom explained to her.

“All of us?” she asked tremulously. “But there’s only the three of us, right?”

“For now, there’s just three. Tonight we’ll find at least one other before we go home. And then we’ll have all kinds of fun before finding another one or two next week.”

Suddenly the fitting room door swung open. The manager and the other employee stood watching mom’s tits and pussy and my dick. “What’s going on here?!?” the manager screamed.

“Shut up and come in or go away!” I replied but they just stood there and stared so I pulled both of them in. “If you enjoy naked flesh that much, show us yours.” I said with a commanding tone, and I started to strip them, perhaps a bit too forcefully, because they started to help.

“Umm,” the younger of the two tried to talk as she covered herself with her hands.

“No, no, no, that will never do.” I pulled her hands back, revealing huge tits and a shaved cunt. “Yummy, may I?” When she didn’t object, I knelt to taste her and she quivered. My tongue snaked out and barely touched her lower lips and I thought she’d fall her body twitched so violently. I split her lips with the tip of my tongue and then I rubbed her little nub with the tip of my tongue gently. “Mmm, very yummy, you’ll do nicely.” Then, turning to the manager, “And you?” eyes raised expectantly in a look of question.

“What, I’m already naked.”

“Yes, you are, now kiss my sister here while Brazzers I taste you too.” I scooted over on my knees in front of her while Amber grabbed her and kissed her deeply. She shoved her tongue down the manager’s throat while I slammed my tongue into the pussy that I’d parted with my fingers. “Mmm…just as tasty. You’ll both do nicely.” Looking around, I asked “Don’t you think they’ll do nicely?”

Mom and Amber both nodded their vigorous assent. Then as I looked at Robin, she was nodding as well, meekly but she was nodding. “That settles it then. You’re both mine now.” I took their clothes and rifled through them. I found employee badges on both their shirts, “Manage: Lisa Townsend, and Sales Associate: Terri Garner; two lovely ladies in addition to the one here I already knew about. You two ladies get off when? I mean, you’re done with work when?”

“Eight is when we close, but we’ll be here ‘til ten or so cleaning up,” Terri offered without even thinking about it.

“Wonderful, when you close up there will be a white Chevy Suburban out front. Come up to it and then we’ll figure out what’s up for tonite. Youll do as I’ve said, because if you don’t mommy and my sister here will be filing harassment claims backed by the lovely Robin here and you’ll never find another retail job anywhere. Or you can just happily do as I’ve said and revel in ecstasy from now on.”

They both held back until Amber provoked them both by pinching bare nipples. “Okay, sir.”

We picked out slutty lingerie and clothes for all and ran it on mom’s card using the manager’s discount. “See you ladies tonight. And make sure all concerned parties know you’ll be out. Don’t want anyone finding out what you’re really up to do you?”

They both shyly smiled as I left with mom, Amber, and Robin. In the Suburban, Amber asked, “What about going out?”

“Amber, it’s noon, we’ve got ten hours to find more help for you, mom and Robin and our new friends inside. Where should we go? The mall? Stripclub? Or wait at home until later and hit a club for a while?”

“Stripclub?” Robin asked, “are they open this early?”

Grinning, I said, “Of course they’re opened. Shall we go show her?” I looked to mom and Amber for an answer.

Mom drove us to the other side of town and parked in the lot of one of the better known clubs in the city. “Full nudity,” Robin read off the sign as we walked in.

“You’ll love this if you like mom.” We entered and were assaulted by the smoke, lights, music, and sight of gorgeous women.

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