My Sweet Joseph Drake

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Time stands still in the dark, and a nightclub is no exception. Still, it’s far glitzier than the average cruising spot. In a nightclub, you can find men looking their best, dancing, sweating, sometimes nearly getting it on right on the dance floor. It’s a great hangout for twinks in glitter, though effeminate men were never my type.

I had been married to a woman for five years anyway, although Natasha still had no clue that I wasn’t really working late at the university. The old school gays got it right, in the sense that if they wanted a man then they wanted a real man. Not a skinny guy with fake tits, not an overtly swishy guy with coarse body hair who dressed in broad ties and talked loudly about his BSDM escapades. If I wanted to hear endless feminine chatter, I would listen to Natasha talk on the phone about how hard it is to get an inexpensive manicure from someone who speaks English.

So, if anything, I had always wanted a sensitive and mysterious quiet type who could be categorized as pretty as well as handsome. Maybe an artist of some sort, or even a musician. Joseph was just that type. He emigrated from Britain as a scholar and taught at Boston University before getting an MFA at Julliard. So he was obviously not the type who would be hanging around a gay nightclub at 1:30 in the morning, chain smoking in the corner next to the back exit like a suckling baby. But there he was, and that’s when I first saw the man who would turn my double life upside down.

I didn’t know how to approach him at first, but seeing that he was dressed smartly I decided to treat him as such. I said hello and shook his hand, giving his eyes a direct gaze that indicated my intentions. He looked back at me with a relaxed yet flirty stare, batting his thick lashes over his intense blue eyes. He was breathtaking, with a shock of pale skin and dark hair. The thought of a night with him sent lightning bolts through my skin.

“Would you, um, care to sit with me?” I said, as if I were a nervous schoolboy again. “I can pay for anything. Champagne? Whatever. I’m sorry, what’s your name?”

His soft lips curled upward into a grin, his chin raised slightly in a proper manner.

“Joseph Drake,” he said. “I believe I saw you last week at the symphony.”

“Oh, um, yeah…” I said. “Gosh, all I remember is that I went on a Friday afternoon and my jacket was too thin for the cold weather outside.”

“And you were with a woman,” he said quizzically. “An attractive, willowy one with raven hair and red lipstick. Correct?”

I blushed, both angry and embarrassed. I wanted this man badly, and yet he knew my secret the minute I approached him. How did this happen? Did he follow me here just to play games? He leaned gracefully towards my shoulder and whispered into my ear.

“She must be clueless,” he said playfully. “Just like my wife.”

I exhaled, still shaking. I usually didn’t like games, but I knew that growing up in New England meant my life would be full of them. But somehow I not only wanted to play this game, but win hands down. I almost felt like I was ready to bend him over right there, but my hands just gripped the sides of his shoulders as I nearly lost my footing. gaziantep suriyeli escort Then I looked up at him.

“I just want you,” I said, nearly in tears. “I can’t help myself. I’ve lived a lie all of my life because I was raised Catholic. Irish Catholic! Please…”

He gently placed his index and forefinger on my lips.

“Shhh,” he said. “I don’t want to see you like this. Listen, do you think I would have remembered you if I didn’t want you as well?” He took a last drag from his cigarette before putting it out surreptitiously on the floor.

“Now let’s leave this place,” he said, “Before they find out I’ve been smoking.”

Joseph gave directions as I drove through the chilly November streets. Students were supposedly studying for their exams, although I recognized a few outside laughing and snapping digital photos way past curfew. Still, if my own students saw me at that hour, driving God knows where with a strange man in the passenger seat giving directions to his house in Stoneham, I couldn’t exactly chide them for their conduct. I just wanted to get the hell out of sight as quickly as possible.

“Turn left,” he said, gesturing. “It’s the old, white brick one with the stovepipe. Oldest house on the block.”

I turned into the driveway of this white brick house. The pavement was cracked like glass, with tufts of grass pouring through the imperfections. The steps were narrow and slippery with mold, and Joseph went so far as to hold my hand in the dark.

“The light is out,” he said. “I apologize.”

We both entered the house. The lights were already on, and the downstairs area was filled with aging furniture. Joseph disappeared quickly towards a rustic wood stove to throw in a cinder block and a match. Suddenly the November chill lifted and the room was hot.

“Most homes these days prefer electric heating,” he said. “But I still find the humble wood stove far more efficient.”

“I agree,” I said, removing my overcoat.

“I’ll take that,” he said, quickly moving to put it on a rack. He then removed his black jacket, revealing a black pullover vest over a crisp white shirt. He then reached around himself and, in a womanly manner, smoothly lifted off his vest as well. I took off my jacket and tie and hung them on the rack. He removed his tie and hung it up as well. We both removed our belts and hung them up, and the brush of the belt against my rigid cock felt like a razor. As I looked down awkwardly, I wondered if Joseph would notice how large it was. I looked back at him and saw him looking at the bulge, his soft lips quivering. I saw him try to contain a heave of his chest, then I looked down and saw his erection as well.

“I’ll show you upstairs,” he said. “It’s warmer down here than I thought it would be.”

We went up a narrow wooden staircase that had no railing. Obviously this house had been built long before people were suing each other. He took my hand and led me into a room with an antique double bed draped in white linen. He sat down like a nervous new bride about to be deflowered. I looked down at him, his eyes much wider than before. I could see his muscle tone under his white shirt, which he started to unbutton.

“My wife is away,” he said. “Actually, we’re legally separated. She caught me once, you know. In this room.”

“Really?” I said, removing my shirt and tugging at my undershirt.

“Yes,” he said. Joseph was bare-chested, having apparently shaved his body. “He was a much older man — a clergyman, in fact. He was censured and transferred to another diocese, poor old fool.”

“Really?” I said. “So you’ve been with Catholics before.”

He let out a rare but brilliant smile.

“I suppose so,” he said. “But isn’t that a large group in this area? I mean, the chances are quite high that you’ll bed a man who’s going against his teachings.”

I stared at him for a while, somewhat surprised. He continued to undress until he was completely naked. He had indeed shaved his body, and he lay back with his head on the pillow and his hand toying with his smooth cock. He looked down at it, then at me. I removed the rest of my clothes and he stared at me. The hair on my body was sparse, except for the thick pubic area. I stroked my large meat as I looked back at him.

“You want this?” I said in a dark tone, like a possessed man. “You want my cock? You look like you do, slut. I’ll fuck you hard, so hard in every hole that you forget your name and just remember mine.”

The smile escaped his lips.

“Yes,” he said after a short pause. “I want it…” He shivered, and I noticed a drop of pre-cum slip out of his member onto his abdomen. “I want you.”

I put my hand out and ran it through his dark hair, then positioned myself on top of him. Then I pressed and sealed my lips against his, sucking and licking madly at the soft musk of his hot mouth. I kissed his neck as his hard body arched upward, my hands exploring his soft white skin. Moving lower, I kissed his shoulders and down to his chest. His nipples were dark and small, and I sucked one after the other while rubbing my sweaty cock against his.

“Oh yes…” he blurted. “Oh god, I want it all!”

My mouth I went lower, down to lick and tongue his taut navel, down to kiss his groin, then finally down to his sensitive treasures. I licked and sucked at his balls while caressing his cock with my left hand. My right hand explored his ass, caressing the tight area between his balls and asshole. I put my finger into it slightly and moved it around inside the tight ring. I then deep throated his cock, which by then was ready to explode.

“Oh yes, YES!!!” He cried, finally letting a shot of hot semen erupt down my throat.

I drank him in, still sucking at his shaft. My finger was still inside of him, and his smooth cheeks were clenching my hand hard. I put in another finger and went in deeper, finger fucking him as he continued to cum in my mouth and onto my chin. He turned around onto his knees and elbows and stuck his tight ass in the air, begging me not to stop. I kept fingering him while I bent down to suck his balls from behind.

“Yes,” he moaned. “Suck on me hard. Take me in your mouth…”

He came again, this time on the linen. Beads of sweat rolled down his body as he relaxed onto the sticky pool underneath him. I caressed his back as he got up slowly. I was kneeling upward on the bed, and he crawled over to worship my cock. He was still in an orgasmic daze as he took the head into his lovely mouth, grabbing my ass as he relaxed his throat. He braced himself, then took me all the way down his throat.

“That’s good,” I said. “Yes, that’s so good…” My head dropped back as he sucked at me mercilessly. This beautiful man was nearly swallowing me whole, and I closed my eyes and saw stars in my blood as I felt my cock being tortured with pleasure from this slut. He started spanking my ass, which by then was pulsing as my hips rocked back and forth. I fucked his throat until I told him I was about to come.

He took it out of his mouth and said, “No, don’t cum yet. I want you to fuck me instead.”

I was taken aback for a second, but then I saw his flawless ass in the air again. He reminded me of a cat with its tail up, sticking his asshole out at me like that.

“I want you inside of me,” he said, head on the pillow. “I want you to stretch me out until I break. Your cock is so beautiful, and I want it badly.”

“Yes,” I said. “I’ll fuck you alright.”

I grabbed his ass with both hands, feeling the tight, pink skin between the cheeks. Instead of fucking him, though, I bent down and started rimming him. He loved this as well, moaning and writhing on the bed. I stuck my tongue way deep inside of his asshole, even farther than I had stuck my fingers. I was licking him inside, his ass being clean and fresh. I heard him moaning and almost weeping by then. I got up and saw his glistening asshole pulsating for more.

“You’re delicious, Joseph,” I said. “I feel harder than I was before. And you’re so wet now that you won’t be needing lubricant.”

“I don’t care about that,” he said. “I want you to hurt me anyways. Please, I’m a whore and I need to be hurt. Please, torture me to death.”

I caressed the small of his back, then downward.

“I’m not here to torture you, honey,” I said. “I love you and I want you forever.”

“Yes Master,” he said, closing his eyes obediently. “Take me with you.”

I inserted my cock up his trembling hole, inch by inch. He cried as I stuck it all the way in, but I kept going in and out of him. The ring of his anus gripped me tightly as I pushed harder, soon drawing blood. But he loved that even more, so I continued. The sweat poured down my face as I fucked him hard. His cheeks folded until his leg bones jutted out and almost crushed me. He was crying for more, and I was right there to give it to him. We came at the same time. He dropped onto the bed in a sweaty, cum-covered heap of beauty. Then, before I could turn around, I felt a hand grab my wrist.

“Please don’t leave me,” he said. “You want me forever. You just said it.”

Suddenly his femininity came through, and the man I once was shattered like a porcelain mask. Realizing what it all meant for both of us, I lay beside him and embraced his warm, tired body. I kissed his soft lips tenderly, holding him like a fragile animal.

“You’re killing me,” I said. “One night and you’re already killing me. You know that?”

“But,” he said, looking up with his blue eyes. “You don’t really love your wife, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” I said, holding my sweet Joseph Drake against my beating heart. “Not anymore.”

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