My Sweet Lydia

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The closing remarks were just finishing. I glanced over to see my mother fidgeting. She grew increasingly uncomfortable, shifting around on her tatami mat. I leaned in against Lydia. She put her arm around my shoulders and rested her cheek against my head. The conference had been wonderful. I suspected my mother was about to explode. I mused that she must be thinking it was bad enough that she had two bisexual daughters, and now she had agreed to go to this gay awareness conference with us. Pari, my sister, winked at me. She knew what our mother must be thinking right now, too.

Everyone started clapping for the speaker. Lydia pressed her fingers against my chin and kissed me. Her mouth was warm and comforting-for a moment I reveled in the kiss, but then was horribly embarrassed that my girlfriend was kissing me in front of my mother. I pulled away abruptly and stole a peek at my mom, who was averting her eyes not-very-subtly. Lydia giggled. I got up and walked out of the building. Lydia caught up to me.

“What’s wrong, Rohana?”

“You kissed me in front of my Mom.”

“So? I love you, shouldn’t I be able to show it?” She took my hand and playfully intertwined our fingers. I sighed. Lydia’s mom was a lesbian, so it was easy for her. My mother was a divorced parent of two with a Catholic upbringing. I opened the passenger side door of my car for her, then got in the driver’s seat. Sophie B. Hawkins crooned to us on our way to Lydia’s house. I pulled my shitty little 1995 Honda Civic into her driveway. We got out and she slid her hand into the back pocket of my jeans. I reciprocated, sliding my hand into her back pocket. We opened the side slider door that led to Lydia’s room. I loved that room. It was always filled with a slight scent of lavender and oozed the color purple. I lay down on her bed and kicked off my sandals. Lydia slid next to me, her body like a silken goddess, and began undoing my pants, then sliding them off gently. I had chosen my plain white cotton undies and matching bra today. She slid her hand up my shirt. I shivered from the contact. I looked into her turquoise eyes and she kissed me, slowly. It was a warm, soft feeling on my lips, followed by a velvety slipperiness from her tongue. She slipped off her pants and her shirt. I was enraptured by her form. Her slender figure was silhouetted by the sunlight streaming in from her window.

Kneeling by the bed, Lydia stroked my inner bursa escort bayan thighs ever-so-gently, causing me to squirm in anticipation. She lay three fingers between my legs teasingly. She then proceeded to scoot up and grab the edge of my panties with her teeth. She slowly pulled them off. Each inch was another shiver at the bottom of my spine. At this point I was so turned-on that I could barely think at all. Lydia spread my legs apart with her soft, smooth hands and knelt in between my legs. Suddenly I felt her soft, wet tongue sliding up my inner labia and onto my clit. I shivered. She made long, hard licks against my clit. The direct contact made me twist and squirm all over the bed trying to get away from her tongue. She ended up on the bed with me, holding my legs apart. I relaxed and she reverted to a swirling suction on my clit that was just heavenly. I felt her pointer finger slide into me, massaging all the right spots. She then had two fingers, then three, then gently, four. I was breathing heavy, my legs were tensed up, I could feel the pleasure welling up in between my legs. It was incredible.

Suddenly, she doubled her efforts and sent me into utter ecstasy.

“Holy shit!” I yelled, as I violently orgasmed. I grabbed her shoulder and held my breath as the undiluted pleasure rocked through me. Not quite through, Lydia continued massaging my clit with her tongue. Soon enough, I felt the sensation explode through my clit, orgasming so hard it made my head spin.

“Ahhhhhhhhgggggahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I groaned and pulled her on top of me. I attacked her lips with my mouth, pinning her underneath me. I reached down with my hand and removed her underwear. I lay down next to her and also removed her bra in one clumsy motion. I slid my hands down her body. Her skin was like butter to my touch, soft and supple. My fingers touched her wispy soft pubic hair. I reached down and began massaging her clit. I slid four fingers inside her at once. She arched her back and pulled me closer to her for a kiss. I repositioned us so that I was sitting in between her legs. I curled my hand into a fist and then slowly began pushing it into her. I could feel her vagina trying to accommodate my entire hand, small though it was. She screamed “Oh my goddess! Oh, fuck…yes.” I smiled.

My fist was inside her now, I could feel her vagina pulsing around it. She moaned my name. Our bodies were hot and slippery bursa anal yapan escort with sweat against each other. I began twisting my hand around. She orgasmed approximately 3 seconds later. She held her breath and squeezed her eyes shut. I thought my hand might break.

I slid down between her legs and spread them gently with my hands. Beauty was everything about Lydia, even her genitals. They were currently swollen from me fisting her, pink and glistening from her own fluids. Her clit was engorged, almost 3 times its usual size. The whole package was framed by her wispy dark pubes, slightly wavy like her hair, shaved into a neat heart shape on her mound. I spread her outer labia with my thumbs and plunged my eager tongue into her. I felt her tense up a little, then writhe with pleasure. I wriggled my tongue around the edge of her slippery vagina. She tasted salty and warm and slightly acidic. I closed my eyes and breathed in the musky scent. I swirled my tongue around, resting on her swollen clit. I began licking it and sucking at it. She squirmed and writhed around, but I held her down. Her legs began shaking as she drew closer to orgasm. I reinforced my efforts.

“Ooooooh….oh, baby, oh goddess just a little more.” She gasped.

Her legs tensed up and I felt all the blood rush at once into her genitals. She groaned and then made high-pitched squeaks in the back of her throat. She grabbed me and pulled me to her. She held my head against her chest and pawed at my back.

“Oh FUCK that was amazing, my love.”

“I only strive to please…”

“Well you’re damn good at it.”

“Thanks.” I giggled and sighed, smiling as my eyes took in her beautiful curves. “So what do you want next, my dear, sweet, Lydia?”

“William?” She inquired.

“My thoughts exactly”.

“William” was the name of our purple jelly double dong. We had named it after William Shakespeare, both Lydia’s and my favorite author. Lydia took it out from the trunk under her bed. I was sweating and I yearned for her body to be on mine and under mine and around mine. She pinned me down and slowly inserted one end of William into me. It felt amazing. It was also warm, because the trunk was right next to her heater. I flipped around and pinned her down. I attacked her neck as she gasped and I slowly guided the other end inside her. Now that we both had bursa rus escort an end, I used my pelvic muscles to push it out of me and deeper into her. She reciprocated. We continued this motion. It felt wonderful.

Lydia struggled to get herself on top of me, but I would have none of it. My hands were all over her skin. I burned with desire. We locked lips, hot slippery tongues intertwining, mouths grasping for each other. Our bodies seemed to steam with passion. I opened my eyes and stopped for a minute, she opened her eyes, unveiling the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. I stroked her damp hair.

“Mmmmm” she sighed. “Rohana, your eyes are like a stormy sea, and I want to drown in them.”

“You know, I was thinking that your eyes are like the sparkling clear Mediterranean….Oh, Lydia…..I love you.”

She kissed me gently and I felt like melting into her. She slowly shoved William deep inside me, filling me up entirely. It felt amazing. I gasped. I removed William and threw him into a bin next to her bed filled with dirty clothes.

“Can we paint?” I asked.

“Oh, Rohana! I thought you’d never suggest it. I’ll be right back.”

She went to gather her calligraphy brushes and watercolors. She swiftly returned with the art supplies.

“You first…canvas on my bed, PRONTO!” I obediently obliged. I spread-eagled myself face down on her bed. She climbed on top of me and slid over to one side of my body. I felt the tip of her calligraphy brush on the skin of my back. I shivered with delight as her brush danced across my skin, beautifying me with ink and paint. Lydia was covering my back not because my back was not beautiful but because she wanted to enhance the beauty of my bare skin. She told me that awhile ago, when we first started dating and she first asked to paint me. When she was done and my back finally stopped tingling with pleasure, she spoke to me in a soft, seductive voice.

“I am going to make you scream like you’ve never screamed…”

She began slipping her fingers in and out of me while she sang softly into my ear. Her fingers dripped with my fluids as she plunged them indiscriminately into my vagina and slid them across my clit, sending me into a haze of intense arousal. She knew just what to do, and as her fingers stimulated me thoroughly, I screamed, orgasming again and again under her touch. Finally, she stopped and sidled up next to me.

“Do you love me?” she asked.

“What kind of silly question is that? Of COURSE I love you.” I looked into her eyes and smiled.

“So you’d never leave me for a man?”

“Oh, please. Boys are smelly.” I tickled her and we snuggled, just wrapped around each other enjoying the sunset. What a wonderful day this had been.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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