My Teacher

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It was Carl who truly initiated me into the joys of orgies and group sex. I was barely 20, he was 26. He worked at another store in the same mall as me, and I noticed him when I browsed the place on my breaks.

After about six months of occasional flirtations, he came by one day and casually dropped a hint that I should stop by where he worked on my way out that evening.

I took the hint, and closed up a few minutes early- it was a very slow shopping night- and entered his store just as he was locking up. The other staff were already gone.

He wasted no time and ushered me into the stock room and grabbed me and started kissing me. Two minutes later, I was up against a mirror in a change room with my pants down around my knees. His cock was urgent between my ass cheeks.

“I don’t have any lube” I protested, even though my hole craved cock.

“It’s okay” he whispered breathlessly in my ear as his hand encircles my own raging hard-on. “I know how to make it good.”

I felt his cockhead just enter my hole, and he didn’t penetrate any further. As he kissed my neck and whispered how good he was going to fuck me, his hands were working both of our cocks. I just followed his lead, and watched in the mirror as his hand worked my love muscle.

“Are you ready for my cum?” he asked, his voice coarse with passion.

“Yes!” I replied, less a whisper than a moan. And then I felt his body stiffen, and a silky warmth burst into my asshole. God it felt good! I had been fucking with dildos for about a month, and the only cum I had seen or touched or tasted was my own. No sooner did he finish cumming- there seemed to be a lot as some had even dribbled down my scrotum- than he rammed the rest of the way into me, his thrust lubricated by his own manjuice. I gasped, pain and pleasure mixed as he went balls deep in one quick thrust. I almost came right at that very moment, but I pushed back against my sudden urge to climax. I wanted to fuck! I wanted to feel hot cock thrusting in my eager and wanton hole.

Carl did not disappoint me. His thrusts were eager and passionate, and our moans filled the empty store. I couldn’t hold back, and I came in a gusher that left a creamy trail of spunk all over the mirror and running down his hand. His won jism was dribbling down my balls and the inside of my leg. When he pulled out of me, another dollop of man-cream ran down out of me. It felt fantastic.

I couldn’t resist the treasure that was all over the mirror, and dropped to my knees and lapped up my own nectar before flashing him a cummy, satisfied smile. He licked the cream that was on his fingers, and then we kissed.

The next night, he was waiting for me at my apartment when I got home from work.

We went straight to the bedroom, and undressed. That night, he came three times. I laid back and wrapped my legs around him and he fucked us both to orgasm. After we shared the cum that I had shot out on to my belly and chest, he fucked my mouth until I was rewarded with another powerful spurt of hot man-cream into my hungry mouth.

We again shared the sticky nectar, passionately kissing as we enjoyed the taste of his lust, our bodies intertwined.

We dozed for a while and when I felt the twitch of his love muscle one more time, I rolled on to my belly and spread my cheeks, eager to be filled with his hard rod one more time. He fucked me slow and long, and anointed my hole one more time with his love nectar.

The next day was a day off for both of us, and we never left the bedroom, except to shower and eat. I showed him how I liked to use my dildos, and we fucked and came in each others mouths gaziantep suriyeli escort until we were utterly drained of sexual energy.

Two weeks later, he introduced me to another guy, and asked me if I would like him to join us on Friday night. I didn’t even hesitate. The idea of fucking with two guys was too hot to resist.

The next night, I had the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced. Both of them had already fucked me in the mouth, pumping hot spurts of sweet jizz all over my face, lips, and tongue, and down my throat.

Then Rob went to his hands and knees on the floor and asked me to fuck him. As I slid into his hot, slick love hole, Carl moved behind me and shoved his own big shaft up my ass. I was in heaven! When I exploded into Rob’s tight hole with Carl’s cock stretching my own fuckhole, it was incredible. It was over the top, and I felt like I came forever!

That was topped about an hour later when Carl sucked me to climax again, while Rob pounded his cock into my ass.

That night was only the start of my initiation. A few weeks, and many fucks, later Carl asked me an intriguing question. It was just after he had filled my ass with his spunk. He asked me how many guys I’d like to try and fuck in one night, and I casually replied that six or seven would be hot. Then I slid a finger into my ass, and then licked his spunk from it. He kissed me, and then he fucked me again.

Several days after that, we drove out to a place just outside of town. It was a warm summer night, and we drove to a nice place with a secluded driveway. Several cars were already there. The host, a hot guy in his 30’s, greeted us at the door. He was wearing a kimono-style housecoat that fell open, revealing a magnificent piece of semi-hard man-meat.

He kissed us both in greeting. His very intense kiss with Carl was an absolute turn-on. Bill took me by the hand and led me to one of the bedrooms.

“Carl has spoken very fondly of you” he said “and thinks we might be able to show you a very good time tonight.”

We went into a bathroom and he helped me to undress. I had glimpsed a room full of men, all naked, several engaged in casual foreplay. I had seen, just for a second, one guy on a couch, legs drawn up, with both hands working a very big dildo in his ass. There was a guy on each side of him, caressing his body. I fond my self slipping into a haze brought on by a flood of sexual energy.

Bill gently caressed my body, and lovingly gave me an enema. I had only ever done this alone, and the intimacy was intensely sexual. His hands were incredibly arousing as he caressed my body, covering me with oil.

“Do you want to cum?” he asked. “It gets pretty intense in there, and you’ll last longer with the rest of them if you do. There’s eight of us, and we’re all going to fuck you. Plus we’ll be fucking each other. It gets pretty amazing, and with you being new at this, if we get the first one out of the way, you’re next couple of cums will be even stronger.”

He was kneeling front of me, oiling my calves as he asked. I couldn’t speak. I just nodded. Bill wrapped his hand around my cock at the same time that he slipped two fingers into my fuckhole. I bent my knees a bit, in order to open my hole a bit as well as get his fingers deeper. When he wrapped his lips around my cock, I just gasped, grabbed a handful of his hair, and loosed my balls into his warm and hungry mouth, almost whimpering as the pleasure washed over me.

When I was done, he made no move to wipe away the cream that had spilled from between his lips. He smiled up at me, stood and kissed me. When I tried to lick away some of my jizz from his chin, he pushed me away and said “No. I want to share this with my own man. He’ll like the way you taste.”

He led me by the hand to what had been made into their “love room.” Carl was on the couch next to the guy with the big dildo in his ass, lovingly caressing the man’s massive cock. The rest were all standing, apparently waiting for me and Bill. There wasn’t a soft cock in the bunch. The men ranged in age from their mid-20’s to the early 30’s, except for the man with the dildo. he seemed 40-ish. They were all tanned and muscular. A couple were smoothly shaved everywhere. The rest had varying degrees of body hair.

There was a low, sturdy table with a soft padded top. It looked perfect for fucking. There was the big sofa and two big soft chairs as well, along with a big, soft blanket in front of a TV that showed a non-stop montage of stills of men fucking and cumming and sucking.

Bill led me to the guy with the dildo, and gently pushed me to kneel in front of him. As I did, Bill leaned in and kissed him, letting the man enjoy the taste of my leavings on his lips and face.

I took the man’s massive cock in my mouth. I sucked him, making love to that beautiful piece of man meat as though it was the only cock I would ever suck again. He ordered me to take the dildo and fuck him with it as I sucked him.

Someone knelt behind me and began to finger my asshole. I shifted my legs under me, giving him better access. I felt breath near my ear.

“When he cums, I’ll enter you. Just say yes when you feel him start to cum.”

It didn’t take long. I was now desperate for the hot treasure I knew was stored up inside this man, and when I felt the first twitch of his muscle against my tongue, I managed to pull away long enough to say “yes”.

The cock that had been pressed against my pucker hole thrust forward and opened my sphincter. Hot man meat rammed deep into me, stretching and filling me with warmth. A jet of spunk splattered my cheek before I could get my mouth around the spasming cock before me, but then a second, then a third pulsation of thick, creamy cum filled my mouth. I wanted to drink it, fill my belly with the musky fluid, but Bill chided me gently “You can’t swallow too much. You have to share.” and then his tongue was next to mine, licking at the cream that ran from my lips. I heard moans of appreciation from the rest of the men as Bill and I shared a cummy, passionate kiss. Carl, too, joined in the kiss.

I arched my back reached around behind me to grasp the ribs of the man fucking me. I had no idea who it was, but it felt really good. He was thick and long, and his thrusts were slow and easy. He had known instinctively that the burst of a man’s orgasm in my mouth would simply serve to open my asshole. I was as hard as I could imagine being, and realized that Bill had been right. I was going to cum again, maybe soon, but the pleasure I was feeling was incredible. Obviously, the testosterone in the room, and the turn-on that came with knowing I was going to exist simply for the pleasure of them all for the next few hours was absolutely incredible.

One of the other men came and stood beside me. I opened my mouth as I looked up at him. He placed his hand upon my head and began to masturbate with his cock inches from my open mouth.

I heard mutters of “oh yeah!” all around me, and then a river of cream exploded from this beautiful cock. He came all over my face and chest and in my mouth. I pushed his cock into my mouth and I licked him clean, and then my fucker changed his tempo and began to thrust harder and deeper into me. An explosion of silky warmth inside me accompanied his moans and thrusts.

I was literally in heaven at that very moment! Gradually the thrusts ended. My fucker simply went deep and held himself there, and I enjoyed the feel of him enjoying the warm embrace of my love hole on his subsiding shaft. I felt a warm dribble of his cream down my scrotum, and a gush when he finally withdrew.

I stood and let them all enjoy the sight of me with cum on my face as I enjoyed the funky feeling of warm cum running down my leg. I felt so slutty and masculine and turned on all at once.

Bill’s man, Jacob, left the couch and knelt behind me. He grabbed my cheeks and shoved his tongue in my asshole. After licking hungrily at my asshole for several minutes, he pushed me face down to the table before roughly ramming his cock into me.

He fucked me hard, and as he did, another man bent down in front of me and spread his ass cheeks, offering me his own luscious fuckhole for my tongue to explore. I stuck out my tongue and reached for his little knot of flesh. To my delight, a creamy droplet appeared and began to dribble down towards his balls. He had already been fucked! My tongue was rewarded with more thick dollops of mancream.

Someone else manged to straddle this guy facing towards me and began to jerk off as I sucked and licked the freshly fucked love opening that was offered to me. A minute later, another gusher of jism was directed down between his cheeks to my waiting tongue, and I lapped at that as well. The first two squirts had hit me in the face, and I knew that I was the picture of erotica, hungrily licking a cummy asshole, with a big cock in my asshole and cum literally all over my face.

I came! My cock spasmed beneath me and shot gushers of jizz out on to the table beneath me.

Jacob seemed to enjoy the feeling of my ass twitching around his cock as I came, but slid out of me after I came. To my pleasant surprise, he grasped my cock from behind and sucked the last few dribbles of cream from it.

Carl was kissing me and licking at the jizz that covered my face, and we laughed as he did. I rolled on to my back and just lolled there for several minutes, occasionally kissing Carl who was knelt beside me. We watched as Bill got fucked by one of the other studs. Bill was in one of the big chairs with his legs up around the guy’s neck. From where we were, Carl and I had a perfect view of a thick cock smoothly pistoning in and out of an absolutely fuckable hole.

Bill saw us watching, and smiled a wickedly. He held his hand out towards me, and I slid off the table. He pulled me in for a kiss, and said “I’m almost ready to cum. Do you want to me to cum in your mouth for you?”

I nodded, and the pair shifted. I wrapped my mouth around Bill’s stiff shaft and he exploded. Squirt after squirt of hot man milk flooded my mouth as Bill’s cries of pleasure filled the room.

I didn’t swallow. I kept every drop in my mouth, savoring the slick, viscous fluid, and then held my mouth over Bill’s and let the cream dribble erotically down to his. His fucker was cumming now, crying out his own lust song as he jammed his cock deep into Bill and filled him with spunk, his climax no doubt made more intense by the sight of me drizzling fresh cum into the mouth of his mate.

Two pairs of hands pulled at my shoulders, and I was brought to my feet by the biggest man in the room, who had a cock to match his stature. He and Carl laid me on my back on the table and he spread my legs. His big cock glistened with lube. A drop of pre-cum ran down from the tip. He entered my slowly, exquisitely, easily. I gasped as all ten inches of him were swallowed by my fuckhole.

He fucked me like a lover.

End of part one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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