My Tormentor

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I knew them all very well and avoided them at all cost, the ring leader his name is Roger, he hated me cause I looked gay, or so he said. I was a smaller guy than most, at five foot six and a mere one hundred and fifteen pounds I was smaller than most of the guys in my school.

Roger had a close friend his name was Kyle, who did whatever Roger told him to do, that included beating a guy up just cause he said to do it. I hated Kyle the most, he beat me up on many occasions just cause Roger told him to do it. Roger’s third buddy was Rick, I did not like him neither, he was a guy who watched and seemed to get off on it.

The forth guy Ron who followed Roger never seemed to get involved in any of the fights or bullying whatsoever, well when it came to me anyways. Yes I was not the only target at school or after school, I was in my last year, I had just turned eighteen and could not wait to get out of this miserable town.

I worked at a local grocery store, I liked the job and the people who I worked with were great, till Roger and his idiots came in. One afternoon they all came in and were out to steal what they could, I was asked to watch them. I saw Kyle put something in his jacket, then Rick did the same, I warned them to put to back or we would call the cops.

They threw the items at me and Roger came up to me close, I will never forget his vile breath, the man needed to brush and rinse and repeat.

“We will get you fucking faggot, think your going to call the cops on us you are so very wrong there you fucking little queer cock sucking tiny dicked homo.”

I told them to get out or I was calling the cops, they left but even I knew they would get me. The rest of the day was usual business, I dreaded walking home cause I knew they would be waiting for me. We got the store closed, one of the girls asked if I wanted someone to walk me home. I told them I was fine, they would not bother me I was sure of it.

I headed home, no one around or so I thought maybe they had let it go, I was half way home when they confronted me, I was surrounded. Roger walked up to me and towered over me, he was a good six foot one, broad shoulders, muscular arms and a perfect vee shaped torso. Cleaned up he would be a really handsome guy.

“So faggot still going to call the cops on me?”

I did not respond, he pushed me back, I landed on Kyle, he pushed me on to Rick, finally they tripped me here I was on my knees in front of these idiots.

“Seems the little faggot is where he should be on his knees waiting for a cock to suck.”

I was scared now, what would they do to me, would they hurt me, would they take me and use me. By the small bulge in Roger’s pants he wanted his cock sucked, Kyle too, the other two were nervous and shy.

“You want to suck my cock little faggot? You want to suck all of our cocks? Show him your cock Kyle.”

I had my back to Kyle I was facing Roger, I made the mistake to turn and look as he pulled his cock out.

“Seems the little cock sucker wants it, put it in his mouth Kyle.”

Kyle grabbed my hair and pulled me to his cock, I did not open my mouth, I had his cock on my lips. I have to admit he had a nice cock, uncut with a tight foreskin, semi erect and dripping precum out of the tip. He smeared the precum all over my lips and chin, I so wanted to taste it, he pulled my head up to look at him and slapped my face.

“You’re going to suck it cock sucker Küçükyalı escort or else.”

I was nervous and scared now, what would be the or else if I didn’t do this for these ass hats, I looked at Kyle he slapped me once more. I stuck my tongue out and tasted his precum, probably the only thing that this guy would ever do is pour out really good tasting precum.

“I told you guys he was a little faggot cock sucker, look at him licking Kyle’s cock.”

Kyle had a nice cock, above average in size but a really nice cock overall, about the same size as my own, but uncut maybe a little thicker. Roger got in beside Kyle he wanted his sucked as well, I would have thought Roger would have a huge cock but in reality it was way below average.

Maybe four to five inches long and very slim, cut and leaking precum as well, Kyle pushed his cock in deep, I gagged a bit feeling his cock pressing against my gag reflex. Roger pulled me off of Kyle’s cock and pushed his cock in, he held my head and fucked my face hard.

“Gag on it cock sucker, I want to make you choke on it.”

I smiled at what he had just said, it really would be hard to gag on his cock, even for a guy who is sucking for the first time. I had sucked a few cocks before so to say these guys were my first they certainly were not.

Ron watched as I was on my knees sucking these two guys off, Ron and I had hooked up many times, I really liked the guy, he was a really nice guy. Ron apologized for Roger and Kyle’s behavior each time he and I got together.

Kyle pulled me off Roger’s cock and shoved his back in, I did it on purpose to choke when he hit the back of my throat. I wanted Roger to know he had a small cock that would not gag a guy if he tried. I was really getting into sucking Kyle’s cock and he was close.

Roger wanted all the attention like always, he pulled me off of Kyle’s cock and shoved his back in, I sucked and swallowed his cock till he shot me with his seed. His load was small like his cock, and did not taste very good.

Kyle shoved his back in and fucked my mouth till he shot me with his seed, his cum tasted so much better. Roger watched as I swallowed every drop of Kyle’s cum, I knew he was mad cause I was enjoying Kyle’s cock and cum so much more than I had his.

My own cock was rock hard and wanted attention, Roger noticed this and made a comment how I got hard sucking them off. Roger pulled back and hoofed me in the balls, I fell to the ground in the fetal position and felt my nuts in my throat.

Ron came forward and got down on one knee to see if I was okay or not, he put his hand on my back and asked me if I was okay. Roger slapped him in the back of the head and asked why he was concerned over the little fag boy.

Ron got mad at this point and pushed Roger back, all the pent up anger came to the surface, Ron would finally release it all right here and right now. What I did not know is that Ron liked me, and he did not like these two assholes using and hurting me like they had done.

“Fuck you Ron you want a turn just fuck his mouth then kick him in the teeth after your done with him, he does not need teeth, maybe you want to fuck his tight little faggot ass.”

Ron stood there for a few seconds before he pulled back and hit Roger with an uppercut to the jaw, it was lights out for Roger, his cock and balls still out of his pants, Ron grabbed his phone and took a Kartal escort bayan pic of Roger laid out pants at his knees his tiny cock for all to see. Kyle and Rick both stood there not saying a word or making a move to help Roger.

Kyle buttoned up and he and Rick walked away from Roger leaving him knocked out, Ron came to me to see if I was okay, he helped me stand up, my balls ached so much right now I could not stand upright. Ron held me up as we were about to walk past Roger on the ground he kicked him in the nuts.

Ron saw me home and came in to make sure I was okay, he got me an ice pack out of the freezer and sat with me as I tried to relax.

“Are you okay Billy? I’m sorry I did not do anything to stop them sooner.”

“I’ll be okay, my balls are so sore, and you did stand up to them, they will fear you now.”

“I was not about to let him hurt you Billy, I really like you.”

“I really like you too Ron, and thank you for doing what you did to Roger, he deserved that.”

Ron stared at me as we lay in my bed, he leaned in and kissed me, this was a first for us and for me, he pulled me on top of him and held the kiss. He held my face in his hands and looked at me.

“I’m really sorry I did not stop all this sooner Billy, no one deserves to be bullied like you have been.”

I snuggled in on top of Ron, he held me to his chest, I felt so good right now, did he want me to suck his cock or did he just want to snuggle? Ron held me tight to his chest, I held the ice pack to my balls, they still ached but I felt better with Ron here with me.

“We should check those balls of yours Billy, make sure there is no real damage to them.”

I smiled at him and rolled off of him, I removed the ice pack and pulled my work pants off, here I was in my tighty whities next to the handsome guy in my bed. Ron sat up and helped me remove my pants then pulled my shorts off as well.

Ron sat there on his legs looking at me, he was making me shy and nervous, he leaned in and kissed me.

“It all looks perfect to me Billy, can I touch them to make sure?”

I did not respond I only smiled, Ron wanted to touch my cock and balls, I was over the moon right now. He was so tender in his touch, he held my balls like they were very breakable Christmas ornaments.

“Your balls are swollen but they seem to be okay, we could put the ice pack directly on them to help with the swelling.”

Ron carefully placed the ice pack on my balls, the cold sent a rush to my entire body, and for some reason made my cock rock hard. Ron held the ice pack on my swollen balls, he was such a great guy.

“I wonder how Roger is you hit him pretty hard, and the kick to the nuts was so deserved.”

“Billy who cares how that asshole is, he got what he deserved, I do not feel bad about it one tiny bit, besides Kyle will be there to kiss his ass. Think I hate Kyle even more than Roger, he does what he tells him no questions asked.”

“Come and lay beside me Ron, my balls are frozen right now, you could get naked so I am not the only one.”

I did not have to tell him twice, his clothes off and on the floor in seconds, he laid back and let me half lay on him. My rock hard cock on his thigh, his arm under my neck pulled me close to him, I ran my hand along his beautiful fur covered upper chest.

Ron had one of the most perfect bodies I had ever seen, rock hard abs, pecs that danced Escort Suadiye as he flexed them. I could not believe he liked me of all people in this town, he and I kissed, my balls still ached, but I so wanted him to let me suck a load out of him.

He got a few text messages from Kyle, Roger was still missing, they worried Ron may have ended him with his punch. Ron and I looked at each other we had to go check, we got dressed and headed over there. When we got there there was no sign of Roger, his imprint on the ground was still there but he was not anywhere around.

Roger, Kyle and Rick all came out of the bushes planning to ambush us both, Roger had to get revenge on Ron and I for what we had done to him. His two idiots had to do what they were told, Ron was not a man who would back away from a fight, and he wanted to hit Roger one more time to show him who the boss really was.

Roger of course would use Kyle to do his bidding, make him fight Ron, he told him to do it or else. I stepped forward and told Kyle he was not Roger’s puppet, he did not have to do what he told him to do.

He after all had a mind of his own, Kyle looked at me.

“Come on Kyle did you really want me to suck your dick earlier, your a straight man, your not into guys you like women.”

Kyle did not respond he looked at me then at Roger.

“Think for yourself Kyle you don’t have to let him push you around.”

“Fuck you you little queer cock sucker, Kyle liked it and you are going to do it for us when we tell you to do it and we plan to fuck that ass of yours as well.”

Kyle did not say anything, he looked at me and shook his head.

“Roger if you think I will rape Billy cause you told me to you’re nuts, you can just go fuck yourself with your tiny dick.”

I could not believe this was Kyle talking, he was not about to take Roger’s bull shit anymore.

“That’s okay cause Rick will do it, he wants to fuck Billy senseless.”

Rick did not respond he simply shook his head no and turned away, he and Kyle walked off leaving Roger on his own.

“Now what Roger? Not so tough without Kyle and Rick to back you up, maybe you should get on your knees and suck our cocks, closet fag boy.”

I smiled at Ron, I knew he and I did not want Roger to even lick our cocks. Roger got on his knees and was ready to accept our cocks.

“Roger I would not let you even see my cock let alone suck it, you ever touch Billy again and I will end you, they will never find your body, not that anyone would look anyways.”

Ron took a pic of Roger on his knees, he told him he ever said anything to anyone he would post the pics of him on his knees and the pic of his tiny cock. That was the end of Roger, he kept a really low profile after this.

Ron and I started to go out with each other, it was nice to have an actual boyfriend, Kyle met a girl he liked and with Roger out of the picture he finally had the nerve to ask her out. Rick also met a girl, a friend of Kyle’s girlfriend.

Kyle and Rick were friendly with Ron and I, we would never be best friends but they always said Hi to us and chatted about what they had planned for the future.

Roger kept a really low profile, he no longer had any friends, he kind of kept in the background now, when confronted by Ron or I he would put his head down. Ron and I assured him the pics were deleted and no one would ever see them.

Ron and I were decent to him but the evil in him always seemed to surface, he was not a guy we would ever hang out with. Ron and I eventually moved to the city, we both found great jobs and moved in together. And Yeah I was the first to tell him I loved him more than anything in this entire world.

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